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Series Description
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Series 1 Box 1 Correspondence and Memorabilia, 1915-1965. Arranged chronologically and topically. This series contains business and personal correspondence as well as memorabilia from various aeronautical clubs.
Series 2 Box 2-5 Government Publications, Congressional Records, Reports, and Aviation Magazines, 1917-1922. This series contains informational pamphlets from the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, War Department other government offices, and specialized magazines. All of the information was sent for by Paul Wittemann and relates to aviation.
Series 3 Box 6 Newspaper Clippings, Magazine Articles, and Business Papers. This series contains printed material regarding Wittemann's life, work and other early aviators. Business papers for the Wittemann Company are also included.
Series 4 Box 7-9 Photographs, 1907-1922. Box 7 contains photographs that were included in several photograph albums or scrapbooks. This box also contains slides. Box 8 contains loose photographs, some of which are duplicates, of plane models and the factory. Box 9 contains photographs of the Wittemann home, technical drawings done by Charles Wittemann, and group photographs.


File Folder Level Description

Box 1 Contains personal and business correspondence between the Wittemann's and others dated 1915 to 1965.
Box 1 FF 1 Contains 8 letters written to and about the Wittemann-Lewis Aircraft Company from June 1, 1915 to June 10, 1920. Includes letters recommending Charles R. Wittemann and the company, flights made in training type airplanes, and plans for development.
Box 1 FF 2 Contains a telegram (August 29, 1921) from J. O. Webster, Maywood, Ill. regarding the flight of a mail carrier airplane; contains a reply to Paul Wittemann from the Navy Department, Bureau of Aeronautics (February 3, 1922); contains a letter (April 5, 1922) from Ernest L. Jones to Wittemann regarding D H's and Liberty engines; contains a handwritten note from Ernest L. Jones, (n. d.) to Wittemann regarding bids on ASA Circular 43; contains handwritten note from Jones to Wittemann regarding the purchase of a D H; contains four letters to Roger Adams, president of Adams Aerial Transportation Co. in New York, New Jersey, from four United States' Senate Committees concerning Air Mail Service, dated March 3, 7, and 16, 1922.
Box 1 FF 3 Contains a telegram from E. L. Jones to Paul Wittemann (March 16, 1922); contains letter from Loren N. Wood to Adolph Wittemann regarding stock, (April 3, 1923); contains a handwritten letter from Father to Charles, (November 16, 1936); contains Western Union Telegram to A. R. Johnson from C. A. Lapp, WR McDonald & Co. (November 18, 1943); contains a newsletter Montgomery Blues (October 12, 1949) possibly written by E. L. Jones; contains two letters requesting Charles R. Wittemann's autograph, (January 21, 1950 and May 12, 1950); contains handwritten letter from Charles Wiggen to Wittemann, (1963).
Box 1 FF 4 Contains seven personal letters and one card from E. L. Jones to the Wittemann brothers, (November 1949-March 1955), one letter includes Wittemann's reply; contains personal letter from Adolf Wittemann to Charles Wittemann (October 8, 1952); contains personal letter from Erik Hildes-Heim to Charles Wittemann, (June 18, 1964); contains card from Royal Ryder with an enclosed newspaper clipping dated November 26, 1965, featuring the Aviation Pioneer, Charles Wittemann, (December 21, 1965).
Box 1 FF 5 Contains business correspondence; contains letter written to Dept. Air Service Officer, Director of Air Service from G. C. Brant, (December 9, 1949), concerning the Landing Field at Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey and the Wittemann-Lewis Company; contains a thank you letter to P. C. Day, Weather Bureau, Washington (December 10, 1919); contains letter to Col. G. C. Brant, New York, New Jersey, (December 10, 1919) regarding hangers for Municipal Aviation Fields; contains a letter to Charles R. Barnes (December 13, 1919) regarding the New York Air Terminal; contains a letter to Mr. C. F. Redden, Aeromarine Plane and Motor Company, Keyport, New Jersey, (March 24, 1922); contains a letter from W. H. Aitken and Wittemann's reply, (June 16, 1950).
