Collection of Select Letters from American Political Figures, 1788-1949

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Title: Collection of Select Letters from American Political Figures, 1788-1949
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Content Note

This collection contains single letters from various American diplomats and politicians, dating between 1788 and 1949. The collection is arranged alphabetically by sender. Notable correspondents include S. P. Chase, Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr., and William H. Seward.

Detailed Description: Box and Folder Listing

Box 1 FF 1 Contains miscellaneous letters from an unknown sender to unknown receiver, the letters are dated 3 August 1795, 27 September 1847 and 14 January 1884; contain miscellaneous envelopes, contain two typed cards that explain about four of the eighteenth century letters in the collection.
Box 1 FF 2 Charles Francis Adams (Ambassador to Court of St. James) to Queen’s Advocate (Sir John Harding). 14 November 1871. Adams accepts dinner invitation, typed copy.
Box 1 FF 3 Joseph Auslander to Miss Comstock, n.d. Auslander had to decline invitation. (Letter written on Harvard Crest.)
Box 1 FF 4 Envelope addressed to Mrs. L. J. Arnold, Care of Judge Underwood, Alexandria, Virginia, n.d.
Box 1 FF 5 Certificate of guarantee, delivery of 15,254.13.6 pounds by, Committee of the Senate and Committee of the House of Representatives, 13 October 1793. Signed by John Burke, Peter Smith, E. Worth, and ? Blake.
Box 1 FF 6 Lynn Boyd to J. K. Paulding (Secy. of the Navy), 9 April 1840, John Pickett wanted to be nominated to the Naval Academy.
Box 1 FF 7 F. Carroll Brewster to Mr. Westcolt, 9 September 1868, discussed his political writings. (Cover sheet incorrectly lists Brewster as Attorney General of U.S. in 1868.)
Box 1 FF 8 James G. Blaine (Secy. of State) to Diplomatic and Consular Officers in Europe, 8 June 1881.
Box 1 FF 9 Bibb to G. B. Shaw, 3 September 1887, discussed the distribution of a plant throughout Europe and Western Asia, but found in Wheaton, Illinois (?).
Box 1 FF 10 William B. Bates (U.S. Senate) to George B. Loucks, 13 March 1896. Sent copies of his speech in dedication of “Chickamauga and Chattanooga” National Park.
Box 1 FF 11 Harry F. Byrd (Senator, Virginia) to Brice Taylor, 6 June 1949, Byrd agreed that the Taft-Hartly Bill should not be repealed and would oppose same.
Box 1 FF 12 Egbert Benson to Sir, n.d. Benson’s request to have case dropped before New York State Supreme Court.
Box 1 FF 13 Lambert Cadwalader to George Mitchell, 12 October 1788, an order for shingles.
Box 1 FF 14 John C. Cartwright to Herbert Bruan, 6 August 1794. Appeal of a decision made by the Commissioners of Taxes, Boston, Massachusetts.
Box 1 FF 15 Leslie Combs to Messrs. January Sutherland, Mayville, Kentucky, 2 May 1825. Payment of notes and concerned with price of his tobacco.
Box 1 FF 16 C. (Charles) M. Conrad (Secy. of War) to Samuel B. Ruggles, 27 March 1851. Appointed to Board of Examination to investigate the Military Academy.
Box 1 FF 17 S. (Salmon) P. Chase to ?, 7 February 1862. Fort Henry on Tennessee River was taken.
Box 1 FF 18 William Carter (General Assembly, Ohio) to Sir, 19 January 1868. Carter supported S. C. Vanlandingham for Senate (Ohio) and opposed both regular Republican and Democratic parties in their attitude toward the South.
Box 1 FF 19 James Freeman Clark to Charles Sumner, 1 May 1871, introduction of brother, Samuel Clark (one dollar, Confederate, 1862, pasted on reverse of letter).
Box 1 FF 20 William E. Chandler (US Senate) to Mr. Hutchins, 24 October 1892. Due to poor health, Chandler cannot debate him concerning the protective tariff bill.
Box 1 FF 21 Wilbur Cross (Gov., New Jersey) to Mrs. Korczak Ziolkowska, 5 December 1938. She liked his last Thanksgiving Proclamation.
Box 1 FF 22 Wilbur Cross to Korczak Ziolkowska, 13 April 1946, thanking her for remembering his birthday.
