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Title: E. M. Forster Papers
Call Number: MS 86-22
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Acquisition: Purchased from Sotheby, Parke, Bernet
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The literary rights to the E. M. Forster papers are held by King's College, Cambridge. Researchers may use the collections, but may not reproduce any of the letters nor make photocopies of them. For permission to quote from, publish or make photocopies, the researcher should contact King's College, Cambridge CB2 1ST, England. It is the responsibility of the researcher and his/her publisher to obtain this permission. Scholars and students who plan to have their work published are urged to make inquiry regarding the overall restrictions on publication before initial research.

Content Note

Most of the correspondence of E. M. Forster in this collection is written to Siegfried Sassoon and covers a span of 41 years from 1918 to 1959. The year 1923, when E. M. Forster was 44 years old, produced most of these letters. The dates of the correspondence alternate between the American and European style of writing the day and month of the year. Occasionally a year was skipped with one or two letters a year being most usual. The contents might be subsumed under the following headings: social, personal, professional activities, peripheral activities, personal philosophical views, books and other material being read, literary criticism of Sassoon's work, literary criticism of E. M. Forster's works by Sassoon, Forster's ideas on writing, evaluation of works of other writers. Many of the letters deal with the social aspects, of their relationship, and as might be expected, a large focus is on criticism of Sassoon's work and occasional requests for Sassoon's opinion of Forster's work. There are a few references to World War II: the role of the writer, the discomforts, and the destruction of the London Library. Colleagues mentioned during the course of the correspondence were: Thomas Hardy, E. T. Lawrence, G. Lowes Dickinson, the Woolfs, the Bargers, Joe Ackerley, Stephen Spender, Christopher Isherwood, W. H. Auden, Cavafy, Osbert Sitwell, Aldous Huxley, Hugh Walpole, Gerald Heard, Priestley, Wells, Day-Lewis, Forrest Reid, Yeats, Sebastian Sprott, R. C. Trevelyan, May Sinclair, E. J. Dent, Stephen Tennant, and Rose Macauley.

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Series 1 Box 1-Box 2 Correspondence

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Series 1 ‒ Correspondence

Box 1 FF 1 Not dated. Written from King's College, Cambridge, concerning visit by "Young People" with gift of science fiction.
Box 1 FF 2 Not dated. Written from Wiltshire, concerning proposed visit with A. W. Lawrence (T. E.'s brother). Questions whether Hester (Sassoon's wife) should participate and mentions possibility of Bob Buckingham coming to lunch also.
Box 1 FF 3 Not dated. Unidentified poem concerning Professor Abercrombie and "Crikey."
Box 1 FF 4 Not dated. Written from 1917 Club, London, concerning request to borrow money.
Box 1 FF 5 Not dated. Written from Weybridge, concerning need for meeting; visit with L. Woolf.
Box 1 FF 6 Not dated. Written on "The Reform Club" stationery concerning Mr. Justice Das and his brother, C. R. Das, who is starting a paper.
Box 1 FF 7 Not dated. Unidentified letter concerning his criticism of an essay and suggestions for improving it. Includes his own views on sex.
Box 1 FF 8 Not dated. Unidentified letter concerning his views on some French aughors: Anatole France, Claudel, Rostand. Requests opinion of story he had sent and whether to send some autobiographical material for Sassoon's comment.
Box 1 FF 9 Not dated. E. M. F. had broken his wrist and letter is crudely written but gives criticism of poems Sassoon had sent him.
Box 1 FF 10 May 2, 1918. Written from Alexandria, Egypt. Mentions having read four of Sassoon's poems and requests more from England. Critically describes short story, "Inferior" he is writing. Mentions W. B. Maxwell. Discussed James' "Sense of the Past."
Box 1 FF 11 August 3, 1918. Written from new summer location. Discusses reaction to poets Graves, Nichols. Mentions that he made a picture "of you...conversing with Edward Carpenter." Mentions "Mr. Collins Baker, Secretary of the National Gallery." Talks of ancient Alexandria, "archaeological and other reading," "Grey's pamphlet" and expresses views on the war.
Box 1 FF 12 March 28, 1919. Madeira Cottage, Lyme Regis. Requests books be sent "here" so he can review them (for Daily Herald of which Sassoon was editor).
Box 1 FF 13 May or June 1919. No heading. Writes in a depressed mood. Mentions "Mr. May Sinclair" and Vicary." Advises Sassoon regarding "Your Catholic."
