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Box 1 FF 1 View at Baldwin Hills Field, Ca.; Wheeler Ridge, Ca.
Box 1 FF 2 Close-in drilling at Santa Fe Springs; view from derrick at Santa Fe Springs.
Box 1 FF 3 "Lakeview Gusher;" Safety baskets with wire screen.
Box 1 FF 4 Ladder with circulation pump; Derrick with staggered ladders, Ca.
Box 1 FF 5 Offset ladders and platforms; side view of safety ladder.
Box 1 FF 6 Safety derrick; steel rotary derrick.
Box 1 FF 7 Steel Derrick with offset ladders; steel derrick with steel offset ladders.
Box 1 FF 8 Derrick in Baldwin Hills, Ca.; Steel pumping derrick with tubing platform.
Box 1 FF 9 Derrick from Oil Hill, Ks.; Steel pumping derrick, Ks.
Box 1 FF 10 Pipe Derrick, Oil Hill, Ks.; pipe derrick, Oil Hill, Ks.
Box 1 FF 11 Seventy-two foot derrick, Rainbow Bend, Ks.; Steel derrick, Oil Hill, Ks.
Box 1 FF 12 Three legged pumping derrick, Oil Hill, Ks.; three legged pipe derrick made by Empire Gas and Fuel Co., El Dorado, Ks.
Box 1 FF 13 Top of derrick, Ks.; Leonard Turn Buckle Derrick, Madison Trend, Ks.
Box 1 FF 14 Empire Turn Buckle Derrick, Oil Hill, Ks.; Leonard Turn Buckle rig, El Dorado, Ks.
Box 1 FF 15 Leonard Turn Buckle Derrick.
Box 1 FF 16 Oil field, Tonkawa, Ok.; derricks, Tonkawa, Ok.
Box 1 FF 17 Safety derrick, Cromwell Field, Ok.; Safety derrick, Cromwell Field, Ok.
Box 1 FF 18 Derrick at Goose Creek, Texas. Man working on derrick, Borger, Texas.
Box 1 FF 19 Swivel in rat-hole, Borger, Tx.; Pipe drilling derrick, Big Lake Field, Reagan Co., Tx.
Box 1 FF 20 Mid-West Ref. Co. derrick, Mid West, Wyo. Abandoned derrick, 5,000 feet deep, Volcano, West Virginia.
Box 1 FF 21 Derrick with cross-braces, Smackover, Ark.; pipe-derrick, Bradford, Pa.
Box 1 FF 22 "Water encroachment," Bradford, Pa; Oil field, Bolivar, N. Y.
Box 1 FF 23 Drilling well, Bolivar, N. Y.; Drilling derrick, Bolivar, N. Y.
Box 1 FF 24 A well making gas; flow of gas carrying line cuttings.
Box 1 FF 25 Men working over well with goggles; men working on derrick floor.
Box 1 FF 26 Men removing exhaust line; Braden head being stabbed in cellar.
Box 1 FF 27 Men unscrewing master gate; Prairie Johnson A, no. 2.
Box 1 FF 28 Poorly constructed runway; cellar construction with exhaust line.
Box 1 FF 29 Runway to a derrick cellar; poorly constructed runway.
Box 1 FF 30 Cellar runway in good condition; derrick cellar runway, Rainbow Bend, Ks.
Box 1 FF 31 Men hooking a three inch side outlet to bradenhead; making connections to side outlets of bradenhead.
Box 1 FF 32 Eight inch exhaust line with one inch steamjet; three inch line from side outlet.
Box 1 FF 33 Outlet to exhaust line; W. V. Vietti, driller, W. P. Grant, H. P. Rue.
Box 1 FF 34 Snuffer and steam jet; snuffer and stream jet.
Box 1 FF 35 End view of snuffer and stream jet.
Box 1 FF 36 Tying life line on man wearing hosemask; hosemask equipment on derrick floor.
Box 1 FF 37 Bradenhead crew.
Box 1 FF 38 Marland Oil Co. River Bedwell no. 1; Spudding in Marland Oil Co. River Bedwell no. 1.
