Wade E. Hampton II Papers

Collection Summary

Title: Wade E. Hampton II Papers
Call Number: MS 86-02
Size: 0.5 linear feet
Acquisition: Donated by Milton E. Hampton, Sr.
Processed by: Staff, 10-29-1985; JEF, 6-4-1998; MN, 10-2008
Restrictions: None

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Content Note

Hampton's poems, stories, correspondence and personal recollections comprise the greater portion of this collection. His letters to Margaret W. Teague of the Bartlesville Historical Commission (Oklahoma) give detailed information on the genealogy of his family and other families around Bartlesville, Oklahoma, area. The 1861 military record of Wade Hampton, a relative, also is included.

Detailed Description: Series Listing

Series 1 Box 1 FF 1-2 Manuscripts and Poems
Series 2 Box 1 FF 3-4 Correspondence
Series 3 Box 1 FF 5 Genealogy

Detailed Description: Box and Folder Listing

Series 1 ‒ Manuscripts and Poems

Box 1 FF 1 Manuscripts and Poems: Decision, Royalty (copy 2 typed), "Seeing" Southern California (copy 2), Signal Hill (copy 2), Speak Out or Don't Complain (copy 2 typed), The Doctor Says It Was Cancer, The End of the Trail (copy 2 typed), Why Struggle On, Woman! (copy 2), Youth!, One Dead Horse!, Introspection, Invitation (copy 2), It's a Small World, After All (copy 2,3), I Walk Alone, I Want To Know!, Jerry (copy 2 typed), "Just Wishin'" (copy 2), Lest We Forget!!, "Life," Life's "Will 'o The-Wisp" (copy 2), 'Long Side The Plow!, Mirage (copy 2-7, variations), My Mother (Age Six), My Treasure, Names, Paid In Full.
Box 1 FF 2 Manuscripts and Poems: House Cleaning!, Had You Noticed It? (copy 2), "Goodbyes" (copy 2, not complete), God!, Five Days, "Fess Up!" (copy 2), Faith!!, (copy 2), Evolution of a Flapper (copy 2), Every 94 Minutes, Dear Eva: In Commemoration of Your Birthday March 28, 1935, Does It Ever Happen To You?, "Dear Daddy" (copy 2 typed), "Cries!," Choose Ye! (So Might the Savior of Mankind!), Check-Mate! (copy 2, 3), To Whom It May Concern: Back To The Jungle!, Captor Made Captive (copy 2), A Tryst Unfailing! (copy 2), As One Ship To Another, A Red Letter Dan In Hogshooter (copy 2, 3, 4), Ashes (copy 2, 3), Appreciation, Christmas (on back of appreciation), Foreword, Introduction To Another Angry Man (copy 2-manuscripts), An Understanding Heart, Ah! Spring! (copy 2), Sunshine! (copy 2, 3), There Was And Is Another Angry Man...Me!.

Series 2 ‒ Correspondence

Box 1 FF 3 Correspondence with Mrs. Margaret Teague: August 6, 1964 - Includes from Mrs. Ben Moss, Van Buren, AR, with more information about the family; August 17, 1964 - List of names from vicinity of Bartlesville, OK as remembered by Hampton; August 20, 1964 - List of more names recalled; August 26, 1964 - List of early day people; August 28, 1964 - Stories and happenings in early days in the Indian Territory (OK); September 1, 1964 - Authenticity of names and how to proceed; September 14, 1964 - Stories from Aunt Allie; September 15, 1964 - More detail in regard to the Hampton and Bennett (Benepe) families; September 23, 1964 - More stories by Aunt Allie; October 8, 1964 - More stories by Aunt Allie; October 22, 1964 - Learned about three books that his mother had listed information about his father and other pioneers; November 13, 1964 - Five pages of recollections of Hampton's family; November 16, 1964 - Information about book, November 19, 1964 - Life as Lived by an Average American Boy, from "Away Back When" Up to Our Present Day, pages 1-6; November 20, 1964 - Continuation of book, pages 6-13; November 21, 1964 - Continuation, pages 14-21; November 25, 1964 - Continuation, pages 22-26; December 13, 1964 - Continuation, pages 27-35; December 17, 1964 - Continuation, pages 36-45; December 23, 1964 - Continuation, pages 46-52; December 28, 1964 - Continuation, pages 54-62. Page 53 is either missing or incorrectly numbered. We become even more "City-fied;" January 14, 1965 - Continuation, pages 63-72; January 22, 1965 - Continuation. Letter has notation by Mrs. Teague, asking questions for more information. Attached is a letter from Mrs. Teague, no date. Also attached is a letter to Mrs. Teague answering the questions; January 22, 1965 - Continuation, pages 73-81; February 3, 1965 - Continuation, pages 82-89; February 16, 1965 - Continuation, pages 90-100; February 17, 1965 - Continuation, pages 101-110; February 22, 1965 - Continuation, pages 111-125; March 10, 1965 - Continuation, pages 155-160. Pages 126-154 are missing or incorrectly numbered.
Box 1 FF 4 Correspondence with Milton E. Hampton II: August 12, 1964 - Letter asking for information of earliest days in this area (attached is a reply from Milton Hampton); August 27, 1964 - Letter from Mrs. Teague with more information about families in this area; September 4, 1964 - Letter from Mrs. Teague. Also attached is a letter from Hampton to Mrs. Teague dated Sept. 3, 1964; September 19, 1964 - Letter from Mrs. Teague thanking Mr. Hampton for his contributions; November 3, 1964 - Letter from Mrs. Teague; November 23, 1964 - Letter from Mrs. Teague; December 3, 1964 - Letter from Mrs. Teague; December 18, 1964 - Letter from Mrs. Teague; January 28, 1965 - Letter from Mrs. Teague; March 29, 1965 - Letter from Mrs. Teague. Attached is letter to Mrs. Teague from Mr. Hampton concerning the disposition or use of the story or article of Mr. Hampton's "Life;" August 6, 1965 - Letter from Mrs. Teague; September 9, 1965 - Letter from Mrs. Teague. Attached is a letter to Mrs. Teague; October 8, 1965 - Letter from Mrs. Teague; November 3, 1965 - Letter from Harold R. Farrar. Attached is a letter in answer to Mr. Farrar's inquiries about people in a school picture. Quite a bit of information on families around Bartlesville, Oklahoma; November 22, 1965 - Letter from Mrs. Teague; September 9, 1966 - Letter from Mrs. Teague. Attached is a letter to Mrs. Teague concerning the death of Alph (brother) and about the disposition of the material in Bartlesville Historical Archives; November 14, 1966 - Letter from Mrs. Teague. Concerns the disposition of pictures left by brother Alph; December 2, 1966 - Letter from Mrs. Teague. In answer to Mr. Hampton's letter concerning disposition of pictures.

Series 3 ‒ Genealogy

Box 1 FF 5 Genealogy: My family Tree and "Branches Thereof" The Hamptons - father's side, The Bennetts (originally Benepe) - mother's side; A list of family tree from both father and mother; Letter to Mrs. Teague with verification of names and places within the chapter on "Ranching;" Letter to General Service Administration, National Archives inquiring about military record of Wade Hampton; Military service of Wade Hampton (photocopy).