Chris Cherches Papers

Collection Summary

Title: Chris Cherches Papers
Call Number: MS 2017-01
Size: 24.5 linear feet (25 boxes)
Acquisition: Donated by the family of Chris Cherches, 12-2004
Processed by: JZ, 7-2016
Restrictions: None

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Content Note

The collection contains the professional and personal papers of long-time Wichita City Manager Chris Cherches, who also acted in the same capacity for other municipalities in Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Montana, and Nevada from 1960 through 1985. Record types include correspondence, budget reports, press clippings, speeches, academic studies, periodicals, newsletters, professional and corporate publications, audiovisual material, and ephemera. Bulk dates are from 1972-2004.


Christopher Eugene Cherches was born on September 14, 1932, in Boonville, Missouri, and later moved in-state with his family to Columbia. Prior to and following service in the United States Navy, Cherches attended the University of Missouri, earning his bachelor's degree in Public Administration in 1957. He then received training at the School of City Management at the University of Kansas in 1958 before attaining an MPA from the same institution in 1963.

In 1958 Cherches also began his career in public administration as assistant to the village manager in Glencoe, Illinois. In 1960 he embarked upon a succession of city manager positions, serving Holton, Kansas, until 1963, and then moving to Mexico, Missouri (1963-1966); Gladstone, Missouri (1966-1968); St. Louis Park, Minnesota (1968-1977); Great Falls, Montana (1977-1980); and Reno, Nevada (1980-1985), before being hired as city manager for Wichita in 1985.

Cherches's time in Wichita saw his leadership and tireless work efforts revitalize the downtown area. During the 1990s and early 2000s Old Town, the Hyatt Regency Wichita, Exploration Place, and CityArts all came into being along with extensive remodeling of the Eaton Hotel, the Wichita Art Museum, and Lawrence-Dumont Stadium. Cherches also headed city-wide beautification projects, kept the city's mill levy unchanged for 11 years, and led in making over the Kellogg freeway and the K-96 bypass, along with other achievements in community matters.

Cherches resigned his position on December 31, 2003, and died from a fall on August 26, 2004, a few weeks after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He is survived by his wife Susan and four children.

Detailed Description: Series Listing

Series 1Box 1 FF 1-19Academic and Early Professional Background. This series consists of Cherches's academic efforts as a student of public administration, as well as correspondence, legal and financial reports, writings, speeches, notes, and ephemera documenting his early career as a city manager, 1953-1970. Material is arranged chronologically by city served; academic papers precede professional records.
Series 2Box 1 FF 20-Box 2 FF 26St. Louis Park. This series houses correspondence, memoranda, brochures, newsletters, planning and financial reports, and ephemera relating to Cherches's time as city manager of St. Louis Park, 1957-1988. Material is arranged by subject.
Series 3Box 2 FF 27-Box 3 FF 21Great Falls. This series contains correspondence, memoranda, brochures, newsletters, planning and financial reports, and ephemera pertaining to Cherches's time as city manager of Great Falls, 1975-1980. Material is arranged by subject.
Series 4Box 3 FF 22-Box 4 FF 13Reno. This series consists of correspondence, memoranda, brochures, newsletters, planning and financial reports, and ephemera relating to Cherches's time as city manager of Reno, 1966-1985. Material is arranged by subject.
Series 5Box 4 FF 14-Box 15 FF 12Wichita. This series consists of records pertaining to Cherches's time as city manager of Wichita and his involvement in local matters, 1971-2004. This series contains 12 subseries.
Subseries 5.1Box 4 FF 14-Box 5 FF 12City Manager's Office and General Government. This series consists of correspondence, reports, meeting minutes, ephemera, notes, administrative material, and news clippings relating to the City Manager's Office and supporting administrative organizations, 1981-2004. Of note are the progress reports and correspondence reflecting the planning and implementation of projects overseen by Cherches.
Subseries 5.2Box 5 FF 13-Box 6 FF 5City Council. This subseries contains Wichita City Council agenda items, meeting minutes, ordinances, and writings on the history and role of the Council (known as the Wichita City Commission until 1987), 1971-2004. Also present are records produced by Council-appointed boards and commissions. Material is arranged by subject.
Subseries 5.3Box 6 FF 6-Box 8 FF 11Finance. This subseries consists of proposed and approved City budgets, notes, correspondence, financial plans, and meeting minutes, all relating to the Finance Department, 1986-2004. Budget material is arranged chronologically, followed by alphabetized items.
Subseries 5.4Box 8 FF 12-33Law Enforcement. This subseries contains correspondence, academic reports, consultant studies, presentation material, and notes on the Wichita Police Department, local community policing organizations, and court programs dealing with law enforcement, 1976-2003. Material is arranged alphabetically.
Subseries 5.5Box 8 FF 34-Box 9 FF 4Public Works. This subseries consists of reports, correspondence, and presentation material relating to traffic and street construction, waste management, air quality, and energy issues in Wichita, 1991-2003. Material is arranged alphabetically.
Subseries 5.6Box 9 FF 5-12Planning. This subseries contains reports, correspondence, project proposals, and regulatory documents relating to future commercial construction and transportation system needs for the City of Wichita, 1973-2001.
Subseries 5.7Box 9 FF 13-21Parks and Recreation. This subseries consists of correspondence, user fee reports, park and service proposals, and plans for restructuring the Department of Parks and Recreation, 1992-2003. Material is arranged alphabetically.
Subseries 5.8Box 9 FF 22-30Environment. This subseries contains reports, correspondence, speeches, presentation slides, and notes relating to environmental issues in the Wichita area, 1992-2004. Of note is material on the Gilbert-Mosley Project, which documents Cherches's innovative approaches in solving the groundwater contamination issue in downtown Wichita through public-private partnerships. Material is arranged by subject.
Subseries 5.9Box 9 FF 31-Box 10 FF 2Other Departments in City Government. This subseries contains material relating to other departments in City government, 1986-2003. Material is arranged alphabetically.
Subseries 5.10Box 10 FF 3-19Business and Commerce. This subseries consists of correspondence, reports, newsletters, conference material, notes, and promotional material on business and commercial development in Wichita, 1978-2004. Material is arranged alphabetically.
Subseries 5.11Box 10 FF 20-Box 11 FF 24Speeches and Presentations. This subseries contains speeches and presentations given by Cherches and others involved in local government, industry, and education, 1980-2003. Also included are related correspondence, ephemera, and conference proceedings. Material is arranged alphabetically.
Subseries 5.12Box 11 FF 25-Box 15 FF 12Other. This subseries consists of correspondence, reports, ephemera, and presentations relating to industry, education, health care, community affairs, city employee matters, Wichita/Sedgwick County relations, and various proposals and projects concerning governance and revenue, 1978-2004. Material is arranged by subject.
Series 6Box 15 FF 13-Box 21 FF 15Subject Files. This series contains press clippings, magazines, newsletters, memoranda, reports, and journals collected by Chris Cherches. These items center on issues pertaining to public administration, organizational management, local government, and related matters. Material is arranged alphabetically by subject.
Series 7Box 21 FF 16-Box 24 FF 2Publications. This series consists of various publications collected by Cherches and is made up of two subseries.
Subseries 7.1Box 21 FF 16-Box 22 FF 17Periodicals. This subseries contains issues of journals, magazines, and newsletters; topics include public administration, management, and government, 1973-2004. Material is arranged by title.
Subseries 7.2Box 22 FF 18-Box 24 FF 2Other Publications. This subseries contains research manuals, reports, and handbooks relating to public administration, government, budgeting, and other topics, 1966-2004. Material is arranged alphabetically.
Series 8Box 24 FF 3-Box 25 FF 2Audiovisual. This series consists of VHS tapes, CDs, and cassette tapes, 1985-c. 2002. Topics include leadership and management, criminal justice, local and state government, and local economic initiatives. Material is arranged by format.
Series 9Box 25 FF 3-8Other. This series contains supplementary material with respect to Cherches's life and career in city management, 1980-2004. Material is arranged alphabetically.

