Dr. John Rydjord Collection

Collection Summary

Title: Dr. John Rydjord Collection
Call Number: MS 89-07
Size: 17.5 linear feet
Acquisition: Donated by Dr. John Rydjord
Processed by: AHC, 10-7-1988; JEF, 8-10-1999; MN, 11-19-2014
Restrictions: None

Literary Rights

Literary rights were not granted to Wichita State University. When permission is granted to examine the manuscripts, it is not an authorization to publish them. Manuscripts cannot be used for publication without regard for common law literary rights, copyright laws and the laws of libel. It is the responsibility of the researcher and his/her publisher to obtain permission to publish. Scholars and students who eventually plan to have their work published are urged to make inquiry regarding overall restrictions on publication before initial research.

Content Note

The Dr. John Rydjord Collection contains manuscript materials, student papers, and miscellaneous university-related items from Dr. Rydjord's tenure as history professor at the Municipal University of Wichita and Wichita State University. Manuscript items include his "Municipal University of Wichita to 1949" and notes for his work on Kansas place names.

Detailed Description: Box and Folder Listing

Box 1 FF 1 Index cards describing candidates for the University president in 1968
Box 1 FF 2 Correspondence relating to the search
Box 1 FF 3-7 Manuscript titled “Fairmount College and the Municipal University of Wichita to 1949,” with revisions and editing marks
Box 2A-2E Notes and drafts for the “Fairmount College and the Municipal University of Wichita to 1949.” Arranged by chapters.
Box 3 FF 1 Newspaper clippings concerning WSU, 1931-1965
Box 3 FF 2 “Kanhistique” article on Jesse Chisholm, September 1978
Box 3 FF 3 Heimple Room description, by Rydjord
Box 3 FF 4 Letter from “Ted” to “Dear Francis,” June 25, 1978, concerning miscellaneous unversity matters
Box 3 FF 5 Newspaper clippings of women at WSU and the WSU graduates
Box 3 FF 6 “John Rowzee Peyton and the myth of the Mound Builders” by Donald J. Blakeslee, Department of Anthropology
Box 3 FF 7 “Dissertations Accepted for Higher Degree in the Graduate School, Municipal University of Wichita,” December 1935
Box 3 FF 8 “Kanhistique” article on Kansas’ first airplane company, March 1979
Box 3 FF 9 1941 fraternity calendar
Box 3 FF 10 Miscellaneous pictures of college students
Box 3 FF 11 “The Settlers of Western Kansas” by Arch N. Booth, written for Dr. Rydjord’s “History of Westward Movement” class
Box 3 FF 12 Notes on Fairmount College library
Box 3 FF 13 Letters concerning retirement of Beatrice Potter as reference librarian, April 5 and 10, 1972
Box 3 FF 14 Miscellaneous library correspondence
Box 3 FF 15 Picture and biography of Frank Neff
Box 3 FF 16 Agendas and item relating to the long-range planning committee
Box 3 FF 17-18 Miscellaneous WSU brochures
Box 3 FF 19 Chemistry Department alumni letter, May 31, 1978, from Worth A. Fletcher
Box 3 FF 20 1980 Benders of Twigs list
Box 3 FF 21 List of manuscripts and rare books collected by Special Collections for 1985
Box 3 FF 22 Advertisement for a replica “Wyatt Earp handgun”
Box 3 FF 23 Notes from faculty meeting, November 29, 1976
Box 3 FF 24 Letter for WSU alumni in Florida, 1977
Box 3 FF 25 Pledges for the Department of Geology, 1984
Box 3 FF 26 Kansas county maps
Box 3 FF 27 “Bibliography of Books on Kansas in the Municipal University of Wichita and city libraries,” July 25, 1930
Box 3 FF 28 Miscellaneous maps
Box 3 FF 29 “The City of Mexico from 1325 to 1800" by Charles Stansifer, October 1952
Box 3 FF 30 Copy of map showing location of Indians in United States in 1833
Box 3 FF 31 “The Immortals of Wichita”
Box 3 FF 32 Copies of Faculty Athletic Committee documents from 1938-1941
Box 4 FF 1 Notes and articles used for a lecture Dr. Rydjord gave on “Liberalism” in 1954. There also are some later articles on the subject included.
Box 4 FF 2 Eagle-Beacon clippings of Ted Bredehoft’s resignation as athletic director, 1982
Box 4 FF 3 Newspaper clippings concerning Dr. Clark Ahlberg’s retirement
Box 4 FF 4 Graduate faculty reports, 1966-1974
