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Records Management Policies

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Through effective records management, the archives staff ensure that University records of continuing legal, administrative and historical value will be preserved and made accessible to all who need them, and that unnecessary records will undergo systematic and responsible disposal.

University records are the records created in the course of official activities of University officers and offices. These records are the property of Wichita State University. They do not include, for example, such materials as personal correspondence unrelated to University business, personal research, lecture notes, or records pertaining to personal membership in or work done for professional associations.

WSU's Policy on Records Retention and Records Retention Schedule linked here list many types of records that are common to all offices. In addition, they give advice on what to keep, how long to keep it, and when, to throw it away or to send it to the Archives. Always check departmental policies for longer retention requirements. Once records are in the archives, information about them will be made available in the library catalog and in the Archival Collections section of this web site.

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