Wichita Bibliophiles Collection

Collection Summary

Title: Wichita Bibliophiles Collection
Call Number: MS 2010-01
Size: 8.5 linear feet (8 boxes) and 1 oversized folder (OS)
Acquisition: Gift of members of the Wichita Bibliophiles and their families
Processed by: JCD, 10-14-2010; JZ, 6-2015
Restrictions: None

Literary Rights

Literary rights were not granted to Wichita State University. When permission is granted to examine the manuscripts, it is not an authorization to publish them. Manuscripts cannot be used for publication without regard for common law literary rights, copyright laws and the laws of libel. It is the responsibility of the researcher and his/her publisher, to obtain permission to publish. Scholars and students who eventually plan to have their work published are urged to make inquiry regarding overall restrictions on publication before initial research.

Content Note

The Wichita Bibliophiles Collection is comprised of invitations, meeting minutes, membership lists, photographs, correspondence, book collecting materials, papers, and ephemera involved with the history of this group. The records range from 1893 to 2014. The Wichita Bibliophiles has been in existence from 1932 to the present.

Administrative History

The Wichita Bibliophiles formed in late 1932 and is composed of a small group of avid male book collectors from the Wichita area. The club generally holds meetings on the last Saturday evening of each month. The group also holds an annual gathering early each January in which each club member brings a book of special interest to share. The Bibliophiles still holds monthly meetings, almost 80 years since the group’s inception.

Each member exhibits a passion for book-collecting, but members hold different interests within this subject, including, but not limited to, printing, art, and writing. Members come from various professions: law, academics, writing, engineering, management, art, and journalism.

Members take turns hosting the monthly meetings. The host is responsible for the location of the meeting, food and drink, and a paper on a subject of his interest. Hosts mail personally designed invitations before each meeting announcing the date, time, location, and title or subject of the paper to be presented.

The Wichita Bibliophiles have never assigned offices to their members, although meeting minutes were officially taken in the earlier decades of the club. The group has also never created a constitution or by-laws. Prospective members are voted in. The only distinction given to a Bibliophile is “emeritus,” which is used to denote the most senior member of the club.

Present members include Judge Paul Buchanan, J. Eric Engstrom, Dr. Donald Gilstrap, Michael Heaston, Jim Hellman, Spencer Hewitt, Dr. Schuyler Jones, Jerry Leisy, Hal Ottaway, Chuck Potter, and Hal Ross.

Former members include Philip Kassebaum and Mike Kelly.

Deceased members include Robert T. Aitchison, Henry Amsden, Wayne Bartlett, Charlie Basom, Ed Carroll, Howard Darling, S. Allen Daugherty, R. Potter Hill, Bill Jackson, Roetzel Jochems, Harry Kurdian, Mike McCutcheon, Phil Metzger, H. Craig Miner, Harold Null, Jose Olivares, George Parks, Ford Rockwell, Homer Shaw, Jack C. Stewart, Jim Stewart, Jr., Dale Stinson, Edward Tihen, Paul Uhlig, Manly Wade Wellman, Paul I. Wellman, and Jim Yarnell.

Detailed Description: Series Listing

Series 1 Box 1 FF 1-3, Box 7 FF 1 Biographical Information. This series contains biographical information about the members of the Bibliophiles, obituaries and funeral programs, and membership lists, 1955-2010.
Series 2 Box 1 FF 4-Box 2 FF 12, Box 7 FF 2 Meeting Invitations. This series contains invitations sent by each member for club meetings, listed chronologically, 1935-2014. Also includes invitation rough drafts by R. Potter Hill and two folders of invitations to related events.
Series 3 Box 2 FF 13-18, Box 7 FF 3-4 Meeting Minutes and Receipts. This series contains transcribed meeting minutes, 1936-1958, and receipts from previous meetings, 1939-2003.
Series 4 Box 3 FF 1-Box 4 FF 5, Box 7 FF 5-Box 8 FF 6 Paper Presentations. This series includes presentation lists and papers presented at meetings, including research used for papers. Papers are separated by author and then listed chronologically, 1932-2010.
Series 5 Box 4 FF 6-12, Box 8 FF 7-10 Correspondence and Holiday Cards. This series contains correspondence, 1919-2014, and holiday greeting cards, 1925-1995.
Series 6 Box 4 FF 13-16, Box 8 FF 11-12 Newspaper and Magazine Clippings. This series includes newspaper and magazine clippings about the Bibliophiles, and books and literature, 1935-2006.
Series 7 Box 4 FF 17-18, Box 5 FF 1, Box 8 FF 13-14 Photographs. This series contains photographs taken of club members and their related activities, 1936-2014
Series 8 Box 4 FF 19-22, Box 5 FF 2-3, Box 8 FF 15-18, OS folder Bibliophile Publications. This series contains small books and papers printed by Bibliophiles who owned printing presses, 1956-1993. Includes several publications by James Yarnell in an oversized box, 1983-1984.
Series 9 Box 6 FF 1-8, Box 8 FF 19-23 Book Collecting Activities. This series includes literary calendars, book and catalog order forms, catalogs, magazines, information about other literary clubs, literary newsletters and related materials, 1893-2010

