Louise C. Bidwell Collection

Collection Summary

Title: Louise C. Bidwell Collection
Call Number: MS 86-13
Size: 0.25 linear feet
Acquisition: Purchased from Randall House and Company, 1985
Processed by: LM, 4-1986; JEF, 11-5-1997; MN, 10-2008
Restrictions: None

Literary Rights

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Content Note

The collection consists of personal and general correspondence of Louise C. Bidwell while she was a nurse at a Panama Canal hospital in Ancon. The general correspondence includes general rules for nurses, a circular on how to avoid malaria, and an annual report of the Department of Health of the Isthmian Canal Commission. There are several personal letters from friends and co-workers also living in the Canal Zone. Also included in the personal correspondence are invitations to dances at the Tivoli Club.

Detailed Description: Box and Folder Listing

Box 1 FF 1 Publications or correspondence put out by the Isthmian Canal Commission; (2) Annual Report of the Department of Health of Information Concerning Employments for Service of the Isthmus of Panama. Revised February 4, 1909; (3) Timetable for the Panama Railroad Steamship Line, January 1905 to March 1905; (4) Pamphlet entitled protection for the wives of Panama Canal Employees (concerns annuities given to wives of Canal employees after their husbands are dead; (5) A circular from the War Department Isthmian Canal Commission. The circular discusses how to avoid malaria; (6) General Rules for Nurses stationed at Nurse's Quarters of Ancon Hospital.
Box 1 FF 2 Society of the Charges Hymnal January 20, 1912. Dance cards from the Tivoli Club; (2) Invitations to dances at the Tivoli Club. Two Panama railroad steamship tickets. Three money bag labels in French. Two lottery tickets for the March, 1908 drawing. Ancon Art Society membership card.
Box 1 FF 3 A cartoon about the nurses in the Panama hospitals. Picture of a kitchen scene at Ancon of Miss Victoria and Miss Turner. Stationery of the Isthmian Canal Commission, Ancon Hospital, Ancon, Canal Zone; (2) A form for changing Panamanian money into United States currency (or vice versa); (3) French pharmacy form.
Box 1 FF 4 Invoice to Miss Bidwell from Robinson and Cleaver. Three sets of rough notes for Miss Bidwell's records. Minutes of the Literary Association meeting. A letter to Miss Bidwell from Mary B. Irwin, another resident of the Canal zone, January 1910; (2) A letter to Miss Bidwell from Harry Boddy declining her invitation to come and play cards, June 5, 1907. A letter to Miss Bidwell from E. S. Young accepting her invitation to a dance, February 1, 1907; (3) A letter to Ms. Irwin from Mr. David A. Laing moonlight launch party; (4) Letter to Miss Bidwell from a night nurse concerning the table manner of the nurses and also about rats; (5) A letter to Miss Bidwell from the Ancon Art Society.