Box 1 FF 39 Thirty-six inch Conductor pipe; a ford near Marland Oil Co., Texas Panhandle.
Box 1 FF 40 Fording Canadian River in Texas; Main Street, Borger, Texas.
Box 1 FF 41 Portion of the "residential district" of Berger, Texas; Looking toward the engine house of Marland Oil River Bed, well no. 1.
Box 1 FF 42 Detail of piling and underpinning.
Box 1 FF 43 Drake oil monument; Col. Drake's well, Pa.
Box 1 FF 44 Drake well monument; Drake well monument.
Box 1 FF 45 Top of cemented casing at Drake well; Brass cap on top of Drake Hill.
Box 1 FF 46 Volcano uplift, Parkersburg, West Virginia; Three legged "coal oil Johnnie" derrick.
Box 1 FF 47 Cont. line pumping equipment, Volcano, West Virginia; pullies, West Virginia.
Box 1 FF 48 Overhead cable roller; cable pull line pumping well.
Box 1 FF 49 Interior view of old-style pump; Interior of "old style" continuous line pump.
Box 1 FF 50 Rodline near Drake well; dilapidated rig site near Bradford, Pa.
Box 1 FF 51 Air head and drilling rig, Bradford, Pa.; old-style air head, Bradford, Pa.
Box 1 FF 52 Typical pumping well in Ohio.
Box 1 FF 53 "Bridge" over hand wheel, Seeley Pool, Ks.; Pipe guards for gas engine flywheel, Ks.
Box 1 FF 54 Overhead geared single eccentric power, Ohio; Push and pull power, Bradford, Pa.
Box 1 FF 55 Pumper "pulling up" a well, Ks.; "Pulling up" a well.
Box 1 FF 56 Broken line and hook; Hooks off blocks.
Box 1 FF 57 Wooden and cast iron "hook off" blocks; cast iron "hook off" block.
Box 1 FF 58 Heavy type of pumping jack, Thrall Pool, Ks; Pumping jack at a well under "flood," N. Y.
Box 1 FF 59 Counter-weighing a pumping jack; Counter-weighing a pumping jack.
Box 1 FF 60 Hold-up posts for shackle rods, Pa.; Shackle lines supported by "straddlebags."
Box 1 FF 61 Pulling machine and old style jack well, Ohio; Pulling mast with ladder, Pa.
Box 1 FF 62 Pulling mast made of pipe; "syphon barrel" (sic), Pa.
Box 1 FF 63 Mast with chicken ladder, Ohio; Pulling machine in position to raise.
Box 1 FF 64 Raising a pulling mast into position; Raising a pulling mast.
Box 1 FF 65 Falling pulling machine; Inspecting a fallen pulling machine.
Box 1 FF 66 Man caught under wheels when mast fell; Man injured by falling pulling mast.
Box 1 FF 67 Pulling well with tractor by means of sprocket; "Tietz" sucker rod.
Box 1 FF 68 Oil Saver.
Box 1 FF 69 Pipe derrick made of salvaged pipe; Pumping equipment made from salvaged material.
Box 1 FF 70 Derrick, etc., from reclaimed pipe; Pitman made from reclaimed pipe.
Box 1 FF 71 Sampson Post, walking beam, etc.; Pumping jack, walking beam, etc.
Box 1 FF 72 Counter-balance; 12 feet mine hoist.
Box 1 FF 73 Twelve foot pulley at 60 foot long stroke unit; 600 HP motor and automatic electrical panel.
Box 1 FF 74 Valve Crown, cup washers, etc.; two inch steel cable.
Box 1 FF 75 Twenty foot long stroke pumper; Derrick used for long-stroke pumping.
Box 1 FF 76 Counter balance for long stroke well; Counter-weight for long stroke pumper.
Box 1 FF 77 Counter-weight for long stroke pumper; Counter-weight for long stroke pumper.
Box 1 FF 78 Rack and Pinion used on long stroke pumper; Long stroke pumping jack.
Box 1 FF 79 Long stroke pumping jack; Long stroke pumping jack.
Box 1 FF 80 Long stroke pumping device attached to a walking beam; Long stroke pumping device attached to a walking beam.