Detailed Description: Box and Folder Listing

Series 1 ‒ Biographical Information

Box 1FF 1Includes biographical information about the Wichita Bibliophiles, its existence, and short descriptions about its members, 1955-1997.
Box 1FF 2Obituaries and funeral programs of members, 1971-2010.
Box 1FF 3Bibliophiles membership lists, 1974, 1982, 1988, 1989, 1991-1992, 1995-1999, and 2001-2010. Includes earlier undated membership lists. Documents beginning in 1995 also have meeting presentation schedules photocopied on the reverse side.
Box 7FF 1Biographical information for James Stewart, obituaries for Robert Aitchison and Stewart, and historical notes on the Bibliophiles, 1964-1965.

Series 2 ‒ Meeting Invitations

Box 1FF 4Meeting invitations, 1935. Handmade booklets and invitations sometimes contain small photographs of the meeting host, meal menus, paper topics, poems and humorous remarks.
Box 1FF 5Meeting invitations, January-June 1936.
Box 1FF 6Meeting invitations, July 1936-May 1937.
Box 1FF 7Meeting invitations, 1957-1968.
Box 1FF 8Meeting invitations, 1969-1970.
Box 1FF 9Meeting invitations, 1971-1972.
Box 1FF 10Meeting invitations, 1973-1974.
Box 1FF 11Meeting invitations, 1975-1976.
Box 1FF 12Meeting invitations, 1977-1978.
Box 1FF 13Meeting invitations, 1979-1980.
Box 1FF 14Meeting invitations, 1981-1982.
Box 1FF 15Meeting invitations, 1983-1984.
Box 1FF 16Meeting invitations, 1985-1986.
Box 1FF 17Meeting invitations, 1987-1988.
Box 1FF 18Meeting invitations, 1989-1990.
Box 2FF 1Meeting invitations, 1991-1992.
Box 2FF 2Meeting invitations, 1993-1994.
Box 2FF 3Meeting invitations, 1995-1996.
Box 2FF 4Meeting invitations, 1997-1998.
Box 2FF 5Meeting invitations, 1999-2000.
Box 2FF 6Meeting invitations, 2001-2002.
Box 2FF 7Meeting invitations, 2003-2004.
Box 2FF 8Meeting invitations, 2005-2006.
Box 2FF 9Meeting invitations, 2007-2010.
Box 2FF 10Meeting invitation rough drafts, mostly by R. Potter Hill, 1970s-1980s.
Box 2FF 11Invitations to related events, 1960-1992. Events include the opening of the Spencer Research Library at the University of Kansas; Wichita State University campus activities; bookbinding and papermaking events by Jim Yarnell and Bill Jackson; book release parties for Dr. H. Craig Miner; and viewings of Dr. Edward Tihen's library.
Box 2FF 12Invitations to related events, 1993-2009. Events include a reception to honor Dr. Edward Tihen; additional lectures and presentations given by Jim Yarnell and Bill Jackson; a lecture by Dr. Schuyler Jones; a farewell reception for Special Collections curator Mike Kelly; and various Special Collections exhibitions on James R. Mead and Fern Mead Jordan.
Box 7FF 2Meeting invitations, 1956-2014.

Series 3 ‒ Meeting Minutes and Receipts

Box 2FF 13Meeting minutes, August 1934-September 1936.
Box 2FF 14Meeting minutes, October 1936-January 1939.
Box 2FF 15Meeting minutes, March 1939-January 1946.
Box 2FF 16Meeting minutes, February 1946-December 1950.
Box 2FF 17Meeting minutes, January 1951-October 1954.
Box 2FF 18Club receipts, 1939-1995. Receipts mostly from dinner meetings held in restaurants or catered.
Box 7 FF 3Meeting minutes, August 1951-April 1952, November 1954-March 1955, June 1955-April 1958.
Box 7FF 4Receipts, 1985 and 2003.

