Cessna Family Collection, 1880s-1999

Collection Summary

Title: Cessna Family Collection, 1880s-1999
Call Number: MS 2018-05
Size: 11.5 linear feet (10 boxes) and 1 OS folder
Acquisition: Donated by Janice Cessna Clarke, 10-2017
Processed by: ALM, 5-2018
Restrictions: None
Note: Digital collection, Cessna Family Collection

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Content Note

This collection from Janice Cessna Clarke contains the personal papers of the Cessna family as well as materials from the Cessna Aircraft Company, the Cessna Exhibition Company and the Cessna Aeroplane Company. Materials include photographs, correspondence, newspaper clippings, magazines, advertisements, financial records, the writings of several members of the Cessna family, awards given to Clyde and Eldon Cessna, materials from clubs to which Cessna family members belonged, aircraft design books, blueprints for Cessna aircraft, books for pilots, aircraft parts catalogs, and documents from air races.


Clyde Vernon Cessna was born December 5, 1879 in Hawthorne, Iowa to pioneers James and Mary Cessna. From an early age, he expressed an interest in mechanical engineering and often created farm equipment for his family. In 1905, he married Europa Elizabeth "Ropa" Doutzour (born 1882) and the couple had two children, Eldon Wane (born 1907) and Wanda Delores (born 1909). The family moved to Enid, Oklahoma in 1907 where Clyde became the manager of the Overland Auto Company. In 1909, after attending an air show, Clyde began to shift his focus from cars to aircraft. He designed a Bleriot-style plane, which he dubbed "Silverwings," and successfully made his first flight in 1911. Soon after, he began performing barnstorming-style air shows under the name Cessna Exhibition Company. In 1917, Clyde moved his operations to Wichita, Kansas where Jones Auto Company hired him to advertise their new car, the Jones Six, on the wings of one of his newly designed planes. While in Wichita, he met Walter Beech and Lloyd Stearman and co-founded Travel Air Manufacturing Company with them. Clyde designed the Travel Air 5000 model, one of which won the Dole Air Race in 1927 under the name "Woolaroc." The same year, Clyde founded the Cessna Aircraft Company, originally called Cessna-Roos until Victor Roos withdrew from the partnership. Both Eldon and Wanda worked for the company. Eldon designed many of the airplanes, and Wanda flew gliders and acted as co-pilot to Eldon on his flights.

The Cessna Aircraft Company temporarily shut down in 1931 due to a lack of sales during the Great Depression, and the board of directors fired all three of the Cessna family members who worked for the company. Clyde and Eldon jointly created the Cessna Aeroplane Company shortly thereafter. The new company created racing planes, which Eldon and other pilots flew in air races to earn prize money that supported the company. After one of their planes crashed in 1933, killing pilot and friend of the Cessna family Roy Liggett, Clyde left the aviation industry and began to focus on farming. In 1934, changes in the board of directors allowed Clyde to regain his position as President of the Cessna Aircraft Company. However, he continued to live on his family farm in Rago, Kansas while his nephews, Dwight and Dwane Wallace, ran the company. During this time, Eldon designed the Cessna C-34 Airmaster, which helped the company bounce back from the Great Depression.

Clyde Cessna passed away in November of 1954, over twenty years before his inductions into the Aviation Hall of Fame (1978) and the International Aerospace Hall of Fame (1983). Europa Cessna passed away in 1966 followed by Wanda Cessna (now Wanda McVey) in 1987. Eldon Cessna remained active in aviation clubs until his death in 1992. His wife, Helen V. Parcels Cessna (1906-2000), and his daughter, Janice Cessna Clarke (1936- ), kept his materials documenting his and his father's work in the aviation industry.

(Note to Researchers: Members of the Cessna family had multiple ways of signing their names. Clyde Cessna sometimes signed his name C.V. Cessna and sometimes C.V.C. Eldon Cessna sometimes signed his name E.W. Cessna and often EWC with overlapping letters. Helen Cessna often wrote her name as Mrs. Eldon Cessna, HC, or HVPC. Lastly, Wanda Cessna McVey sometimes signed documents W.D.C.)

