Lloyd Foltz Collection

Collection Summary

Title: Lloyd Foltz Collection
Call Number: MS 2014-05
Size: 4.5 linear feet (4 boxes) and 2 oversized folders (OS)
Acquisition: Warren Foltz, 2010
Processed by: LBW, 7-2014; JZ, 4-2016
Restrictions: None

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Content Note

This collection houses many pieces of art by Lloyd Foltz including lithographs, graphite sketches, ink drawings, aquatints, etchings, watercolors, reproductions, and block prints. Also present are a scrapbook, press clippings, correspondence, negatives of two of Foltz's Christmas cards, and work by other artists.


Lloyd Chester Foltz, a printmaker and painter, was born on a rural farm in the Flint Hills region of Kansas in Pottawatomie County on September 24, 1897. During his childhood, he moved with his family to a succession of small farming communities until they settled in the village of Pleasant Hill (about 5 miles north of Topeka). Foltz's education consisted of intermittent attendance in one-room schools. In 1917, he moved to Topeka to work as a freelance illustrator after taking a correspondence course in cartooning. He could not make a living, and, in 1918, he became a draftsman for Southwestern Bell in Kansas City, Missouri. In the summer of 1922, he quit his job, bought a train ticket to Chicago, and enrolled in a 10 week figure drawing course at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. Upon completion of the course, Foltz moved back to Topeka to work as a freelance illustrator. Around 1923, he moved to Wichita to take a job at Capper Engraving Company. After one year, he was let go and went to work for the Western Lithograph Company, also in Wichita, where he remained for 34 years. After leaving Western Lithograph, Foltz started a successful business as a freelance illustrator and architectural draftsman. He also taught at the Wichita Art Association.

While working at Western Lithograph, Foltz met noted printmaker C. A. Seward. Seward mentored and taught Foltz printmaking. Over the course of his life, Foltz produced more than 100 fine art prints, even constructing his own printing press. Foltz's primary mediums were etchings, lithography, and block prints. He took up painting in the last 10 years of his life. Foltz's other interests were local history and locomotive engines. He published on those topics and wrote and edited several newsletters. He often composed rhymes and poems as gifts to friends and to accompany artwork. Foltz died on May 25, 1990, in Wichita.

Foltz was a charter member of the Prairie Print Makers, and he held other memberships with the Wichita Art Guild, the Wichita Art Association, the Northwest Printmakers, the Rocky Mountain Print Makers, the California Print Makers, and the Kansas Watercolor Society. At the age of 88, Foltz won the Southwestern Bell Competition, and his watercolor, Kansas, was used on the cover of the 1986 Bell Telephone directory. Foltz exhibited primarily in Kansas, but his work resides in collections both inside and outside of the state, including the Sandzén Memorial Art Gallery, the Spencer Museum of Art, East High School of Wichita, the Brooklyn Society of Etchers, the Philadelphia Art Alliance, and the National Gallery of Art.

Detailed Description: Series Listing

Series 1 Box 1 FF 1-84, Box 2 FF 1-26, Box 3 FF 1-33, OS 1 Artwork. Includes lithographs, graphite sketches, ink drawings, etchings, watercolors, block prints and other pieces of art created by Foltz
Series 2 Box 2 FF 27-28, OS 2 Correspondence. Includes correspondence between Foltz and others. Of note are Foltz's drill jig blueprint and game design for "Petrolia," a board game he created.
Series 3 Box 2 FF 29 Negatives. Includes negatives of Foltz's Christmas cards.
Series 4 Box 2 FF 30-31, Box 3 FF 34-35 Works by Others. Includes three watercolors and a reproduction.
Series 5 Box 2 FF 32-35, Box 4 Scrapbooks, Clippings, and Notes. Includes a scrapbook celebrating Foltz's winning of the 1986 Bell Telephone directory cover art contest, loose news clippings about Foltz, cartoons by Foltz printed in newspapers, and autobiographical writings and notes on his life and work.