Detailed Description: Box and Folder Listing

Series 1 ‒ Academic and Early Professional Background

Box 1FF 1Mexico, Missouri: A Study of Its Growth and Development, c. 1958
Box 1FF 2Procedures Manuals: Administrative Measurement and Analysis, c. 1958
Box 1FF 3Subdivision Regulations and Suggestions for Subdivisions, c. 1958
Box 1FF 4Glencoe, Illinois ‒ Fire Service Manual, 1956
Box 1FF 5Glencoe, Illinois ‒ Special reports concerning Glencoe's combined police-fire service, 1953-1957
Box 1FF 6Glencoe, Illinois ‒ Storm drainage report, 1958
Box 1FF 7Glencoe, Illinois ‒ Various items, 1954-1959
Box 1FF 8Holton, Kansas ‒ Annual budget for 1962
Box 1FF 9Holton, Kansas ‒ Public works, 1960-1963, n.d.
Box 1FF 10Holton, Kansas ‒ Various items, 1961-1963, n.d.
Box 1FF 11Mexico, Missouri ‒ Various items, 1963-1965
Box 1FF 12Mexico, Missouri ‒ Vote on abandoning council-manager form of government, 1959, 1965
Box 1FF 13Gladstone, Missouri ‒ Animal control, 1959, 1965-1968, n.d.
Box 1FF 14Gladstone, Missouri ‒ Annual budgets for 1966-1967 and 1967-1968
Box 1FF 15Gladstone, Missouri ‒ Public safety (Fire/police departments), 1965-1968
Box 1FF 16Gladstone, Missouri ‒ Sidewalks and parking, 1968, n.d.
Box 1FF 17Gladstone, Missouri ‒ Solid waste removal fees, 1965, 1967-1968
Box 1FF 18Gladstone, Missouri ‒ Various items, 1968, n.d.
Box 1FF 19Gladstone, Missouri ‒ Zoning, 1962, 1965-1970, n.d.

Series 2 ‒ St. Louis Park

Box 1FF 20920-3000 (city government's quarterly newsletter), 1972-1976
Box 1FF 21920-3000 (city government's quarterly newsletter), 1977-1980
Box 1FF 22Bond sales, 1975-1976
Box 1FF 23Budget material, 1968-1977, n.d.
Box 1FF 24Calendars, 1972-1973, 1975-1976
Box 1FF 25City council proceedings, 1958-1976, n.d.
Box 1FF 26Community education, 1971-1978
Box 1FF 27Community education, 1979-1988, n.d.
Box 1FF 28Comprehensive city plan for St. Louis Park, 1957, 1976-1978, n.d.
Box 1FF 29Comprehensive city plan for St. Louis Park, 1978
Box 2FF 1Crime prevention, 1975-1976, n.d.
Box 2FF 2 Eidolon '76 (Normandale Community College literary magazine), 1976
Box 2FF 3Employee Assistance Program, 1977
Box 2FF 4Energy conservation, 1974-1977
Box 2FF 5Financial material, 1973-1976, n.d.
Box 2FF 6Forms for various municipal occasions, 1975
Box 2FF 7Fully Developed Area Task Force ‒ Final reports of subcommittees, 1976
Box 2FF 8Fully Developed Area Task Force ‒ Report to Metropolitan Council, 1977
Box 2FF 9Information kit for new city employees, 1977
Box 2FF 10Information kit for new residents (folder 1 of 2), c. 1976
Box 2FF 11Information kit for new residents (folder 2 of 2), c. 1976
Box 2FF 12Insurance bids for city, 1974, 1976
Box 2FF 13Interview questions for city jobs, 1975, n.d.
Box 2FF 14Labor relations, 1969-1976
Box 2FF 15Labor relations, 1977, n.d.
Box 2FF 16Open Meeting Law, 1958, 1972, 1974-1977
Box 2FF 17Orientation material for new city employees, 1974-1976
Box 2FF 18Other, 1968-1977, n.d.
Box 2FF 19The Park: A History of St. Louis Park, 1976
Box 2FF 20Personnel, 1972-1977
Box 2FF 21Police meeting manual, c. 1974
Box 2FF 22Proposal to hire coordinator of safety services, 1961-1975, n.d.
Box 2FF 23Proposed reorganization of city departments, c. 1973
Box 2FF 24Public safety survey material, 1971-1975
Box 2FF 25Training in team-building, 1969-1976
Box 2FF 26Zoning, 1974-1977

Series 3 ‒ Great Falls

Box 2FF 27727-5881 (city government's quarterly newsletter), 1978-1979
Box 2FF 28Affirmative action, 1977
Box 3FF 1Background on Great Falls, 1975-1977
Box 3FF 2Budgets, 1977-1980
Box 3FF 3City government, 1977-1980
Box 3FF 4Consolidation of city-county jails, 1977-1980
Box 3FF 5Contracting public services, 1978, 1980, n.d.
Box 3FF 6Downtown revitalization, 1978-1980, n.d.
Box 3FF 7Energy conservation, 1979
Box 3FF 8Labor relations ‒ Fire department, 1975, 1977, 1980
Box 3FF 9Labor relations ‒ Other city departments, 1977-1980
Box 3FF 10Labor relations ‒ Police department, 1968, 1978, 1980
Box 3FF 11Newspaper clippings, 1977
Box 3FF 12Other, 1977-1980, n.d.
Box 3FF 13Police department, 1979-1980
Box 3FF 14Proposal for fire protection study, 1978
Box 3FF 15Proposed projects and recommendations for the city, 1980
Box 3FF 16Public Technology, Inc. , 1978-1980
Box 3FF 17Risk management, 1976-1979
Box 3FF 18Sidewalks, 1978-1979
Box 3FF 19Snow removal, 1977-1979
Box 3FF 20Welcome brochures, c. 1977
Box 3FF 21Zoning, 1978