Box 1 FF 6 Contains memorabilia from the Early Birds and other organizations. Contains a list of members (January 1, 1957); contains a program from the Annual Reunion Banquet (July 29, 1957); contains a gift booklet dealing with the Early Birds' Aviation Monument on Governor's Island; contains three Early Birds newsletters from June 1966 - December 1966; contains two business cards and notes on personal stationery.
Box 1 FF 7 Contains Aeronautical Society, Aero Club, and other aeronautical societies.
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Box 2 Contains informational booklets from the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics that Paul Wittemann requested, 1920-1922.
Box 2 FF 1 Contains "Nomenclature for Aeronautic," No. 91, (1921); "The Pressure Distribution Over the Horizontal Tail Surface of an Airplane," No. 118, (1921); "The Employment of Airships for the Transport of Passengers," No. 63, (August 1921); "Effects of Varying the Relative Vertical Position of Wing and Fuselage," No. 75, (December 1921); "Behavior of Aviation Engines at Different Air Densities," (January 1922).
Box 2 FF 2 Contains "Impact Tests for Woods," No. 78, (February 1922); "The Theory of the Screw Propeller," No. 83, (February 1922); "The Efficiency of a Wind Tunnel," (February 1922); "Aerial Transportation," (February 1922).
Box 2 FF 3 Contains "The Dornier Seaplane-Dragonfly (Libelle) 1921," 1050-Dornier/8, (February 1922); "Tests On Air Propellers In Yaw" No. 113, (1921); "Notes on the Construction and Testing of Model Airplanes," No. 82, (January 1922); "Air Ministry Notice to Ground Engineer," (October 7, 1921); "Air Ministry Notice to Ground Engineers," (February 12, 1921); "Air Ministry Notice to Ground Engineers," (February 24, 1921); "Deterioration of Airplane Fabrics," (February 1922); "Marking Airdomes," (February 1922); "Marcel Besson Quadruplane H.5," (February 1, 1922); "The Dornier Transport Airplane 'Comet Type', 1922," 1001-Dornier/2, (February 1922).
Box 2 FF 4 Contains "Cushioning Effects on Aeroplanes Close to the Ground," No. 754, (July 1920); "On the Determination of the Stresses in Braced Framework, Part I," No. 737, (March 1921); "A Comparision of the Rates of Heat Dissipation of an Underslung and Nose Radiator on S. E.," No. 738, (April 1921).
Box 2 FF 5 Contains "Influence of Model Surface and Air Flow Texture On Resistance of Aerodynamic Bodies," No. 139, (1922); "The Choice of the Speed of an Airship," No. 89, (March 1922); "Status of Air Transport Co. Operating in France," a chart, (January 1, 1922); "Maps and Navigation Methods," (March 1922); "The Universal Propeller Built by Paragon Engineers, Inc., Baltimore M. D.," (March 1922); "The Dornier Metal Seaplane 'The Whale' Type, 1922," 1050-Dornier/8, (March 1922); "Note on the Determination of the Skin Friction of a Flat Surface from the Changes in Head of the Fluid Passing Over It," No. 631, (February 1919).
Box 2 FF 6 Contains "Performance of Maybach 300-Horsepower Airplane Engine," No. 134, (1922); "Hydrostatic Test of an Airship Model," No. 87, (March 1922); "Some Principles Governing the Establishment of Meteorological Stations Along Air Routes," (March 1922).
Box 2 FF 7 Contains "Notes on Landing Places for Seaplanes Along the Atlantic Coast," (March 1922); "Publicity by Airplanes," (March 1922); "Aeronautic Insurance," (March 1922); "Communications and Beacons on Air Routes," (March 1922); "New DePischof Sport Airplane Estafette" translated by N. A. C. A. (March 1922); "Lutece Type XX," translated by N. A. C. A. (March 1922).
Box 2 FF 8 Contains "Aero-Indicator," C1001-3a.