Detailed Description: Series Listing

Series 1 Box 1 FF 1-5, Box 6, Box 8 FF 1-2 Advertising Materials, 1911-1980. This series contains pamphlets, a poster, an engraving block, information booklets, business cards, business envelopes, and stationeries for Cessna Exhibition Company, Cessna Aircraft Company, and Cessna Aeroplane Company. It also includes tickets and flyers for rides on "Old 99," and a portfolio from Cosmopolitan Magazine outlining Amelia Earhart's work as Associate Editor to convince Cessna Aircraft Company to advertise in their magazine. Materials arranged chronologically.
Series 2 Box 1 FF 6-16, Box 6, Box 8 FF 3-10, Map Case OS 1Aircraft Design and Testing Records, 1910s-1983. This series contains blueprints for aircraft, stress test analyses, and Clyde and Eldon's notebooks of engineering calculations. Materials arranged in subseries.
Subseries 2.1Box 1 FF 6-10Clyde and Eldon Cessna's Engineering Notebooks, 1910s-1930s. This subseries contains notebooks and drawings that feature airplane design calculations. Materials arranged chronologically.
Subseries 2.2,Box 1 FF 11-13, Box 8 FF 3-10, Map Case OS 1Blueprints, 1928-1983. This subseries contains blueprints for various aircraft and the Cessna Aircraft factory. Materials arranged alphabetically by aircraft model.
Subseries 2.3Box 1 FF 14-15Stress Test Analyses, 1928-1934. This series contains stress test analyses for the original 4-place monoplane (AW) and the redesigned AW. Materials arranged chronologically.
Subseries 2.4Box 1 FF 16Patent, 1928. This subseries contains a patent owned by Cessna Aircraft Company for a wing drag truss bracing.
Subseries 2.5Box 6Metal Part from Aircraft, undated. This subseries contains a metal part from a Cessna aircraft.
Series 3Box 1 FF 17-24Aircraft Materials Acquisitions, 1911-1970s. This series contains advertisements, catalogs and samples from aircraft materials suppliers as well as lists of needed materials, a list of materials suppliers, and records of materials acquisitions for the Cessna EC-2. Materials arranged in subseries.
Subseries 3.1Box 1 FF 17-18Aircraft Material Suppliers List and Price List, 1930 and undated. This subseries contains a materials suppliers list and a price list.
Subseries 3.2Box 1 FF 19-23Aircraft Supplies Advertisements, Catalogs and Samples, 1911-1970s. This subseries contains advertisements and catalogs for aircraft supplies as well as materials samples. Materials arranged chronologically.
Subseries 3.3Box 1 FF 24Cessna EC-2 Parts Acquisition, 1927-1931. This subseries contains correspondence, advertisements, and price calculations related to the acquisition of aircraft parts for the Cessna EC-2. Materials arranged chronologically.
Series 4Box 1 FF 25-26 Materials Belonging to Factory Workers, undated. This series contains materials that belonged to Cessna Aircraft Company factory workers, including a test on following directions and a cartoon mocking mocking Occupational Safety and Health Administration (O.S.H.A.). Materials arranged alphabetically.
Series 5Box 1 FF 27-28, Box 2 FF 1-6Business Financial Records, 1912-1939. This series contains records of company expenses, income, and taxes for the Cessna Exhibition Company, the Cessna Aircraft Company, and the Cessna Aeroplane Company. Materials arranged chronologically.
Series 6Box 2 FF 7 Contracts and Agreements, 1912-1955. This series contains contracts and agreements for the Cessna Exhibition Company, the Cessna Aircraft Company, and members of the Cessna family including bills of sale and contractor work. Materials arranged chronologically.
Series 7Box 2 FF 8Stockholders Meetings, 1927-1931. This series contains records of stockholders meetings for the Cessna Aircraft Company. Materials arranged chronologically.
Series 8Box 2 FF 9-15, Box 3 FF 1-2Correspondence, 1900-1991. This series contains personal and business correspondence sent to and from members of the Cessna family and their companies. Materials arranged in subseries.
Subseries 8.1Box 2 FF 9-11Business Correspondence, 1913-1940. This subseries contains business correspondence related to the Cessna Exhibition Company, Cessna Aircraft Company, and Cessna Aeroplane Company. Materials arranged chronologically.