Series 4 ‒ Reno

Box 3FF 22Affirmative action, 1981, 1985
Box 3FF 23Bond proposals, 1966-1985, n.d.
Box 3FF 24Business articles and clippings, 1983-1985
Box 3FF 25City council, 1980-1983, n.d.
Box 3FF 26City-county jail consolidation, 1981-1985
Box 3FF 27City Planner application material, 1984
Box 3FF 28Development issues in Reno, 1982-1983
Box 3FF 29Director of Public Works applications, 1976, 1982
Box 3FF 30Downtown revitalization, 1981-1982
Box 4FF 1Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN), 1984
Box 4FF 2Employee matters, 1983, 1985
Box 4FF 3Finance, 1984-1985
Box 4FF 4Fire Chief applications, 1983
Box 4FF 5Fire department, 1983-1985
Box 4FF 6Information kit on Reno, 1983
Box 4FF 7Infrastructure, 1982-1985, n.d.
Box 4FF 8Notes on city government and management, c. 1981
Box 4FF 9Other, 1980-1985, n.d.
Box 4FF 10Personnel matters, 1980-1981, 1985
Box 4FF 11Planning, 1982-1985
Box 4FF 12Police department, 1980-1981, 1985
Box 4FF 13Speeches, 1981, 1985

Series 5 ‒ Wichita

Series 5.1 ‒ City Manager's Office and General Government

Box 4FF 142001 Organization Chart for City of Wichita, 2001
Box 4FF 15Brown bag lunch meetings with city employees, 1992-1993
Box 4FF 16City employee matters, 2001-2003
Box 4FF 17City Manager's Office staff duties, 1998, n.d.
Box 4FF 18City ordinances on municipal administration, 1981
Box 4FF 19Contact information, 2000, n.d.
Box 4FF 20Correspondence ‒ City government, 1986-2003, n.d.
Box 4FF 21Correspondence ‒ Non-City government material, 1985-2004
Box 4FF 22Correspondence on Cherches leaving Reno/moving to Wichita (folder 1 of 2), 1985
Box 4FF 23Correspondence on Cherches leaving Reno/moving to Wichita (folder 2 of 2), 1985
Box 4FF 24Correspondence with Adam Bruns on managing/leading Wichita, 1998
Box 4FF 25Internships, 1988-2003, n.d.
Box 4FF 26News clippings, notes, and correspondence on the hiring of Cherches, 1985
Box 4FF 27Notes, 1997, n.d.
Box 4FF 28Property Management Division, 2001-2003
Box 4FF 29Public Affairs/Public Information/Community Relations, 1981-1995, n.d.
Box 4FF 30Strategic Agenda for Wichita: A Guide to the Future of City Government, 1990
Box 4FF 31Strategic Agenda for Wichita, 2003
Box 5FF 1Strategic agenda items, goals, and progress reports on City matters, 1986-1991
Box 5FF 2Strategic agenda items, goals, and progress reports on City matters, 1992-1994
Box 5FF 3Strategic agenda items, goals, and progress reports on City matters, 1995
Box 5FF 4Strategic agenda items, goals, and progress reports on City matters, 1996
Box 5FF 5Strategic agenda items, goals, and progress reports on City matters, 1997
Box 5FF 6Strategic agenda items, goals, and progress reports on City matters, 1998-1999
Box 5FF 7Strategic agenda items, goals, and progress reports on City matters, 2000
Box 5FF 8Strategic agenda items, goals, and progress reports on City matters, (part 1 of 2), 2001
Box 5FF 9Strategic agenda items, goals, and progress reports on City matters, (part 2 of 2), 2001
Box 5FF 10Strategic agenda items, goals, and progress reports on City matters, 2002
Box 5FF 11Strategic agenda items, goals, and progress reports on City matters, 2003-2004
Box 5FF 12Strategic agenda items, goals, and progress reports on City matters, n.d.

Series 5.2 ‒ City Council

Box 5FF 13Agenda reports and correspondence, 1997-2001
Box 5FF 14Agenda reports and correspondence, 2002
Box 5FF 15Agenda reports and correspondence, 2003
Box 5FF 16City ordinances and regulations concerning boards, agencies, and commissions, n.d.
Box 5FF 17City ordinances and regulations concerning City Council , 1992-2000, n.d.
Box 5FF 18Citizen Participation Organization, 1987-1995, n.d.
Box 5FF 19District Advisory Board training and bylaws, 2003
Box 5FF 20Housing Advisory Board meeting minutes, 2003
Box 5FF 21Minutes of council meetings, 2001, 2003
Box 5FF 22Other, 1991-2004
Box 5FF 23Policies and related material, 1971-1996
Box 6FF 1Policies and related material, 1997-2000
Box 6 FF 2Policies and related material, 2001-2003
Box 6FF 3Public agenda material, 1993-1996
Box 6FF 4'The Tuesday Night Fights': City Commission Politics in Wichita, Kansas (1957-1958), 1989
Box 6FF 5Untitled manuscript on Wichita City Council, c. 1987

