W. S. Prettyman Photograph Collection

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Title: W. S. Prettyman Photograph Collection
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Content Note

The W. S. Prettyman Photograph Collection contains 49 photographs dating from 1885 to 1905 of the Oklahoma Territory. These photographs capture Native Americans, cowboys, lawmen, outlaws, and pioneers of the Oklahoma Land Rush. W. S. Prettyman was originally from Arkansas City, Kansas, but later homesteaded near Blackwell, Oklahoma, during the Land Rush.

Detailed Description: Box and Folder Listing

Box 1 Plate 1 A. Sac and Fox Bark House, 1890. Located on Cimarron River, Indian Territory; B. Taken 1885, Pawnee Reservation, Indian Territory, Pawnee Indian Tepee.
Box 1 Plate 2 A. Chief Pa Ship Pa Ho, Sac and Fox, 1890; B. Eagle Chief of the Pawnee, 1886.
Box 1 Plate 3 A. Home of Cherokee Jordon, in the Triangle, now Pawnee Co. Man on fence is W. S. Prettyman; on right is Mr. and Mrs. Jordon; B. Prettyman with his Photographers Outfit, Crossing the Cimarron River, 1891 - Sac and Fox Company.
Box 1 Plate 4 Turkey Creek Ranch 1885 - Cowboys at Dinner.
Box 1 Plate 5 A. The Old Sod House of 1893 - Cherokee Strip; B. Bau X Bar Ranch about 12 miles southeast of Pawnee near Jennings. Stockade Fort at the mouth of the Cimarron River at the home of Cherokee Jordon, 1888.
Box 1 Plate 6 A. Boomers waiting on Kansas line for the opening of Cherokee Strip, September 16, 1893; B. 3K Ranch - Kaw Reservation, 1887. Ross Stratton and his cowboys standing up after dinner. Ross Stratton was a friend of W. S. Prettyman. Ross Prettyman was named for this man. Ross was born on Prettyman claim south of Blackwell.
Box 1 Plate 7 A. Residence of W. S. Prettyman, Blackwell, Oklahoma, corner of 2nd and College, 1905; B. Entertaining Kensington Club, 1902, Prettyman Home Interior. Don Prettyman in rocker.
Box 1 Plate 8 A. Deputy U. S. Marshall Chessman, Indian Territory, 1890; B. Roy Hoffman.
Box 1 Plate 9 A. W. A. P. - Roping a steer; B. Turkey Creek Reservation, Indian Territory, 1885 - Branding Calves.
Box 1 Plate 10 A. 4,000 Boomer Wagons crossing Salt Fork River in 1889. River too high to ford, so Captain Hays wired U. S. Government for permission to cross on railroad bridge near Ponca City; B. Ollie Yeager, typical cowboy who later became an outlaw.
Box 1 Plate 11 A. A typical Boomer Camp, 1893; B. 3K Ranch Kaw Reservation, 1887. Ross Stratton and his cowboys at dinner (Ross Stratton second from left)
Box 1 Plate 12 A. 100,000 people racing for homes in the Cherokee Strip, September 16, 1893. Picture taken from platform erected in Chilocco grounds; B. Monument erected to W. S. Prettyman by A. J. Blackwell in memory of the Lost Spirit of W. S. P. Monument mysteriously disappeared late that night. It might have been found lying in the silent Chicaskia, July 4, 1901.
Box 1 Plate 13 A. Wild Bear Hunt, mouth of the Cimarron River, Indian Territory, 1889. Party: Reverend Henry Cronk, Cherokee Jordon, Joe Bell, and W. S. Prettyman (with gun by tree); B. A Boomer Family, 1889.
Box 1 Plate 14 A. Hunting Wild Turkeys, 1889. Joe Bell and Arthur Parker. W. S. Prettyman taking picture; B. Principal Chiefs of the Osage Nation, 1888.
Box 1 Plate 15 A. Ponca Indian Squaw Sun Dance, 1887; B. Governor Alvin Hovery (of Indiana) and his secretary, Osage Indian Chiefs and Medicine Men. Taken at Arkansas City, Kansas, 1888. W. S. Prettyman Photographs.
Box 1 Plate 16 A. Sac and Fox Bark House located on Cimarron River, Indian Territory, 1890.
Box 1 Plate 17 A. Indian Grave Park, Ponca Reservation, Indian Territory, 1887; B. Sac and Fox Chief and Council. Pa Ship Pa Ho standing.
Box 1 Plate 18 A. Pawnee Indians scraping buffalo hide. R. E. Cunningham, Stillwater, Oklahoma; B. Pawnee Indian Mud Lodge, Pawnee Reservation, 1886.
Box 1 Plate 19 A. Pawnee family in front of tepee. R. E. Cunningham, Stillwater, Oklahoma; B. Mission at Sacred Heart, Pottawatomie County, Indian Territory, Bishop and Priests.
Box 1 Plate 20 A pioneer family in front of homestead (family unidentified).
Box 1 Plate 21 A. Ponca Indian Sun Dance, 1887; B. Ponca Camp.
Box 1 Plate 22 A. Prettyman’s Horse and his claim stake. Horse and Prettyman made the run; B. Frontier Home, 1889; C. Peter Pearson and Dr. Acker, Guthrie, 1889.
Box 1 Plate 23 A. Annie Nadeau, half French and half Sac and Fox; B. “Hope” (Apache) women at camp; C. 1,000 head of cattle on Whistler Ranch, Sac and Fox Reservation, 1891.
Box 1 Plate 24 A. Dynamite Dick taken after being killed in fight near Blackwell, 1895. Ben Graves captured at same time and wounded in shoulder; B. Horses and weapons taken from outlaws; C. Cow killed by same bullet that killed Dynamite Dick.
Box 1 Plate 25 Scene of fight between Outlaws (Ben Cravens and Dynamite Dick) and the Blackwell Officers (Al Lund and Josh Cox). Farm of Jim Horsley located four miles east of Blackwell, 1895.