Box 4 FF 5 Materials related to the police training program and O.D. Wilson, undated
Box 4 FF 6 “Fortune” survey on higher education, September 1949
Box 4 FF 7 Teacher placement bureau annual report, 1954-1955
Box 4 FF 8 Eagle-Beacon article on College of Business Administration, August 29, 1965
Box 4 FF 9 Faculty salary study, 1954
Box 4 FF 10 “Sooner Magazine,” October 1931
Box 4 FF 11 “Inside WSU,” 1983-1986
Box 4 FF 12 Alumni magazines, 1955-1974
Box 4 FF 13 Eagle-Beacon article on Geraldine Hammond, WSU English instructor, February 5, 1978
Box 4 FF 14 Decatur County Historical Society bulletin, written by Dr. Rydjord
Box 4 FF 15 Graduate Council minutes, 1954-1957
Box 4 FF 16 Shocker Hall-of-Fame brochure
Box 4 FF 17 “Sunflower” article on Regents meeting, October 18, 1982
Box 4 FF 18 Alumni Magazine article on Dr. Ahlberg’s China visit, Summer 1975
Box 4 FF 19 Alumni Report, 1983
Box 4 FF 20 Notes on 1983 Regents meeting
Box 4A FF 1 Notes on Kansas place names
Box 4A FF 2 Notes on teaching schedules for summer 1942
Box 4A FF 3 Articles concerning Martin Bush trips, 1982
Box 4A FF 4 WSU Endowment Association materials, 1982
Box 4A FF 5 Materials related to California Proposition 13
Box 4A FF 6 Alumni Association brochure
Box 4A FF 7 Faculty pay article, 1979
Box 4A FF 8 Unsigned American Literature notes, 1921
Box 4A FF 9 “Ideas in Action” scripts for Channel 3
Box 4A FF 10 Scripts for “Digest of Current Controversies,” KFH Radio, 1939, concerning communism and Hitler
Box 4A FF 11 Notes on “War and Peace,” KFH, undated
Box 4A FF 12 1964 recognition dinner agenda
Box 4A FF 13 Faculty salaries, 1928-1948
Box 5 FF 1 County seat names
Box 5 FF 2 Rivals for state capital
Box 5 FF 3 “Mile” names
Box 5 FF 4 “Center” names
Box 5 FF 5 Newspaper articles relating to Kansas place names
Box 5 FF 6 Maps, lecture notes, articles, and self-drawn maps of Kansas cattle trails
Box 5 FF 7 Indian place names
Box 5 FF 8 Place names after forts
Box 5 FF 9 Pawnee names
Box 5 FF 10 Church and New England influences on Kansas place names
Box 5 FF 11 Materials related to the inauguration of Harry F. Corbin as University of Wichita president
Box 5 FF 12 Presidential candidates, 1968.
Box 5 FF 13 Fairmount College poem, 1913
Box 5 FF 14 University extension materials, 1941
Box 5 FF 15-16 Alumni Notes, various years
Box 6 FF 1 “A Wichita Pioneer, Robert E. Lawrence,” by Mabel Small, 1930
Box 6 FF 2 “The Pioneer” magazine, January 1898
Box 6 FF 3 “The History of Fairmount Institute,” by Johnetta L. McNew, 1948
Box 6 FF 4 Clippings concerning university history
Box 6 FF 5 Several papers by Muriel Schaeffer
Box 6 FF 6 Administrative council minutes, 1953
Box 6 FF 7 Photocopied article on “Music in the West”
Box 6 FF 8 “Women in the History of Latin America” notes and related materials
Box 6 FF 9 “Troglodytes in the Space Age” by Dr. Rydjord
Box 6 FF 10 “Kanhistique” article on Thurlow Lieurance, Wichita composer, December 1981
Box 6 FF 11 Letters regarding oral histories of Lieurance and Howard Parker, a buffalo hunter in the 1870s, 1932 and 1936
Box 6 FF 12 Police training school materials
Box 6 FF 13 Geology Field Trips, Municipal University of Wichita, 1941
Box 6 FF 14 Picture of Dr. Goldsmith
Box 6 FF 15 Miscellaneous graduate school items, 1928-1974
Box 6 FF 16 Materials relating to the retirement of Dr. Clark Ahlberg
Box 7 Contains a scrapbook on “Know Your Wichita,” articles dealing with Wichita history, and a syllabus for “The History of the West” by Herbert E. Bolton, University of California Press, 1925-1926.
Box 8 FF 1 Letter to President William Jardine, May 4, 1945
Box 8 FF 2 Correspondence with members of the faculty and President Corbin (1950-1963) regarding budget concerns, and hiring a new position. Contains one letter from Corbin, July 2, 1958
Box 8 FF 3-8 Manuscripts, with revisions and editing marks, and notes related to an article by Rydjord, “The Corbin Years”
Box 8 FF 9 Documents in a file labeled “Professors in Trouble,” (1960s) including correspondence from professors in the business department to Corbin