Series 5.3 ‒ Finance

Box 6FF 61987 budget ‒ City Manager's letter to City Commission, 1986
Box 6FF 71989-1990 budget ‒ Slide show presentation, c. 1988
Box 6FF 81990 budget adjustments ‒ Compost project, 1989-1990
Box 6FF 91994 budget ‒ Correspondence, 1993
Box 6FF 101994 budget ‒ Minutes for Wichita City Council and Sedgwick County Commission en banc meeting, 1993
Box 6FF 111994 budget ‒ Notes, 1993
Box 6FF 121994 budget ‒ Press clippings, 1993
Box 6FF 131994-1995 Proposed Budget (part 1 of 2), 1993
Box 6FF 141994-1995 Proposed Budget (part 2 of 2), 1993
Box 6FF 151995 budget ‒ Proposed projects, c. 1994
Box 6FF 161996-1997 budget ‒ Notes, c. 1995
Box 6FF 171997-1998 budget ‒ Various items, 1996-1997, n.d.
Box 6FF 181998-1999 budget ‒ Slideshow and notes, 1997, n.d.
Box 6FF 191999-2000 budget ‒ Notes, 1998
Box 6FF 202000-2001 budget ‒ Correspondence and notes, 1999-2001
Box 6FF 212001-2005 Financial Plan, 2000
Box 6FF 222001-2002 Proposed Budget (Volume 1), 2000
Box 6FF 232001-2002 Proposed Budget (Volume 2), 2000
Box 6FF 242002-2006 Financial Plan, 2001
Box 6FF 252002 budget ‒ Highlights, correspondence, and notes, 2001
Box 6FF 262002-2003 budget ‒ Budget Review Cabinet material, 2002
Box 6FF 272002-2003 budget notes and correspondence, 2001
Box 6FF 282002-2003 Proposed Budget (Volume 1), 2001
Box 6FF 292002-2003 Proposed Budget (Volume 2), 2001
Box 7FF 12002 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, 2003
Box 7FF 22003-2007 Financial Plan, 2002
Box 7FF 32003-2004 budget ‒ Correspondence and notes, 2002-2003
Box 7FF 42003-2004 Proposed Budget (Volume 1), 2002
Box 7FF 52003-2004 Proposed Budget (Volume 2), 2002
Box 7FF 62003-2004 Proposed Budget (Volume 1 ‒ draft copy), 2002
Box 7FF 72003-2004 Proposed Budget (Volume 2 ‒ draft copy), 2002
Box 7FF 82004-2005 budget ‒ Correspondence and notes, 2003
Box 7FF 92004-2005 budget ‒ City Manager Review (part 1), 2003
Box 7FF 102004-2005 budget ‒ City Manager Review (part 2), 2003
Box 7FF 112004-2005 proposed budget summary, 2003
Box 7FF 122004-2005 Proposed Executive Budget (copy 1), 2003
Box 7FF 132004-2005 Proposed Executive Budget (copy 2), 2003
Box 7FF 142004-2005 Proposed Detail Budget (copy 1), 2003
Box 7FF 152004-2005 Proposed Detail Budget (copy 2), 2003
Box 7FF 162004-2005 proposed budget ‒ PowerPoint presentations, 2003
Box 7FF 172004-2005 Adopted Budget (Volume 1), 2003
Box 8FF 12004-2005 Adopted Budget (Volume 2), 2003
Box 8FF 2Annual budget cover pages, 1988-2000
Box 8FF 3Annual budget process (letter from Mayor Knight to Council), 1987
Box 8FF 4Budget memos to staff, 1994-2003
Box 8FF 5Citizens' services administered by Sedgwick County (report), 1998
Box 8FF 6Department of Finance (PowerPoint presentations), 2003
Box 8FF 7General fund reserve, 1988-1991, 1993
Box 8FF 8Internal auditing, c. 1990
Box 8FF 9Moody's and Standard & Poor's visits to Wichita, 1987-1991
Box 8FF 10Other, 1988-2003, n.d.
Box 8FF 11The Retirement Puzzle: Your Guide to Putting Things Together, 2001

Series 5.4 ‒ Law Enforcement

Box 8FF 12Bonnie Brae Homeowners Association and crime, 1985-1986
Box 8FF 13Chief of Police's departmental status reports and evaluations, c. 1991, 1996-1997, 2003
Box 8FF 14Citizen Review Board on police activities, 1992, 2002, n.d.
Box 8FF 15Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS), 2001-2002
Box 8FF 16Comprehensive Communities Program, 1995, 1998
Box 8FF 17Deferred judgment/diversion programs, 1995, n.d.
Box 8FF 18Domestic violence, 1991
Box 8FF 19Drug Court Program, 1997
Box 8FF 20Drug/Violence Prevention Officer in USD 259, 1993
Box 8FF 21An Internal Examination of Community Policing: Perceptions of Personnel (copy 1 of 2), 2002
Box 8FF 22An Internal Examination of Community Policing: Perceptions of Personnel (copy 2 of 2), 2002
Box 8FF 23Neighborhood needs assessment by Wichita Police Department (WPD) and WSU, 1996
Box 8FF 24Other, 1995-2001
Box 8FF 25Performance measurement proposal for WPD, 1997
Box 8FF 26Police chief recruitment material, 1976, 1988-1989, 1995
Box 8FF 27Police chief recruitment material, 1999-2000, n.d.
Box 8FF 28Police civilianization, 1991
Box 8FF 29A Report on Mounted Horse Units for the Wichita Crime Commission, 2000
Box 8FF 30A Study of the Management and Operations of the Wichita Police Department, 1989
Box 8FF 31WPD Police Pursuit Study, 2000
Box 8FF 32WPD PowerPoint presentation, 2003
Box 8FF 33The Wichita Stop Study: A Beat Level Analysis, 2003

Series 5.5 ‒ Public Works

Box 8FF 34Fleet management, 1991-2002, n.d.
Box 8FF 35Fueling the Kansas Economy: The Future of the State's Energy Supplies (PowerPoint presentation), 2003
Box 8FF 36Landfills, 2001, 2003
Box 8FF 37Public Works Department (PowerPoint presentation), 2003
Box 9FF 1Public Works projects and correspondence, 1993-2003, n.d.
Box 9FF 2Report on parking in downtown Wichita, 2003
Box 9FF 3Traffic studies, c. 2000
Box 9FF 4Water quality studies of the Arkansas River (PowerPoint presentations), 2003

Series 5.6 ‒ Planning

Box 9FF 52030 Transportation Plan, 2001
Box 9FF 6Development Assistance Center, 1995-2001
Box 9FF 7Far West Wichita Commercial Policy Review, 1996, 2001
Box 9FF 8Metropolitan Area Planning Department (PowerPoint presentation), 2002
Box 9FF 9Other, 1998, 2002, n.d.
Box 9FF 10Planning Director hiring material, 1973-2003
Box 9FF 11Planning in the 21st century, 2001
Box 9FF 12Proposals for Scenic and Environmental Projects, 1995

Series 5.7 ‒ Parks and Recreation

Box 9FF 13Citizen demand analysis, 1992
Box 9FF 14Department of Parks and Recreation User Fee Study, 2002
Box 9FF 15Other, 2003
Box 9FF 16Park Maintenance Analysis, 2002
Box 9FF 17Parks and Pathways (Park and Open Space Master Plan), 1996
Box 9FF 18Proposals for developing city parks and playgrounds, c. 1996, 2002
Box 9FF 19Request for proposal concerning trash collection, 2003
Box 9FF 20Restructuring of the Department, 1999-2000, 2003
Box 9FF 21Wichita Community Cultural Plan Executive Summary, 1994

Series 5.8 ‒ Environment

Box 9FF 22Department of Environmental Health ‒ Air Quality Improvement Task Force, 2003
Box 9FF 23Department of Environmental Health ‒ Correspondence, notes, and plans, 2001-2004
Box 9FF 24Department of Environmental Health ‒ Environmental Assessment and Remediation, 2003
Box 9FF 25Department of Environmental Health ‒ Organization plan, 2002
Box 9FF 26Department of Environmental Health ‒ PowerPoint presentations, 2003
Box 9FF 27Gilbert-Mosley Project ‒ International Environmental Conference presentation, 1992
Box 9FF 28Gilbert-Mosley Project ‒ "Local Government's Role in Groundwater Cleanup," 1993
Box 9FF 29Gilbert-Mosley Project ‒ Reports, notes, and speeches, 1993-1996
Box 9FF 30Gilbert-Mosley Project ‒ Reports, notes, and speeches, 1997-2003, n.d.

