Edwana Denning Collins Papers

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Title: Edwana Denning Collins Papers
Call Number: MS 2005-05
Size: 15.0 linear feet
Acquisition: Donated by the Collins family
Processed by: JLY, 7-2005; JLY, 8-2006
Restrictions: None

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Content Note

The Edwana Denning Collins Papers include a medley of materials that document her thirty year career in public service including her seat on the Wichita Board of Education, Wichita Area Community Action Program, Inc., and her involvement with multiple other boards, committees, and councils. Also documented within these materials is a turbulent time in the Wichita Public School system regarding integration, bussing, and other social and economic concerns. This is done through collected clippings, meeting agendas, correspondence, meeting proceedings, reports, publications, personal calendars, and ephemera. These materials range from 1951 to 1981 and are collected in either journals, subject files or scrapbooks.


Edwana Collins was born in New Orleans on December 5, 1921. The family settled in Wichita in 1932 after her father, John L. Denning, moved his lucrative broomcorn business to the city. Collins was involved with public service in Wichita for thirty years. This included sixteen years as a member of the Wichita Board of Education (1955-1971), where she served as President in both 1960 and 1961, along with her service on numerous boards, committees, task forces, and councils. In 1978 she earned a B.A. in Political Science from Wichita State University followed by an M.A. in Urban Studies two years after. Late in her career she made two unsuccessful attempts for a seat on the Wichita City Commission, but lost in both 1981 and 1983. Edwana Denning Collins died in 1993 at age 72.

Detailed Description: Series Listing

Series 1Box 1 FF 1-Box 2 FF 4Board of Education Journals. These journals, prepared by Edwana Collins, are comprised of a medley of materials, each may include any of the following: meeting agendas, meeting proceedings, reports, clippings, correspondence, manuscript notes, publications, and ephemera. The journals, ranging from 1952 to 1971, follow the career of Edwana Collins and her tenure on the Wichita Board of Education, 1954-1971, highlight her activities as a member of other committees and boards, and document a turbulent time in the Wichita Public School system regarding integration, bussing, and other social and economic concerns.
Series 2Box 2 FF 5-Box 4 FF 6Subject Journals. These journals, prepared by Collins, include various materials which may include any of the following: meeting agendas, meeting proceedings, reports, clippings, correspondence, manuscript notes, and other printed material. They are arranged alphabetically by original title. The materials found within these journals spans from 1951 to the first few months of 1971. Of particular interest are the untitled journals found in file folders 5-7, these books have manuscript journal-like entries detailing Collins' experiences on the Wichita Board of Education and other boards and committees, along with clippings and correspondence.
Series 3Box 4 FF 10-Box 5 FF 2Personal Calendars. The files include the personal calendars of Edwana Collins for the years 1952-1974, 1976-1980, 1983, and 1985-1986.
Series 4Box 5 FF 3-Box 6 FF 4Subject Files. Includes subject files arranged alphabetically.
Series 5Box 6 FF 5-6Correspondence. Correspondence received by Collins from the Rockefeller Foundation, 1968-1972. Two pieces of personal correspondence are also included.
Series 6Box 6 FF 7-11Bound Journals. These journals have been professionally bound. They are arranged alphabetically and include an assortment of materials including meeting agendas, newsletters, meeting proceedings, reports, clippings, correspondence, manuscript notes, publications, and ephemera.
Series 7Box 7-Box 11Scrapbooks. The series includes 17 scrapbooks ranging in date from 1954 to 1971. The scrapbooks include a mixture of materials including clippings, correspondence, photographs, newsletters convention programs, membership cards, and personal ephemera.
Series 8Box 12Oversized. Series includes 2 oversized scrapbooks: January 1966 - May 1966 and March 1981, and a Resolution for Collins from the Wichita Area Community Action Program, Inc.,1968.

Detailed Description: Box and Folder Listing

Series 1 ‒ Board of Education Journals

Box 1FF 1Board of Education, 1952-1965 [NOTE: Many of these notebooks are too large to rest in the file folders; those that are, stand directly in front of the folder designating its position in the box.]
Box 1FF 2 Board of Education, December 20, 1965-December 1966
Box 1FF 3Board of Education, 1967
Box 1FF 4Board of Education, 1968
Box 1FF 5 Board of Education, January 1969-June 1969
Box 1FF 6 Board of Education, July 1969-December 1969
Box 1FF 7 Board of Education, December 1969-February 1970
Box 1FF 8 Board of Education, February 20, 1970-March 20, 1970
Box 2FF 1 Board of Education, March 24, 1970-August 3, 1970
Box 2FF 2 Board of Education, August 1, 1970-October 27, 1970
Box 2FF 3 Board of Education, March 1971-April 28, 1971
Box 2FF 4 Board of Education, April 30, 1971-June 30, 1971

