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  Title: A Map of North America denoting the boundaries of the Yearly Meetings of Friends and the locations of the various Indian Tribes.
Content Date: 1844
Author: Bowden, James
Other Author(s): Clark, H. (lith.)
E. Marsh
Size: 46 x 53 cm
Description:Includes topographic features.Indicates locations of forts.Indicates Native American inhabitation.Specific Indian tribes and Yearly Meetings of Friends are designated by color on map and legend.Includes population statistics.Removed from Some Account of the Conduct of the Religious Society of Friends Towards the Indian Tribes in the Settlement of the Colonies of East and West Jersey and Pennsylvania: With a Brief Narrative of their Labours for the Civilization and Christian Instruction of the Indians, From the Time of their Settlement in America to the Year 1843, published by the London Yearly Meeting (Society of Friends).
Call Number: 1844-0001


  Title: A map of the Indian Territory, Northern Texas and New Mexico showing the Great Western Prairies
Content Date: 1844
Author: Gregg, Josiah
Sidney E. Morse and Samuel Breese
Size: 31 x 38 cm
Description:First map to carefully display the Llano Estacado or Staked Plain of Texas.Hand colored.Includes topographic features.Indicates locations of forts, military roads and trading posts.Includes routes of Captain Nathan Boone, Major Stephen Long, Captain Zebulon Pike, Texan Santa Fe Expedition, Colonel Phillip St. George Cooke, and Josiah Gregg.Identifies Santa Fe Trail as Santa Fe Caravans route.Shows Oregon Trail identified as Route of the Oregon Emigrants.Indicates Native American inhabitation.Removed from Josiah Gregg's Commerce of the Prairies.
Call Number: 1844-0002


  Title: Phelps's national map of the United States, a traveller's guide. Embracing the principal rail roads, canals, steam boat & stage routes, throughout the Union.
Content Date: 1845
Author: Atwood, John M.
Other Author(s): Phelps, Humphrey
Ensigns & Thayer
Size: 54 x 64 cm
Description:Hand colored.Includes topographic features.Indicates locations of forts.Identifies Santa Fe Trail as Traders route to Santa Fe.Indicates Native American inhabitation.Inset maps: N. part of Maine, Vicinity of Philadelphia, Vicinity of Baltimore, Vicinity of New York, Vicinity of Boston, Southern part of Florida.Inset maps of Pittsburg, St. Louis, Chicago, Cincinnati.Includes illustrated border with portraits of historical figures and state seals.Indicates state capitals, canals and railroads.
Call Number: 1845-0001


  Title: Map of an exploring expedition to the Rocky Mountains in the 1842 and to Oregon & north California in the years 1843-44
Content Date: 1845
Author: Frémont, John Charles
Other Author(s): Abert, John James
United States Senate
Size: 76 x 130 cm
Description:First published map to show the entire area west of the Mississippi as seen by a single party.Includes topographic features.Indicates locations of forts.Indicates Native American inhabitation.Has scale at top of map which shows height of mountains including Rockies, Cascades and Sierra Nevadas.
Call Number: 1845-0003

Displaying Records 21 to 24 of 24