Series 5.9 ‒ Other Departments in City Government

Box 9FF 31Department of Law, 1990-2003
Box 9FF 32Fire Department, 1989, 2003, n.d.
Box 9FF 33Housing Services Department, c. 2002
Box 9FF 34Personnel Office, 2003
Box 9FF 35Water and Sewer, c. 1986, 1991, 2003, n.d.
Box 9FF 36Water and Sewer ‒ Claims due to sewer main break, 1996-1998
Box 10FF 1Water and Sewer ‒ No-fault payments for water main break, 1996-1997
Box 10FF 2Wichita Transit ‒ Special Services (PowerPoint presentation), 2002

Series 5.10 ‒ Business and Commerce

Box 10FF 324th Annual Wichita Area Economic Outlook Conference, 2003
Box 10FF 4Business incentive policy and industrial revenue bonds (IRBs), 1996, 1998-2003
Box 10FF 5Chamber of Commerce, 2003-2004
Box 10FF 6Corporate accountability (notes and correspondence), 1990, n.d.
Box 10FF 7Economic development (folder 1 of 2), 1978, 1985-1986, 1998, 2000-2002
Box 10FF 8Economic development (folder 2 of 2), 2002-2003, n.d.
Box 10FF 9Greater Wichita Economic Development Coalition website, 2003
Box 10FF 10Kansas Department of Commerce, 2003-2004
Box 10FF 11Kansas World Trade Center, 1999, 2003
Box 10FF 12Manufacturers for Growth Forum, 1991-1992
Box 10FF 13Minority-owned businesses, 1985-1987
Box 10FF 14North American International Trade Corridor Partnership (NAITCP), 2001-2003
Box 10FF 15Regional Economic Area Partnership (REAP), 2000-2004
Box 10FF 16Which Way for Kansas? (presentation on economic growth), c. 1989
Box 10FF 17WIBA (Wichita Independent Business Association), 1992-1995, 2004
Box 10FF 18WI/SE (Wichita/Sedgwick County) Partnership for Growth, 1979-1988
Box 10FF 19WSU newsletters on the Kansas economy, 2003-2004

Series 5.11 ‒ Speeches and Presentations

Box 10FF 2029th International Conference on Making Cities Livable (folder 1 of 2), 2001
Box 10FF 2129th International Conference on Making Cities Livable (folder 2 of 2), 2001
Box 10FF 2244th Annual City Management Conference, 1991
Box 10FF 2387th Annual Conference of the League of Kansas Municipalities, 1997
Box 10FF 2488th Annual Conference of the League of Kansas Municipalities (folder 1 of 2), 1998
Box 10FF 2588th Annual Conference of the League of Kansas Municipalities (folder 2 of 2), 1998
Box 10FF 26Commencement speech at Wichita Downtown Magnet School, 1993
Box 10FF 27Council members' speeches, 1986-2003
Box 10FF 28DARE graduation, 1997
Box 10FF 29Decade Club, c. 1990
Box 10FF 30Downtown Wisemen's Association, 1994-1995
Box 10FF 31Eaton Place, 2001
Box 10FF 32The Face, Frustrations, and Future of the City Council, 1994
Box 11FF 1 Greteman Group open house, 2000
Box 11FF 2International Conference of Building Officials, 1991
Box 11FF 3K-96 bypass speeches, 1991-1992
Box 11FF 4Kansas Systems Builders Association, 1993, 1999
Box 11FF 5KANWORK graduation, 1992
Box 11FF 6Keystone Group/Home Owner's Trust Group, 1989, 1992, n.d.
Box 11FF 7Lions Club, 1985
Box 11FF 8Multicultural celebration sponsored by Hispanic Awareness Council, 1992
Box 11FF 9Northwest Business Association, 1985
Box 11FF 10Other, 1980-2003, n.d.
Box 11FF 11Pachyderm Club, 1988, 1995
Box 11FF 12Partnership speeches, 1992, 2000, n.d.
Box 11FF 13President's Council, 2003
Box 11FF 14Quality control and quality management speeches, 1992, 1994
Box 11FF 15Rotary Club, 1988, 1991-1992, 1999
Box 11FF 16Speech to Engineering Society, 1997
Box 11FF 17Speeches on Wichita, 1985-1990s
Box 11FF 18Speeches on Wichita, 1990s-2003
Box 11FF 19Speeches to Citizen Advisory Boards/Committees, n.d.
Box 11FF 20Thanksgiving speech at Mid-America All-Indian Center, 1986
Box 11FF 21United Way speeches and material, 1986-1988, 1991
Box 11FF 22Vulcan Management Association, 1998
Box 11FF 23Welcome to Wichita speeches, 2003, n.d.
Box 11FF 24WSU speech by President Eugene Hughes, 1996

