John L. Denning Papers

Collection Summary

Title: John L. Denning Papers
Call Number: MS 86-01
Size: 1.0 linear feet
Acquisition: Donated by the Denning family
Processed by: JAH, 11-5-1985; JEF, 6-5-1998; Additional materials added by JLY, 6-2007; MN, 9-2008
Restrictions: None

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Content Note

A wholesaler of broom corn, twine, wood products and wire, John L. Denning and Company was active in the industry since its start in the mid-1930s. This collection of its founder's papers includes correspondence from business associates and friends, general information on the broom corn industry, speech materials, advertisements, and "Sweeping the Nation," a film on broom corn.

Detailed Description: Series Listing

Series 1 Box 1 FF 1-29 Correspondence. Includes correspondence to and from John L. Denning and contains both personal and business letters. Some businesses mentioned include Brushware Manufacturers S.A. Ltd., Carborudum Company, Caribbean Training College, CLY. DEL. MFG. Co., Hawaiian Broom & Brush Co., Honolulu Broom Factory, Houston Broom Factory, Spikes Broom Manufacturing Co., and Spooner Brothers.
Series 2 Box 1 FF 30-37 Documents Relating to the Broom Corn Industry. Includes speeches, newspaper clippings and articles, pamphlets relating to Public Relations, financial documents and shareholder meeting minutes from Denning's company.
Series 3 Box 1 FF 38-39 Miscellaneous. Contains miscellaneous articles relating to John L. Denning and the Broom Corn business. Also includes a VHS tape copy and the original film and case of "Sweeping The Country."

Detailed Description: Box and Folder Listing

Series 1 ‒ Correspondence

Box 1 FF 1 Correspondence File - Back, Louis: Correspondence from 1930-1944 regarding purchasing broom corn and complaints about business.
Box 1 FF 2 Correspondence File - Brushware Manufacturers S.A. Ltd.: 1939 negotiations in possible purchase of broom corn for South Africa.
Box 1 FF 3 Correspondence File - Carborudum Company: Correspondence from 1936 to 1953 regarding Broom Promotional Campaign Agreement, Wichita Club membership, story-Social Insecurity, broom corn shipments on open terms, nickel plated rings.
Box 1 FF 4 Correspondence File - Caribbean Training College: Correspondence from 1936 to 1944 regarding handles, arrangements for bank drafts, payment of bills, paying mortgages on machines.
Box 1 FF 5 Correspondence File - CLY. DEL. MFG. Co.: Correspondence from January 1946 to December 1946 regarding ball ring caps, increase in orders, information on shipping, status on raw materials, color of clips.
Box 1 FF 6 Correspondence File - CLY. DEL. MFG. Co. No. 2: Correspondence from October 1939 to October 1940 regarding price freeze, flat top nickel ring caps, selling line of caps.
Box 1 FF 7 Correspondence File - Elek, George: Correspondence regarding purchase of Hungarian Broom Corn in September of 1934.
Box 1 FF 8 Correspondence File - Fernandez & Hnos: Correspondence from March 1940 to April 1940 regarding credit report request for A. Fernandez Hnos & Co., furnishing quotations for broom corn.
Box 1 FF 9 Correspondence File - Hawaiian Broom & Brush Company: Correspondence from May 1936 to October 1947 regarding gift pencil, Mr. Garriga, current quotation request, color sheet, mop yarn.
Box 1 FF 10 Correspondence File - Honolulu Broom Factory: Correspondence from 1934 regarding credit file, visitation of John L. Denning.
Box 1 FF 11 Correspondence File - Houston Broom Factory: Correspondence from July 1937 to April 1949 regarding credit reports, address change, Lindsay corn, price quotations.
Box 1 FF 12 Correspondence File - Hymel, Sidney J.: Correspondence from February 1936 to November 1948 regarding credit file information, corn purchases, broom corn business in California, quotations, accounts payable.
Box 1 FF 13 Correspondence File - Knowlton, Eustale W.: Correspondence from May 1938 to July 1938 regarding broom corn orders, confidential information.
Box 1 FF 14 Correspondence File - Lindsay, J. B., Ltd.: Correspondence from October 1939 regarding connections on broom corn.
Box 1 FF 15 Correspondence File - Lins Broom Company (THE): Correspondence from January 1936 to December 1937 regarding orders for broom corn, tonnage estimate, shipping instructions.
Box 1 FF 16 Correspondence File - Marrero, Juan: Correspondence from August 1936 to August 1946 regarding wire orders, colored broom lock orders, credit file information, velveteen order, election notice, appointment notice.
Box 1 FF 17 Correspondence File - Hawaii, Territory of: Conservation of Sight and Work with the Blind.
Box 1 FF 18 Correspondence File - Mitchell, Thos., & Co. Pty, Ltd.: Correspondence from January 1938 to January 1939 regarding credit information.
Box 1 FF 19 Correspondence File - Page Steel & Wire Division: Correspondence from February 1938 to March 1938 regarding samples, meetings, wire business development.
Box 1 FF 20 Correspondence File - Rocca, Juan B.: Correspondence from September 1943 to April 1944 regarding credit information, requests for business.
Box 1 FF 21 Correspondence File - J. C. Siegelman: Correspondence from February 1946 to December 1946 regarding flanneletts, velvet, velveteen, suede cloth, corduroy, orders, Acts of Congress, receipts, telegrams.
Box 1 FF 22 Correspondence File - Stephen, Fraser (London) Ltd., London, E.C. 4, England: Correspondence from March 1939 to April 1940 regarding broom corn orders to S. Africa & Port Elizabeth.
Box 1 FF 23 Correspondence File - Spikes Broom Manufacturing Co.: Correspondence from May 1935 to March 1937 regarding quotation requests, deposits.
Box 1 FF 24 Correspondence File - Spooner Brothers: Correspondence of April 1937 regarding broom corn inquiries.
Box 1 FF 25 Correspondence File - Valencia, Octavio: Correspondence from April 1938 to December 1944 regarding credit information and history.
Box 1 FF 26 Correspondence File - Vallmer, Leo: Correspondence from September 1943 to December 1944 regarding personal correspondence, Christmas greetings, advertising, scotch, bourbon, colds.
Box 1 FF 27 Correspondence File - Vallmer, Leo No. 2: Correspondence from January 1945 to October 1945 regarding opening of a new broom corn plant, advertising, the war, tax laws, stock.
Box 1 FF 28 Correspondence to John L. Denning: Correspondence from June 16, 1920 to December 23, 1946 including telegrams, letters, postcards, menu cards, business cards, coat room tickets, invoices for hotel expenses.
Box 1 FF 29 Correspondence from John L. Denning: Correspondence from John Denning from April 29, 1927 to April 30, 1957 sent to Mr. C. Gonzales Frevino, Almacen Helda, Mr. Augustin Fernandez, C. D. Dickinson & Son, W. J. Moxham & Co., Ltd., Mr. Charles Schweitzer, Marshall Field & Company, James L. DeTreville (State Agent) and gentlemen in the areas of broom corn.

