Archives of the Standard Automobile Company of Wichita, Kansas

Collection Summary

Title: Archives of the Standard Automobile Company of Wichita, Kansas
Call Number: MS 96-07
Size: 0.75 linear feet
Acquisition: Purchased from S. Allan Daugherty, 8-2-1995
Processed By: KRM, 12-14-1995; JEF, 12-2-1998; MN, 11-2012
Restrictions: None

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Content Note

The Archives of the Standard Automobile Company of Wichita, Kansas, cover the years 1908-1911. The collection contains business records including bank drafts, canceled checks, personal requests for agency licensing of Jackson Automobiles in the company’s territory, repair and parts requests, correspondence from auto supply companies and individuals, and telegrams to the company. Also included are deeds of mortgage and chattel, sales contracts, freight bills, letters asking the company to accept new car lines, and several letters concerning the company’s dissolution.

Administrative History

A Standard Automobile Company was a dealership for the Jackson Automobile Company of Jackson, Michigan, from 1908-1911. It added the automobile line from the Ricketts Automobile Company of South Bend, Indiana, in 1910. Along with automobiles the company sold auto parts, accessories, oil, gasoline, and repaired the autos they sold.

Documents in the collection indicate that the company was founded in August 1908 by Geary Rising of Wichita. Before this time, Rising was the owner of the Standard Furniture Company of Wichita.

The owners listed in Polk’s Wichita City Directory, 1909, are Geary Rising and Frank Jacques, and the company was located at 338 North Main Street. In 1910, the company moved to 156 North Emporia Street, and is listed as owned by Geary Rising and Frank Blodgett. The company is listed at the same location in 1911 and owned by D. H. Spencer.

Correspondence in the collection confirms this change in ownership. Letters in late 1910 indicate that Mr. Spencer was attempting to sell the dealership. The last recorded date, January 1, 1911, is on a letter stating that the company had been recently sold to “the Hockaday people.” A company called the Hockaday Automotive Suppliers is listed in the city directory for 1912; however, the Standard Automobile Company is not listed. A dealership called the Jackson Motor Company appears in the 1913 city directory, and is owned by W. H. Hiskey and W. Krause.

Detailed Description: Series Listing

Series 1 Box 1 Business Records. Included are bank drafts, canceled checks, shipping bills, parts and repair requests, receipts for advertisements, utilities, parts and auto payments and telegrams. Also included are letters for agencies, dealer requests, complaints, prospective auto buyers, catalogue requests, collection notices, and letters concerning changes in company ownership. 1908-1911.

Detailed Description: Box and Folder Listing

Series 1 -- Business Records
Box 1 FF 1 Business Records, September 5, 1908-December 17, 1908. Requests for parts, repairs, shipping, agency, bank drafts, advertising and utility receipts. Principal correspondents are the Crane Supply Company, Jackson Automobile Company and the Ricketts Automobile Company.

Box 1 FF 2 Business Records, November 28, 1908-December 20, 1909. Canceled checks, part receipts and replies to orders. Principal correspondents are the Automobile Supply Company, Auto Specialty Company and P. H. Albright Company.

Box 1 FF 3 Business Records, February 9, 1909-December 16, 1909. Receipts and orders for parts and autos. Principal correspondents are the Buick Motor Company and the F. A. Brownell Motor Company.

Box 1 FF 4 Business Records, December 8, 1908-October 15, 1909. Receipts and orders for parts and autos, freight and advertisement bills. Principal correspondent is the Crane Supply Company.

Box 1 FF 5 Business Records, January 5, 1909-December 23, 1909. Requests for agency licenses, auto purchases, part requests and repairs.

Box 1 FF 6 Business Records, January 18, 1909-December 17, 1909. Receipts for parts and advertising, requests for repairs, agency license and catalogues, also a notice of collection against the Standard Automobile Company. Principal correspondents are the Franco-American Auto Supply Company, Excelsior Supply Company and the Fix It Auto Company.

Box 1 FF 7 Business Records, January 1, 1909-December 30, 1909. Receipts for parts, orders and repairs, requests for autos and agencies. Principal correspondents are the Carl Graham Paint and Wall Paper Company, and the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company.

Box 1 FF 8 Business Records, September 24, 1908-December 30, 1909. Receipts for parts and orders, requests for agency licenses, catalogues and autos. A letter commenting on Jacques leaving the company and letters concerning a car show. Principal correspondent is the Jackson Automobile Company.

Box 1 FF 9 Business Records, January 4, 1909-December 5, 1909. Warranty, mortgage and chattel deeds, requests for autos, parts and agency licenses, sale payments and contracts. Letters dated June 6, 1909 and October 20, 1910 concerning the change of company ownership.

Box 1 FF 10 Business Records, June 18, 1909-December 20, 1910. Receipts for parts, requests for autos, agency licenses, catalogues and parts, also telegrams. Principal correspondents are the Metzger Motor Car Company, Moon Motor Company and Mora Motor Company.