Series 5.12 ‒ Other

Box 11FF 2589th Annual Conference of ICMA, 2003
Box 11FF 26Adjunct faculty appointment at WSU, 2002-2004
Box 11FF 27Alternative revenue ‒ License application fees, 2003
Box 11FF 28Alternative revenue ‒ Other, 1991-2003
Box 11FF 29Alternative revenue ‒ Park and Recreation fees, 2000-2003
Box 11FF 30Alternative revenue ‒ Stormwater utility fees, 1997-2002
Box 11FF 31Alternative revenue ‒ User fees, 2001-2003, n.d.
Box 11FF 32Alternative revenue ‒ Vehicle rental tax, 2001-2003
Box 11FF 33Alternative Revenue Task Force meeting minutes and report, 2003
Box 11FF 34American Overseas Schools Historical Society, 2003
Box 11FF 35Animal control, 1997-2004
Box 11FF 36Art and culture, 1993, 2000-2003, n.d.
Box 12FF 1An Assessment of Impact Fees as a Method of Funding Infrastructure, 1989
Box 12FF 2Aviation, 1995-2003
Box 12FF 3Beautifying Wichita through Sculpture, 1995
Box 12FF 4Child Care Symposium, 1989
Box 12FF 5Children's Access Network, 1998
Box 12FF 6Cities: Hard Choices, 1986-1987, n.d.
Box 12FF 7Citizens Academy, 2002, n.d.
Box 12FF 8City of Wichita (PowerPoint presentation), 2003
Box 12FF 9City of Wichita website, 2000
Box 12FF 10Clippings on local issues, 1978-2004
Box 12FF 11Communities in Charge (conference on health care), 2001
Box 12FF 12Community education, 1994-2001, n.d.
Box 12FF 13Community education conferences, 1990, 1999
Box 12FF 14Contracting, 2002
Box 12FF 15Customer service training for city employees, 1998-2003
Box 12FF 16Customer service training for city employees, n.d.
Box 12FF 17Downtown and neighborhood revitalization, 1997-2003, n.d.
Box 12FF 18Education, 1996-2003
Box 12FF 19Excellence in Public Service Awards, 1984-1993
Box 12FF 20Excellence in Public Service Awards, 1994-2002
Box 12FF 21Governor-mayor summit meeting, 2000
Box 12FF 22Governor's Gaming Committee final report, 2003
Box 12FF 23Governor's Prevention Conference, 1996-1999
Box 12FF 24Grassroots Leadership Development Program, 1999, 2002
Box 12FF 25Guide to City Services, c. 2003
Box 13FF 1Housing, 1993, 1999-2001
Box 13FF 2Hugo Wall School of Urban and Public Affairs Annual Report of Activities, 2003
Box 13FF 3Hyatt, 1999
Box 13FF 4IDEA center, 1998, 2001
Box 13FF 5Interagency team survey of Wichita, Sedgwick County, WSU, and Wichita Public Schools operations, 2000
Box 13FF 6International City/County Management Association (ICMA), 1985-1987, 1995, 2000, 2002
Box 13FF 7Investigation on city employees' expenses, 2003
Box 13FF 8Kansas Association of City/County Management (KACM) conference material, 1995-1996
Box 13FF 9Kansas Sports Hall of Fame, 2004
Box 13FF 10Land transactions by City of Wichita (folder 1 of 2), 2000-2003
Box 13FF 11Land transactions by City of Wichita (folder 2 of 2), 2000-2003
Box 13FF 12Leadership 2000/Leadership Wichita, 1991-1994, 2000-2003, n.d.
Box 13FF 13Legislative Division of Post Audit report on local government, 2003
Box 13FF 14Libraries, 1989, 2001, 2003, n.d.
Box 13FF 15Local political news, 1999-2003, n.d.
Box 13FF 16Management Partners, 1995-2003
Box 13FF 17Metro Medical Response System contract, 2000-2002
Box 13FF 18Miss USA Pageant catalogs, 1990-1991
Box 13FF 19Mystery Bus Tour presentation, 1989
Box 13FF 20Neighborhood Center Productivity Assessment, 1997
Box 13FF 21Neighborhood groups, 1985-1986, 2003
Box 13FF 22Neighborhood Revitalization Plan, 1998
Box 13FF 23Opinions about Wichita as a City (marketing research study), 2002
Box 13FF 24Our Town 2001, 1988
Box 13FF 25Performance measurement of City of Wichita, 2001-2003
Box 13FF 26Policies for city employees, 1997-2002
Box 13FF 27Post-resignation material, 2004
Box 13FF 28Privatizing of city services, 1992-1993, 1999, 2001
Box 13FF 29Project Access, 2001, n.d.
Box 13FF 30Project labor agreement material, 1992, 1997-2002
Box 13FF 31Project labor agreement material concerning DynaPlex regional event center, 2002
Box 13FF 32Proposed consolidation of Wichita/Sedgwick County, 1990-1992
Box 13FF 33Proposed consolidation of Wichita/Sedgwick County, 1993-1994
Box 14FF 1Proposed consolidation of Wichita/Sedgwick County, 1994
Box 14FF 2Proposed consolidation of Wichita/Sedgwick County, 1995, 1997
Box 14FF 3Proposed consolidation of Wichita/Sedgwick County, 1998
Box 14FF 4Proposed consolidation of Wichita/Sedgwick County, 1999-2000, 2003, n.d.
Box 14FF 5Regional Events Center binder (part 1 of 3), 1993-2002
Box 14FF 6Regional Events Center binder (part 2 of 3), 1993-2002
Box 14FF 7Regional Events Center binder (part 3 of 3), 1993-2002
Box 14FF 8Religious material, 2001-2002
Box 14FF 9Report of the Privatization Task Force, 1989
Box 14FF 10Reshaping Wichita-Sedgwick County Government: Preliminary Report of the Partnership 21 Task Force, 1992
Box 14FF 11Risk/Claim Committee, 1998
Box 14FF 12Sedgwick County, 1998, 2002
Box 14FF 13Self-Help Network of Kansas, 2000-2001
Box 14FF 14Self-Supported Municipal Improvement District (SSMID), 2002-2003
Box 14FF 15Sister Cities International, 1985-2002
Box 14FF 16Sister Cities International ‒ Brazil trip, 1998
Box 14FF 17A Study of Beneficiary-Based Financing in Select Departments in the City of Wichita, Kansas [MPA thesis by Weldon Padgett with comments by Cherches and others], 1991
Box 14FF 18Summer of Mercy, 1991-1994, 2001
Box 14FF 19Support staff for City of Wichita, 1995, n.d.
Box 14FF 20Team building training sessions, 1993-1997
Box 14FF 21Tourism, 1999-2004
Box 14FF 22Urban League of Wichita, 2003
Box 14FF 23 USAID program in Poland, 1994-1995
Box 14FF 24Vision 2020 committee, 1994, 2000-2001, n.d.
Box 14FF 25 Wichita Code of Ethical Guidelines, 2003
Box 15FF 1Wichita Convention & Visitors Bureau expense report, 1993
Box 15FF 2Wichita Downtown Development Corporation (WDDC), 1997, 2003
Box 15FF 3WDDC grant application, 2004
Box 15FF 4Wichita history article, 2000
Box 15FF 5Wichita Lodging Association, 1988
Box 15FF 6Wichita Mid-Continent Airport Parking Study, 2003
Box 15FF 7Wichita Neighborhood Initiative (folder 1 of 3), 1993
Box 15FF 8Wichita Neighborhood Initiative (folder 2 of 3), 1993-1995
Box 15FF 9Wichita Neighborhood Initiative (folder 3 of 3), 1996-2001, n.d.
Box 15FF 10WSU guest lectures/class discussions (folder 1 of 2), 1988-1998, 2003
Box 15FF 11WSU guest lectures/class discussions (folder 2 of 2), 2004, n.d.
Box 15FF 12WSU ‒ Other, 2001, 2003