Box 1 FF 81 Long stroke pumpin unit; Geared type of long stroke pumping unit.
Box 1 FF 82 Walking beam yoke.
Box 1 FF 83 Portable rotary equipment shallow rotary well; Draw works for portable rotary equipment.
Box 1 FF 84 Gasoline engine driven circulating pumps; Geared pumping unit, electric.
Box 1 FF 85 Electrical pumping unit; Sampson post for pumping well.
Box 1 FF 86 "Nationa" semi-portable #3 drilling machine; semi-portable drilling machine.
Box 1 FF 87 Hook-up for pumping well without rods; "Ram" for giving impact to fluid column.
Box 1 FF 88 Springs used for recoil; "Look Box" at flowing well.
Box 1 FF 89 Steel Housing for Flowing Well; Model of stokes collapsible bit.
Box 1 FF 90 Model of Stokes collapsible bit; Rotary draw works.
Box 1 FF 91 Well shooter with his nitro-glycerine; Pouring nitro-glycerine into a torpedo.
Box 1 FF 92 Bradford well shot; Bradford well shot.
Box 1 FF 93 Bradford well shot; "Shooting in" a shallow well.
Box 1 FF 94 A well in Oil Hill, Ks., just after it was "shot;" A wel in Big Lake Field, Tx., blowing gas and brown sand.
Box 1 FF 95 A well in Big Lake Field, Tx., blowing gas and brown sand.
Box 1 FF 96 Manifold on field gas lines; Testing gas flow with "home made" pilot.
Box 1 FF 97 Retouched photo of flow bushing; Compressor plant of Smith-Dunn.
Box 1 FF 98 Look boxes in tail house; Manifold pit outside of pump house, El Dorado, Ks.
Box 1 FF 99 Centrifugal pumps in pump pit; Portion of pump pit, El Dorado, Ks.
Box 1 FF 100 Portion of pump pit, Skelly Refinery; Concrete stains and steel guard rail with toe board, El Dorado, Ks.
Box 1 FF 101 Men excavating to lower eight inch oil pipeline; Bringing injured workman out of pipe trench that caved in.
Box 1 FF 102 Men building cribbing in pipeline trench; Proper cribbing.
Box 1 FF 103 Men examining injured fellow worker; Man injures finger on chain.
Box 1 FF 104 Man spits tobacco juice on wound and rubs it with dirty glove; Fuse and caps on trail beside pipeline, bad practice.
Box 1 FF 105 Box of 60 percent dynamite placed on ledge of rock in precarious position. Bad practice; Open flume for transporting heavy oil, Maricopa, Ca.
Box 1 FF 106 Detail of flume construction.
Box 1 FF 107 Notice on Sampson Post; Notice posted by Empire Companies at field offices.
Box 1 FF 108 Sullivan core drill, Ok.; Sullivan core drill making six inch hole, Ok.
Box 1 FF 109 Platform to facilitate loading and unloading portable tank; Safe way of taking care of exhaust steam.
Box 1 FF 110 Portable bull rope guard; Bull rope guard for pulling crews.
Box 1 FF 111 Portable bull rope guard; Wooden guard over outside edge of brake bull wheel.
Box 1 FF 112 Results of a bull wheel blow-up; Portable fire wall.
Box 1 FF 113 Portable fire wall; End view of portable fire wall.
Box 1 FF 114 A field treating plant set on fire through careless burning of grass on a windy day; Field treating plant on fire.
Box 1 FF 115 Sump hole and burning treating tanks; Congested conditions caused by dose-in drilling.
Box 1 FF 116 Rotten and defective boards on walkways; Poor walkway conditions. Goose Creek, Tx.
Box 1 FF 117 Stairs presenting a stumbling hazard; Dangerous holes in a derrick floor, Tx.
Box 1 FF 118 Holes in derrick floor; "Poor housekeeping."
Box 1 FF 119 Messy derrick floor; Pulling board with nail in it off man's foot.
Box 1 FF 120 "Poor housekeeping;" Walking beam extension to counter-weigh broken allowing cable.