Box 1 FF 14 June 1919. Unidentified letter mentioning reading "The Diaries of Blunt" (which he is to review). Gives Sassoon some advice to cheer him up and concludes "Bit of a sermon this letter."
Box 1 FF 15 October 9, 1919. West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. Mentions "Dent" and "old Lomer" (sp.?). Refers to review of "Swinnerton's very conscientious and rather dull novel" he sent to the Herald. Also quotes a poem of Claudel.
Box 1 FF 16 October 18, 1919. Isle of Wight. Requests "Magdalene: One of Love's Jansenists by Hope Mirrlees (Collins)", "Aleta Dey by (Bennion? can't be sure. But published by Daniels)". Visited W. S. Blunt and gives impressions of him and the visit.
Box 1 FF 17 October 11, 1920. Weybridge. Discusses the story (untitled) he had sent to Sassoon for criticism and his ideas about it.
Box 1 FF 18 April 1, 1922. Weybridge. Discusses the criticism of the story he had sent to Sassoon.
Box 1 FF 19 June 1922. Hunny Hill, Brighstone. Requests a meeting for the 26th and 27th and worries about being proposed for the Reform Club. Calls Sassoon "Gagger."
Box 1 FF 20 June 12, 1922. Harnham, Monument Green, Weybridge. Consoles Sassoon on loss of friend. Wonders about affording membership in Reform Club. Talks of Vicary going blind and possibility of his working on a ship. Discusses his efforts at writing and while expressing doubt, says "I continue to try to write."
Box 1 FF 21 June 27, 1922. Hunny Hill, Brighstone, I. O. W. c/o Mrs. Whitehouse. Concerning being proposed for membership in "Club" (Reform) by C. B. (Chilton Brock) and asking Sassoon to second the proposal. Wants to borrow D. H. Lawrence, "Women in Love" and criticizes "Georgian Stories."
Box 1 FF 22 June 29, 1922. Hunny Hill, Brighstone, I. O. W.(Isle of Wight). Concerning his projected visit to Max Gate (home of Thomas Hardy) and his search for inexpensive lodgings in Dorchester. Also inquires about being proposed for membership in the Club (Reform).
Box 1 FF 23 July 20, 1922. King's Arms Hotel, Dorchester. Still inquiring about progress of the proposal for membership in Reform Club reiterating Chilton Brock's proposal and Sassoon's seconding. Refers to tea at Max Gate and his conversation with Thomas Hardy. Also mentions attending performance of "Midsummer Night's Dream."
Box 1 FF 24 July 31, 1922. Weybridge. Written on a postcard from the British Museum with a picture of an elephant. A short poem.
Box 1 FF 25 November 16, 1922. No heading. Harnham, Monument Green, Weybridge. Concerning his inquiry as to whether he has been "blackballed" at the Reform Club.
Box 1 FF 26 November 20, 1922. No heading. Notes that Forrest Reid (Irish novelist) has sent a new book. Also suggests that Sassoon quit the Reform Club.
Box 1 FF 27 December 20, 1922. Suggests tea on the 27th and adds that General Chilton wants to see Sassoon "before he goes to your ancestral abode."
Box 1 FF 28 February 28, 1923. The Old Ox Yard-Dare (sp.?) - Marlborough L. Wilts. Inquires about accommodations and surroundings at Cirenchester.
Box 1 FF 29 March 26, 1923. Harnham, Monument Green, Weybridge. Objects to being discussed at Garsington (Lady Ottoline Morrell's home) when information can always "be had at first hand." Comments on essays of Rivers that he has been reading and found "valuable."
Box 1 FF 30 April 16, 1923. West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. Asks for help for Forrest Reid who will be at the Del la Mare's the following weekend. Indicates that Reid needs work and is trying to get some reviewing. Suggests bringing him to see Sassoon if agreeable.
Box 1 FF 31 May 11, 1923. Weybridge. Mentions Forrest Reid's visit to England. Talks about his writing and wonders about the American publisher, Knopf, who seems to be "unsatisfactory so far." Expects the "Alexandrian Essays" to be published the following week.
Box 1 FF 32 June 17, 1923. No heading. Criticizes Sassoon's journal and gives advice on how to write a novel but cautions "do not await the visiting of inspiration." Suggests it be sent to "Chatto & Windus" (one of the leading publishers). Indicates interest in Sassoon's "Travel Journal" because of its "allusion to P. van H." (Dr. Anna Petronella van Heerden (?)). Mentions visit to "E. Carpenter."