Series 6 ‒ Subject Files

Box 15FF 13Affirmative action
Box 15FF 14Alternative work schedules
Box 15FF 15Bonds
Box 15FF 16Budget forms and instructions for various cities
Box 15FF 17Budgeting and finance (folder 1 of 2)
Box 15FF 18Budgeting and finance (folder 2 of 2)
Box 15FF 19Budget messages for various cities (folder 1 of 2)
Box 15FF 20Budget messages for various cities (folder 2 of 2)
Box 15FF 21Building codes
Box 15FF 22Business ethics
Box 15FF 23Capital improvements ‒ Streets and sidewalks
Box 15FF 24Cato Institute
Box 16FF 1CEO speeches
Box 16FF 2Christchurch, New Zealand ‒ City government material
Box 16FF 3Christchurch, New Zealand ‒ Other
Box 16FF 4Cities in the future
Box 16FF 5Citizen surveys
Box 16FF 6City manager selection process (folder 1 of 2)
Box 16FF 7City manager selection process (folder 2 of 2)
Box 16FF 8City management
Box 16FF 9City planning
Box 16FF 10Communication
Box 16FF 11Community affairs
Box 16FF 12Conducting council meetings
Box 16FF 13Consolidating city-county government
Box 16FF 14Consultant selection
Box 16FF 15Contracts
Box 16FF 16Convocation speeches
Box 16FF 17Cost-cutting in public administration
Box 16FF 18Council-manager government (folder 1 of 4)
Box 16FF 19Council-manager government (folder 2 of 4)
Box 16FF 20Council-manager government (folder 3 of 4)
Box 16FF 21Council-manager government (folder 4 of 4)
Box 16FF 22Customer service
Box 16FF 23Devolution of government
Box 17FF 1Economic development/Economics
Box 17FF 2Education
Box 17FF 3Employees in the workplace
Box 17FF 4Energy conservation (folder 1 of 2)
Box 17FF 5Energy conservation (folder 2 of 2)
Box 17FF 6Environment
Box 17FF 7Ethical conduct
Box 17FF 8Fire/police department integration (folder 1 of 6)
Box 17FF 9Fire/police department integration (folder 2 of 6)
Box 17FF 10Fire/police department integration (folder 3 of 6)
Box 17FF 11Fire/police department integration (folder 4 of 6)
Box 17FF 12Fire/police department integration (folder 5 of 6)
Box 17FF 13Fire/police department integration (folder 6 of 6)
Box 17FF 14Fire/police department integration (Richfield, Minnesota material)
Box 17FF 15Fire protection/safety (folder 1 of 2)
Box 17FF 16Fire protection/safely (folder 2 of 2)
Box 17FF 17Governance
Box 17FF 18Grants
Box 17FF 19Health and wellness in the workplace
Box 17FF 20Health care
Box 17FF 21Human resources
Box 17FF 22Humorous items
Box 18FF 1ICMA (International City/County Management Association)
Box 18FF 2ICMA conference presentations
Box 18FF 3Industrial development
Box 18FF 4Information Technology
Box 18FF 5Inspirational quotations
Box 18FF 6Internal auditing
Box 18FF 7Internet taxes
Box 18FF 8Internships/Involvement in city management
Box 18FF 9Interviewing
Box 18FF 10Jails/Prisons
Box 18FF 11Koch Industries
Box 18FF 12Kodak (folder 1 of 2)
Box 18FF 13Kodak (folder 2 of 2)
Box 18FF 14Labor relations (folder 1 of 6)
Box 18FF 15Labor relations (folder 2 of 6)
Box 18FF 16Labor relations (folder 3 of 6)
Box 18FF 17Labor relations (folder 4 of 6)
Box 18FF 18Labor relations (folder 5 of 6)
Box 18FF 19Labor relations (folder 6 of 6)
Box 18FF 20Law enforcement (folder 1 of 4)
Box 18FF 21Law enforcement (folder 2 of 4)
Box 18FF 22Law enforcement (folder 3 of 4)
Box 19FF 1Law enforcement (folder 4 of 4)
Box 19FF 2Law enforcement ‒ Hiring a police chief
Box 19FF 3Leadership (folder 1 of 3)
Box 19FF 4Leadership (folder 2 of 3)
Box 19FF 5Leadership (folder 3 of 3)
Box 19FF 6Management (folder 1 of 4)
Box 19FF 7Management (folder 2 of 4)
Box 19FF 8Management (folder 3 of 4)
Box 19FF 9Management (folder 4 of 4)
Box 19FF 10Media
Box 19FF 11Meetings
Box 19FF 12National League of Cities
Box 19FF 13Neighborhoods
Box 19FF 14Organizational change
Box 19FF 15Organizational development and management
Box 19FF 16Other (folder 1 of 2)
Box 19FF 17Other (folder 2 of 2)
Box 19FF 18Parks and recreation
Box 19FF 19Performance measurement
Box 19FF 20Personnel management (folder 1 of 2)
Box 19FF 21Personnel management (folder 2 of 2)
Box 19FF 22Planning
Box 20FF 1Political activity by employees
Box 20FF 2Political issues
Box 20FF 3Presentations
Box 20FF 4Productivity in public administration
Box 20FF 5Professional writing tips
Box 20FF 6Public art (folder 1 of 2)
Box 20FF 7Public art (folder 2 of 2)
Box 20FF 8Public buildings/public housing
Box 20FF 9Public-private partnerships (folder 1 of 3)
Box 20FF 10Public-private partnerships (folder 2 of 3)
Box 20FF 11Public-private partnerships (folder 3 of 3)
Box 20FF 12Public relations
Box 20FF 13Public safety
Box 20FF 14Public works
Box 20FF 15Purchasing
Box 20FF 16Quality control
Box 20FF 17Railroad stations
Box 20FF 18Railroad stations ‒ Preservation of Duluth depot
Box 20FF 19Residency requirements for public employees
Box 20FF 20Resolutions and proclamations
Box 20FF 21Risk management (folder 1 of 2)
Box 20FF 22Risk management (folder 2 of 2)
Box 20FF 23Snow removal
Box 20FF 24Solid waste management (folder 1 of 2)
Box 21FF 1Solid waste management (folder 2 of 2)
Box 21FF 2Taxation/tax incentives
Box 21FF 3Teaching public administration
Box 21FF 4Terrorism
Box 21FF 5Time management
Box 21FF 6Training materials for managers
Box 21FF 7Transportation
Box 21FF 8Urban renewal
Box 21FF 9Urban sprawl
Box 21FF 10User fees for city services
Box 21FF 11Vandalism
Box 21FF 12Water and wastewater services
Box 21FF 13Workplace forms
Box 21FF 14Zoning (folder 1 of 2)
Box 21FF 15Zoning (folder 2 of 2)

Series 7 ‒ Publications

Series 7.1 ‒ Periodicals

Box 21FF 16American City & County, 2003
Box 21FF 17City Journal, 2004
Box 21FF 18City newsletters, 1975-1980
Box 21FF 19Downtown Idea Exchange, 1995-1996, 2002-2003
Box 21FF 20Downtown Promotion Reporter, 2001-2003
Box 21FF 21Governing, 1997. Governmental Enterprise, 2003.
Box 21FF 22Governmental Finance, 1973-1977
Box 21FF 23Harvard Management Communication Letter, 2002-20003
Box 21FF 24ICMA newsletters ‒ MIS Report and IQ Report, 1980-2003
Box 21FF 25IGNewsletter, 1999-2001
Box 21FF 26Kansas Government Journal, 2001-2004
Box 22FF 1Leadership Strategies, 1997, 2000-2002
Box 22FF 2Lusk Review, 1997. National Civic Review, 1997, 2004
Box 22FF 3Personnelly Speaking, 1988-1990
Box 22FF 4Public Management, 1980, 1984, 2002-2003
Box 22FF 5Public Works, 2003-2004
Box 22FF 6Resources, 2002
Box 22FF 7The Shocker, 2002. Urban Land, 2002.
Box 22FF 8Western City, 1990-1991
Box 22FF 9Western City, 1991-1992
Box 22FF 10Western City, 1992-1993
Box 22FF 11Western City, 1994
Box 22FF 12Western City, 1995
Box 22FF 13Western City, 1995, 1999
Box 22FF 14Western City, January-June 2000
Box 22FF 15Western City, July-November 2000
Box 22FF 16Western City, 2001-2002
Box 22FF 17Western City, 2003