Box 8 FF 10 Documents in a file labeled “Hugo Wall,” includes Rydjord’s notes and photographs
Box 8 FF 11 Rydjord’s correspondence and materials related to the International Relations Institute (1931-1957)
Box 8 FF 12-13 Minutes, programs and a newsletter from the International Relations Institute (1957)
Box 8 FF 14 International Relations Survey, 1945
Box 8 FF 15 Graduate School information from the 1950s, and enrollment statistics for 1928-1958
Box 8 FF 16 Documents related to salaries, including tentative salaries for 1950
Box 8 FF 17 Minutes for a faculty meeting on March 17, 1958 and March 9, 1959, and an outline of Rydjord’s report
Box 8 FF 18 “Report on Language Requirements and Recommendations for the University of Wichita”
Box 8 FF 19 Correspondence with President Ahlberg (1973-1977) regarding Rydjord’s work on a history of the University
Box 8 FF 20 Sunflower August 26, 1974, “Ahlberg Speech Boasts WSU Accomplishments”
Box 8 FF 21 Correspondence with President Armstrong (1983-1984), regarding Rydjord’s history of the University
Box 9 FF 1 WSU News, 1979-1984
Box 9 FF 2 “W Book,” 1944-1945
Box 9 FF 3 “Manual of Style for Master’s Thesis and Research Papers” by Dr. John Rydjord, 1950
Box 9 FF 4 Faculty Handbook for November 1956.
Box 9 FF 5 Convocation program, November 13, 1957
Box 9 FF 6 Graduation address given by Fred C. Koch, June 5, 1960
Box 9 FF 7 Alumni Magazine, 1972
Box 9 FF 8 Alumni News, 1978
Box 9 FF 9 Endowment Association’s Honor Roll, 1980-1981
Box 9 FF 10 Alumni Report for 1983
Box 9 FF 11-12 Publications by the Endowment Association
Box 9 FF 13-14 Newspaper clippings regarding WSU and local events from the 1970s
Box 9 FF 15 Newspaper clippings regarding WSU and local events from the 1980s
Box 9 FF 16 Neighbors section of Wichita Eagle-Beacon, August 28, 1982, featuring Bill Ellington
Box 9 FF 17 Special Section of the Wichita Eagle and Beacon, January 30, 1977, on Kansas history
Box 9 FF 18 Harper’s, February 1980, with an article on “Faculty Survival”
Box 9 FF 19 Tri-State Trader newspaper, August 10, 1974
Box 9 FF 20 Business Journal, January 1962
Box 10 FF 1 Schroeder, Melvern N. “Pro-State vs. Pro-Slavery”
Box 10 FF 2-3 Jones, Anne. “The Medical and Business Career of Charles C. Furley,” 2 copies
Box 10 FF 4 Brugh, Mabel G. “The Evolution of the Wichita Flour Mills, 1874-1931"
Box 10 FF 5 Fry, Flora L. “Judge William P. Campbell”
Box 10 FF 6 Earl, Martha. “Father of Wichita”
Box 10 FF 7 Voth, Edna. “Santa Fe Influence on a Phase of Kansas Settlement”
Box 10 FF 8-9 Dissertation by Edna Howse, “David Leahy: Dean of Kansas Newspapermen”
Box 10 FF 10 Pride, Jessie V. “Forth Leavenworth and the Mexican War”
Box 10 FF 11 Chance, Sylvester. “Life Works of Washington Irving”
Box 10 FF 12 Copy of “Letter from Kansas No. 11" (1885), an account published in the Milwaukee Sentinel, March 15, 1885
Box 10 FF 13 Contains miscellaneous research materials including notes from an interview with Charles Schaeffer, November 3, 1929, which mentions Greiffenstein, and Wichita history and also contains the notes from an interview with Finlay Ross November 16, 1929, on the topic of early Wichita history.
Box 10 FF 14 Miscellaneous research notes
Box 10 FF 15 Copy of a history exam for H 225
Box 10 FF 16-18 Student papers and projects: “Notes on Majority and Minority Parties in Presidential Elections, 1789-1952;” Rogan, Imogene. “The Rubber Industry in Brazil;” and Schruben, F.W. “Factors for a Napoleonic Escape”
Box 10 FF 19 Class seating chart
Box 10 FF 20 Two printed syllabi (1904-1905) H. Morise Stephens
Box 10 FF 21 Proposal for a new program, Masters of Urban Affairs, 1972
Box 11 Contains class records, 1928-1959, arranged chronologically
Box 12-17A Contains copies of sources collected by Rydjord while researching the topic of Napoleon and Spanish/American relations during the early part of the nineteenth century. These documents include primary sources, such as letters, viceroy reports, and newspaper clippings (1790-1820), which have been hand copied and in some cases typed, the majority are in Spanish. Secondary sources include journal articles. Topic include: Napoleon and war, Napoleon Agents, Spanish/American relations, British/Spanish relations, War of 1812, and Mexico. These documents have been left in their original order.