Box 2 FF 9 Contains "Pressure Measurements During Flight," (January 1922); "Air Force and Three Moments for F-5-L Seaplane," No. 85, (February 1922); "New Data on the Laws of Fluid Resistance," No. 84, (March 1922); "The Dornier Seaplane 'Dolphin' (Delphin), 1921," translated from German by N. A. C. A., 1050-Dornier/7, (March 1922); "Melot Reaction Trumpet Propulsion," 3001-Melot/1.
Box 3 Contains Government Documents, 'U' Stencils, and War Department Publications related to the Aviation Field sent for by Paul Wittemann, 1917-1920.
Box 3 FF 1 Contains letters from the Government Departments with enclosed lists of what was available to order.
Box 3 FF 2 Contains Report No. 637, 66th Congress, House of Representatives, "Expenditures In the War Department-Aviation."
Box 3 FF 3 Contains pamphlets prepared in the office of the Director of Air Service: "Performance Testing Instruments for Airplanes" (1919); "Oxygen Control Regulator for Airplanes" (1919); "Parachute Manual for Balloons" (1919); "Radiator Thermometer for Airplane Engines" (1919); "Airship and Balloon Gas Manual, Book II" (1920); Theoretical Courses on Aeronautics for Airship Pilots" (1920); "Air Pressure, Gasoline Pressure and Oil Pressure Gages for Airplane Engines" (1919); "Altimeters for Aerial Navigation" (1919); "Clocks for Aerial Navigation" (1919); "Compasses for Aerial Navigation" (1919); "Special Inclimometer and Turn Indicators for Aerial Navigation" (1919).
Box 3 FF 4 Continued from FF 3. "Gasoline Engines" (1919); "Valve Timing for Airplane Engines" (1919); "Electricity and Magnetism" (1919); "The D Motor" (1919); "Airplane Wire Work" (1919); "Handsewing of Material for the Covering of Airplane Surfaces" (1919); "Machine Sewing for Air Service Mechanics" (1919); "Information for Air Service Mechanics" (1919).
Box 3 FF 5 Continued from FF 4. "Airship and Balloon Gas Manual Book I" (1919), two copies.
Box 3 FF 6 Contains "Notes on Fire on Aeroplanes," Army War College, (August 1917); "Airplane Motors" (1917); "Instructional Notes on the Vickers Gun" (n. d.); "The Sopwith Kauper Gun Gear, Type No. 3," (n. d.); "Aeroplane Instruments," 2nd edition, (n. d.).
Box 3 FF 7 Contains "Provisional Description of Italiam Observation Balloon," No. 886, (January 1919); "Panoramic Drawing: One Point and Cylindrical Perspective," (1918); Delco Parts List, Liberty Ignition-Aviation.
Box 4 Contains Government 'U' Stencils.
Box 4 FF 1 Contains "Specifications for Municipal Landing Fields," (U-342, AS); "Synopsis of Courses of Instruction," (U-426, AS); "Facts and Figures of the Alaska Flying Expedition," (U-439, AS); "Description and Operating Instruction for the 185 HP Bavarian Airplane Engine BMW III a, Bavarian Engine Works Munich," (U-430, AS); "Statement of Brigadier General William Mitchell" January 4, 1921, (U-471, AS); "Program of Instruction and Training for Air Service Units of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps," (U-447, AS); "Specs for DeHaviland 4-B Airplanes," (U-307, AS); "History of U.S. Army Air Service, 1862-1920," (U-436).
Box 4 FF 2 Contains "Types of Airplanes and Accessories and Their Uses," (U-437, AS); "Minimum Requirements for Admission," (U-478, AS); "Resume of Commercial Aviation of the World," January 16, 1920, (U-353, AS); "Airways of the World," (U-456, AS); "Report on the Inspection of the German Airship Stations at Niedergosdohf and Friedrichshafen, 1918-1919," (U-226, AS); "Proposed Numbering for Liberty Engines," (U-446, AS).