Series 4 ‒ Paper Presentations

Box 3FF 1Lists of paper presentations, 1932-2005. This folder includes the typed versions of the meeting presentations. One list is chronological; one list gives names and dates of papers by author alphabetically.
Box 3FF 2Lists of paper presentations, 1932-1992. This folder includes rough drafts of paper presentation lists, typed, photocopied, and handwritten.
Box 3FF 3Lists of paper presentations, 1933-2010. This folder contains additional rough drafts of paper presentation lists.
Box 3FF 4Papers presented by Robert Aitchison, 1943, 1957. Includes paper on Thomas Bewick, May 1943, and "Interesting of Right," February 1957.
Box 7FF 5Paper presented by Robert Aitchison, 1954: "Virgil," January 1954.
Box 7FF 6Paper presented by Paul Buchanan, 1988: "Borders," August 1988.
Box 3FF 5 Papers presented by Paul Buchanan, 1989-1999. Includes "A Sabbath Afternoon on the Greasy Grass (Or a Part of the Story of Custer's Last Battle)," September 1989; "'What Mean Ye By These Stones?' Santa Fe Trail Markers Placed By the DAR," September 1990; "Jaysieph (John C. Fremont)," September 1991; "Windwagon Smith, You're a Latecomer (Lewis and Clark Expedition)," August 1992; "Twenty-Seven Months without a President (Woodrow Wilson)," July 1994, two copies; "The Great American Ass (Roy Bradley)," July 1996; and "War: An Account of the Legislative War of 1893 in the House of Representatives," September 1999.
Box 3FF 6Papers presented by Paul Buchanan, 2001-2008. Includes "Oregon," March 2001; "John Brown's Colt Navies (Pistols)," April 2002; "Ames Mountain Howitzer Number 1," May 2003; "Before the Beginning," June 2004; "Unintended Consequence," June 2008; and "Unintended Consequences II," n.d., two copies.
Box 7FF 7Paper presented by Howard Darling, 1952: "The Origin of the American Public School," January 1952.
Box 7FF 8Paper presented by R. Potter Hill, 1952: "Children's Books," April 1952.
Box 3FF 7 Papers presented by R. Potter Hill, 1949-1987. Includes "St. Andrews University," January 1949; "Everette Lee DeGolyer," May 1958; "The Printing Press as an Agent of Change," March 1981; "The Wichita Bibliophiles," December 1982, two copies; "George Ade," April 1984; and "A Tale of Two Book Clubs -- Plus . . .," May 1987.
Box 7FF 9Papers presented by Roetzel Jochems, 1951 and 1955. Includes paper on English and canon law, June 1951; "Books and Benedictines," March 1955.
Box 3FF 8Papers presented by Roetzel Jochems, 1950-1980, and n.d. Includes "Maps and Cartography," n.d.; "Eric Gill," March 1968; "Son of Lady of Quality," February 1970; "The Anatomy of Oenophilia," February 1972; and "Audubon Revisited," January 1980.
Box 3FF 9Paper presented by Harry Kurdian, 1959: "Twenty-Five Years of Wichita Bibliophiles," March 1959.
Box 7FF 10Paper presented by Mike McCutcheon, 1952, untitled paper on languages, January 1952.
Box 3FF 10Papers presented by H. Craig Miner, 1979-1994. Includes "Our Century of Mars," August 1979; "Books on Success," October 1980; "Modest When Compared with That of Birds: Wright Brothers and 3-D Control," November 1986; "'Tout Bien ou Rien': The Houghton-Mifflin Limited Editions, 1900-1910," February 1991, two copies; "Library Associates," April 1993, two copies; paper from Bibliophiles Annual Meeting, January 1994; "To Print is Human: Leonard Baskin and the Gehenna Press," January 1993; and "Francesco Petarcha and His Books," December 1994.
Box 3FF 11Papers presented by H. Craig Miner, 1995-2010. Includes "Don Drenner and the Zauberberg Press," December 1995; "Of Freemen, Forgeries, and Facsimiles," March 1999; "Books on Kansas," May 2001; "Monumenta et Libelli," July 2003; "Bill Jackson: Our Friend, the Genius," September 2007; and "Henry James: The New York Edition," August 2010.