Box 18 FF 1 “Napoleon and Mexican Silver” by Rydjord as it appeared in the Southwestern Social Science Quarterly, 1938
Box 18 FF 2-14 Partial manuscript for “Napoleon and Mexico,” arranged by chapters
Box 18 FF 15-16 Manuscript for “Spanish Defeat of the Napoleonic Confederation in America,” 1944, by Dr. Rydjord
Box 18 FF 17-18 Manuscript for “Napoleon and the Independence of New Spain”
Box 18 FF 19 Manuscript for “Napoleon and Mexico’s War for Independence”
Box 18 FF 20 Manuscript for “Mexican Silver and Napoleon’s War Profiteers,” for the Cox Memorial
Box 18 FF 21-22 Manuscript for “British Mediation Between Spain and Her Colonies, 1811-1815"
Box 18 FF 23-26 Manuscripts for various articles on Napoleon
Box 19 FF 1 Correspondence regarding shipping of materials to Rydjord 1926
Box 19 FF 2 Correspondence 1938-1939. Contains correspondence from colleagues and friends expressing their opinions on Rydjord’s article, “Napoleon and the Mexican Silver;” contains Rydjord’s letters to editors regarding publication; contains correspondence with Mary P. Ragatz regarding the Cox Memorial project; contains a letter from Elizabeth Warren which includes a summary of her dissertation on John Brown and Kentucky politics.
Box 19 FF 3 Correspondence 1940-1941. Contains correspondence with Mary P. Ragatz regarding the Cox Memorial Project; contains correspondence with John T. Lanning; Hispanic American Historical Review, regarding publication of Rydjord’s article.
Box 19 FF 4 Correspondence and information related to the Latin American Studies 1940
Box 19 FF 5 Correspondence regarding the article “Spanish Defeat of the Napoleonic Confederation in America,” 1945
Box 19 FF 6 Miscellaneous documents including notes and lists
Box 19 FF 7 Miscellaneous newspaper clippings from the 1940s regarding the war
Box 19 FF 8-19 Miscellaneous drafts for articles on Napoleon
Box 19 FF 20 Membership list of American Name Society 1980
Box 20 FF 1 Cartoons related to Napoleon, family and associates
Box 20 FF 2 Articles on Josephine Bonaparte
Box 20 FF 3-4 Articles on Marie-Louise
Box 20 FF 5 Articles on other women in the Bonaparte family
Box 20 FF 6 Images of Bonaparte family members
Box 20 FF 7 Articles on Joseph Bonaparte
Box 20 FF 8-9 Articles on other Bonaparte family members and associates
Box 20 FF 10 Articles on Marshall Ney
Box 20 FF 11-12 Articles on places where Napoleon lived and his tomb
Box 20 FF 13 Maps
Box 20 FF 14-15 Pictures of Napoleon clipped from different sources
Box 20 FF 16-21 Articles on Napoleon, and reviews of books written on the subject
Box 20 FF 22 Pamphlet, “Iturbide Y Napoleon Por Defender A La Esana Han Perd Ido La Opinion”
Box 20 FF 23 Pamphlet, “Les Conspirations” 1840
Box 21 Note cards for Napoleon research, in original order
Box 22 Research note cards for “Kansas Place Names,” in original order
Box 23 Research note cards for “Kansas Place Names,” in original order
Box 24 Research note cards for “Kansas Place Names,” in original order
Box 25 Research note cards for “Kansas Place Names,” in original order
Box 26 Research note cards for “Kansas Place Names,” in original order
Box 27 Research note cards for “Kansas Place Names,” in original order
Box 28 Research note cards for “Kansas Place Names,” in original order
Box 29 Research note cards for “Kansas Place Names,” in original order
Box 30 Research note cards for “Kansas Place Names,” in original order
Box 31 Newspaper clippings on Ronald Reagan and his administration, unsorted
Box 32 FF 1 “Episodes,” story about a priest in Myers Valley also known as Rock Creek and a fragment of a letter to Mrs. Knischer of Olathe, Kansas from Rev. B. Schmiehausen, May 3, 1900
Box 32 FF 2 “Kansas History” by Sister Mary Raphaella Tallmadge, University of Wichita, May 2, 1931
Box 32 FF 3 “Glimpses of Early Missionary Life in Kansas”
Box 32 FF 4 “History of Catholic Education in Wichita” by Sister Mary William Colburn, Wichita University, July 25, 1935