Subseries 8.2Box 2 FF 12-15, Box 3 FF 1-2Personal Correspondence, 1900-1991. This subseries contains personal correspondence sent to and from members of the Cessna family. Materials arranged chronologically.
Series 9Box 3 FF 3-15, Box 6, Box 8 FF 11-15 Photographs, 1880s-1980s. This series contains photographs and photo negatives of various Cessna aircraft, stress tests of airplanes, the Cessna factory, and members of the Cessna family. Materials arranged in subseries.
Subseries 9.1Box 3 FF 3-12, Box 8 FF 11-13Company Photographs, 1911-1953. This subseries contains photographs of aircraft, employees, factories and stress testing from the Cessna Exhibition Company, Travel Air Manufacturing Company, the Cessna Aircraft Company, and the Cessna Aeroplane Company. Materials arranged chronologically.
Subseries 9.2Box 3 FF 13-14Air Races Photographs, 1924 and undated. This subseries contains photographs from the Dayton Air Meet in 1924 and unidentified air meets.
Subseries 9.3Box 3 FF 15, Box 6, Box 8 FF 14-15Cessna Family Photographs, 1880s-1980s. This subseries contains personal photographs belonging to members of the Cessna family.
Series 10Box 3 FF 16-17, Box 6, Box 7 Air Races Materials, 1925-1936. This series contains trophies, ribbons, maps used by Clyde Cessna, printouts of official standings, a program, and tickets for various air races as well as information on the Cessna CR-3 racing plane and its pilot Johnny Livingston. Materials arranged chronologically. See also Photographs.
Series 11Box 3 FF 18-23Aircraft Logs and Pilot's Logs, 1929-1934. This series contains aircraft logbooks for various aircraft, including Cessna CR-1 racer 11717 and Old 99, and pilot's logbooks used by Clyde Cessna, Eldon Cessna, Roy Liggett, and Penny Rogers. Materials arranged chronologically.
Series 12Box 3 FF 24-25 "Old 99" Ownership and Aircraft Registration Records, 1928-1976. This series contains bills of sale and aircraft registration records for a Cessna AW, nicknamed "99" or "Old 99" that Eldon Cessna used in air races. Decades after Old 99 was sold, Eldon compiled these records to track the ownership of the plane with the intent of retrieving it for a friend. Materials arranged chronologically.
Series 13Box 4 FF 1-25Books, Magazines, Newspapers and Reports, 1911-1999. This series contains books, magazines, newspaper clippings, and reports collected by the Cessna family. Materials arranged in subseries.
Subseries 13.1Box 4 FF 1-11Reports and Articles about the Cessna Family and Their Aircraft, 1911-1999. This subseries contains reports, newspaper and magazine articles, and books that mention the Cessna family, their companies, and their aircraft. Materials arranged chronologically.
Subseries 13.2Box 4 FF 12-18Technical Manuals and Reference Books, 1926-1934. This subseries contains technical manuals and reference books used by the Cessna family when designing and flying aircraft. Materials include information on aircraft design, air law, and locations of landing fields. Materials arranged chronologically.
Subseries 13.3Box 4 FF 19-25Leisure Reading Materials, 1917-1939. This subseries contains books and magazines read by members of the Cessna family for leisure. Materials arranged alphabetically by title.
Series 14Box 4 FF 26-36, Box 5 FF 1-12Writings of Cessna Family Members, 1898-1992. This series contains the diaries, first-hand accounts, biographical manuscripts, and aviation writings of the Cessna family. Materials arranged alphabetically by author.
Series 15Box 5 FF 13-28, Box 6, Box 10Club Memberships and Honors, 1927-1991. This series contains information on membership and awards for various clubs and associations to which Clyde, Eldon, Helen, and Wanda Cessna belonged. Materials arranged alphabetically by club/association.
Series 16Box 5 FF 29-40, Box 6, Box 9 FF 1 and unfolderedFamily Memorabilia, 1925-1984. This series contains Cessna family memorabilia, such as scrapbooks, wallets, an address book, a household expense book, pilot's licenses, a mechanic's license, Clyde Cessna's funeral card, and information from his estate sale. Materials arranged chronologically.

