Dr. Judith Johnson Collection of African-American Oral Histories

Collection Summary

Title: Dr. Judith Johnson Collection of African-American Oral Histories
Call Number: MS 2017-05
Size: 1.0 linear foot (4 boxes)
Acquisition: Donated by Wichita State University Department of History, 9-2009
Processed by: JZ, 9-2016
Restrictions: Box 4 is restricted
Note: These interviews were recorded on cassette during the 1990s; almost all were reformatted onto CD in 2016. Both formats contain the same recorded content; some have delayed starting points and gaps during interviews where no dialogue is recorded. Not all interviews have transcripts; some transcripts do not strictly reproduce recorded content.

Literary Rights

Literary rights were granted to Wichita State University. When permission is granted to examine the manuscripts, it is not an authorization to publish them. Manuscripts cannot be used for publication without regard for common law literary rights, copyright laws and the laws of libel. It is the responsibility of the researcher and his/her publisher, to obtain permission to publish. Scholars and students who eventually plan to have their work published are urged to make inquiry regarding overall restrictions on publication before initial research.

Content Note

This collection consists of interviews conducted by retired WSU professor Dr. Judith Johnson with African Americans who lived in Wichita during the mid-to-late 20th century. Topics include personal history, integration in schools, social and political activism, religion, employment in Wichita, and the consequences of urban renewal on African-American neighborhoods.

Detailed Description: Series Listing

Series 1 Box 1-4 Interviews. These interviews survey the experiences of African Americans who lived in Wichita from the early 1940s through the mid-1990s. Material is arranged alphabetically by the interviewee's last name.

Detailed Description: Box and Folder Listing

Series 1 ‒ Interviews

Box 1FF 1James Arbertha (taped interviews), 1998
Box 2FF 1James Arbertha (CD)
Box 1FF 2Shukura Bakari-Issa (tape #1 of interview), 1998
Box 1FF 3Shukura Bakari-Issa (tape #2 of interview), 1998
Box 2FF 2Shukura Bakari-Issa (CD)
Box 3FF 1Brenda Gray (interview transcript), 1996
Box 1FF 4Brenda Gray (tape #1 of interview), 1996
Box 1FF 5Brenda Gray (tape #2 of interview), 1996
Box 2FF 3Brenda Gray (CD #1)
Box 2FF 4Brenda Gray (CD #2)
Box 3FF 2Major and Dortha Harding (interview transcript), 1995
Box 1FF 6Major and Dortha Harding (taped interview), 1995
Box 2FF 5Major and Dortha Harding (CD)
Box 3FF 3Dr. Bernice Hutcherson (interview transcript), 1995
Box 1FF 7Dr. Bernice Hutcherson (taped interview), 1995
Box 1FF 8Dr. Don Jackson (taped interview), 1998
Box 2FF 6Dr. Don Jackson (CD)
Box 3FF 4Rev. Titus James (interview transcript), 1995
Box 1FF 9Rev. Titus James (taped interview), 1995
Box 2FF 7Rev. Titus James (CD)
Box 1FF 10Shirley Knight (taped interview), 1998
Box 2FF 8Shirley Knight (CD)
Box 3FF 5Dr. Vashti Lewis (interview transcript), 1995
Box 1FF 11Dr. Vashti Lewis (taped interview), 1995
Box 2FF 9Dr. Vashti Lewis (CD)
Box 3FF 6Billy McCray (interview transcript), 1995
Box 1FF 12Billy McCray (taped interview), 1995
Box 2FF 10BiIly McCray (CD)
Box 1FF 13Robert Mitchell (taped interview), 1996
Box 2FF 11Robert Mitchell (CD)
Box 3FF 7Julia A. Scott Nelson (interview transcript), 1995
Box 2FF 12Julia A. Scott Nelson (CD)
Box 3FF 8Ruby Parker (interview transcript), 1995
Box 1FF 14Ruby Parker (taped interview), 1995
Box 2FF 13Ruby Parker (CD)
Box 3FF 9Wendell Peete (interview transcript), 1995
Box 1FF 15Wendell Peete (taped interview), 1995
Box 2FF 14Wendell Peete (CD)
Box 3FF 10Shukura Sentwali (interview transcript), 1995
Box 1FF 16Shukura Sentwali (taped interview), 1995
Box 2FF 15Shukura Sentwali (CD)
Box 3FF 11Allen Teague (interview #1 transcript), 1995
Box 1FF 17Allen Teague (tape #1 of interview #1), 1995
Box 1FF 18Allen Teague (tape #2 of interview #1), 1995
Box 2FF 16Allen Teague (CD of interview # 1)
Box 3FF 12Benjamin and Lois Teague (interview transcript), 1995
Box 1FF 19Benjamin and Lois Teague (taped interview), 1995
Box 2FF 17Benjamin and Lois Teague (CD)
Box 3FF 13Shawn Teague (interview transcript), 1995
Box 1FF 20Shawn Teague (tape #1 of interview), 1995
Box 1FF 21Shawn Teague (tape #2 of interview), 1995
Box 2FF 18Shawn Teague (CD)
Box 1FF 22Rodney Thomas (taped interview), 1998
Box 2FF 19Rodney Thomas (CD)
Box 1FF 23Ronald Thomas (tape #1 of interview), 1996
Box 1FF 24Ronald Thomas (tape #2 of interview), 1996
Box 2FF 20Ronald Thomas (CD #1)
Box 2FF 21Ronald Thomas (CD #2)
Box 1FF 25Betty Welsbacher (taped interview), 1996
Box 2FF 22Betty Welsbacher (CD)
Box 3FF 14Release forms for interviews, 1996, 1998