Box 1 FF 121 A derrick protected against fire with a spray system; Falling derrick set on fire by a careless smoker.
Box 1 FF 122 A corner of safety booth at Safety Exhibit, Tulsa, Ok.; Manikin (sic) wearing safety belt.
Box 1 FF 123 Wall panel showing safety at the Field Camp, Tulsa, Ok.; Part of the Bureau of Mines Safety Exhibit, Ebensburg, Pa.
Box 1 FF 124 Safety exhibit, Third Petroleum Exposition, Tulsa, Ok.; Bureau of Mines Safety Exhibit, Ebensburg, Pa.
Box 1 FF 125 Bull wheel's safety story; "Safety in the oilfields."
Box 1 FF 126 Bureau of Mines Bubble Tower, Pet. Exposition, Tulsa; Bureau of Mines peg model at Cromwell Oil Field Tulsa.
Box 1 FF 127 Bureau Exhibit, Petroleum Exposition, Tulsa; Bureau's Safety Exhibit, Petroleum Exposition, Tulsa.
Box 1 FF 128 Bureau Exhibit, Tulsa; Safety Exhibit, Bartlesville, Ok.
Box 1 FF 129 Derrick fire at Goose Creek, Tx.; Derrick set on fire by careless smoker.
Box 1 FF 130 A burning derrick; Detail of light rotary equipment.
Box 1 FF 131 Three safety hooks; Detail of light rotary equipment.
Box 1 FF 132 Safety hooks; Collecting gas samples with Bureau of Mines vacuum test car, Ok.
Box 1 FF 133 Rotary drilling, Ok.; Blasting for pipeline, Ok.
Box 1 FF 134 Blasting for pipe line; Morgan Walker, T. W. Johnson, William Skirvin, and W. B. Berwald collecting gas samples, Ok.
Box 1 FF 135 Screen guards in machine shop; Machine shop, Garber, Ok.
Box 1 FF 136 Five station used by Courar Oil Co., Tankawa, Ok.
Box 2 FF 1 Some first attempts at safety; Draw works guards
Box 2 FF 2 Guards over sprocket wheels and chains; Guard over high speed sprocket and chain.
Box 2 FF 3 Guard over low speed sprocket and chain; Guard over high speed sprocket and chain.
Box 2 FF 4 Guard over low speed sprocket; Draw works guard.
Box 2 FF 5 Metal guard over high speed sprocket; what one company did to guard.
Box 2 FF 6 Cat head with thimble over Shaft Key; A hook for keeping the cat line off the floor.
Box 2 FF 7 A dangerous cat head; thimble over end of cat head.
Box 2 FF 8 Drive Chain guard; Drive chain guard.
Box 2 FF 9 Driven Chain guard; Drive chain guard.
Box 2 FF 10 Guard over bevelgears; Drumdrive sprocket guard.
Box 2 FF 11 Rotary table foot rest (twice).
Box 2 FF 12 Drilling engine sprocket guard; Guard over engine sprocket and chain.
Box 2 FF 13 Bleeder on manifold of twin cylinder drilling engine; rotary drilling engine guard.
Box 2 FF 14 Gate type guard for flywheel; sliding door fly wheel guard for single cylinder drilling engine.
Box 2 FF 15 Sliding door guarding flywheel at single cylinder drilling engine.
Box 2 FF 16 Steam condenser box on drilling engine exhaust; Good wooden stack for exhaust steam.
Box 2 FF 17 Chain and clamp for circulating how; an efficient method of fastening upper end of rotary hose to derrick members.
Box 2 FF 18 Chain and clamp for fastening rotary bast to swirl; an arrangement tripping device.
Box 2 FF 19 Guard around sand reel; "Emsco" chain driven hoist.
Box 2 FF 20 "Emsco" chain driven hoist with pipeguard; automatic tripping device.
Box 2 FF 21 Guard in front of Fetty long stroke gears; Oiling device for Pitman Crank.
Box 2 FF 22 Bull rope throw-off; cleats on bull wheel shaft for spooling cable - bad practice.
Box 2 FF 23 Bull wheel guard; Bull wheels made in the sop of the Empire Gas and Full Co.