Detailed Description: Box and Folder Listing

Series 1 ‒ Advertising Materials, 1911-1980

Box 1FF 1Business Cards, Envelopes and Stationeries (ca. 1911-1933)
Box 1FF 2Product Pamphlets and Company Information Booklets (1925-1940)
Box 1FF 3Product Pamphlets and Company Information Booklets (1961-1977)
Box 1FF 4Portfolio of Amelia Earhart's Work with Cosmopolitan Magazine (Mar. 5, 1929)
Box 6The Cessna Aeroplane Company Engraving Block (ca. 1932)
Box 1FF 5Tickets and Flyers for Rides on "Old 99" (ca. 1933)
Box 8FF 1Poster of the Cessna Genealogy of Aircraft (ca. 1980)
Box 8FF 2Cessna Logo Brand Markings for Planes (undated)

Series 2 ‒ Aircraft Design and Testing Records, 1910s-1983

Subseries 2.1 ‒ Clyde and Eldon Cessna's Engineering Notebooks, 1910s-1930s

Box 1FF 6Design for Tail of Early Cessna Exhibition Plane (ca. 1910s)
Box 1FF 7Clyde Cessna's Pocket Notepad (Jan. 1926-Aug. 1926)
Box 1FF 8Eldon Cessna's Aircraft Design and Performance Book (1928-1932)
Box 1FF 9Eldon Cessna's Aircraft Design Notebook (ca. 1930s)
Box 1FF 10Eldon Cessna's Notepads with Calculations for Airplane Designs (ca. 1930s)

Subseries 2.2 ‒ Blueprints, 1928-1983

Box 8FF 3Blueprints for Model As and BW (Feb. 16, 1928-Mar. 7, 1929)
Box 1FF 11Blueprints for AW Original Design (Feb. 21, 1928-Jan. 30, 1929)
Box 8FF 4Blueprints for AW Revised Design (Apr. 16, 1933-Jan. 27, 1934)
Box 1FF 12Blueprints for Cessna Aircraft Factory (ca. 1929)
Box 8FF 5Blueprints for CR-1 (Mar. 13, 1933)
Map CaseOS 1Blueprints for CW-6 (ca. 1928)
Box 8FF 6Blueprints for DC-6 Models (July 8, 1929-Nov. 14, 1929)
Box 1FF 13Blueprints for EC-2 (July 25, 1930)
Box 8FF 7Drawings of Travel Air B6C Special (1983)
Box 8FF 8Blueprints for Repairs to Aircraft (Aug. 22, 1931-Jan. 26, 1933)
Box 8FF 9Blueprints for Unidentified Plane #1 (undated)
Box 8FF 10Blueprints for Unidentified Plane #2 (undated)

Subseries 2.3 ‒ Stress Test Analyses, 1928-1934

Box 1FF 14Stress Test Analyses for Original Cessna 4-Place Monoplane (AW) (June 12, 1928)
Box 1FF 15Stress Test Analyses for Revised Design of Cessna AW (Nov. 15, 1932-Mar. 13, 1934)

Subseries 2.4 ‒ Patent, 1928

Box 1FF 16Patent for Wing Drag Truss Bracing (Feb. 10, 1928)

Subseries 2.5 ‒ Metal Part from Aircraft, undated

Box 6Metal Part from a Cessna Airplane (undated)

Series 3 ‒ Aircraft Materials Acquisitions, 1911-1970s

Subseries 3.1 ‒ Aircraft Material Suppliers List and Price List, 1930 and undated

Box 1FF 17Aircraft Materials Suppliers List (1930)
Box 1FF 18Aircraft Materials Price List (undated)

Subseries 3.2 ‒ Aircraft Supplies Advertisements, Catalogs and Samples, 1911-1970s

Box 1FF 19Aircraft Supplies Advertisements and Catalogs (1911-1970s)
Box 1FF 20Upholstery Samples for Airplanes from Atlantex Fabrics (1930s)
Box 1FF 21Aluminum Alloy Sheet Advertising Detroit Aircraft Corporation (undated)
Box 1FF 22Fabric Sample with Numerical Marking (undated)
Box 1FF 23Leather Samples for Airplane Seats from Wichita Trimming Supply Company (undated)

Subseries 3.3 ‒ Cessna EC-2 Parts Acquisition, 1927-1931

Box 1FF 24Cessna EC-2 Parts Acquisition (Dec. 7, 1927-June 27, 1931)

