Wellman Family Papers

Collection Summary

Title: Wellman Family Papers
Call Number: MS 88-26
Size: 3.75 linear feet
Acquisition: Donated by Graydon E. Spalding
Processed By: LTM, 12-18-1987; JEF, 2-23-1998; MN, 11-2012
Restrictions: None

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Content Note

Memorabilia, correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, artifacts and books make up this collection of the Wellman family’s papers. Paul Wellman, Frederick Lovejoy Wellman, Manly Wade Wellman are represented in the collection but the majority of the materials relate to Alice Wellman Harris.


The Wellman siblings -- Paul (1895-1966), Frederick L. (1897-1994), Manly (1903-1985) and Alice Wellman Harris (1900-1984) -- all became well-known writers. They were the children of Lydia Isely Wellman whose family was prominent at Fairmount College, a predecessor to Wichita State University. Alice, Paul and Manly attended Fairmount College.

Detailed Description: Box and Folder Listing

Box 1 FF 1 Contains a photocopied page from Contemporary Authors (p. 537) describing Alice Wellman's life and career and a 8"x10" black and white photograph of Alice Wellman.
Box 1 FF 2 Contains memorabilia from Alice Wellman's literary career and other memories in her later life: three photocopied pages describing her literary accomplishments; a certificate from the Orange County Author Awards honoring her for the book White Sorceress, 1979; Membership Directory of the California Writers Guild 1975-1976 of which she is sighted on page 8; two copies of a newspaper article in The Register, Sunday, October 29, 1967 gives a book review of Rawhide and Orange Blossoms of which Wellman edited; a map of the West Indies showing the places where Wellman vacationed with Graydon Spalding in 1977; a program of the Grenadier and Scots Guards which performed in 1977 at North Carolina State University, Raleigh, N. C., where Wellman's brother Frederick taught; a program of Jeffrey Harris' piano recital at the University of Southern California, April 27, 1978. Jeffrey Harris was Wellman's grandson; a copy of the Wichita State University Alumni Report (May, June 1984) which gave Wellman's obituary (March 12, 1984); a newspaper clipping from Graydon Spalding which gave an explanation of what caused Wellman's death.
Box 1 FF 3 Contains one of Alice Wellman's music folios for orchestras that accompanied her on her professional singing tours and two music scores.
Box 1 FF 4 Contains miscellaneous material related possibly to the history of the Wellman family.
Box 1 FF 5 Contains photographs collected by Wellman of actors in Hollywood, of such notables as Edward G. Robinson, Ethel Waters and Monty Wooley.
Box 1 FF 6 Contains personal letters written to family and relatives from Alice Wellman: December 1, 1946, Alice Wellman to Miss M. Alice Isely and Dr. Fred B. Isely et al; February 27, 1952, Alice Wellman to "Tante;" May 5, 1952, Alice Wellman to "Tante;" June 6, 1952, Alice Wellman to "Tante;" February 15, 1953, Alice Wellman to "Tante;" November 15, 1953, Alice Wellman to "Tante;" September 20, 1980, Alice Wellman to brother Frederick.
Box 1 FF 7 Contains personal letters written from Frederick Wellman to Alice Wellman: October 19, 1979, Correspondence between Tom Averill and Frederick Wellman regarding the writing career of his brother Paul Wellman; April 9, 1980, Frederick tells Alice about Paul's writing career and their parents; December 5, 1980, Frederick to Alice; May 8, 1981, Frederick tells Alice about his book he is writing; May 10, 1981, Frederick C., Alice's nephew, tells her about a Bach concert; October 19, 1981, Frederick gives Alice a copy of the table of contents on his book he is writing; May 11, 1982, Frederick writes a poem about Alice for her birthday; June 15, 1982, Frederick tells her about an illness he had; August 7, 1982, Letter to Frederick to Rello; December 11, 1982, Christmas cards written to Alice and Graydon Spalding from Frederick C. Wellman; Christmas 1982, Christmas card to Alice from Frederick Wellman family.