Series 7.2 ‒ Other Publications

Box 22FF 18Annual Report of University of Kansas' Graduate Program in Public Administration, 1998
Box 22FF 19City Manager Form of Government for Cities of the Third Class and the Law of Missouri (photocopy of master's thesis by Gladstone City Attorney William Shinn), 1966
Box 22FF 20City Manager's Desk Reference (part 1 of 2), 2000
Box 22FF 21City Manager's Desk Reference (part 2 of 2), 2000
Box 22FF 22City Manager's Desk Reference, 2001
Box 22FF 23Clusters of Innovation Initiative, 2001
Box 23FF 1Community Appearance (ICMA publication), 2000
Box 23FF 2Debris Management Guide (FEMA publication), 1999
Box 23FF 3An Elected Official's Guide to Procurement, 1995
Box 23FF 4Elected Officials Handbook (Handbooks 1 and 2), 1988
Box 23FF 5Elected Officials Handbook (Handbooks 3 and 4), 1988
Box 23FF 6Elected Officials Handbook (Handbook 5), 1988
Box 23FF 7Final Report of the Commission on the Future of the United States Aerospace Industry
Box 23FF 8Forms for Various Municipal Occasions (handbook), n.d.
Box 23FF 9Fundamentals of Printing
Box 23FF 10Governing Body Handbook (for League of Kansas Municipalities)
Box 23FF 11Innovations in State and Local Government (Ford Foundation publications), 1994, 1997
Box 23FF 12Kansas Rail Plan 2002-2003, 2004
Box 23FF 13Management 18: A Short Course for Managers, 1974
Box 23FF 14Metropolitan Governance: A Handbook for Local Government Study Commissions, 1980
Box 23FF 15Municipal Leadership Academy ‒ Guidebook for Governing, 2000
Box 23FF 16An Operating Budget Handbook for Small Cities and Other Governmental Units, 1978
Box 23FF 17Program Budgeting (part 1 of 2), c. 1975
Box 23FF 18Program Budgeting (part 2 of 2), c. 1975
Box 23FF 19Public Administration: Clashing Values in the Administration of Public Policy (photocopies of Chapters 13 and 14), 2001
Box 23FF 20The Public Executive's Complete Guide to Employment Agreements, c. 1999
Box 23FF 21The State of the American Community, 1994
Box 23FF 22Strategies for Cities and Counties: A Strategic Planning Guide, c. 1984
Box 23FF 23A Student's Guide to Municipal Government in Bloomington, Illinois, c. 1958
Box 23FF 24Telecommunications: Local Options, Local Action (ICMA publication), 1998
Box 24FF 1Visual Dallas: A Public Art Plan for the City, 1987
Box 24FF 2Working Together: A Guide for Elected and Appointed Officials, 1999

Series 8 ‒ Audiovisual

Box 24FF 3Cassette tapes ‒ "Principle-Centered Leadership," 1992
Box 24FF 3Cassette tapes ‒ "Juvenile Justice in the '90s: A Frank Discussion," 1995
Box 24FF 3Cassette tapes ‒ "Markets Not Mandates: Prescriptions for Cities," 1995
Box 24FF 4Cassette tapes ‒ "Election '96: Getting Your City Involved," c. 1996
Box 24FF 4Cassette tapes ‒ "Cultivating the Arts in Your City," 1997
Box 24FF 5Cassette tapes ‒ "Mixed-Income Housing: Creating Community," 1997
Box 24FF 5Cassette tapes ‒ "Oldest or Youngest: Understanding Birth Order," 1997
Box 24FF 5Cassette tapes ‒ "Service Delivery: You Get What You Pay For," 1997
Box 24FF 6Cassette tapes ‒ "Road Map: How to Understand, Diagnose, and Fix Your Organization," 2000
Box 24FF 6Cassette tapes ‒ "Public Comment on Downtown Plan," n.d.
Box 24FF 6CDs ‒ EPA's State and Local Climate Change Outreach Kit, 2000
Box 24FF 6CDs ‒ NAITCP presentation, 2001
Box 24FF 7VHS tape ‒ Kelly workshop, 1985
Box 24FF 7VHS tape ‒ Innovations in State and Local Government Awards, 1992
Box 24FF 8VHS tape ‒ Keynote address for 80th ICMA annual conference, 1994
Box 24FF 8VHS tape ‒ "Public Affairs, Public Policy, and American Society," 80th ICMA annual conference, 1994
Box 24FF 9VHS tape ‒ Participation, Partnerships, Protection: Local Governments, & Superfund, c. 1995
Box 24FF 9VHS tape ‒ Keynote address for 81st ICMA annual conference, 1995
Box 24FF 10VHS tape ‒ "The Future of Capitalism: How Today's Economic Forces Shape Tomorrow's World," 83rd ICMA annual conference, 1997
Box 24FF 10VHS tape ‒ "Governance Roles in the New Century," 83rd ICMA annual conference, 1997
Box 24FF 11VHS tape ‒ "Banishing Bureaucracy: The Five Strategies for Reinventing Government," 83rd ICMA annual conference, 1997
Box 24FF 11VHS tape ‒ "Eldon Fields Colloquium," 83rd ICMA annual conference, 1997
Box 24FF 12VHS tape ‒ "Marketing Change in Your Community," 83rd ICMA annual conference, 1997
Box 24FF 12VHS tape ‒ Keynote address for 88th annual conference of Kansas Municipalities, 1998
Box 24FF 13VHS tape ‒ "Wichita: A Wonderful Place to Live," 2000
Box 24FF 13VHS tape ‒ "Clusters of Innovation," 2001
Box 25FF 1VHS tape ‒ The Wichita River Corridor Improvement Project, c. 2002
Box 25FF 1VHS tape ‒ Knowing How Your Customers Define Quality and How You Measure Up (tape 1), n.d.
Box 25FF 2VHS tape ‒ Knowing How Your Customers Define Quality and How You Measure Up (tape 2), n.d.
Box 25FF 2VHS tape ‒ Conducting Effective Customer Surveys, n.d.
Box 25FF 2VHS tape ‒ Leading a Successful Cultural Transformation, n.d.

Series 9 ‒ Other

Box 25FF 3Application materials for city manager positions (folder 1 of 2), 1980-1992
Box 25FF 4Application materials for city manager positions (folder 2 of 2), 1992-1993
Box 25FF 5National Multiple Sclerosis Society, 1982, 1985, n.d.
Box 25FF 6Other, n.d.
Box 25FF 7Post-resignation plans, 2003-2004
Box 25FF 8Resumes, c. 1980-1992