Series 4 ‒ Materials Belonging to Factory Workers, undated

Box 1FF 25"Cowboy after O.S.H.A." Cartoon (undated)
Box 1FF 26"How to Follow Directions" Test Given to Factory Workers (undated)

Series 5 ‒ Business Financial Records, 1912-1939

Box 1FF 27Business Expense and Income Records (Oct. 28, 1912-Jan. 4, 1933)
Box 1FF 28Business Expense and Income Records (Jan. 30, 1933-Mar. 16, 1935; undated)
Box 2FF 1Anderson Ship Cost and Billing Records Book (Jan. 1, 1927-Oct. 6, 1933)
Box 2FF 2Cessna Aircraft Company Stock Sales (1928-1937)
Box 2FF 3Tax, Income and Expense Book (1930-1932)
Box 2FF 4Cessna Aeroplane Company Expense and Income Book (Jan. 1, 1932-Mar. 4, 1935)
Box 2FF 5Cessna Aeroplane Company Expense and Income Book (Sep. 1, 1932-Sep. 10, 1933)
Box 2FF 6Earthwork Expense Book (1937-1939)

Series 6 ‒ Contracts and Agreements, 1912-1955

Box 2FF 7Contracts and Agreements (June 3, 1912-Mar. 17, 1955)

Series 7 ‒ Stockholders Meetings, 1927-1931

Box 2FF 8Clyde Cessna's Book of Stockholders Meetings Materials (1927-1931)

Series 8 ‒ Correspondence, 1900-1991

Subseries 8.1 ‒ Business Correspondence, 1913-1940

Box 2FF 9Business Correspondence (Sep. 5, 1913-Oct. 8, 1930)
Box 2FF 10Business Correspondence (Oct. 10, 1930-Dec. 5, 1932)
Box 2FF 11Business Correspondence (Dec. 19, 1932-Oct. 4, 1940)

Subseries 8.2 ‒ Personal Correspondence, 1900-1991

Box 2FF 12Personal Correspondence (July 27, 1900-Apr. 2, 1929)
Box 2FF 13Personal Correspondence (Apr. 15, 1929-Feb. 8, 1930)
Box 2FF 14Personal Correspondence (Feb. 11, 1930-July 28, 1930)
Box 2FF 15Personal Correspondence (Aug. 1, 1930-Dec. 29, 1930)
Box 3FF 1Personal Correspondence (Feb. 5, 1931-July 21, 1976)
Box 3FF 2Personal Correspondence (Nov. 17, 1976-Sep. 11, 1991)

Series 9 ‒ Photographs, 1880s-1980s

Subseries 9.1 ‒ Company Photographs, 1911-1953

Box 3FF 3Cessna Exhibition Company Photos (1911-1917)
Box 8FF 11Large Photo of Construction on Early Cessna Plane (ca. 1917)
Box 3FF 4Eldon Cessna's Photo Album (ca. 1920s-1930s)
Box 3FF 5Travel Air Photos (ca. 1925-1929)
Box 3FF 6Cessna Aircraft Company Photos (ca. 1927-1928)
Box 3FF 7Cessna Aircraft Company Photos (ca. 1928-1929)
Box 3FF 8Cessna Aircraft Company Photos (ca. 1929)
Box 3FF 9Cessna Aircraft Company Photos (ca. 1929-1934)
Box 3FF 10Cessna Aircraft Company Photo Negatives (ca. 1927-1934)
Box 8FF 12Large Photo of Old 99 (ca. 1929)
Box 3FF 11Cessna Aeroplane Company Photos (1932-1933)
Box 3FF 12Photos from Cessna Aircraft Company's Honorary Dinner for Clyde Cessna (1953)
Box 8FF 13Large Photo of Cessna Plant (undated)

Subseries 9.2 ‒ Air Races Photographs, 1924 and undated

Box 3FF 13Dayton Airmeet Photos (Oct. 1924)
Box 3FF 14Photos of Aircraft and Hangar from Unidentified Events (undated)

Subseries 9.3 ‒ Cessna Family Photographs, 1880s-1980s

Box 3FF 15Cessna Family Photos (ca. 1880s-1980s)
Box 8FF 14Large Photos from Overland Auto Company (1908-1910s)
Box 6Print Block of Eldon Cessna's Portrait (ca. 1928)
Box 8FF 15Portrait of Earl Rowland (1929)