Box 7FF 11Papers presented by Harold Null, 1935-1940. Includes "Early American Books and Printing," June 1935, two copies; "Greek History and Historians," May 1935, two copies; "Some Excerpts from the History of Economic Thought and Money and Prices before Adam Smith," January 1937; "Development of Printing in Other Than the New England States Prior to the Period of Westward Migration," October 1937, two copies; "A Brief Account of the Development of Early Printing in Kansas," June 1938, two copies; "How a Free Public Library in Kansas is Established, Managed, Financed, and Otherwise Aided, with Special Reference to the City of Wichita's Public Library," April 1939, two copies; "The Three First Important Professional Authors after the Revolutionary War and Some Notes about Their Works," January 1940, two copies.
Box 7FF 12Papers presented by Harold Null, 1940-1945. Includes "The Effects of Immigration and Environment on Our Vocabulary and Pronunciation," September 1940; "Medical Books before 1700," May 1941; "Book Clubs in America," February 1942; "Some Notes on Bibliomania in the Middle Ages," September 1942; "A Brief Review of the Development of Newspapers and Magazines during the Colonial Period," May 1944, two copies; and "Caricatures: A History," June 1945, two copies.
Box 7FF 13Papers presented by Harold Null, 1946-1963. Includes "His Library," October 1946; "Printing Activities in Venice Prior to Aldus," February 1950; "Peter Schoeffer of Gernsheim," January 1951; "Censorship in America," August 1951; "The Book in America," May 1952; "Rolewink's Fasciculus Temporum," November 1953; "The Ancestors of Our King James English Bible," April 1962; and "My Eight Years as a Public Library Trustee, or How to Alienate Friends and Lose Public Support," April 1963.
Box 3FF 12Paper presented by Harold Null, 1960. Includes bound copy of "A Resume of Type Design to 1800," by Harry M. Crain, April 1960.
Box 7FF 14Papers presented by Harold Null, 1965-1978. Includes "The Scholar Printers," May 1965; "Books about Books in My Library," April 1966, two copies; "Books about Books in My Collection," April 1978, two copies.
Box 3FF 13Paper presented by Hal Ottaway, 1988. Includes "The Taos Society of Artists," by Ernest L. Blumenschein, February 1988.
Box 3FF 14Papers presented by George Parks, 1934, 1939. Includes "The Indian Removal," August 1934; and "Early English Book Clubs," January 1939.
Box 7FF 15Paper presented by George Parks, 1939: "The Bibliophiles' Quiz," December 1939.
Box 7FF 16Papers presented by Ford Rockwell, 1974. Includes "A Bibliophile in the Nursery," January 1974; and "World of Best-Sellers," September 1974.
Box 7FF 17Papers presented by Hal Ross, 1977-1984. Includes "Elbert Hubbard of East Aurora, N.Y.," August 1977; "A Non-Definitive History of the Lakeside Press," September 1978; "An Early Wichita Bibliophile -- Lucetta S. Carter," December 1979, two copies; "Great Expositions and Their Postcards," January 1981; "Witchcraft in Salem," January 1982; "The Big Little Books of My Childhood," January 1983; and "The Journals of Zebulon Montgomery Pike," January 1984.
Box 7FF 18Papers presented by Homer Shaw, 1935-1946. Includes "Woodcuts and Engravings," February 1935; "Caricatures," November 1935; "William Morris, Printer," September 1936; "Etching and Engraving," June 1937; "The Art of Illumination of Manuscripts," March 1938, two copies; "Title Pages," August 1939; "Timothy Cole, Engraver," January 1941; "Thomas Bird Mosher, Printer," June 1942; and "Private Presses," June 1946.
Box 7FF 19Papers presented by Homer Shaw, 1947-1950. Includes "Unusual Cases of Bibliomania," March 1947; "Updike," November 1947, two copies; "Types of Type," August 1948; "Dime Novels," June 1949, two copies; and "Three Lantern Slides, by John Winterich," May 1950.
Box 7FF 20Papers presented by Homer Shaw, 1951-1956. Includes "Calligraphy," March 1951, two copies; "Frederic Remington," January 1952; "Disappearing Fore-Edge Painting," November 1952; "This is Publishing, by Donald Sheehan," June 1953, two copies; "Richard D. Altick," May 1954, two copies; "Hans Christian Andersen," January 1955; and "The Words We Use," July 1956.