Box 1 FF 8 Contains personal letters written from Manly Wellman to Alice Wellman: November 4, 1977, Manly informs Alice about a book he is working on; May 15, 1978, Manly tells Alice that his work as a writer is not going to immortalize him; November 10, 1978, Manly informs Alice about his new book, The Old Gods Waken about to be published and his health; December 20, 1979, Letter from Manly to Alice; January 20, 1981, Manly tells Alice that writers sometimes have a false sense of greatness; October 10, 1982, Manly informs Alice about another book he is hoping will be published.
Box 1 FF 9 Contains personal letters and cards from Jeff and Janet Harris (Alice Wellman's grandson) to Alice Wellman and Graydon Spalding which date from 1976 to 1986.
Box 1 FF 10 Contains miscellaneous Christmas and personal greeting cards from various friends and companions to Alice Wellman.
Box 1 FF 11 Contains miscellaneous cards and notes of affection from Graydon Spalding to Alice Wellman which date from 1966 to 1983.
Box 1 FF 12 Contains a letter and parts of a handwritten journal from Alice's writing student Nancy Meltzoff Buckingham dated September 4, 1970.
Box 1 FF 13 Contains personal letters, cards, and newspaper clippings from Barbara Lucas, Alice Wellman's Harcourt Brace editor: May 1980, HBJ Newsletter sent to Alice informing her of Barbara Lucas' Indian trip; September 11, 1980, Barbara sends Alice a postcard from Scotland; November 24, 1980, a letter from Barbara to Alice; December 24, 1981, Barbara sends Alice a postcard; January 3, 1982, Barbara sends Alice a letter and newspaper clippings about her trip to India and witch doctors in Africa; December 29, 1978 and Christmas 1982, Christmas card and note; March 20, 1984, Letter of sympathy from Barbara sent to Graydon Spalding about Alice Wellman's death.
Box 1 FF 14 Contains personal letters from Anita Schenck, a writer friend of Alice Wellman: May 11, 1977, Natalie Henderson of the National League of American Pen Women - Laguna Beach Branch, California, informs Alice through Anita Schenck that they would like to have Alice as a member; June 28, 1978, Anita sends a postcard to Alice from Africa; January 25, 1979, Anita sends a personal letter to Alice; August 28, 1979, Anita sends a personal letter to Alice and Graydon Spalding; October 28, 1980, Anita writes about her writing and a reject by Phyllis Whitney - along with a copy of Whitney's letter to Anita; December 12, 1980, Anita sends a Christmas card to Alice.
Box 1 FF 15 Contains business letters from the Larry Sternig Literary Agency (Alice's literary agent): January 2, 1978, Alice receives a gross earnings statement for years 1975 to 1977 and royalty statement for September 30, 1977, for the book Small Boy Chuku; November 30, 1980, Larry sends Alice the royalty statements for the book Africa's Animals.
Box 2 FF 1 Contains miscellaneous cards and letters from friends and relatives dating from 1976 to 1982 to Alice Wellman.
Box 2 FF 2 Contains two short typewritten manuscripts perhaps written by Paul Wellman.
Box 2 FF 3 Contains a newspaper article that appeared in The Kansas City Star, July 18, 1936 honoring Paul I. Wellman for his writings.
Box 2 FF 4 Contains business letters from those men who were resource experts on the topics Paul Wellman was researching for writing projects: June 7, 1939, Merritt L. Beison provides information on old Dodge City, Kansas; June 29, 1939, Wellman receives information from Murice G. Fulton of Roswell, N. M.; November 23, 1942, Lee Lairabee of the Forestry Fish and Game Commission of Kansas provides information on the early saloons and gambling establishments during the late 1800s.
Box 2 FF 5 Contains various clippings from The Saturday Evening Post that Paul Wellman used for research purposes.
Box 2 FF 6 Contains miscellaneous clippings from various magazines that Paul Wellman used for research purposes.
