MS 72-2

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These pamphlets discuss issues of the Populist Party, an American political party that sought to represent the interests of farmers and laborers in the 1890s. Written in the same period, they address matters concerning Kansas, government, and social issues, and include speeches by William Jennings Bryan, Senator S. C. Pomeroy and others.

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Pamphlets Concerning Political Parties 
          Bryan, William J. 
               	Speech of Wm. J. Bryan before the Notification Meeting. 1896 
		S.C. 3960   1

          Caldwell, J. C.; Overmyer, David; Lease, Mary E.; John, J. P. 
               The Great Quandrangular Debate. 
		S.C. 3960   2

Cushing, C. Argument in Defense of Senator Pomeroy. n. d. S.C. 3960 3 Dunning, N. A. An Appeal to Populists and a Defense of Mr. Thomas E. Watson. 1896 S.C. 3960 4 Elder, P. P. Personal Narrative. P. P. Elder's Financial History. n. d. S.C. 3960 5 Hackney, W. P. Wither Are We Drifting? 1893 S.C. 3960 6 Martinson, Henderson S. Political Parties and the Women of Kansas. 1914 S.C. 3960 7 Pomeroy, S. C. Twelve Years in the United States Senate. 1872 S.C. 3960 8

Populist Legislative Investigation, Testimony Taken Before the Joint Committee Appointed to Investigate Charges of Bribery and Corruption. n. d. S.C. 3960 9
  Populist Pledges and Performances 
	S.C. 3960  10
          Prouty, S. S. 
               Kansas. Topeka Constitution Script. 1887 
		S.C. 3960  11

          Stumbaugh, S. F., Riggs, Samuel A., and Webb, W. C. 
               Election of John H. Ingalls. 1880 
		S.C. 3960  12
          Ware, Eugene 
               Hello, Kansas! The Fall of the Ingalls and What Happened. 1900 
		S.C. 3960  13

          Waterbury, Ed. S. 
               The Legislative Conspiracy in Kansas, Court vs. Constitution.
		 Who Are The Anarchists? 1893 
		S.C. 3960  14


Miscellaneous Pamphlets 

          Allen, Walter N. 
               Civil Service Reform, A Memorial. 1882 
		S.C. 3960  15

          American Wool Growing Under McKinley and Wilson Tarriffs. (1896?) 
		S.C. 3960  16

          Anthony, George T. 
               Government Ownership vs. Private Ownership of Railroads. n. d. 
		S.C. 3960  17
          Bond-Holders and Bread Winners. 
		S.C. 3960  18
          Hay, John 
               Free Trade vs. the Tariff. 1890 
		S.C. 3960  19

          Kelly, H. B. 
               Between Millstones. n. d. 
		S.C. 3960  20
          King, S. S. 
               The Producer Consumed. 1897 
		S.C. 3960  21

          Meyer, Aug. R. 
               Reciprocity with Mexico. 1890 
		S.C. 3960  22

          Meyer, A. B., and Eells, Dan P. 
               The Duty on Mexican Ores. 1890 
		S.C. 3960  23

          Peck, George R. 
               The Conflict of Social Forces. 1884 
		S.C. 3960  24

          Stones, J. C. 
               Tax Reform. n. d. 
		S.C. 3960  25

          To Redeem Kansas. The Chronicle Monthly Magazine. 1894 
		S.C. 3960  26

          Ware, E. F. 
               A Suggestion as to the Control of Corporations in Kansas. 1892 
		S.C. 3960  27

          Welch, Orrin 
               The Widows and Orphans Fund Held by the Life Insurance Company. 1880 
		S.C. 3960  28


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