Box 1 FF 23 Thomas Connally (Sen. Texas) to Brice Taylor, 9 June 1949. Will support Taft-Hartly against repeal but law does need some modification.
Box 1 FF 24 C. N. Dahal to William L. Marcy (Secy. of War), 22 December 1845. Requested position in department of John P. Wolf.
Box 1 FF 25 N.G. Dufref to Mademoiselle S. Thomas, 19 January 1857. Letter in French, typed copy of letter.
Box 1 FF 26 Henry Dodge (Senator) to J. H. Treat, 25 July 1887. Dodge sent autograph as requested.
Box 1 FF 27 George F. Edmunds (Sen. Vermont) to General J. W. Philips,29 March 1871, regarding Philips misunderstanding of Edmunds position.
Box 1 FF 28 L. B. Elkins, 6 February 1874. Picture of Elkins and signed check by him, Sergeant-at-Arms, House of Representatives.
Box 1 FF 29 George F. Edmunds (U.S. Senate) to William G. LeDuc (Commissioner of Agriculture), 16 March 1880. Wants flower seed to send to Vermont.
Box 1 FF 30 George F. Edmunds (U.S. Senate) to John Townsend, 3 February 1885. Thanking Townsend for draft of bill on explosives; be presented to committee.
Box 1 FF 31 George F. Edmunds (Senator) to G. B. Patrick, 13 June 1888. Edmunds sent information on Senator Foot per request.
Box 1 FF 32 George F. Edmunds to A. C. Butters, 3 February 1894. Wishes Butters to send Forum to Scarsdale, NY address.
Box 1 FF 33 J. F. Farnsworth (House of Representatives) to B. P. Born, 16 January 1860. Forward to W. S. Garrison of Fulton City, Illinois, an award given him from National Fair in Chicago.
Box 1 FF 34 William P. Frye (U.S. Senate) to Sir, 25 January ?. Unable to accept his kind invitation.
Box 1 FF 35 C. Gore to Timothy Fuller (Congress 1817), 11 February 1817. Sending him his marble busts. Typed.
Box 1 FF 36 Envelope addressed to Col. Grierson, Santa Fe, New Mexico, n.d.
Box 1 FF 37 Stephen Hooper to Sir Robert Pagan (?), 12 May 1803, concerning a condemnation claim of ship and cargo, and photocopy.
Box 1 FF 38 Christopher Hughes (American Diplomat, 1786-1849) to Thomas Spring-Rice, 22 October 1832. Discussed his many engagements while in England. (typed copy).
Box 1 FF 39 J. R. Hawley to Dr. Gallandet, 22 February 1896. Hawley would like to see him on the 27th.
Box 1 FF 40 M. A. Hanna (U.S. Senate) to L. C. Miles, 24 January 1902. Hanna thanked him for his friendship and loyalty.
Box 1 FF 41 C. Johnson (Rep. Tennessee) to Sir, 14 May 1844. Johnson gave his political career after 1818.
Box 1 FF 42 Picture of C. Johnson, (pen drawing) n.d.
Box 1 FF 43 Joseph Jacob to Philip S. Henry, 3 March 1913, discusses Henry’s Encyclopedia project.
Box 1 FF 44 Hiram Johnson (Senator, California) to Matthew Hale, 21 April 1917. Will aid Hale’s cousin, Mary Lee, when she arrives in Washington to work for New Republic.
Box 1 FF 45 James Lowell to Hon. Elbridge Gerry, Boston, 26 September 1780, sending certificates and explaining financial transactions.
Box 1 FF 46 Frank O. Lowden (Representative, Illinois) to Robert A. Childs, 28 May 1910. Lowden would support a bill to build a dam at Clark’s Ford on Columbia River, Montana.
Box 1 FF 47 H. C. Lodge Jr. (Senator, Massachusetts) to F. H. Appleton, Jr, 1 June 1937. Lodge agreed that the President (FDR) should not be given power to enlarge the Supreme Court.
Box 1 FF 48 P. Mitchell to Sir, 20 March 1792. Going to Boston by fast sailing boat hired for that purpose. Please write him at Consul at Boston.
Box 1 FF 49 MacDonald to Sir, 3 August 1797 (Philadelphia). Sorry to have lost his worthy colleague. He will be difficult to replace.
Box 1 FF 50 Samuel McKee to Secretary of War (John Armstrong), 25 February 1814. Requests that part of Lt. Col,. Lewis’ pay be sent to his family who are in distress. The Col. was captured and held in Canada.