Series 2 ‒ Subject Journals

Box 2FF 5Bond Election Brochures, 1951-1963. Includes just three brochures 1951, 1954, 1955, and a Fact Capsule for the 1963 bond election
Box 2FF 6Budget Tables, 1959-1970- Comparative Tables from Budgets
Box 2FF 7Budget Title Sheets, Committee Assignments, Historical Data, Pupil Evaluation, Religion Issue 1963
Box 2FF 8Building Data Boundaries
Box 2FF 9Building Program 1966
Box 3FF 1Community School Conference November 1966-September 1967
Box 3FF 2Compensatory Ed. Factors, Drop Outs, Vandalism
Box 3FF 3 Data-Personnel, Class Size, Policy 200
Box 3FF 4East High Expulsions and Hearings May 1968
Box 3FF 5Enrollment by School by Race 1952-1970, Census Data on Planeview 1970
Box 3FF 6Historical
Box 3FF 7 Integration Log October 19, 1970-January 1, 1971
Box 3FF 8 Integration Log January 1971-March 12, 1971
Box 3FF 9Integration Miscellaneous 1958-1970
Box 3FF 10NEA Investigation Columbus, Mississippi
Box 3FF 11Program Development Task Force 1965-1966
Box 4FF 1School Board Elections 1951-1967
Box 4FF 2School Boundary Maps 1966-67, 1969-70, 1970-71
Box 4FF 3School Budgets 1951-52 to 1958-59
Box 4FF 4Transfers
Box 4FF 5Wichita Area Community Action Program, Inc. [WACAPI]
Box 4FF 6Wichita University Conferences 1951 & 1954
Box 4FF 7Untitled -- Manuscript journal like entries detailing Collins' experiences serving on the Wichita Board of Education and other committees. Also includes photocopied and original clippings.
Box 4FF 8Untitled -- Manuscript journal like entries detailing Collins' experiences serving on the Wichita Board of Education and other committees. Also includes photocopied and original clippings.
Box 4FF 9Untitled -- Includes manuscript journal-like entries detailing Collins' experiences serving on Wichita Boards and Committees, correspondence, the search for WACAPI Executive Director, Jack Chapman's resume, and other publications.

Series 3 ‒ Personal Calendars

Box 4FF 10Calendars -- 1952-1957
Box 4FF 11Calendars -- 1958-1968
Box 4FF 12Calendars -- 1969-1972
Box 4FF 13Calendars -- 1973-1974
Box 4FF 14Calendars -- 1976-1978
Box 5FF 1Calendars -- 1979-1980, 1983, 1985, 1986
Box 5FF 2Calendars -- 1988. Book also includes clippings and other printed items as well as rosters.

Series 4 ‒ Subject Files

Box 5FF 3Address Books- Includes five address and telephone books and a Wichita Public School System Directory for the 1970-1971 year.
Box 5FF 4Awards and Certificates- Certificate of initiation into the Wichita State University Chapter of Mortar Board (1976); certificate of initiation into Pi Sigma Alpha (1976); Distinguished Service Award from Kansas Association of School Boards (1965); Certificates of Election for School Board (1955, 1959, 1963);appointment as member of Governor's Committee on Education (1968); welcoming brochure and member card for Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi (1975);Bachelor of Arts diploma (1978); Master of Urban Affairs diploma (1980)
Box 5FF 5Board of Education- Report to the B.O.E. 1970; Audio Reel Wichita B.O.E. meeting of May 17, 1971 Robert M. Beren presiding; Biographical Information for members, 1968; photograph
Box 5FF 6Bussing- Postcards sent to Collins showing support for the Don Miller plan for voluntary bussing and disdain for the plan of cross-bussing, 1970; list of white parents who volunteered to have their children bussed, 1971
Box 5FF 7Chapman, Jack -- Two copies of "Essays and Articles 1967-1968" by Jack Chapman. The collection is dedicated to Collins and both have been signed by Chapman
Box 5FF 8Clippings
Box 5FF 9Coalition Planning Board for Resources Mobilization -- 2 copies of newsletter CONCERN, September 1971 and January 1972
Box 5FF 10Community Planning Council -- Progress Report of the Long-Range Planning Committee, 1965; list of Persons serving groups affiliated with the Community Planning Council, 1970-1971
Box 5FF 11Cultural-Educational Park -- List of advantages and disadvantages
Box 5FF 12Department of Health, Education, and Welfare- Administrative Proceeding in the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, National Science Foundation, Atomic Energy Commission, Department of Housing and Urban Development. Brief of Respondent USD 259, Suggested Findings of Fact, Suggested Conclusions of Law
Box 5FF 13Education Finance -- Report of the Governor's Committee on Education; Report to the KASB Committee on School Finance; Correspondence; Staff Report Chapter 1-3 Rough Draft fro Governor's Committee on Education, 1968
Box 5FF 14Gardenhire, Jo -- Clippings and two copies of the booklet prepared by Gardenhire "How To Turn Black In Ten Easy Lessons"
Box 5FF 15Governor's Committee on Education -- Working Paper Section II Drafting Committee
Box 5FF 16Kansas Advisory Committee -- Report Police-Community Relations in the City of Wichita and Sedgwick County
Box 5FF 17LEAP Committee -- School and Society in One City the report of the Leap Committee to the B.O.E., 1969
Box 6FF 1Methods of Handling Complaints Against the Police: An Annotated Bibliography -- 2 copies of bibliography prepared by Collins and published by the Council of Planning Libraries, 1979
Box 6FF 2Migration to Urbanized Areas and Suburbanization: A Search for Explanation -- 2 drafts of paper written by Collins
Box 6FF 3Wichita Board of Crime & Corrections -- Report Crimes Against the Elderly (1977); 2 copies of report Law Enforcement Public Opinion Survey conducted by Dr. Pisciotte Center for Urban Studies Wichita State University (1978)
Box 6FF 4Writings -- This folder includes two stenographer's notebooks and many loose pages with manuscript writings; also includes typed pages