Box 1 FF 33 June 23, 1923. Hunny Hill, Brighstone, Isle of Wight. Salutation, "My dear Tee Hee." Anticipating visit from Sassoon when he will return his "Journal" and would like his "Travel-book." Discusses characters in Sassoon's book and plans to show him Cavafy's (Greek poet) poems.
Box 1 FF 34 July 1, 1923. Weybridge. Invites S down and asks him to bring "The Other Journal." Mentions that Dickinson will be there that weekend and might want to see it.
Box 1 FF 35 July 21, 1923. No heading. Expresses pleasure at successful writing of last piece and gives details of the story. Also encloses another story relating to an incident that occurred in Dewas.
Box 1 FF 36 August 1, 1923. Weybridge. Expresses wish to see Sassoon before going to Scotland. Mentions story, "The Life to Come" and its genesis which he had sent earlier and seems pleased with it but not his "novels." "But I shall go on writing. I don't feel any decline in my powers."
Box 1 FF 37 August 8, 1923. Postcard. Weybridge (Picture postcard of Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester). While suggesting dining with Sassoon, wonders if he will want to and adds, "I have my books, my thoughts and my garden."
Box 1 FF 38 August 14, 1923. c/o Professor Barger, Main Farm, Arisaig, Invernesshire. Refers to a situation involving "D. W." in an indirect way without details but thinks "Seb. Spr." (Sebastian Sprott) should be given an "honest account." Mentions "East India" and "Cromy Meiklejohn" and seems depressed looking for some "good humored if unaesthetic escapade."
Box 1 FF 39 August 30, 1923. Postcard. (Picture of Dunolly Castle), Mains Farm, Arisaig, Invernesshire. Concerning his proposed return the following week and his request to see Sassoon.
Box 1 FF 40 September 7, 1923. Weybridge (Picture postcard of Douglashuttee am Lunersee, 1969 m. Vorariberg). Again requests that Sassoon and he dine since he has just returned to Weybridge.
Box 1 FF 41 September 20, 1923. No heading. (Marked "Private"). Concerning his intention to blackball Ewan Agnew at the Reform Club and states his reasons, suggesting Sassoon do the same.
Box 1 FF 42 September 26, 1923. King's Arms Hotel, Dorchester. If Sassoon wishes, he will show movies of Max Gate (home of Thomas Hardy).
Box 1 FF 43 September 29, 1923. Weybridge. Plans to be in town to have his "portrait drawn" and suggests dining with Sassoon.
Box 1 FF 44 December 12, 1923. No heading. Suggests tea with Sassoon and Benners (sp.?). Expects to visit Lytton on Sunday. Mentions returning some poems (unnamed) with his criticism and would like to borrow (T. E. Lawrence's) "Seven Pillars" on December 28th.
Box 1 FF 45 December 20, 1923. No heading. Refers to his criticism of some of Sassoon's poems. Again requests T. E. L. (Lawrence's "Seven Pillars of Wisdom"). Mentions collaboration on a book by General and Col. Lomer. Read his "Life to Come" to Lytton and mentions Lytton's reaction to it.
Box 1 FF 46 December 31, 1923. No heading. E. M. F. is completely involved with T. E. Lawrence's "Seven Pillars of Wisdom" and wonders how one can consider anything else (such as comparing one writer with another, e.g., the Sitwells, Yeats, De la Mare, etc.). He finds "'Seven Pillars' bestrides all things like a Colossus." Mentions having only two chapters more to write on "Passage to India," his Egyptian friend's (Mohammed) health, and his thanks for the calendar Sassoon has given to his mother. Criticizes Sassoon's poem (unnamed) and reacts to Turner's plays who, he considers, "bewilderingly uneducated but this need not prevent him from writing good plays."
Box 1 FF 47 January 1, 1924. Weybridge. Empty envelope on back of which is request for address of Hilda Saxe.
Box 1 FF 48 January 5, 1924. West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. Confirms appointment at "Lord's House on Tuesday week." Asks help in finding lodging for Masood's cousin.
Box 1 FF 49 February 5, 1924. No heading. Critically discusses Sassoon's (unidentified) poem. Suggests lunch together. Mentions his feelings concerning "this hideous thing about Evans."
