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About Dr. Tihen

Dr. Edward N. Tihen, a third-generation Sedgwick County, Kansas, physician, was born to Henry and Lora Keeler Tihen on June 28, 1924, at Wesley hospital in Wichita.  He attended Wichita public schools -- Riverside Elementary, Horace Mann Intermediate and Wichita High School North -- and graduated in 1941.   He received two degrees from Northwestern University in Chicago:  his B.S. in 1944 and his Doctor of Medicine degree in 1947.  Upon completion of internships, a stint as an Air Force physician, and a fellowship at the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Tihen returned to Wichita in 1956 to join the Wichita Clinic as an internal medicine specialist, practicing alongside his father, one of the Clinic's founders.

Despite a busy medical practice, Dr. Tihen maintained his interest in geography, politics, and history -- especially the history of transportation and of his hometown.  He belonged to numerous societies and organizations established for the study and preservation of transportation modes.  Because of his strong interest in Wichita's history, Dr. Tihen was an avid reader of early and contemporary Wichita newspapers, and he left volumes of handwritten notes he made while reading these newspapers. Click here for online access to his notes in transcribed form.

After his retirement from medical practice in 1984, Dr. Tihen devoted his final years to extensive research in his fields of interest, particularly local history and the history of transportation.  Illness prevented the fulfillment of his plans to write both a history of Wichita and a history of Wichita's street railway system.

Dr. Tihen died April 24, 1991.

At his request, his extensive collection of books, photographs, maps, postcards and other documents were donated to libraries, museums and historical research facilities in Wichita and Kansas, including the Department of Special Collections at Wichita State University Libraries.

Dr. Tihen's book collection can be accessed via the Wichita State University Libraries' online catalog. Some maps in his collection have been processed and are listed on our map collection Web pages.