Box 2 FF 24 Bull wheels; Bull wheels of the Hope Natural Gas Company.
Box 2 FF 25 A traveling hook with U-bolt, guard; Belt tunnel engine hose to band wheel.
Box 2 FF 26 A line of stand pipes; A fire house used by Humble O. and R. Co.
Box 2 FF 27 Fire extinguishers outside gas engine house; Fire Station along the flame.
Box 2 FF 28 U.S. Bureau at Mines First Aid and Resource car 8; Interior view of car 8.
Box 2 FF 29 First Aid Contest, Tulsa, 1925; Artificial respiration at First Aid Contest.
Box 2 FF 30 First Aid Contest; First Aid Contest.
Box 2 FF 31 First Aid Contest - artificial respiration; First aid contest, compound fracture, broken arm, etc.
Box 2 FF 32 First aid contest, artificial respiration; First aid contest broken back splint
Box 2 FF 33 Phillips Petroleum Co. First Aid team, with fast glue trophy; L. E. Saxon demonstrating artificial respiration on Clyde Sheridan.
Box 2 FF 34 First aid contest, Pittsburg, Ks., 1925; First Aid contest, artificial respiration rendered in case of electric shock, drowning, asphyxiation.
Box 2 FF 35 Broken back splint, First aid contest; Contestants at work, First aid contest.
Box 2 FF 36 Team applying artificial respiration rendered in case of electric shock, drowning or asphyxiation.
Box 2 FF 37 Sheridan bandaged for fractured forearm; bandaged for burns.
Box 2 FF 38 Sheridan bandaged for dislocated shoulder, Bureau of Mines Exhibits.
Box 2 FF 39 Chain holding links in Hook; Lugs welded on elevators to prevent hands slipping.
Box 2 FF 40 A portion of the salvage department yard; Engine flywheels in a salvage yard.
Box 2 FF 41 A view of the storehouse yards of the Empire Gas and Fuel Co.; A well constructed and orderly tool rack.
Box 2 FF 42 A well kept street of company houses; A typical unsanitary oil field community on the Kansas Prairie.
Box 2 FF 43 First aid station and company houses; correcting the boilers.
Box 2 FF 44 A battery of oil field boilers; typical boiler sitting at Wheeler Ridge.
Box 2 FF 45 Lineman "hooking up" portable transformer bank; portable transformer bank.
Box 2 FF 46 Twin motors and compensators on portable frame; A transformer bank - neatly installed and well guarded.
Box 2 FF 47 A well constructed and well guarded transformer bank; Power line construction along vail road right of way.
Box 2 FF 48 Power line cross over for railroad; detail of motor setting; in pump pit.
Box 2 FF 49 Motor and switch panels in jump house, motor housing and remote control switch.
Box 2 FF 50 Starting boxes for still charging motors; switch panel in Skelly refinery pump.
Box 2 FF 51 Never detract (sic) a man's attention; main line switch had not been pulled and workman placed on open knife switch.
Box 2 FF 52 Simulated electrocution; man electrocuted while working on motor.
Box 2 FF 53 Lighting fixtures at gassy well.
Box 2 FF 54 An unguarded fly wheel; portion of starting device.
Box 2 FF 55 Guard rail around belt; pipe guards and belt shifter.
Box 2 FF 56 Guard for fly wheel; guard around flywheel.
Box 2 FF 57 Guard around belt and flywheels of auxiliary starting unit; guard around National Transit compressor.
Box 2 FF 58 A battery of field tanks equipped with guarded platforms; battery of field tanks.
Box 2 FF 59 Guarded stairs and platforms; field tanks equipped with well constructed stairway.
Box 2 FF 60 Stairway and platforms on top of 2,000 bolted tanks; No smoking sign on battery of field tanks.
Box 2 FF 61 A caution sign posted at the entrance to battery of field tanks; "chicken ladders" like this are dangerous.
Box 2 FF 62 Field tanks in the hills near Bradford, Pa.; A safe stairway at cooling tank for gas engine.
Box 2 FF 63 Steps with hand rail at circulating tank; Gas engine end of field pumping power house.