Box 1 FF 50 March 12, 1924. (Postcard). 41 & 43 Maddox St., London, W 1. Printed postcard acknowledging receipt by Messrs. Edward Arnold & Co. of ms. "A Passage to India" which he sends to Sassoon addressing him as "My dear Champagne Charlie" with an addendum to the printed message.
Box 1 FF 51 March 25, 1924. Presque Chez T. E. Concerning his visit to Clouds Hill (Dorset) (home of T. E. Lawrence), referred to in this letter as "T. E. Shaw," and his reaction to Lawrence. Also visits "the old man" (Thomas Hardy at Max Gate).
Box 1 FF 52 April 9, 1924. Harnham, Monument Green, Weybridge. Concerning Sassoon's return to England and E. M. F.'s wish to lunch with him at the Reform Club.
Box 1 FF 53 April 19, 1924. Postcard thanking Sassoon for sending "your old-time" postcards and glad that he will be "permanently settled in town after St. George's Day."
Box 1 FF 54 June 7, 1924. The Reform Club. Addresses Sassoon as "Mon Cher Veuve." Requests to see story Sassoon is writing. Discusses his activities of the evening before.
Box 1 FF 55 June 17, 1924. Hunny Hill, Brighstone, Isle of Wight. Concerning the death of his aunt (Laura Forster) and his duties as "executor." Comments on "Wembly" poem and encourages Sassoon to send his story.
Box 1 FF 56 June 25, 1924. Hunny Hill, Brighstone, I. O. W. (written on stationery printed with Harnham's address but crossed out). Returned from "four enjoyable days with T. E. S." (Shaw) (Lawrence) and suggests Sassoon also visit. Comments on Lawrence's attitude toward physical contact. "He is a rare, remote creature, uncanny yet attractive." Mentions Sassoon's "Palestine note books" and would like to borrow a copy.
Box 1 FF 57 August 2, 1924. West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. Returns diary. Worries about Cavafy's (Greek poet) "interests." Wants Philbin's address so he can "see more of him" if possible. Mentions acceptance of Ackerley's play, "Prisoner of War." Discusses entertaining as opposed to being a guest. Wants opinion of his book. Notes that his interest in birds has been sharpened as a result of reading Sassoon's diary.
Box 1 FF 58 August 13, 1924. Postcard. 40 Gordon Square, W. C. 1. Mentions desire to visit Sassoon with Ackerley.
Box 1 FF 59 November 23, 1924. Postcard. Harnham, Monument Green, Weybridge. Wants to meet train in Dorchester if Sassoon goes down there.
Box 1 FF 60 February 25, 1925. West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer Dorking. Would like to see Miss Mayor and will arrange to do so at her convenience. He had not known that the Feminine Prize ranked so highly in France and had not heard of "Silbermann," which he will read.
Box 1 FF 61 April 11, 1925. Picture postcard from France. Printed "En Provence." Photograph of a woman. "Sr. Mantiko" written in ink and signed E. M. Otisfried (sp.?). Concerning his visit to the theater in Arles and his comments on the people he is staying with.
Box 1 FF 62 November 8, 1925. No heading. Concerning a request for a signed poem for School Library to be included in a series of autographed poems. They already have one by Hardy and have added one by Housman. E. M. F. will contribute screen for hanging the poems.
Box 1 FF 63 August 5, 1926. Picture postcard from Sweden. Invites Sassoon to Stockholm. Signed by E. M. F. and Joe Ackerley.
Box 1 FF 64 December 2, 1926. Postcard with Reform Club insignia. Mentions T. E. Lawrence having sent his book to E. M. F. for Sassoon and that T. E. has left for India.
Box 1 FF 65 March 20, 1927. West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. Criticizes memoirs and says he likes the poems (unidentified). Evaluates Sassoon's reaction to people.
Box 1 FF 66 December 1927. Postcard with reproduction of a William Blake illustration for "The First Book of Urizen, 1794, pl.2." In pencil, "Yes, early 1928." Contains a long quotation from "Stendahl per E. M. F. to S. S. and Blake."
Box 1 FF 67 April 2, 1928. West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. Indicates pleasure at receiving book as a present from Sassoon. Declares he will never sell any of Sassoon's poems "unless in want." Mentions buying a "cottage piano," a "Bluthner," and enjoying it very much. Requests more of Sassoon's memoirs.
Box 1 FF 68 July 26, 1928. Max Gate, Dorchester, Dorset. Mentions having tea with Sir Henry Head who he found "so distinguished and so ill." Staying at Max Gate, visiting with "that precious friend of yours" (Thomas Hardy?), and some caustic comments about activities there.