Series 5 ‒ Correspondence

Box 6FF 5Correspondence -- Collected binder of correspondence received by Collins from the Rockefeller Foundation, the Wall Street Journal, Department of Health Education & Welfare, and the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights,1968-1972. Also includes a loose piece of correspondence from Mrs. Paul Smith, 1953, and from Clark Ahlberg,1976.
Box 6FF 6Correspondence -- Collected binder of Anti-busing letters received by Collins, January - March 1970.

Series 6 ‒ Bound Journals

Box 6FF 7Earth's The Right Place for Love -- Bound volume includes reports, correspondence, Proceedings of the B.O.E., issue papers, Articles of Incorporation for the WACAPI, conference papers, issues of the Inter Com newsletter, list of B.O.E. members from 1871-1971
Box 6FF 8Edwana Collins -- Bound volume includes clippings, certificates of appreciation and appointment, memos and correspondence, Articles of Incorporation of Health Planning Council of South Central Kansas, Inc., Inter Com newsletter, photocopies of Collins' published poems, original and photocopied campaign materials for Dan Glickman and Jimmy Carter, several pieces documenting the college career of Collins, 1970s
Box 6FF 9 I Took The One Less Travelled By -- Bound volume includes testimony of Collins, Administrative Proceedings, Supreme Court Opinions Nos. 281 and 234, October 1970, Swann Vs. B.O.E., correspondence, Proceedings of the B.O.E., 1970s
Box 6FF 10So The Wrong Ones Can't Find It -- Bound volume includes Report Factors for Consideration in Determining Compensatory Educational Practices, Board minutes, photocopied clippings, Board memos, B.O.E. Gist, correspondence, LEAP Committee report, certificate of achievement. Loose pieces in the front include program from the reception 35 Years on the Road to Equal Rights 1954-1989, clipping, card featuring illustration of Rosa Parks. The bound volume has been signed by six of the original plaintiffs in Brown vs. Board of Education, as well as two daughters of Rev. Oliver L. Brown, and Rosa Parks
Box 6FF 11 Southern Born and Southern Bred -- Bound volume of reports, correspondence, photocopied clippings, draft of Suggested Amendment to Wichita Board of Crime and Corrections Ordinance No. 32-152, Methods of Handling Complaints Against the Police: An Annotated Bibliography, documents from Collins' college career, Report on My Trip to Tennessee, May 1980 by Collins

Series 7 ‒ Scrapbooks

Box 7 Scrapbooks -- 1954-1955; September 1955-March 1957; June 1957-April 1959; May 1959-August 1961
Box 8 Scrapbooks -- September 1961-April 1963; April 1963-June 1964 ; September 1964-December 1965; June 1966-January 13, 1967
Box 9 Scrapbooks -- January 1967-May 1967; May 1967-September 1967; September 1967-March 1968
Box 10 Scrapbooks -- March 1968-July 28, 1968; July 30, 1968-December 29, 1968; December 1968-April 1969
Box 11 Scrapbooks -- April 1969-February 1970; March 1970-December 1970; January 1971

Series 8 ‒ Oversized

Box 12 Oversized -- Scrapbooks -- January 1966-May 1966 and March 1981; Resolution for Collins from WACAPI, 1968