Box 2 FF 64 Screened ladder on small gasoline tank; cleaning out the bottom of a storage tank.
Box 2 FF 65 Wooden bottom drains for tanks with wooden bottoms; drilling in someone's front yard.
Box 2 FF 66 "Hook-up" for Trumble Oil and Gas separators.
Box 2 FF 67 The "breakouts" and "back ups" in place; Method of typing "back ups" line to bull wheel post.
Box 2 FF 68 "Breaking out" a stand of drill pipe with the cat head; Putting on the back ups.
Box 2 FF 69 Putting on the back ups; Putting on the elevators.
Box 2 FF 70 Putting on the elevators; Removing the slips from rotary table.
Box 2 FF 71 Improper method of using the cat head; Proper method of using the cat head.
Box 2 FF 72 Cat head man standing in the clear; keep the hands away from the cat head when using the cat line.
Box 2 FF 73 Dangerous cat line arrangement, driller operating throttle and cat line.
Box 2 FF 74 Some safety details on rotary rig; drilling with rotary equipment.
Box 2 FF 75 Lowering a roller bit through the rotary table "Christmas Tree" connections.
Box 2 FF 76 Closing the high pressure gate valve; closing the well before it starts to flow.
Box 2 FF 77 Using a swivel wrench; Jerk line at end of tongs.
Box 2 FF 78 Using jerk line on wrench.
Box 2 FF 79 Driller watching crown block; splintered girts and braces of a derrick.
Box 2 FF 80 A fallen crown block on a derrick floor; Driller rescuing helper.
Box 2 FF 81 A pulled in crown block made during the filming of "Live and Let Live," wreckage on derrick floor from collapsed crown block.
Box 2 FF 82 A safe worker using safety belt; Ready to "make a slide."
Box 2 FF 83 Coming out of a derrick on auxiliary safety line; man jumping over rolling 15.5 inch casing on pipe rack.
Box 2 FF 84 Man caught between two joints of 15.5 casing; man with broken leg.
Box 2 FF 85 Correct position for lifting; Strained back.
Box 2 FF 86 Load shifted on truck - improper lifting; standing in proper position for lifting.
Box 2 FF 87 Improper lifting; "shooting a safety picture."
Box 2 FF 88 440 volt line to motor house in close proximity of gage hole in flow tank; Results of a tank fire in the Powell Field, Texas.
Box 2 FF 89 Wreck caused by a casing head gasoline explosion.
Box 2 FF 90 Careless smoker on a derrick floor; a burning derrick.
Box 2 FF 91 Roxana Petroleum Corporation gas well fire; wild gas well fire in Texas Panhandle.
Box 2 FF 92 Roxana Petroleum Corporation gas well fire; man wearing an abestos suit ready to enter fire area.
Box 2 FF 93 A derrick in the Santa Fe Springs, Ca., field; Close-up of piping and goose neck.
Box 2 FF 94 Belt tunnel between engine house and band wheel; belt tunnel from engine house to band wheel.
Box 2 FF 95 Line of two inch stand pipes for fire protection; fire snuffer connected to exhaust of gas engine.
Box 2 FF 96 A derrick floor showing fire snuffer and drilling plug.
Box 2 FF 96 55,000 barrel tanks equipped with Johns-Monville "grounded network," Brackets held to shell at tank for "grounded network."
Box 2 FF 97 Bonded hatches and gage holds; center post of "grounded network."
Box 2 FF 98 Metal guards for gas engine at pumping well; guards in front of gas engine fly wheel.
Box 2 FF 99 Guards over commutator and chain gear; guard around lightning unit.
Box 2 FF 100 Welded pipe guard and safety signs; pressed metal guard enclosing.
Box 2 FF 101 Guard around countershaft of jack plant; device for shutting off motor or pumping well.
Box 2 FF 102 The old Lake View "gusher" reservoir being filled with excess crude; a lake of oil in the hills west of Maricopa, Ca.
Box 2 FF 103 Evaporation and seepage losses.
Box 2 FF 104 Building an earthen storage reservoir; Building an earthen storage reservoir.

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