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MS 92-12

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Series Description
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Series 1 Box 1 FF 1-27 1969-1970, Correspondence to various federal government departments on the behalf of individuals. The correspondence to Nellie Biggs was in reference to her disability and welfare payments. The correspondence to the Armed Services concerned individual complaints by military personal whose last name began with the letter H. The correspondence to the postal office inquires on the behalf of postal workers who had been fired. The correspondence to the Veteran's Administration was on behalf of veterans or their widows for compensation of war disabilities.
Series 2 Box 1 FF 28-30 Miscellaneous papers on campaign pamphlets and two legislative debate papers.

Folder-level Description

Box 1 FF 1-3 July 15,1969-October 30,1970 -- Nellie Biggs
Box 1 FF 4-9 Armed Services
Box 1 FF 10-15 Post Office General
Box 1 FF 16-27 Veterans Administration
Box 1 FF 28 Campaign Pamphlets
Box 1 FF 29 26 October 1965, Urban Housing Debate
Box 1 FF 30 October 1969, Vietnam Debate

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