Box 4 FF 3 Contains a Memo regarding contracts between United States and France dated November 25, 1919, (U-344, AS); List of tools needed for operation and maintenance of a landing field, (U-317, AS); "Fire Proofing Parachutes" October 23, 1919, (U-284, AS); "Rigging Notes," (U-286, AS); "Resume of Commercial Aviation," January 16, 1920, (U-353, AS); "International Aircraft Standards Commission-Sparking Plugs," (U-258, AS); "International Aircraft Standards Commission-Ball Bearings," (U-260, AS); "Flame Resisting Parachute Silk," September 4, 1918, (U-27, AS); "Table of Spare Parts Allowance, Maintenance of 25 DH-4 Airplanes for three months," (U-40, AS); "Proposed Numbering System for Air Service Equipment," (U-432, AS).
Box 4 FF 4 Contains "International Aircraft Standards Commission Tests on Woods," (U-264, AS); "International Aircraft Standards Commission, Axles-Hubs-Rims-Tyres," (U-261, AS); "International Aircraft Standards Commission Steel Tubes," (U-263, AS); "Rules and Regulations of Flying Department," July 1919, (U-206, AS); "Explanatory Notes-Cover for Richards 'B' Type Hanger," (U-375, AS); "DeHaviland No. 4 Rigging Notes," (U-288, AS); "Aeronautical Commission," (U-200, AS); "Convention Relating to International Air Navigation," (U-201, AS); "Reservation Formulated by the Delegation of the United States," (U-202, AS); "Notes on the Use of Type K-1 Aerial Camera," (U-417, AS).
Box 4 FF 5 Contains "Development of Airplanes During the World War," by Lt. Col. V. E. Clark, (U-513, AS); "Airway Plans for the United States," April 12, 1921, (U-497, AS); "Specifications of the Richards Hanger Frame," July 1918, (U-374, AS); "Official Tentative List of Spare Parts Per 100 SE-5 Airplanes," (U-269, AS); "Proposed Numbering System for Air Service Equipment," (U-501, AS); "Table of Spare Parts Allowance for Maintenance of 25 Liberty Model 12 Cylinder Motors for 3 Months," (U-42, AS); "General Description of 'Liberty 12' Aeronautical Engines," (U-46, AS); "Table of Spare Parts Allowance for Maintenance of 25 JN-4-D Airplanes for 3 Months," (U-41, AS); "Delco System Used on the Liberty 12 Motor," (U-391, AS); "Table of Spare Part Allowance for the Maintenance of 25 Le Rhone 80 HP Engines for 3 Months," (U-45, AS); "Table of Spare Parts Allowance for Maintenance of Model 'E' 180 HP Hispano-suza Motors," (U-44, AS).
Box 4 FF 6 Contains 14 Government Documents from the Supply Section, U.S. Air Service (1917-1918) listing Spare Parts for different airplanes. Also, contains other informational pamphlets and reports. Papers read at the 11th Annual Meeting of Aeronautical Society, February 12, 1919, entitled "The Commercial Possibilities of the Aeroplane" by Charles W. Howell and "The Weapons of the Next War" by Leon Cammen; Information from the Second National Aero Congress about forming a National Aeronautical Association; two pamphlets from the Aeronautical Research Committee, dated September 1920 and April 1921; Report of the Director of Air Service to Secretary of War, 1920; Report on Flight of the DHM #250 at Bolling Field, Washington, D. C., August 16, 1921; Annual Report of the Secretary of the Navy, 1921.
Box 4 FF 7 Contains the "Aviation Sketch Book of Aircraft Design Details," 2nd edition.
Box 5 Contains Congressional information, various magazines, catalogues, and a report.
Box 5 FF 1 Contains Congressional publications, "Free Zones in Ports," (S.3170), Hearings before the sub-committee, 66th Congress, October 10, 11, and 21, 1919; "Bill to Create the Bureau of Civil Aeronautics," (S.2448), 67th Congress, August 22, 1921; List of the members of the House of Representatives, April 29, 1921; "Commercial Aviation-Air Mail Service," (HR 9462), January 6, 1922; Congressional Record, 68th Congress, first session.
Box 5 FF 2-3 Contains "A Report on Airport Requirements and sites in the Metropolitan New Jersey-New York Region," the Port of New York Authority, 1961 (two copies).
