Salmon Brothers Photograph Supplies and Galleries Collection

Collection Summary

Title: Salmon Brothers Photograph Supplies and Galleries Collection
Call Number: MS 2002-08
Size: 0.25 linear feet
Acquisition: Purchased from Dennis Coffey
Processed by: CB, 12-18-2001

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Content Note

This collection contains business and personal records of the Salmon Brothers, photographers, of Mt. Hope, Kansas. The business-related correspondence and records are comprised of invoices, stock investment opportunities offered to the brothers, proof orders, tax receipts and other documents. The personal correspondence includes family news from N. D. and H. L. Salmon. Several images taken by the firm are also included. Materials date from 1890 to 1926.

Series Listing 

Series 1

Box 1 FF 1-3

Correspondence. The files in this series include business and personal correspondence of the Salmon Brothers between 1894 and 1908.

Series 2

Box 1 FF 4

Salmon Brothers Advertisement. This series includes an original advertising pamphlet and broadside for the Salmon Brothers business.

Series 3

Box 1 FF 5

Salmon Brothers Photographs. This series include photographs taken by the Salmon Brothers.

Series 4

Box 1 FF 6-8

Financial Records. The files in this series include financial records and date between 1890 and 1926.

Box and Folder Listing

Series 1 -- Correspondence


Box 1

FF 1

Business correspondence from May 21,1894 to April 1902 including letters from The Boulder Basin General Oil Co. concerning stock investments, Chs. Lawrence on general trade information, W. O. Lenhart on business location information, M. A. Calhoun about location questions, W. C. Matson, an attorney who was discussing the boom in Wichita, Kansas, and others.

Box 1

FF 2

Business correspondence concerning proof orders from the Haven Hotel, The State Bank of Haven and others from November 11, 1902 to February 10, 1908.

Box 1

FF 3

Personal correspondence containing letters from N. D. and H. L. Salmon concerning family news, and a letter from a friend named Alta(?).


Series 2 -- Salmon Advertisement


Box 1

FF 4

Salmon Advertisement including a pamphlet and a broadside.


Series 3 -- Salmon Brothers Photographs


Box 1

FF 5

Photographs taken by Salmon Brothers.


Series 4 -- Financial Records


Box 1

FF 6

Invoices from Photo Jewelry Manufacturing Company, Mullet Brothers Photographic Supply Company and others, February 26, 1900 to February 11, 1904.

Box 1

FF 7

Records from March 10, 1890 to January 15, 1926 including a time book and bank accounts.

Box 1

FF 8

Taxes and Personal Property information dated March 21, 1901 to 1918.