Series 10 ‒ Air Races and Air Shows Materials, 1925-1936

Box 3FF 16Maps Used by Clyde Cessna during Pittsburgh Air Meet (ca. 1925)
Box 7 Trophy ‒ Neatest Ship won by Cessna Monoplane and S. T. Stanton, Pilot in All-American Air Meet at Miami, FL (Jan. 1929)
Box 6Ribbon for Gardner Annual Trophy Race Official (May 1929)
Box 6Exhibitor Ribbon from International Aircraft Show in St. Louis (Feb. 1930)
Box 6Aeronautical Concourse Admission Card for National Air Races in Chicago (Aug.-Sep. 1930)
Box 3FF 17Air Races Documents (1930-1935)
Box 6Air Tour Member Ribbon from All Florida Air Tour in St. Pete (Jan. 14, 1931)
Box 6Contest Ribbon from Norfolk Air Races (Aug. 1931)
Box 6Contest Ribbon from Shenandoah Air Races (Aug. 1931)
Box 6Contestant Pin from National Air Races in Cleveland (Aug.-Sep. 1931)
Box 6Contest Ribbon from National Balloon Race and Omaha Air Races (May 1932)
Box 6Emporia Air Races Contest Tags (2) (1932)
Box 6Guest Ribbons from F.S.A.A. Tampa Chapter 6th Annual Air Meet (2) (Jan. 1933)
Box 6Eldon Cessna's Ribbon from the 5th Miami All-American Air Races (Jan. 1933)
Box 6Paper Airplanes from Miami All-American Air Races (Jan. 1933)
Box 6Mechanic Pin from International Air Races and Gordon Bennett Balloon Race in Chicago (Sep. 1933)
Box 6Ribbon from National Air Races in Hollywood (Sep. 1936)
Box 7Trophy ‒ 2nd Prize in 15 Mile Race at Red Cloud, NE (undated)
Box 6Contest Ribbon from York Air Races (undated)
Box 6Ribbon for Race Official (undated)
Box 6Service Ribbon (undated)

Series 11 ‒ Aircraft Logs and Pilot's Logs, 1929-1934

Box 3FF 18Blank Pilot's Log Book and Pouch (ca. 1929)
Box 3FF 19Eldon Cessna's Personal Flight Logs (July 20, 1929-Nov. 28, 1934)
Box 3FF 20Aircraft Log Book for "Old 99" (May 27, 1930-Aug. 15, 1931)
Box 3FF 21Aircraft Log Books and Pouch from Cessna CR-1, License No. 11717 (May 18, 1932-Jan. 19, 1933)
Box 3FF 22Clyde Cessna's Log Book/Notepad (1934)
Box 3FF 23Handwritten Analysis of Steve Lacey's Wreck by Clyde Cessna (undated)

Series 12 ‒ "Old 99" Ownership and Aircraft Registration Records, 1928-1976

Box 3FF 24Aircraft Registration Records for Old 99 when Owned by Cessna (Aug. 1928-Jan. 1935)
Box 3FF 25Aircraft Registration Records for Old 99 after Sold by Cessna (Jan. 9, 1935-Nov. 29, 1976)

Series 13 ‒ Books, Magazines, Newspapers and Reports, 1911-1999

Subseries 13.1 ‒ Reports and Articles about the Cessna Family and Their Aircraft, 1911-1999

Box 4FF 1Newspaper and Magazine Clippings about the Cessna Family and Their Company (Jan. 1, 1911-Dec. 5, 1954)
Box 4FF 2Newspaper and Magazine Clippings about the Cessna Family and Their Company (Dec. 10, 1954-July 16, 1978)
Box 4FF 3Newspaper and Magazine Clippings about the Cessna Family and Their Company (Mar. 1979-July 9, 1999)
Box 4FF 4Compiled Research on Clyde Cessna and Cessna Aircraft (Sep. 3, 1916-May 2, 1943; undated)
Box 4FF 5Bibliography of Aeronautics with mention of Travel Air (1926)
Box 4FF 6Aircraft Year Book with mention of Travel Air (1929)
Box 4FF 7The American Aviation Industry by the Commercial National Bank and Trust Company of New York with mention of the Cessna Aircraft Company (July 1929)
Box 4FF 8Aviation Atlas, 1933-1934 with mention of the Woolaroc (1933)
Box 4FF 9The Kansas Historical Quarterly with mention of Clyde Cessna (Feb. 1944)
Box 4FF 10Kingman, KS Aviation Diamond Jubilee ‒ List of Resources on Cessna (ca. 1963)
Box 4FF 11 Wichita Century: A Pictorial History of Wichita, Kansas, 1870-1970 by R. M. "Dick" Long with a story on Clyde Cessna (Oct. 1969)