Box 5 FF 4 Contains two books: Wiggin, Charles S. First Transcontinental Flight. Heritage Edition. New York: The Bookmailer, 1961 (Autographed by author); and Jones, Ernest. Flight In Literature. Washington, D. C.: National Capital Press, Inc., n. d.
Box 5 FF 5 Contains two catalogs from the Wright Aeronautical Corporation (1921); one catalog from the Austin Company; one pamphlet from the Lanzius Aircraft Company and 1 from the Newcomb Spring Corporation.
Box 5 FF 6 Contains five magazines or journals, U.S. Air Service. Vol. 6, December 1921 and Vol. 7, April 1922; United Aircraft: Quarterly Beehive. Summer 1964; Journal of the Aeronautical Society of America. Vol. I, August-December 1916, and Vol. II, September 1917.
Box 5 FF 7 Contains six issues of Aviation, February 20, 1922, February 27, 1922, March 6, 1922, March 13, 1922, March 20, 1922, and June 19, 1922.
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Box 6 Contains articles and business materials regarding the life and work of Charles R. Wittemann and other early aviators. Includes newspaper clippings, business papers, and company publications.
Box 6 FF 1 Contains the journal American Review of Reviews, ed. by Albert Shaw, November 1909, article entitled, "Man Learns to Fly," beginning on page 551.
Box 6 FF 2 Contains two issues of the Staten Island Historian. Vol. XXVII, July-September 1966 and Vol. XXIX, July-September 1968. The 1968 issue contains an article that narrates the life and accomplishments of Charles Wittemann, "A Distinguished Staten Islander and the World's First Commercial Airplane Manufacturing Plant" by Harold E. Wittemann. This file also contains several newspaper clippings (1921-1966) on early aviators and their accomplishments.
Box 6 FF 3 Contains miscellaneous business papers, including handwritten notes, a certificate for common stock in the Wittemann Aircraft Company, a typewritten summary of the Aircraft Industry and the Wittemann Company (August 22, 1921), ledgers and inventory lists for 1921.
Box 6 FF 4 Contains an Informational Brochure about the Wittemann Aircraft Company, which includes copies of photographs, letters of recommendation and company information. Also contains a promotional piece for the Model "T. T." 100 HP Military Tractor Biplane, (June 1, 1918).
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Box 7 Contains photographs that were included in three scrapbooks or photo albums and a set of slides.
Box 7 FF 1 Contains CRW Airplane slides used 4-11-1970 at the American Aeronautical Historical Association meeting at the Eastern Airlines Building, Islin, New Jersey, including early slides loaned to Harvey Lippencott, some are dated 1907-1920.
Box 7 FF 2-3 Contains photographs (1909-1920) originally in a scrapbook. Includes photographs of the interior and exterior of the Wittemann factory and the planes built. Information about the photograph is on the back.
Box 7 FF 4 Contains nine undated photographs that were a part of the Wittemann Co. scrapbook, Wittemann Co., Hasbrouk, New Jersey.
Box 7 FF 5 Contains photographs, letters, and reports from the scrapbook of the Wittemann-Lewis Co. (1905-1918).
Box 8 Contains miscellaneous photographs of the Wittemann family, the factory and planes built, some are duplicates from the photograph album.
Box 8 FF 1 Contains photographs of the interior of the factory and close-ups of machinery, some are dated.
Box 8 FF 2 Contains photographs of planes, including the U.S. Mail 250, 252 U.S. Mail, water planes, and early helicopter, 1909 and 1912 model airplane.
Box 8 FF 3 Contains photographs of the Wittemann brothers, two photographs of a group of unidentified people, six prints of a flood (March 2, 1921), a photograph of the first Regular Commercial Air Service package, and two photographs of unidentified places.
Box 8 FF 4 Contains photographs of the Wittemann Company workshop and factory, includes the construction of the new building in September and November 1919.
Box 9 Contains oversized photographs, technical drawings done by Charles Wittemann, and U.S. War Department plans for Staten Island.

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