Box 1 FF 69 August 30, 1928. West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. Notes visiting with A. Lawrence (T. E.'s brother) and that he would like to see Sassoon. Refers to relationship with "R. Graves" being only "through lawyers." Declines to write about T. E. for the "Listener." His mother is pleased that Sassoon will bring his wife to visit her.
Box 1 FF 70 November 4, 1928. In train (?). Written on a small sheet pulled from pocket notebook. Concerns telegram received from Sassoon. which seemed to bring him "enormous relief." Comments that perhaps he had been "presumptuous" with his pen and appreciates Sassoon's kind reaction.
Box 1 FF 71 December 5, 1928. Empty envelope addressed to "Siegfried Sassoon, 23 Campden Hill Square, W 8.
Box 1 FF 72 December 17, 1928. West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. Read Sassoon's book in Germany and gives his reaction to it -- particularly struck by the concept of "tenderness," something "I often think about a present." Thanks Sassoon for his "generous and affectionate present."
Box 1 FF 73 January 9, 1929. West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. Discusses Sassoon's writing a book and regrets his own inability to write anything meaningful "that might avert another war or (still better) might give men more courage in ordinary life." Comments on reading Eddington's (Arthur S. Eddington, astrophysicist) new book, "The Nature of the Physical World." "Understanding little of it, but deeply convinced of its importance."
Box 1 FF 74 February 1929. West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. Concerning his lecture tour of the Northern Midland and requests Sassoon to send any ms. to him. Mentions Rev. Tomkinson's appearance and reflects on his own.
Box 1 FF 75 March 19, 1929. West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. Refers to ms. which Sassoon has sent for criticism. Has sprained ankle. Mentions writing articles for America to raise money for a trip to Africa (with the Bargers) since his James Tait Blunt prize money "has long since (been) spent."
Box 1 FF 76 April 4, 1929. West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. Criticizes a war story Sassoon has submitted to him but is "desperately inattentive to anything connected with the trenches, except where there is cowardice, brutality or emotional affection." Read Remarque's book and thought it "very good." Pleased at Sassoon's prize and expresses sorrow at death of Kendle.
Box 1 FF 77 April 4, 1929. Empty envelope addressed to 23 Campden Hill Square, London W.
Box 1 FF 78 May 5, 1929. Postcard. West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. Has forwarded Sassoon's ms. Indicates being busy with Indian children and French translation ("Passage to India").
Box 1 FF 79 June 27, 1929. Dated aboard the S. S. "Llandovery Castle." Printed statement entitled, "Commandments of the Flowers" by Lena Scott Harris, Los Angeles. Around the edges, the message to Sassoon indicates that E. M. F. is leaving for "The Great Empty Spaces."
Box 1 FF 80 July 15, 1929. S. S. "Llandovery Castle," Union-Castle Line. Envelope dated from Capetown, July 18, 1929. Relates trivial news he has read in the newssheet on board ship.
Box 1 FF 81 September 6, 1929. Picture postcard from Beira (P. E. Africa). Greetings and mentions will be returning in October.
Box 2 FF 1 April 17, 1930. West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. Answers invitation from Sassoon and will try to set a time when Cambridge and is mother's visit to town do not interfere. Is cautious in evaluating "A Note in Music" due to his reputation: "It will never do to say a book was good until I was deeply and genuinely convinced that posterity would concur."
Box 2 FF 2 April 17, 1930. West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. To Maningham (?). Was pleased to hear that he had written to H. Nation regarding D. H. L., and "amused as well as pleased that he should have caused the sparrows to squabble. It is exactly the funeral dirge that he should have appreciated." A few additional comments regarding mutual acquaintances.
Box 2 FF 3 September 30, 1930. West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. Criticizes character in one of Sassoon's novels and adds, "You do write well...if you want to write any more I hope you'll go back to fiction." Mentions that T. E. is coming to tea and invites Sassoon also.
Box 2 FF 4 December 12, 1930. West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. Inquires about "Stephen" (Hon. Stephen J. N. Tennant). Describes a lunch with Mrs. Hardy and comments on the guests: Yeats-Brown, J. C. Squire and Mrs. Squire, Agnes Hill, Rosie (his aunt, Rosalie Alford), and Percy and Dutchie (his cousin and his wife). Finds John Collier's "His Monkey Wife" amusing.