Series 2 ‒ Documents Relating to the Broom Corn Industry

Box 1 FF 30 Minutes of Shareholders Meetings of John L. Denning, Inc.: Includes balance sheets, minutes, by-laws and a Certificate of Business Location and Manager.
Box 1 FF 31 Employee Wages and Regulations: Contains the Schedule of Limitations Upon the Use of Approved Rate Ranges.
Box 1 FF 32 Broom Corn General Information and Public Control: Includes fesibility reports, production control, Acts of Congress, price lists, U.S. Standards, proposals, news releases and general information about the broom corn industry from 1930 to 1968.
Box 1 FF 33 Speech Materials: Includes addresses, reports, excerpts from speeches, and introductions made by John L. Denning.
Box 1 FF 34 Billing Invoice: Includes information on the Honolulu Broom Factory.
Box 1 FF 35 Clippings and Articles on Broom Corn: Includes articles from February 26, 1924 to March 1964. Publications include Broom and Broom Corn News, New Orleans Press Extra, San Antonio Express, The Wall Street Journal, A Fact Book, A Story of Brooms, The Wichita Magazine, and New Mexico.
Box 1 FF 36 Advertisements: Includes Keeping An Ear To The Ground Copy 1, 2, and 3.
Box 1 FF 37 Public Relations for Broom Corn Industry: Includes an introduction card of John L. Denning (two copies) and Seasons Greetings, December 24, 1935.
Box 1 FF 37A Ephemera: Catalog of Broom Labels for sale by John L. Denning & Co., Inc. and a small laminated card with broomcorn qualities.

Series 3 ‒ Miscellaneous

Box 1 FF 38 Miscellaneous File: Includes address pamphlet of Jesse I. Smith of January 19, 1944. Most Outstanding Impressions on My Recent European Trip, the story "Kansas-Missouri."
Box 1 Films: Contains the original film, a VHS tape copy, and a DVD copy of "Sweeping The Country."
Box 1 Artifacts: Two small sample pieces of wooden broom handle and a whisk broom.