Detailed Description: Box and Folder Listing

Series 1 ‒ Artwork

Box 3FF 1 1845 North Wellington Place, Built in 1887 by L. W. Clapp (lithograph), n.d.
Box 1FF 1Alone on the Plains (graphite sketch), n.d. [66]
Box 3FF 2Along the Frisco Track (graphite sketch), n.d. [111]
Box 3FF 3Arapaho Peak (ink drawing), n.d.
Box 3FF 4 ChinLe [sic] Wash, Desert Dunes, Elephant Hill, and Monument Valley (graphite sketches), n.d. [85]
Box 1FF 2Christmas card (ink drawing), 1982-1983 [65]
Box 1FF 3Christmas card (ink drawing), n.d. [71]
Box 1FF 4Christmas card (etching), n.d.
Box 1FF 5Country Road (graphite sketch), n.d. [83]
Box 1FF 6Dead Horse (graphite sketch), n.d. [170]
Box 1FF 7Desert Bluffs (graphite sketch), n.d. [124]
Box 1FF 8Drouth [sic] (graphite sketch), n.d. [82]
Box 1FF 9Evening (graphite sketch), n.d. [84]
Box 1FF 10Ferdinand (graphite sketch), n.d. [93 ‒ 1st instance of number]
Box 3FF 5First Presbyterian Church (lithograph), n.d.
Box 3FF 6Flint Hills, Green Gold, and Park Pine (graphite sketches), n.d. [86]
Map caseOS 1Garver/Amidon House, 1005 North Market, Built in 1887 (lithograph), n.d.
Box 1FF 11Grain Elevator at Clearwater (graphite sketch), n.d. [151]
Box 1FF 12Green Fortitude (graphite sketch), n.d. [101]
Box 1FF 13Hackberry School (graphite sketch), n.d. [135]
Box 3FF 7Hitchhiker (aquatint), n.d. [244]
Box 3FF 8Hitchhiker (aquatint), n.d. [223]
Box 3FF 9Into the Night (aquatint), n.d. [252]
Box 1FF 14Jalopie [sic] (graphite sketch), n.d. [126]
Box 1FF 15Kansas (Southwestern Bell telephone directory cover), 1986
Box 1FF 16Last Chance (graphite sketch), n.d. [93 ‒ 2nd instance of number]
Box 1FF 17Lee's Corner (graphite sketch), n.d. [112]
Box 1FF 18Lone Cottonwood (ink drawing), n.d.
Box 1FF 19March Wind (graphite sketch), n.d. [75]
Box 1FF 20Mid day [sic] Shade (ink drawing), n.d.
Box 1FF 21Narrow Gauge Station (graphite sketch), n.d. [115]
Box 1FF 22Outcrop (ink drawing), 1983
Box 3FF 10Ozark Farmer (etching), n.d. [265]
Box 1FF 23Prairie Hills (etching), n.d. [234]
Box 1FF 24Prairie Home (etching), n.d. [21]
Box 1FF 25Primative [sic] Security (graphite sketch), n.d. [109]
Box 1FF 26Property Line (ink drawing), n.d.
Box 1FF 27Ranch House (block print), n.d. [28]
Box 3FF 11River Hermit (lithograph), n.d. [13]
Box 1FF 28Rollin' Downgrade (ink drawing), 1983
Box 3FF 12Simpson/Van Arsdale House, 539 South Fern, Built in 1887 (lithograph), n.d.
Box 3FF 13Sleepytown (graphite sketch), n.d. [95]
Box 3FF 14Snowy Street (etching), n.d. [181]
Box 1FF 29Still it Stands (etching), n.d.
Box 1FF 30Summer Shower (ink drawing), 1983
Box 1FF 31Summer Shower (ink drawing), n.d.
Map caseOS 1Union Station ‒ Duluth (reproduction), n.d.
Box 1FF 32Untitled (etching), n.d. [32]
Box 1FF 33Untitled (etching), n.d. [33]
Box 1FF 34Untitled (etching), 1926 [33]
Box 1FF 35Untitled (etching), n.d. [34]
Box 1FF 36Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [38]
Box 1FF 37Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [40]
Box 1FF 38Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [42]
Box 1FF 39Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [43]
Box 1FF 40Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [44]
Box 1FF 41Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [45]
Box 1FF 42Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [49]
Box 1FF 43Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [52]
Box 1FF 44Untitled (watercolor), n.d. [61]
Box 1FF 45Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [63]
Box 1FF 46Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [64]
Box 1FF 47Untitled (watercolor), n.d. [68]
Box 1FF 48Untitled (watercolor), n.d. [69]
Box 3FF 15Untitled (etching), n.d. [70]
Box 1FF 49Untitled (ink drawing), n.d. [72]
Box 1FF 50Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [73]
Box 1FF 51Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [74]
Box 1FF 52Untitled (graphite sketches), n.d. [76]
Box 1FF 53Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [77]
Box 1FF 54Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [78]
Box 1FF 55Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [87]
Box 1FF 56Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [88]
Box 1FF 57Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [89]
Box 1FF 58Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [90]
Box 3FF 16Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [99]
Box 1FF 59Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [100]
Box 1FF 60Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [102]
Box 3FF 17Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [104]
Box 3FF 18Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [105]
Box 1FF 61Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [106]
