Papers of the Kansas Governor's Commission on the Status of Women

Collection Summary

Title: Papers of the Kansas Governor's Commission on the Status of Women
Call Number: MS 82-08
Size: 0.5 linear feet
Acquisition: Donated by Harriet Graham
Processed by: KJB, 11-11-1982; JEF, 6-15-1998; MN, 10-2008
Restrictions: None

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Content Note

These papers on the Kansas Governor's Commission on the Status of Women come from the files of Harriet Graham. Mrs. Graham was appointed chairman of the Commission's sub-committee on state government and private employment in 1965. In January 1968, Governor Robert Docking appointed her chairman of the Commission. Mrs. Graham served in that capacity until her resignation in March 1971. Most of the papers in the collection consist of correspondence, clippings, reports, and meeting minutes. They date from her tenure as chairman of the Commission.

Detailed Description: Box and Folder Listing

Box 1 FF 1 Commission Membership. Includes correspondence dating from 1964-1971.
Box 1 FF 2 Commission Meetings. Includes correspondence dating from 1965-1969, minutes of October 16, 1965 meeting, meeting agenda, and Conference Statement dated December 7, 1970.
Box 1 FF 3 Commission Meeting of 17 September 1969. Includes documents related to the September 17 meeting.
Box 1 FF 4 Sub-Committee on State Government and Private Employment. Includes correspondence dating from July 1965 to January 1966.
Box 1 FF 5 Conference on Day Care. Includes correspondence dating from October 1969 to February 1970 and a booklet on Day Care.
Box 1 FF 6 Conferences. "Women - Directions for the '70s;" Fiftieth Anniversary Conference of the Women's Bureau, U.S. Department of Labor; National Association Women Highway Safety Leaders, Inc. Includes correspondence dating from February 1968 to May 1979.
Box 1 FF 7 Miscellaneous Engagements. Includes newspaper clippings and a letter from the Kentucky Commission on Women to Harriet Graham dated September 1969.
Box 1 FF 8 Job Opportunities for Women. Includes a booklet "Report of the Conference: Job Horizons for Women and Girls in the District of Columbia," December 6-7, 1968, Washington, D.C.; a folder "Household Employment," Women's Bureau, Wage and Labor Standards Administration, U.S. Department of Labor; newspaper clippings, and a leaflet "Kansas Civil Service Employment Opportunities: Driver's License Examiner."
Box 1 FF 9 Hiring Women on the Wichita Police Force. Includes newspaper clippings and correspondence dating from September 1969 to October 1969.
Box 1 FF 10 Contract Negotiations of Salina Teachers for Equal Pay. Includes correspondence from April 1969 to May 1970 and "Teachers Salary Schedule for 1969-1970."
Box 1 FF 11 Miscellaneous Material on Equal Pay for Equal Work. Includes newspaper clippings and correspondence dating from January 1966 to January 1970.
Box 1 FF 12 Anti-Discrimination State Legislation. Includes several House Bills and a booklet "Laws Affecting Women in Kansas."
Box 1 FF 13 Printed Material on Anti-Discrimination Legislation. Includes several House and Senate Bills and items regarding Fair Employment Practices and Guidelines.
Box 1 FF 14 General Articles and Editorials. Includes newspaper clippings.
Box 1 FF 15 Miscellaneous Correspondence. Includes correspondence dating from December 1965 to March 1971.
Box 1 FF 16 Photographs. Contains two photographs. One is of Mrs. Harriet Graham and Alan S. Boyd, Secretary, Department of Transportation. The other one is of Harriet Graham, Margaret Buckles, Cora Hobble, and Roberta Sharp at the signing of either Anti-Sex Discrimination or ERA Ratification.
Box 1 FF 17 Contains the "Preliminary Progress Report - Kansas Governor's Commission on the Status of Women, December 1965."
Box 1 FF 18 Contains the "State of Kansas - Governor's Commission on the Status of Women - 1968 Report." (four copies)
Box 1 FF 19 Contains "A Selected Annotated Bibliography - Sex Role Concepts," Business and Professional Women's Foundation, 1969.