Box 2 FF 5 December 13, 1930. Empty envelope addressed to Siegfried Sassoon, 23 Campden Hill Square.
Box 2 FF 6 January 18, 1931. West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. Concerning his forthcoming trip to King's for about a month. Mentions that T. E. (Lawrence) will be coming to visit him to hear Schnabel.
Box 2 FF 7 March 6, 1931. King's College, Cambridge. Mentions going to visit Wilsford (Wilsford Manor, Stephen Tennant's home) reluctantly and wishes Sassoon can be around West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking.
Box 2 FF 8 March 14, 1931. West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. Will go to Salisbury (Tennant's home, Wilsford Manor near Salisbury) and would like Sassoon to travel with him--dreading the visit.
Box 2 FF 9 March 18, 1931. West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. Again mentions trip to Salisbury where he will have tea with an Indian poet. Mentions having been invited "to receive the degree of Doctor of Laws at Aberdeen University on April 1st" and that he has accepted.
Box 2 FF 10 July 15, 1931. Picture postcard from the Louvre showing "La Jaconde" dated from London; pasted to it is a clipping announcing Virginia Woolf's new novel, "The Waves."
Box 2 FF 11 July 19, 1931. West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. Will call for Sassoon at the hotel which was familiar to him because he had previously dined there with Sir Akbar and Lady Hydari. Mentions having had lunch with Osbert (Sitwell) and would to borrow a copy of his "libelous stories" which he thinks Sassoon has. Mentions "Stephen" (Tennant).
Box 2 FF 12 April 11, 1932. West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. Wants to visit Sassoon. Refers to incident without giving details. Plans to go to Edinburgh to hear Toug-Trevelyan's opera, "The Bride of Dionysius" and then perhaps to Bucharest.
Box 2 FF 13 July 27, 1932. West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. Encloses letter dated "The Shiffolds" (R. C. Trevelyan's home), 26 July 1932" and signed "B" (Bob Trevelyan) requesting contributions to a fund for Lascelles Abercrombie. Mentions his trip to Roumania. Also a "tete a tete" with Mrs. Hardy, Yeats-Brown and E. M. F.
Box 2 FF 14 August 3, 1932. West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. Acknowledges five pounds which Sassoon will contribute to Abercrombie fund and tells him to forward it to Trevelyan giving his address and asking that Sassoon mention it came as a result of E. M. F.'s suggestion.
Box 2 FF 15 November 6, 1933. West Hackurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. Sends good wishes to Sassoon after reading announcement in the Times of Sassoon's engagement to Hester Gatty and considers it "(in a sense) of farwell."
Box 2 FF 16 November 8, 1933. West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. Responds to Sassoon's letter and says he would like to meet her (Sassoon's fiancee) but could not be expected "to take on new intimacies" at his age. Although he "accepts it as good news" it "startled me." Mentions finishing life of Goldie Dickinson and would like permission to quote from Sassoon's "Founders Feast Sonnet."
Box 2 FF 17 January 3, 1934. West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. Inquires about "Founders Feast Sonnet" which he wants to include in his book on Dickinson and which he had previously requested. Notes that Criky has been much more helpful.
Box 2 FF 18 December 2-8, 1934 and February 18-24, 1935. Dated from St. Remy de Provence. Two pages from his engagement calendar, chronicling his activities of these two weeks.
Box 2 FF 19 May 8, 1935. West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. Concerning his opinions of Calder-Marshall and Stephen Spender. Also encloses "sealed envelope" for his wife.
Box 2 FF 20 May 8, 1935. West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. To Hester: Asks Hester for a definite date when he can visit them. Mentions taking his mother to the Jubilee.
Box 2 FF 21 May 22, 1935. No heading. Again mentions date for visit with the Sassoons.
Box 2 FF 22 July 10, 1935. West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. Wants Sassoon to join them on the English Committee of the Congress (International Congress of Writers in Paris). Gives reaction to film they are working on. Mentions T. E. Lawrence sadly. (He had died in May).
Box 2 FF 23 July 17, 1935. Postcard concerning Sassoon's attending "this Internation Affair" in addition to Virginia, Aldous Huxley, Hugh Walpole, Gerald Head and E. M. F. Priestley is unenthusiastic. Regrets not knowning about Albert Hall meeting.