Box 7FF 21Papers presented by Homer Shaw, 1957-1967. Includes "Fictional Originals," June 1957; "Paper-Making," September 1958; "Currier and Ives," August 1959; "Nara Picture Books," July 1960, two copies; "Sagabon," May 1961, two copies; "Mergenthaler," February 1962; "Industrial Revolution and [Its] Effects on Printing," December 1962; "Oxford English Dictionary and Press," July 1964, two copies; "Isaiah Thomas," February 1966; and "Unusual Cases of Bibliomania," February 1968, two copies.
Box 7FF 22Papers presented by Homer Shaw, 1968-1971. Includes "Dime Novels," February 1968; "American Folklore," February 1969; "Book Collecting -- Book Gathering," January 1970, two copies; and "Development of the Alphabet," February 1971, two copies.
Box 3FF 15Papers presented by Homer Shaw, 1955-1974. Includes "The Strange Case of Sir Thomas Phillips: Bibliophile Extraordinary," November 1955; "Popol Vuh," February 1958; "Hand-made Paper in Japan," October 1963; "The Grimm Brothers' Fairy Tales," February 1973; and "Thomas Jefferson: A Lover of Books," March 1974.
Box 7FF 23Papers presented by Jack Stewart, 1981-1995. Includes "The Literature of Baseball," January 1981; "Dedications," August 1982; "Collecting P.G. Wodehouse," November 1983; "Poems by Terence Hearsay," September 1984; "Horace," March 1988, two copies; "An Accumulation of Voices," April 1989, two copies; "The Boswell Papers," April 1993, two copies; "Logomachy: Philip Gove vs. The New York Times, The New Yorker et al.," April 1995.
Box 7FF 24Papers presented by James Stewart, Jr., 1934-1946. Includes "Light Verse," November 1934; "Gustave Dore," June 1939; "Cataloging a Library," March 1940; "Chronology of Books and Printing," November 1942; "A Portfolio of Five Leaves from Famous Bibles," June 1943; "A Little about Thomas J. Wise," January 1944; "Alexander Anderson," June 1944; "Items from His Library," July 1945; "Association Items," April 1946; and "George D. Smith," December 1946.
Box 7FF 25Papers presented by James Stewart, Jr., 1950-1965. Includes "The Shakespeare-Bacon Controversy," May 1950; "Library of Congress," December 1950; "Some American Book Collectors," October 1951; "Library of Congress -- Continued," January 1952; "Memoirs of Charles P. Everitt," June 1952; "Daniel Berkeley Updike," March 1953, two copies; "Canada's Library Picture," October 1954; "Something about Hroswitha," September 1955; "History of Best-Selling Novels," April 1956; "Recent Report of the Library of Congress," April 1957; "Freedom of the Press -- Milton," November 1957; "Arthur Machen," August 1958; "Rosenbach," February 1961; "Dr. A. S. W. Rosenbach," January 1962; "Dr. A. S. W. Rosenbach -- Continued," September 1963; and "Le Chapeau Immortal," February 1965.
Box 3FF 16Paper presented by James Stewart, Jr., 1942. Includes "A Little About Thomas Frognall Dibdin," April 1942.
Box 3FF 17Papers presented by Dale Stinson, 1966-1969. Includes "A Few Ramblings about Law Books," November 1966; "The Alexandrian Library," November 1967, two copies; "William Allen White: 'The Sage of Emporia,'" September 1968; and "General Information on Copyright," November 1969.
Box 3FF 18Papers presented by Dale Stinson, 1970-1995. Includes "Pornography and Obscenity in Literature," August 1970; "Harold Bell Wright," October 1971; "American Heritage," October 1972; "A Bibliophile in the British Isles," May 1982; "Bibliophile Miscellanea," August 1986; and "Legal Monuments: A Few Famous Law Books," November 1995.
Box 7FF 26Papers presented by Dale Stinson, 1974-1983. Includes "Books Once Were Men," July 1974; "An American Original: Some Commentary on J. Frank Dobie," July 1980; "Mississippi Potpourri," August 1981; and "Fabulous Fakes and Felonious Forgeries," August 1983.
Box 7FF 27Papers presented by Dale Stinson, 1984-2007. Includes "Dr. Abraham Simon Wolf Rosenbach, Sans Peur Et Sans Par," July 1984; "Reminiscences of July 28, 1984" and "Abraham Simon Wolf Rosenbach, Part II," June 1985; "A Visit to the Wichita Consistory Library," February 1990; "Dutch Cota, Fighting General," February 1999; "John Marshall and Marbury v. Madison," August 2003; "Libraries Once Were Men," August 2004; "Libraries Once Were Men -- A Continuation," July 2005; and "Bibliophilic Tidbits," July 2007.