Subseries 13.2 ‒ Technical Manuals and Reference Books, 1926-1934

Box 4FF 12Aeronautical Research Committee Reports and Memoranda, No. 1055 (Jan. 1926)
Box 4FF 13Technical Memorandums of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics concerning gliders (July 1928)
Box 4FF 14Instructions for Aircraft Engines and Carburetors (July 1929-June 1930; undated)
Box 4FF 15Pilot's Manual of Air Law (1930)
Box 4FF 16Airports and Established Landing Fields in the United States (1933)
Box 4FF 17"Rotary Wing Aircraft and Comparison to Fixed Wing Aircraft" by E. Burke Wilford and Elliot Daland (June 20, 1933)
Box 4FF 18Machine Design as It Affects Engineering—Production—Sales (Aug. 1934)

Subseries 13.3 ‒ Leisure Reading Materials, 1917-1939

Box 4FF 19The Dearborn Independent (May 21, 1927)
Box 4FF 20The Edison Institute Dedication of the Wright Brothers Home and Shop in Greenfield Village (Apr. 16, 1938)
Box 4FF 21The Birth of an Industry by Howard Mingos (1930s)
Box 4FF 22The Sportsman Pilot (June 1931)
Box 4FF 23The Story of the Aeroplane by the Wright-Martin Aircraft Corporation (1917)
Box 4FF 24The Story of Wright Aero: Tracing the Growth of the Wright Aeronautical Corporation by John H. van Deventer, Jr. (Dec. 22, 1928)
Box 4FF 25A Survey of the Aviation Industry by Fairman & Co. Investment Securities (Nov. 1939)

Series 14 ‒ Writings of Cessna Family Members, 1898-1992

Box 4FF 26"History of the Eighth Grade Graduating Class of the Year 1921" by Eldon Cessna (1921)
Box 4FF 27"A Day in the Air" by Eldon W. Cessna (May 12, 1926)
Box 4FF 28"Gliding" by Eldon W. Cessna (Jan. 16, 1930)
Box 4FF 29 "Cessna Cabin Monoplanes" by E. W. Cessna (May 1930)
Box 4FF 30Eldon Cessna's Biographies (ca. 1934-June 1, 1982)
Box 4FF 31Interview with Eldon Cessna (Jan. 5, 1963)
Box 4FF 32"A Day in the Museum" ‒ Interview with Eldon Cessna (Nov. 15, 1973)
Box 4FF 33Cessna Aeroplanes: A Historical Slide-Taped Narrative by Eldon W. Cessna (Feb. 15, 1980-Feb. 1986)
Box 4FF 34"The True Cessna Story" by Eldon W. Cessna (Jan. 22, 1990)
Box 4FF 35"I Soloed Again ‒ After 42 Years!" by Eldon Cessna (undated)
Box 4FF 36The Cessna Story by Eldon and Helen Cessna manuscript (1975-1992)
Box 5FF 1"Early Cessna Family" by Eldon and Helen Cessna in Pioneers (Aug. 29, 1983-Nov. 1983)
Box 5FF 2Europa Cessna's Diaries (1898-1931)
Box 5FF 3Europa Cessna's Diaries (1925-1933)
Box 5FF 4"Clyde's Story" by Europa E. Cessna (ca. 1929)
Box 5FF 5"Women in Aviation" by Helen Cessna (Jan. 1933)
Box 5FF 6Helen Cessna's Diary Entries and Notes (1934-Mar. 4, 1976)
Box 5FF 7Helen Cessna's Reports to News Media (Aug. 23, 1975-Feb. 1992)
Box 5FF 8Clyde Vernon Cessna film script by Helen Cessna (May 16, 1978)
Box 5FF 9"AW Cessna Wins Again!" by Helen Cessna (Aug. 16, 1981)
Box 5FF 10"A Review of Aviation as Seen in One Lifetime" by Helen Cessna (Dec. 31, 1989)
Box 5FF 11"The Shareholders Meeting" by Helen Cessna (undated)
Box 5FF 12Interview with Roy C. Cessna (Jan. 26, 1963)