Box 1 FF 51 Luther Martin to Sir (Aaron Burr), 19 October 1821. Grandson, Luther Martin Keene, unable to get transport to Spain as planned. Asked Burr to aid him in returning home. (Includes note on Luther Martin.)
Box 1 FF 52 John T. McAtchen to Ernest H ?, n.d. regarding money for scrapbook.
Box 1 FF 53 J. K. Niles to J. K. Paulding (Secy. of Navy), 26 February 1838. Henry Mason and John F. Mason wanted an appointment to teach math at the Naval Academy.
Box 1 FF 54 S. A. Otis (Secretary of Senate) to the Governor of Pennsylvania, 1 June 1794. Has sent Journals of the Senate, 3rd Congress.
Box 1 FF 55 W. Pew to William Howard, 28 October 1802. Pleased to let Alexander have $2.38 for which he will be accountable.
Box 1 FF 56 List of court cases, “Mayor Court,” signed by Philip Bell, 12 June 1810.
Box 1 FF 57 Sir John Peter to Sir, 6 September 1872, Sir John gives London address.
Box 1 FF 58 Walter H. Page (Amb. to Ct. of St. James) to Philip H. Henry (London), 1 May 1916. Do not send copy of Henry’s letter to Mr. Marshall as information was confidential.
Box 1 FF 59 Hallie Erminie Rives to Sir, 17 July 1901. She has been ill.
Box 1 FF 60 Madam Erminia Rudersdorff, lists 15 herbs of the exhibition, n.d.
Box 1 FF 61 Elihu Root (U.S. Senate) to Samuel Dickson, 3 June 1914. Root questioned Pres. Wilson’s Mexican policy and administration. Carbon copy included.
Box 1 FF 62 Elihu Root (U.S. Senate) to Alice Lyon, 6 March 1915. Unable to give appointment to Annapolis.
Box 1 FF 63 A portion, summons for Richard Turley in Kent County Court, James Sykes, Atty., August Term 1788.
Box 1 FF 64 William H. Seward (Senator) to Morris H. Grenille, 12 March 1856. Requested suggestions concerning a Senate Bill.
Box 1 FF 65 Robert C. Schenek (House of Representatives) to Courtney Schenek, 18 November 1869. Matter of plans for public stores in New York. Will be taken care of.
Box 1 FF 66 John Sherman to E. (Elihu) B. Washburne, 10 October 1872. Gave character reference for Rev. W. W. Alexander, trip to France.
Box 1 FF 67 C. (Carl) Schurz (Secretary of Interior) to Thomas C. Reynolds, 25 February 1878. Thanked Reynolds for kind letter.
Box 1 FF 68 H. W. Smith to Mr. Clifford, 29 September 1882. Just returned from a long trip to California. Robert was not well. Unable to do “Christian work.”
Box 1 FF 69 John A. Sajan (U.S. Senate) to C. A. Willis, 10 March 1884. Unable to accept invitation.
Box 1 FF 70 H. W. Smith to Mr. Clifford, 26 February 1887. Reviewed the Christian work. Family matters. (Four additional pages, written by Smith, not complete, hand written copy of first two letters).
Box 1 FF 71 T. T. Tucker to Messrs. LeRoy Bayard and M. Evers. Transmission of money from William Tomkins, 9 August 1805.
Box 1 FF 72 Jesse B. Thomas (Senate, Illinois) to Secretary of War (John C. Calhoun), 19 January 1822. Requested War Department to pay Richard Windsor a Pension.
Box 1 FF 73 John M. Thayer (U.S. Senate) to Sir, 6 March 1870. Had already sent photograph and biography to him.
Box 1 FF 74 James A. Thomas (German American Insurance Company) to R. Middleton, Jr., 1 June 1888.
Box 1 FF 75 Robert A. Taft (Senator, Ohio) to S. C. Allyn, 30 July 1946. Pleased to have supported reduction in airmail postage.
Box 1 FF 76 Andrew J. Volstead (Representative, Minnesota) to Virgil Y. Russell, 27 January 1922. Volstead had no official photograph to send as requested for Russell’s collection. Volstead was out of same.
Box 1 FF 77 Walker to Robert Spence (Newcastle on Tyne), 10 May 1864. Walker had been sick, but much improved.
Box 1 FF 78 James F. Wilson (House, 40th Congress) to Churchill, 4 November 1867. Wishes Churchill to work with him after election.