Box 3FF 19Papers presented by Dale Stinson, 2002, 2008. Includes "Civil War Drummer Boys," July 2002, two copies; and "Books about Books," January 2008.
Box 3FF 20Papers presented by Manly Wade Wellman, n.d. Includes two manuscripts: one untitled (two copies); and "The Black Drama," both n.d.
Box 3FF 21Papers presented by Paul I. Wellman, 1935-1937. Includes "How to Write a Book," October 1935, two copies; and "Cabbages and Kings or Who Struck Billy Patterson: A Collection of Lies," May 1937, two copies.
Box 3FF 22Papers presented by Jim Yarnell, 1967-1998. Includes "The Initial Letter as a Decorative Device in Books from Early Manuscripts to the Present," September 1967; "The Westvaco Christmas Books," May 1982; "Burma," December 1990; "Sand Paper," February 1992; and "Cartographically Speaking," March 1998.
Box 7FF 28Papers presented by unknown Bibliophiles. Includes paper on book illustrators, n.d.; "The Art of Book-Making," n.d.; and "Books as a Speculation," n.d.
Box 3FF 23Related papers. Includes "He Who Has Ears" by Dr. Ralph G. Nichols, Professor of Speech at University of Minnesota, n.d.; unidentified author, "Captain Charles Johnson: Enigma Historian," n.d.; unidentified author, "The Glory of the Marciana," October 1960; and "In the Time of Geoffory Tory," by Sara [Hill], n.d.
Box 7FF 29Related paper by Robert Vosper, 1960. Includes "Through Britain and Italy by Bibliobus," December 1960.
Box 3FF 24Paper research, 1936-1974. This folder contains notes and research from the Bibliophiles on subjects for meetings.
Box 4FF 1Paper research, 1938-1955. This folder contains notes and research from the Bibliophiles on subjects for meetings.
Box 4FF 2Paper research, 1931, and n.d. This folder contains notes and research from the Bibliophiles on subjects for meetings.
Box 4FF 3Paper research, 1966-1999. This folder contains notes and research from the Bibliophiles on subjects for meetings.
Box 4FF 4Paper research, n.d. This folder contains notes and research from the Bibliophiles on subjects for meetings.
Box 4FF 5Paper research, 1961-1970, and n.d. This folder contains notes and research from the Bibliophiles on subjects for meetings.
Box 7FF 30Paper research, Harold Null, 1967. Includes material for "Gutenberg and the Master of the Playing Cards," April 1967.
Box 7FF 31Paper research, Harold Null, 1968-1969. Includes material for "Limericks," April 1968; and "Incunabula from Venice in My Library," April 1969.
Box 7FF 32Paper research, Hal Ross, 2011. Includes material for "The Rosetta Stone," May 2011.
Box 7FF 33Paper research, Homer Shaw, 1935-1971. Includes material for "Caricatures," November 1935; "Colophons and Title Pages," August 1939; "Hand-Made Paper in Japan," October 1963; and "The Alphabet," February 1971.
Box 7FF 34Paper research, Jack Stewart, 1982-1989. Includes material for "Dedications," August 1982; "Bartlett's Familiar Quotations," January 1987, "Horace," March 1988; and "An Accumulation of Voices," April 1989.
Box 7FF 35Paper research, Jack Stewart, 1992-1993. Includes material for "Henry Watson Fowler and His Dictionary of Modern English Usage," March 1992; and "The Boswell Papers," April 1993.
Box 7FF 36Paper research, James Stewart, 1959. Includes material for "Has the Library of Congress Been Shelved?" April 1959.
Box 8FF 1Paper research, Dale Stinson, 1969-1980. Includes material for "Copyright," November 1969; "Harold Wright Bell," October 1971; "Thomas James Wise," January 1976; and "An American Original -- Some Commentary on J. Frank Dobie," July 1980.
Box 8FF 2Paper research, Dale Stinson, 1983. Includes material for "Fabulous Fakes and Felonious Forgeries," August 1983.
Box 8FF 3Paper research, Dale Stinson, 1995. Includes material for "Legal Monuments -- A Few Famous Law Books," November 1995.
Box 8FF 4Paper research, Dale Stinson, 2002. Includes material for "Civil War Drummer Boys," July 2002.
Box 8FF 5Paper research, Dale Stinson, 2006. Includes material for "Cartoon Graveyards," July 2006.
Box 8FF 6Paper research, unknown presentations, n.d.

