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MS 94-23

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Series 1 Box 1 FF1-4 Correspondence. Includes personald and work related correspondence.
Series 2 Box 1 FF5 Employment Papers. Includes applications, resumes, and a University of Oklahoma transcript.
Series 3 Box 1 FF6-9 Personal Papers. Includes Naval papers, vacation trips, personal business and mementos.
Series 4 Box 2 FF1 Clippings.
Series 5 Box 2 FF2-7 Photographs. Includes portraits, family photos, trips, and an album of Naval training photographs.
Series 6 Box 3 Baby Book and Diplomas.

File Folder Description

Box 1 FF 1-2 Correspondence, unarranged. Contains letters to and from family and friends including letters of condolence on the death of her mother in 1957.
Box 1 FF 3 Cards, unarranged. Contains gift and greeting cards.
Box 1 FF 4 Work-related correspondence, unarranged. Contains correspondence written during her Naval service.
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Box 1 FF 5 Employment papers, unarranged. Contains applications, resumes, and University of Oklahoma transcript.
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Box 1 FF 6 Personal papers, unarranged. Contains papers written during her Naval period, entry papers, social material, and telegrams of congratulations.
Box 1 FF 7 Personal papers, unarranged. Contains personal business, college graduation, Confirmation, and artwork.
Box 1 FF 8 Personal papers, unarranged. Contains mementos of a trip to Florida in 1955.
Box 1 FF 9 Personal papers, unarranged. Contains mementos of a trip to Rome in 1974 which may possibly be related to photos in Box 2, File Folder 5.
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Box 2 FF 1 Clippings, unarranged. Contains articles related to the Lovell family and an advertising copy from Mildred Shaw Campbell Realty.
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Box 2 FF 2 Portraits, unarranged. Contains unlabeled portraits from her Naval period as well as others.
Box 2 FF 3 Photographs, unarranged. Contains labeled photographs with names, dated and other information. Includes photographs of friends and family.
Box 2 FF 4 Photographs, unarranged. Contains family photographs. (Note: labeling information may be more complete in the George E. Lovell Papers, MS 94-16.)
Box 2 FF 5 Photographs, unarranged. Contains unlabeled family photographs. Also includes photographs of a trip to Rome.
Box 2 FF 6 Photographs, unarranged. Contains unlabeled photographs of family and friends.
Box 2 FF 7 Photographs, unarranged. Contains photographs of family dated 1954-1957.
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Box 3 Albums and diplomas, unarranged. Contains oversized albums including a baby book and an album of family and travel photos during her Naval period. Also includes testimonial and high school diplomas.

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