Series 15 ‒ Club Memberships and Honors, 1927-1991

Box 5FF 13Aviation Hall of Fame Honors Clyde Cessna (Mar. 27, 1978-July 25, 1978)
Box 5FF 14Aviation Hall of Fame Membership Materials for Eldon Cessna (Aug. 17, 1978-Sep. 20, 1982)
Box 5FF 15Scrapbook from Cessna Aircraft Company's Honorary Dinner for Clyde Cessna (1953). See also Images.
Box 5FF 16Chateau Voyageurs Materials for Clyde Cessna (May 12, 1929-Mar. 19, 1930)
Box 5FF 17The Early Birds Membership Materials for Clyde Cessna (1929-1946)
Box 5FF 18Experimental Aircraft Association Materials for Eldon Cessna (June 11, 1975-June 4, 1980)
Box 5FF 19Proceedings of the Founder's Meeting and 1933 Membership List of the Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, Inc. (1933)
Box 5FF 20International Aerospace Hall of Fame Honors Clyde Cessna (July 7, 1983-Aug. 20, 1983)
Box 5FF 21National Aeronautic Association of U.S.A. Membership Materials for Clyde and Eldon Cessna (Sep. 16, 1927-Jan. 1, 1933)
Box 5FF 22Norwich Lodge Membership Materials for Clyde Cessna (Dec. 31, 1930-Oct. 12, 1950)
Box 5FF 23OX5 Club of America Membership Materials and Honors for Clyde and Eldon Cessna (June 28, 1979-Oct. 19, 1985)
Box 5FF 24State of Kansas, City of Enid, OK and the Society of Experimental Test Pilots Honor Clyde and Eldon Cessna (Aug. 14, 1931-Dec. 7, 1991)
Box 5FF 25Wichita Aeronautical Historical Association Honors Clyde and Eldon Cessna (Nov. 3, 1989)
Box 5FF 26Wichita Club Membership Dues for Clyde Cessna (Sep. 2, 1930)
Box 5FF 27Wichita Flying Club Membership Card for Clyde Cessna (Nov. 1, 1931)
Box 5FF 28Women's Aeronautical Association Materials for Wanda Cessna McVey and Helen Cessna (May 25, 1933-May 10, 1978)
Box 10Plaque ‒ Kansas Aviation Honor Award given to Eldon Cessna (1989)
Box 6The Early Birds Medal (undated)

Series 16 ‒ Family Memorabilia, 1925-1984

Box 5FF 29Licenses and Certificates Held by Clyde and Eldon Cessna (1925-1935)
Box 5FF 30Eldon Cessna's Wallet (ca. 1930)
Box 5FF 31Eldon Cessna's Notebook for Engineering Class (ca. 1930s)
Box 5FF 32Eldon and Helen Cessna's Household Expense Book (Nov. 1932-Mar. 1936)
Box 6U.S. Citizens Service Corps Ribbon (ca. 1940s)
Box 5FF 33Clyde Cessna's Wallets (ca. 1950s)
Box 5FF 34Europa Cessna's Telephone Number and Address Book (ca. 1950s-1960s)
Box 5FF 35Clyde Cessna's Funeral Card (Nov. 23, 1954)
Box 5FF 36Sales Sheet and Flyers from Cessna Estate Sale and Public Auction (Mar. 18, 1955-Nov. 30, 1967)
Box 5FF 37Eldon Cessna's Notebook/Scrapbook (ca. 1970s-1980s)
Box 5FF 38National Register of Historic Places Nomination Form for Early Cessna Aeroplane Manufacturing Building and Country Home of Clyde V. Cessna and Family (June 21, 1984)
Box 5FF 39Aircraft Stamps with Notes by Unknown Author (undated)
Box 9FF 1Helen Cessna's Scrapbook #1 (undated). Fragile.
Box 9Helen Cessna's Scrapbook #2 (undated). Fragile.
Box 9Helen Cessna's Scrapbook #3 (undated). Fragile.
Box 5FF 40Remnants of Scrapbooks (undated)