Series 5 ‒ Correspondence and Holiday Cards

Box 4FF 6Correspondence, 1919-1966. Includes letters regarding McCormick-Armstrong Press, bootlegging, conferences, history of the Bibliophiles, and fire-damaged paintings owned by Robert Aitchison.
Box 4FF 7Correspondence, 1967-1976. Includes information requests about the Bibliophiles, regrets from members about not attending meetings, gifts of books, and catalog subscriptions.
Box 4FF 8Correspondence, 1977-1982. Includes funeral service remarks, food bills for meetings, additional meeting regrets, and gifts of books to libraries.
Box 4FF 9Correspondence, 1983-1995. Includes letters about invitations to meetings, dinner parties, regrets for missing meetings, additional gifts of books, and membership lists.
Box 4FF 10Correspondence, 2000-2008. Includes letters regarding donations to museums, invitations to meetings, regrets for missing meetings, a resignation from the Bibliophiles, and book orders.
Box 8FF 7Correspondence, 1934-1949. Includes letters on book collecting and thank you notes from British citizens to Potter Hill for sending packages of tea and sugar.
Box 8FF 8Correspondence, 1951-1964.Includes letters regarding book collecting, meetings, and gifts of books.
Box 8FF 9Correspondence, 1973-2014. Includes letters about missed meetings, gifts of books, holiday greetings from friends, and the passing of Ed Tihen.
Box 4FF 11Holiday greeting cards, 1925-1953. This folder includes holiday cards sent by Paul Wellman, Jim H. Stewart, Jr., and Robert Aitchison.
Box 4FF 12Holiday greeting cards, 1963-1995. This folder contains holiday cards sent by Dale Stinson, Jim H. Stewart, Jr., Jim Yarnell, Bill Jackson, Roetzel Jochems, and R. Potter Hill. Several cards are undated.
Box 8FF 10Holiday greeting cards, 1947-1949. Includes a holiday card sent by James Stewart, a New Year's Eve poem by Homer Shaw, and an undated reprint of a holiday greeting from the Paul Wellman family.

Series 6 ‒ Newspaper and Magazine Clippings

Box 4FF 13Newspaper clippings regarding the Bibliophiles, 1935-1988. These newspaper clippings detail donations made by the Bibliophiles to museums and libraries, professional accomplishments, dedications, books published, and lectures given.
Box 4FF 14Newspaper clippings regarding the Bibliophiles, 1990-2006. These newspaper clippings detail book collections, research projects, public lectures, book and art exhibitions, and accomplishments.
Box 4FF 15Newspaper clippings related to books and book collecting, 1950-1991. This folder contains clippings saved by various Bibliophiles concerning book collections, libraries, literary discoveries, and other related subjects.
Box 4FF 16Magazine clippings related to books and book collecting, 1949-1988. This folder contains clippings saved by various Bibliophiles from magazines concerning authors, books, exhibits, libraries, archaeological discoveries, and book collecting.
Box 8 FF 11Newspaper clippings regarding the Bibliophiles, 1935-1998. Includes items documenting the personal activities and professional accomplishments of Harry Kurdian, Paul Wellman, Bill Jackson, Ford Rockwell, and Jim Yarnell; book reviews of Wellman's works are also present.
Box 8FF 12Newspaper and magazine clippings related to books and book collecting, 1939-1950. Includes items on type design, book collecting, and authors.

Series 7 ‒ Photographs

Box 4FF 17Photographs, 1936-1986, and n.d. This folder contains pictures of Bibliophile members, mainly 1970s-1980s, with copies of earlier photographs. Includes photographs of group trips, meetings, individual shots, and photographs of "The Shanty," the former meeting place in the 1930s-1940s. Contains twenty color photographs, four black and white photographs, two color photo negative strips, and one black and white photocopy of a picture from the Aitchison collection (MS 98-05, Box #1, FF 25).
Box 4FF 18Photographs, 1987-2004, and n.d. More recent photographs of Bibliophile members, 1980s-2000s. Includes photographs from annual club meetings, regular meetings, and outdoor functions. Contains eleven color photographs and one black and white autographed photograph.
Box 8FF 13Photographs, 1970. Includes 22 black and white pictures of the 1970 exhibition devoted to private presses, including those operated by various Bibliophiles.
Box 8FF 14Photographs, 1960-2006. Includes 27 pictures of Bibliophile members and their associates. Photographs of meetings, trips, and outdoor functions are present. Some images have dates and names of members.
Box 5FF 1This box contains two copies of a picture taken in 1997 at the Wichita Center for the Arts, which exhibited photographs of club members, books from their private libraries, and other personal memorabilia.

