Thomas Horne Papers

Collection Summary

Title: Thomas Horne Papers
Call Number: MS 91-06
Size: 0.25 linear feet
Acquisition: Purchased from Sotheby’s, 5-29-1986
Processed by: JLH, 3-7-1991; JEF, 4-13-1998; MN, 5-24-2011
Note: Eight of the letters were laminated prior to acquisition by Special Collections.
Restrictions: None

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Content Note

Thomas Horne was a soldier in the Confederate Army during the United States Civil War. This collection contains eight letters that he wrote to Mollie Cuthrell of Smoky Ordinary, Virginia, during the years 1862 to 1865, and one that she wrote to him in 1861. One letter tells of a Confederate victory in late 1864, another of an execution of Confederate deserters before his squadron, but most give details about camp life and conditions.

Detailed Description: Series Listing

Series 1 Box 1 FF 1-2 Correspondence, 1861-1865.
Series 2 Box 1 FF 3 Transcriptions of correspondence.

Detailed Description: Box and Folder Listing

Series 1 ‒ Correspondence

Box 1 FF 1 Contains the original letters dated 1861-1863: 5 November 1861 - Smoky Ordinary, Virginia, Mollie Cuthrell, to Thomas Horne, Farmington, Virginia. Description of physical situation at home. Only one male in neighborhood and he is “afflicted,” otherwise, they are all in the army. (Photocopied, in very fragile condition.); 18 September 1862 - Camp Vance, North Carolina, Thomas Horne to Mollie Cuthrell. Description of camp conditions and personal feelings; 19 April 1863 - Merry Hill, Bertie County, North Carolina, Thomas Horne to Mollie Cuthrell. Scouted around New Bern, N. C., skirmish or two, killed one “Yankie,” gave description of camp life, glad that Mollie has become a teacher.
Box 1 FF 2 Contains the original letters dated 1864-1865: 7 July 1864 - near Petersburg, Virginia, Thomas Horne to Mollie Cuthrell. Future for Confederate forces gloomy; on picket duty along railroad, between Petersburg and Weldon; Petersburg was shelled for three weeks; Union cavalry raid, Danville road to Staunton River; description of local area; 17 July 1864 - near Petersburg, Virginia, Thomas Horne to Mollie Cuthrell. Thomas was assigned to the Provost Guard of the Brigade. He expresses concern for his horse; 24 July 1864 - Near Petersburg, Virginia, Thomas Horne to Mollie Cuthrell. With Provost Guard; primary job was to protect a “widow ladie’s” house, was good duty. Provost returned two deserters of the brigade who were shot before the entire command. Thomas did not object to killing Union soldiers, but was oppressed to executing fellow soldiers. 19 October 1864 - Near Dinwiddie C. H. [Court House], Virginia, Thomas Horne to Mollie Cuthrell. Confederacy would be in a better position to continue the war if Lincoln would be elected rather than General McClellan. Thomas was pleased that Mollie was correcting “those rude boys” in her classroom; 14 December 1864 - Near Stoney Creek, Virginia, Thomas Horne to Mollie Cuthrell. Describes the “Bellfield Raid” by Union Cavalry, a supply depot. Union raiders were finally defeated, captured 200 prisoners, horses, etc.; 27 February 1865 - Hdqs. Barringer’s Cavalry Brigade, Camp near Stoney Creek, Virginia, Thomas Horne to Mollie Cuthrell. General Lee ordered all cotton and tobacco stored in Petersburg moved outside the city for burning should the need arise. Describes the process of obtaining a new horse.

Series 2 ‒ Transcriptions

Box 1 FF 3 Contains typed transcriptions of all of the letters. Letters were transcribed by Mary Horne, granddaughter of Thomas Horne, 6-11-1963.