Box 2 FF 24 July 28, 1935. "As from home" (but written from Edinburgh). Plans for visit with the Sassoons in August, possibly including "Dick Sheppard." Also will visit Mrs. Hardy. Comments on poem Sassoon wrote for T. E. (Lawrence). Mentions his article in forthcoming issue of the "Listener." Wants opinion of A. W. L. (T. E.'s brother and executor). Will be travelling to Darlington to meet Middleton "one of the people who were at Clouds Hill" (re: T. E.'s death).
Box 2 FF 25 August 9, 1935. West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. Concerning forthcoming visit with Mrs. Hardy. Mentions meeting with A. W. L. (Lawrence) again, who is tentatively considering E. M. F.'s working with T. E.'s letters. Mentions his review of the "Seven Pillars" in the "Laping (sp.?) Listener - 3d" and his Paris speech (at the International Congress of Writers) in the current London Mercury.
Box 2 FF 26 April 15, 1936. West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. Concerning his reaction to "Sherston" (book by Sassoon, "Sherston's Progress").
Box 2 FF 27 February 13, 1937. West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. Mentions medal (unnamed) to be presented and the relatives and friends who will be present. Discusses the terms of the libel suit. Decides against continuing work on T. E. Lawrence's letters after working up 2000 of them and having planned and written "a good lump" of the book for fear of another libel suit and the limited indemnification the T. E. trustees would supply. Mentions his recovery from surgery.
Box 2 FF 28 February 17, 1937. The Reform Club. Concerning presentation of "the medal" and his reaction to the ceremony. Mentions Rose Macauley "who is doing a book on me."
Box 2 FF 29 December 31, 1937. West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. Discusses Sassoon's work and evaluates the position of the older writers such as Wells, Virginia (Woolf), Hugh Walpole and E. M. F. who seem to be "in touch" with the younger writers as against Sassoon, Hodgson and de la Mare who "aren't." Also evaluates Christopher Isherwood, Auden, Sl. Spender, Day-Lewis, etc. Reaction to Bluden's political views.
Box 2 FF 30 January 5, 1938. West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. Requests copy of the galleys, reassures Sassoon regarding critics and comments on Auden and his "gang." Reacts to "Whistler's book" and his feeling about "the comtemporary asethetic nexus."
Box 2 FF 31 January 20, 1938. West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. Concerning his favorable reaction to ms. Sassoon has sent.
Box 2 FF 32 January 27, 1938. West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. Congratulates Sassoon on his book (unnamed) and evaluates it in a supportive tone. Discusses three ways to write autobiography and reflects on "what young people will find to replace what we have lost."
Box 2 FF 33 June 22, 1938. West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. Discusses his mother's reaction to Sassoon's book and gives his opinion of it too. Encloses a work in which he is much involved. Undated note (probably 1938). Mentions a previous letter and adds that "Auden and Isherwood are off to China shortly." (They left for China in January 1938).
Box 2 FF 34 March 1940. Postcard. West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. Concerning books he is presently reading including Hobson's (sp.?) "The Science of Wealth." Adds, "-Letter from an R. S. M. in France."
Box 2 FF 35 July 15, 1940. West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. Comments on book Sassoon has sent and is pleased to receive it. Adds a little verse indicating that at "61" he is "not quite sure his little day is done."
Box 2 FF 36 October 6, 1941. West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. Writes to keep in touch and tells Sassoon what he is doing. Still making notes in one ms. book and notes on Beethoven's sonatas in another. Laments at being confined to "trees and buildings" and never seeing "the sea" since the war began and mentions he is reading "a good deal," playing the piano and regrets not getting "on to philosophy more." Mentions "Lord Samuel "On Style'."
Box 2 FF 37 June 8, 1942. West Hackhurst. Plans details of visit to Sassoon. Mentions reading literature of year 400 and compares those times with present.
Box 2 FF 38 July 1, 1942. West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. A "thank you" note after visiting Sassoon with comments on the trip home.
Box 2 FF 39 October 25, 1942. West Hackhurst. Discusses book ("The Weald of Youth") Sassoon has sent and his reaction to some of the characters. His mother has also read it and "Highland Lady" which Sassoon has recommended.
Box 2 FF 40 February 28, 1944. West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking, Surrey. Concerning the extent of the destruction of the London Library. Mentions receiving postcard of Sassoon and family which he will sent to "Osbert" (Sitwell). Read selection from his book on West Hackhurst to the Memoir Club. Seems despairing of the future when asked to speak on the "European Heritage" and wonders where and what are the inheritors. Comments that they are "free from troops and our chief anxiety is keeping warm."
