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MS 89-3

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Box 1 FF 1 Contains a reproduction of Jack Levine's drawing of Auden for the New York Times Review of Books, undated.
Box 1 FF 2 Contains a clipping from New York Times, December 14, 1979, page B1. The article "Auden Poem Cited and Recited at Trial on His Papers" describes a dispute between the New York Public Library and Dr. Edward Kallman for possession of Auden's manuscripts. Kallman was the father of Chester Kallman, who collaborated with Auden on a number of works.
Box 1 FF 3 Contains two undated newspaper reviews of Auden's works.
Box 1 FF 4 Contains an obituary for Auden from the London Daily Telegraph, October 1, 1973, page 3.
Box 1 FF 5 Contains a letter from Auden to "Dear John," undated. Auden writes that his book cannot be ready before September. He also gives several suggestions for titles.
Box 1 FF 6 Contains two Auden letters. One, to "Dear Mr. Cole," January 9, 1971, asks Cole to mail copies of "A Certain Work" to two persons, and the second, to "Dear Mr. Albert or Mr. Cunningham," November 13, (1971?) thanks them for their recent letter and says, "I never read in the john, I concentrate on what I am there for."
Box 1 FF 7 Contains an invitation to a party celebrating Auden's birthday and publication of Chester Kallman's "Absent and Present."
Box 1 FF 8 Contains notes on Auden's early poetry by Christopher Isherwood. Isherwood comments on how Auden's background and personality affected his early works.
Box 1 FF 9 Contains two picture postcards of Auden. The first is a picture of a drawing of Auden done in 1967 by Don Bachardy, and the second is a copy of a photograph taken by Howard Coster, c. 1936.
Box 1 FF 10 Contains a letter from Auden to "Dear Mr. Tobin," December 7, 1967. Auden regrets not being able to extend or revise an acceptance speech.
Box 1 FF 11 Contains a Christmas card with Auden's poem, "Chorus of Angels," printed inside.
Box 1 FF 12 Contains an invitation for a birthday party for Auden.
Box 1 FF 13 Contains a letter fromAuden to Richard Cary, Waterville, Maine, December 8, 1967. Auden regrets that he cannot say "anything original or worthwhile" about G. A. Robinson.
Box 1 FF 14 Contains a program for "An Informal Literary Gathering at the Gotham Book Mart and Gallery." Auden is among those pictured on the cover.
Box 1 FF 15 Contains a program for "Proceedings at a Congregation of the University of Birmingham," July 8, 1967. Auden was to receive an honorary Doctor of Letters degree.
Box 1 FF 16 Contains a letter to M. Dawson from Auden, dated December 8, 1972, and a manuscript copy of the poem Lullaby.
Box 1 FF 17 Contains a manuscript copy of the poem The Leaves of Life which show changes to be made.
Box 1 FF 18 Contains a postcard photograph of W. H. Auden by Howard Coster, c. 1936.
Box 1 FF 19 Contains a postcard with postmark date of July 2, 1935, written to Geoffrey Gipson from Auden.
Box 1 FF 20 Contains a letter from Auden to Mrs. Fisher, dated August 18, 1963 and the enclosed manuscript To-Night at Seven-Thirty (for M. F. K. Fisher).
Box 1 FF 21 Contains two letters to David Wright, one dated August 30, 1962 and the other September 11. Auden enclosed the manuscript of Thanksgiving for a Habitat (two copies).
Box 1 FF 22 Contains In Time of War, A Sonnet Sequence with a Verse Commentary
Box 1 FF 23 Contains a one page, unpublished, manuscript poem autographed by W. H. Auden.
Box 1 FF 24 Contains a one page poem A Mosaic for Marianne Moore typescript; also a note which is signed by Auden (November 15, 1967).
Box 1 FF 25 Contains a note written to Mrs. Heckstall-Smith and signed Wystan (no dated).
Box 1 FF 26 Contains a poem entitled Marginalia. It includes a three page corrected proof and Auden's original five page typescript.
Box 1 FF 27 Contains a letter from Auden to Harold dated June 3, 1946? from Napoli, Italy.
Box 1 FF 28 Contains Poetry and Freedom, a speech given by W. H. Auden at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, February 27, 1948.
Box 1 FF 29 Contains an invitation to Auden's 65th birthday party.
Box 1 FF 30 Contains a handwritten (in ink) two page manuscript copy of The Aliens, signed by Auden.

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