Box 2 FF 7 Contains a one page copy of Graydon Spalding's biography excerpted from Notable Names in the American Theatre (1976 ed., p. 1145) and photographs of Spalding. Spalding was Alice Wellman's close friend in her later years.
Box 2 FF 8 Contains one copy of the February 1958 issue of The National Geographic Magazine in the article "Huntington Library, California Treasure House," pp. 251-276. Spalding is featured in several photographs.
Box 2 FF 9 Contains a copy of the three page, "A Quartet Plus One of Wellman Authors" by Spalding, who narrates the writing accomplishments of the Wellman family.
Box 2 FF 10 Contains four photographs of Alice Wellman and Graydon Spalding dating 1970-71 and 1975.
Box 2 FF 11 Contains a letter written to Michael Kelly, Curator of Special Collections at Wichita State University, informing him that Spalding has sent the Wellman Collection to Wichita State University, November 1986.
Box 3 FF 1 Contains three colored (3" x 2") photographs: Alice Wellman Harris, 1972; Jeffrey Dewey Harris, Alice's grandson, who was a composer, arranger, and conductor of music, 1972; and Graydon Spalding, 1975.
Box 3 FF 2 Contains a brass plaque honoring the Wellmans given by Graydon Spalding.
Box 3 FF 3 Contains a plaque with a picture of "Tatu" from Alice Wellman's story "Tatu and the Honey Bind."
Box 3 FF 4 Contains one newspaper article entitled "Quill Penn Club's History of County Is a Bonanza for Residents of Area" written by Alice Wellman Harris in Evening News-Independent, December 14, 1967.
Box 4   Contains a jade heart from Alice's mother Lydia Isely Wellman and a head from Alice's childhood china doll.
Box 5   Contains miscellaneous books that others gave to Alice Wellman and have inscriptions in them. Rawhide and Orange Blossoms was a book Wellman edited. Spirit Magic is a book Alice Wellman wrote.
Box 6 FF 1 Contains several reprinted articles written by Dr. Frederick Lovejoy Wellman that appeared in the Journal of Agricultural Research and Phytopathology from January 15, 1926 to August 1939.
Box 6 FF 2 Contains several reprinted articles written by Dr. Frederick Lovejoy Wellman that appeared in Phytopathology from November 1939 to November 1943.
Box 6 FF 3 Contains booklets of three of Shakespeare's plays: Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, and Macbeth. Graydon E. Spalding was a professional actor in each one of these plays in the early 1920s. His notations appear in these booklets.
Box 6 FF 4 Contains the National Vaudeville Artists Year Book 1927 which belonged to Graydon E. Spalding.
Box 7 FF 1 Contains issues of The Theatre Magazine (London: Eglington & Co., Publishers, 1890-1896), having a collection of 29 photos of actors and actresses that Graydon E. Spalding collected.
Box 7 FF 2 Contains an issue of Smithsonian featuring an article by Michael Olment, "Truth and Beauty Are Still in Flower at the Huntington" (February 1982), 64-72. Graydon E. Spalding was Supervisor of the Rare Book Vaults at the Huntington from 1945 to 1975.
Box 7 FF 3 Contains an issue of Sunset: The Magazine of Western Living featuring an article entitled "The Bicentennial Gets Going at the Huntington this Month" (June 1975) 34-35. This article shows Spalding in a couple of photographs as an 18th century town crier and using a printing press similar to one Benjamin Franklin used.
Box 7 FF 4 Contains an issue of Gourmet: The Magazine of Good Living featuring an article by Karin Johnson, "A Visit to Sagamore Hill" (July 1986) 42-46, 99-103. This article is about the home of "Teddy" Roosevelt. Alice Wellman Harris visited Mr. Roosevelt at his home when she was a child.
Box 7 FF 5 Contains an issue of Ponona Today (December 1981) where it lists on page 45, Dorothy Butler in memorial. Dorothy Butler was a disciple of Alice Wellman Harris.
Box 7 FF 6 Contains an article from the Pasadena News (February 1964), that features the Huntington Library Exhibit on Shakespeare at 400 years old.
Box 8    Contains two portfolios of engravings of actors and actresses Edwin Booth, Charlotte Cushman, Adelina Patti, and Henry Irving.