Box 2 FF 41 September 5, 1954. Letter to Professor Nolan Miller. Relates his opinion on Ulysses and how it has changed from his written review done earlier.
Box 2 FF 42 February 1955. King's College, Cambridge. Indicates gratitude for Sassoon's reacton to his talk. Finds "denunciation" and "outburst frightening" when a little good temper would have shown there was nothing to denounce." Mentions a student who "came to talk about poetry" and was enthusiastic about Sassoon. Also notes that he had mentioned in his article that Sassoon had introduced him (not named) to T. E. (Lawrence) although "he" had not.
Box 2 FF 43 June 20, 1955. K. C. C. (King's College, Cambridge). Mentions receiving poems from "Old Geoffrey." Thinks that with age "everything becomes more meditative, more generalized" and writing lacks "former freshness and particularity." But thinks that "the old" should write mentioning Sassoon, Wordsworth. Is pleased with news about George (Sassoon's son) and sends thanks for "The Tasting." Hopes for a letter before May.
Box 2 FF 44 October 21, 1955. K. C. C. (King's College, Cambridge). Concerning anticipated visit for George (Sassoon's son) which did not materialize and instead "impecunious undergraduates" came. Mentions sending ms. to publishers and finding himself "more and more interested in the world and more and more forgetful of the impressions it gives me." Notes the "boys" and especially "Mr. Widdowson" asked about Sassoon.
Box 2 FF 45 November 10, 1955. K. C. C. (King's College, Cambridge). Mentions Sassoon's daughter-in-law's apology for not coming. Book is in printers. Is going through old letters and reminisces about those he has found from Sassoon dating as far back as 1918. Also letters from the Sitwells, Stephen Tennant, Barrie, Yeats, Galsworthy, Wilfred Blunt, Crikey, Sidney Coikerell (sp.?), Margaret Keynes but can't find ones from Henry Newbolt, Archibald Marshall, May Sinclair, Geoffrey Keynes, "yet they must surely all be somewhere." Mentions visit from Norman Douglas and his request to send snuff to a friend. Also notes Joe (Ackereley)'s forthcoming book about his dog, Queenie. Notes Sassoon's epistle to Sparrow and requests copy be sent "as soon as ever you can to MAURICE HEWLETT" (in CAPS).
Box 2 FF 46 February 17, 1956. King's College, Cambridge. Concerning a critical article in "The Listener" and wonders about reaction to his "Marianne Thornton" when it comes out. Mentions call from George (Sassoon's son). Is planning a "Hellenic cruise" next month. Mentions a magazine "Pawn" which the young people are starting and hope to sell to the other colleges.
Box 2 FF 47 July 19, 1958. The Reform Club. Concerning young "Henry Widdowson," who is a great admirer of Sassoon, having returned from naval service and his reaction to Sassoon's poetry. He is certain of their greatness.
Box 2 FF 48 January 7, 1959. King's College, Cambridge. Refers to card from Sassoon which "makes me cry and laugh at once" and goes on to discuss it. Then writes a ditty with the letters getting smaller and smaller and ending "but with love" in large letters. No signature.
Box 2 FF 49 August 8, 1959. King's College, Cambridge. Concerning a future visit with Sassoon. Mentions the boredom of making a bibliography. Mentions not wishing "to see the Rattigan ms." feeling "the problem of balancing talent against good (or bad) taste is a particular delicate one."
Box 2 FF 50 April 6, ? West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. Letter to S. Sassoon from E. M. F.'s mother, Alice C. Forster. Thanking Sassoon for "address(ing) your new book to me." Mentions his sister's visit (Rosalie Alford). Talks about her cat and is looking forward to "Morgan's" return. Sends remembrances to T. (?) W. Turner.
Box 2 FF 51 May 27, 1962. King's College, Cambridge. To M. Lazton. Continues to take an interest in music and is writing for Coventry, but has nothing definite to say about the art. His "interests and likes and dislikes are not very arresting."
Box 2 FF 52 1975. le Alexandrie (Egypt), Red Cross, St. Mark's Building, Rue de L' anienne Bourne, dated "21, 1975". Asks Sassoon to send a "Celestial Omnibus," with author's compliments, to S.C. Dunn, Esq., c/o the Government, Khartoum." He has recently arrived at the "undistinguished city" and hopes he will be sent to Cairo.
Box 2 FF 53 Eighteen empty envelopes.