Box 1 FF 11 Business Records, February 2, 1909-October 1, 1909. Receipts for parts, requests for parts, autos and catalogues, letters from S. P. Olcott to G. Rising.

Box 1 FF 12 Business Records, January 20, 1909-April 27, 1910. Requests for agency licenses, parts, autos and real estate, insurance safety letter and a telegram.

Box 1 FF 13 Business Records, February 23, 1909-December 22, 1909. Requests for parts, repairs, autos, catalogues and agency licenses. Telegrams and several letters concerning acquiring a Ricketts dealership. Principal correspondent is the Ricketts Automotive Company.

Box 1 FF 14 Business Records, October 5, 1909-October 21, 1909. Receipts for utilities, parts and payments, requests for autos and agency licenses. Principal correspondents are G. R. Smart Company and the Smith Machine shop.

Box 1 FF 15 Business Records, January 9, 1909-December 15, 1909. Receipts for utilities, parts and payments, requests for autos, canceled checks and letters from the Velie Motor Company to accept a dealership. Principal correspondent is the Tropical Oil Company.

Box 1 FF 16 Business Records, December 1, 1908-December 11, 1909. Requests for agency licenses, autos and catalogues, shop tickets, telegrams and advertisement receipts. Principal correspondents are the Warren Motor Sales company and the Webster and Hunsford Blacksmith and Machine Shop.

Box 1 FF 17 Business Records, April 23, 1909 and May 8, 1909. A shipping receipt and a complaint letter over an auto top.

Box 1 FF 18 Business Records, November 23, 1909-November 21, 1910. Receipts for parts, requests for autos, also a letter to Mr. Rising asking about conditions in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Principal correspondents are the Auto Specialty Company, Auto Supply and Tire Company and the Automobile Tire Company.

Box 1 FF 19 Business Records, January 8, 1910-August 28, 1910. Requests for parts, agency licenses and autos, letters dealing with acquiring a Petrel Motor Company dealership. Principal correspondents are A. L. Bennett and Company and the Petrel Motor Company.

Box 1

FF 20

Business Records, March 10, 1910-January 1, 1911. Requests for parts and autos, letters of complaint and a letter from D. W. Gooley stating that the Standard Automobile Company had been sold to “the Hockaday people.”

Box 1

FF 21

Business Records, February 4, 1909-November 10, 1910. Requests for autos, parts, receipts and an insurance letter on risk remedies.

Box 1

FF 22

Business Records, February 16, 1910-June 1, 1910. Requests for parts and agency licenses, and a letter on canceling an auto contract. Principal correspondents are the Ellis Motor Company and the Fix It Auto Company.

Box 1

FF 23

Business Records, January 26, 1910-December 6, 1910. Requests for autos and letters to the Goodyear Tire Company and Goodrich Tire Company. Also letters from J. M. Garrison, a real estate agent, to D. H. Spencer concerning a trade in land for the company. Principal correspondent is the Goodrich Tire Company.

Box 1

FF 24

Business Records, January 3, 1910-October 13, 1910. Receipts for parts, requests for autos and repairs. Letters to the Jackson Motor Company of Kansas City, and a letter seeking employment for a fifteen-year old boy. Principal correspondent is the Jackson Motor Company.

Box 1

FF 25

Business Records, January 27, 1910 and December 15, 1910. Letters from the Kansas National Bank concerning a financial report and a letter from the Kansas Automobile Dealers Association concerning forming a southwest dealers association.

Box 1

FF 26

Business Records, January 19, 1910-December 10, 1910. Requests and receipts for parts, and unsigned letters concerning the dissolution of the company. Principal correspondent is the Metzger Motor Company.

Box 1

FF 27

Business Records, January 7, 1910-April 16, 1910. Receipts for parts, requests for parts, catalogues, autos and agency licenses. Letters between Mr. Rising and Mr. Olcott concerning an auto.

Box 1

FF 28

Business Records, February 12, 1910-September 9, 1910. Requests for autos, parts receipts and complaint letters. Requests to acquire new auto dealership from the Palmer and Singer Automobile company. Principal correspondent is the Fix It Auto Company.

Box 1

FF 29

Business Records, January 11, 1910-August 29, 1910. Receipts for parts, letters of complaint, requests to acquire a new dealerships and a collection notice against Ricketts Auto Company.

Box 1

FF 30

Business Records, January 10, 1910-October 25, 1910. Request and receipts for agency licenses, repairs, parts, utilities and telegrams. Letters on an auto trade and one from Mr. Olcott to Mr. Rising.

Box 1

FF 31

Business Records, January 10, 1910-December 1, 1910. Receipts for parts, requests for agency licenses, and a letter that mentions wanting to buy an electric car. Principal correspondent is the Wichita Auto Top and Supply Company.