Series 8 ‒ Bibliophile Publications

Box 4FF 19Books and prints, 1956-1959. This folder includes works created by those Bibliophiles who owned private presses.
Box 4FF 20Books and prints, 1961-1964. This folder includes works created by those Bibliophiles who owned private presses.
Box 4FF 21Books and prints, 1966-1993. This folder includes works created by those Bibliophiles who owned private presses.
Box 4FF 22Books and prints, n.d. This folder includes works created by those Bibliophiles who owned private presses.
Box 5 FF 2Books, reports, and other materials, 1962-1984. This oversized box contains a Forbal prospectus, 1962; copies of The Four Ducks Press Annual Report, 1967; two miniature books by James Yarnell, Guacamole According to Luke, 1983; and Casey at the Bat, 1984; and a book page from Tanganyika Africa, n.d.
Box 8FF 15Oak Park Press, 1965-1981. This folder includes material printed by Jim Yarnell's private press.
Box 8FF 16Four Ducks Press, 1953-1974. This folder includes dated material printed by Bill Jackson's private press.
Box 8FF 17Four Ducks Press, undated. This folder includes undated material printed by Bill Jackson's private press.
Box 8FF 18Publications collected by Bibliophiles, 1957-1981. This folder contains printed material saved by club members; most items are undated.
Box 5FF 3Oversized Publications, n.d. This box contains items produced by the Bibliophiles, including holiday greetings and tributes to departed friends and members.
OSFF 1This folder contains five oversized items collected by the Bibliophiles; one is a poster from the 1990s promoting the club.

Series 9 ‒ Book Collecting Activities and Other Materials

Box 6FF 1Catalogs and magazines, 1958, 1962. This folder contains a review of Paul I. Wellman's book, Ride the Red Earth, by Harnett Kane, "'Twixt Patriot and Rascal," in the Saturday Review, February 22, 1958, p. 20. Also contains a copy of "Literature for Children" catalog, 1962.
Box 6FF 2Catalogs and magazines, 1964. This folder contains a copy of The New Yorker, October 31, 1964, with an article on book collecting, "Profiles: Quiet, Beneficent Things," p. 63, saved by R. Potter Hill.
Box 6FF 3Catalogs and magazines, 1971-1973. This folder contains copies of "The American Heritage Catalogue," 1971-1972, and 1972-1973.
Box 8FF 19Catalogs and magazines, 1973-1976. This folder contains copies of "The American Heritage Catalogue," 1973-1974, 1974-1975, 1975-1976, and two catalogs for the bicentennial. Also present are two rare book catalogs.
Box 6FF 4Information on other book clubs, 1954, and n.d. This folder contains information collected by the Bibliophiles concerning other literary clubs. Also contains excerpts of a thesis written by Mary Iddings in 1954 at Case Western Reserve University about the Bibliophiles and other clubs.
Box 8FF 20Information on other book clubs and libraries, 1893-1993. This folder contains information collected by the Bibliophiles concerning the Grolier and Rowfant book clubs and the St. Louis Public Library.
Box 6FF 5Literary date books, 1968-1979. This folder contains calendars noting birth dates of famous authors.
Box 6FF 6Newsletters and pamphlets, 1936-1977. This folder contains newsletters and pamphlets from museum and library exhibits.
Box 8FF 21Newsletters and journals, 1954-1974. This folder contains three library newsletters from the University of Kansas and an issue from the Missouri Library Association Quarterly featuring the Four Ducks Annual Report for 1969.
Box 8FF 22Sherlock Holmes memorabilia, 1981-1986. This folder houses material relating to John Bennett Shaw's writings and lectures on Sherlock Holmes.
Box 6FF 7Ephemera, 1921-1984. This folder contains various ephemera, including a birth announcement for Robert Aitchison's son, 1921; a hand-drawn diagram of Jim Yarnell's book cases; a list of photographs by Jim Yarnell; a tape marked "Ed Tihen Feb. 25, '84"; menus; and other ephemera.
Box 8FF 23WSU Library Associates program on the Wichita Bibliophiles by Dr. Lorraine Madway, Curator of Special Collections, December 2010. This folder contains a copy of the PowerPoint presentation on the Bibliophiles. Topics covered include members' meeting invitations, meeting minutes, correspondence, photographs, and Bibliophiles' publications and book collecting activities