Box 1FF 62Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [107]
Box 1FF 63Untitled (graphite sketches), n.d. [108]
Box 1FF 64Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [110]
Box 1FF 65Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [116]
Box 1FF 66Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [117]
Box 1FF 67Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [118]
Box 1FF 68Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [119]
Box 1FF 69Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [120]
Box 1FF 70Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [121]
Box 1FF 71Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [122]
Box 1FF 72Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [123]
Box 1FF 73Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [125]
Box 1FF 74Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [127]
Box 1FF 75Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [130]
Box 1FF 76Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [131]
Box 1FF 77Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [137]
Box 1FF 78Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [138]
Box 3FF 19Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [139]
Box 1FF 79Untitled (graphite sketch), 1950 [142]
Box 3FF 20Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [143]
Box 3FF 21Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [144]
Box 1FF 80Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [145]
Box 1FF 81Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [147]
Box 1FF 82Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [148]
Box 1FF 83Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [149]
Box 1FF 84Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [150]
Box 2FF 1Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [152]
Box 3FF 22Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [159]
Box 3FF 23Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [160]
Box 2FF 2Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [161]
Box 2FF 3Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [162]
Box 2FF 4Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [164]
Box 2FF 5Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [165]
Box 2FF 6Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [169 ‒ railroad yard]
Box 2FF 7Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [169 ‒ barn and silos]
Box 2FF 8Untitled (graphite sketches), n.d. [171]
Box 2FF 9Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [175]
Box 2FF 10Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [176]
Box 2FF 11Untitled (block print), n.d. [178]
Box 3FF 24Untitled (aquatint), n.d. [179]
Box 3FF 25Untitled (block print), n.d. [183]
Box 2FF 12Untitled (block print), n.d. [189]
Box 2FF 13Untitled (aquatint), n.d. [192]
Box 3FF 26Untitled (ink drawing), n.d. [198]
Box 2FF 14Untitled (block print), n.d. [201]
Box 2FF 15Untitled (etching), n.d. [211]
Box 2FF 16Untitled (etching), n.d. [228]
Box 2FF 17Untitled (etching), n.d. [232]
Box 3FF 27Untitled (etching), n.d. [235]
Box 2FF 18Untitled (etching), n.d. [238]
Box 2FF 19Untitled (etching), n.d. [239]
Box 2FF 20Untitled (etching), n.d. [241]
Box 3FF 28Untitled (etching), n.d. [242]
Box 3FF 29Untitled (block print), n.d. [268]
Box 3FF 30Untitled (lithograph), n.d. [270]
Box 2FF 21Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d.
Box 3FF 31Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [drawing of plain]
Box 2FF 22Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [train drawing]
Box 2FF 23Untitled (graphite sketch), n.d. [train drawing with writing on back]
Box 2FF 24Untitled (block print), n.d.
Box 2FF 25Untitled (color print reproduction #1), n.d.
Box 2FF 26Untitled (color print reproduction #2), n.d.
Box 3FF 32Village Corner (block print), n.d. [182]
Box 3FF 33Village Corner (block print), n.d. [218]

Series 2 ‒ Correspondence

Box 2FF 27Foltz, Lloyd (outgoing), 1949-1979, n.d.
Box 2FF 28Foltz, Lloyd (incoming), 1937, 1975, 1980, n.d.
Map caseOS 2Foltz, Lloyd - Slick, Tom Jr. (outgoing), Blueprint of the drill jig designed by Foltz, 1949

Series 3 ‒ Negatives

Box 2FF 29Christmas cards, n.d.

Series 4 ‒ Works by Others

Box 3FF 34Watercolor of Mount Fuji by S. Mori, n.d.
Box 3FF 35 Watercolor of poinsettias by E. H. E., n.d.
Box 2FF 30Watercolor of winter scene by Orlan E. Voth, n.d.
Box 2FF 31Reproduction of framed painting of mountain, n.d.

Series 5 ‒ Scrapbook, Clippings, and Notes

Box 4 Scrapbook, late 1980s
Box 2 FF 32News clippings, 1923-1990
Box 2 FF 33Foltz's letters to newspaper editors, 1960, 1976, 1979, n.d
Box 2 FF 34Foltz's newspaper cartoons, 1923-1924
Box 2 FF 35Autobiographical writings and notes, n.d.