Louise Brooks Collection

Collection Summary

Title: Louise Brooks Collection
Call Number: MS 2017-12
Size: 20 linear feet (21 boxes and 3 OS folders)
Acquisition: Purchased from the Louise Brooks Estate, Inc., 7-2001
Processed by: JLY, 12-2001; JZ, 6-2017
Restrictions: To view material from this collection, you must be on-site at WSU. No remote requests for photocopies or digitization will be granted.

Literary Rights

Literary rights were not granted to Wichita State University. When permission is granted to examine the manuscripts, it is not an authorization to publish them. Manuscripts cannot be used for publication without regard for common law literary rights, copyright laws and the laws of libel. It is the responsibility of the researcher and his/her publisher, to obtain permission to publish. Scholars and students who eventually plan to have their work published are urged to make inquiry regarding overall restrictions on publication before initial research.

Content Note

The Louise Brooks Collection consists of diaries, correspondence, notebooks, photographs, press clippings, books, pamphlets, periodicals, interview transcripts, and ephemera concerning the legendary film actress and cult figure. The material documents her personal life and respective occupations as a dancer, actress, and writer. Also included are records pertaining to the administration of her estate as well as correspondence and interview transcripts created by Barry Paris while researching and writing his biography on Brooks.

Biographical Note

Mary Louise Brooks was born in Cherryvale, Kansas, on November 14, 1906. The second of four children born to Leonard and Myra Brooks, Louise showed an aptitude for dance and performing at a young age. In 1920 the family settled in Wichita, where Brooks attended high school and gained notice for her dancing. In the summer of 1922 she moved to New York City to join Denishawn, a pioneering modern dance school and touring company founded by Ted Shawn and Ruth St. Denis. In 1924 Brooks became a member of George White's Scandals, and in 1925, the Ziegfeld Follies.

Louise's striking beauty, distinctive bobbed haircut, and performing ability also gained her modeling and film work. In 1925 she signed a five-year contract with Paramount Pictures and appeared in her first production, The Street of Forgotten Men. Pictorials in such magazines as Photoplay followed, along with notable acting opportunities, including Howard Hawks' A Girl in Every Port (1927) and William Wellman's Beggars of Life (1928), an early talkie in which Brooks co-starred with Wallace Beery and gave a gender-defying portrayal of a girl passing as a teenage boy while living in a hobo camp.

Louise's looks and acting eventually gained the attention of noted Austrian director Georg Wilhelm Pabst, who convinced her to travel to Europe and play the lead role of Lulu in Pandora's Box (1929), one of the most daring and challenging films of the silent era. Brooks also starred in Pabst's next effort, Diary of a Lost Girl, which was released the same year to similar controversy. She made a final European film, Prix de Beauté, before returning to the United States in late 1929 and eventually being released from her contract by Paramount.

Years of occasional work in films followed with Brooks' last performance being given in Overland Stage Raiders, a B-movie starring John Wayne. Louise returned to Wichita in 1940 to open and run a ballroom dance studio before relocating to New York City in 1943 where she worked as a radio actress, a gossip columnist, and a cashier at Saks Fifth Avenue. Near the turn of the decade she began an autobiographical novel.

Brooks and her work began to be rediscovered in the 1950s, first by European film scholars such as Henri Langlois and Lotte Eisner, and then by James Card, film curator at the George Eastman House in Rochester, New York. Card encouraged Louise to relocate in 1956 in order to conduct research and view the many rare and classic films at the Eastman. She took his advice and eventually wrote and published well-received articles about her life and associates in the film industry. This career reached its apex in 1982 when her memoir Lulu in Hollywood was published to considerable critical acclaim and earned Louise a new popular fan base. Following a long struggle with arthritis and emphysema, Brooks died in Rochester on August 8, 1985.

Detailed Description: Series Listing

Series 1 Box 1-Box 5 FF 22, Box 20, Box 21, OS 1-3 Papers of Louise Brooks. This series contains records relating to her personal life and professional history. Material is divided into six subseries.
Subseries 1.1 Box 1 Diaries and Address Books. This subseries contains diaries and address books kept by Brooks, 1921-1985. Material is arranged chronologically by type.
Subseries 1.2 Box 2 FF 1-81 Correspondence. This subseries consists of photocopied and original correspondence between Brooks and her relatives and associates, 1900-1985. Letters from Louise (Box 2 FF 1-28) precede those sent to her (Box 2 FF 29-81). Material is arranged alphabetically by last name or business name.
Subseries 1.3 Box 2 FF 82-Box 3 FF 8 Personal. This subseries contains Brooks' financial, medical, and legal records, identification cards, and lease agreements and correspondence pertaining to her Rochester apartment, 1928-1985. Also present are records on her professional history and family genealogy. Material is arranged by subject.
Subseries 1.4 Box 3 FF 9-Box 4 FF 34 Writings. This subseries is divided into four categories, 1940-1980s, n.d. Manuscripts (Box 3 FF 9-34) contains drafts of articles written by Brooks; material is arranged alphabetically. Notebooks (Box 3 FF 35-47) includes photocopies of her research notebooks; topics include film history, literature, religion, contemporary events, and personal matters. Items are arranged chronologically according to Brooks' use of the alphabet; there are no notebooks for the letters "I" and "O." Research Packets (Box 4 FF 1-16) consists of news clippings, articles, notes, and correspondence; Brooks used the information from these items in her articles. Material is arranged by the subject's last name. Published Works (Box 4 FF 17-35) includes originals and photocopies of Brooks' writings which appeared in print. Material is largely arranged alphabetically.
Subseries 1.5 Box 5 FF 1-8, Box 20 FF 1-2, OS 1 Images and Artwork. This subseries contains photographs, postcards, reproduction prints, and negatives featuring Brooks, her family, and her associates. Also present is an original oil painting by Louise of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, some print reproductions of this and other artwork, and Dixie Dugan comic strips (Brooks served as the inspiration).
Subseries 1.6 Box 5 FF 9-22, Box 20 FF 3-5, Box 21, OS 2-3 Press Material and Ephemera. This subseries primarily consists of original and photocopied newspaper and magazine items on Brooks, Lulu in Hollywood, and related topics, 1910s-1985. Also included is Louise's scrapbook of clippings on early 20th century dance, ephemera relating to film festivals, and audiotapes of Kenneth Tynan's interviews with Brooks for his famous 1979 New Yorker profile, "The Girl in the Black Helmet." All content on the audiotapes has been reformatted to CD.
Series 2 Box 5 FF 23-Box 6 FF 15 Estate of Louise Brooks. This series contains material relating to the administration of her estate and related matters, 1985-1995. It is divided into two subseries.
Subseries 2.1 Box 5 FF 23-Box 6 FF 9 Correspondence. This subseries consists of requests from estate co-executor Benjamin Phelosof to Louise's associates for copies of her letters; also present is correspondence and attached financial data concerning the administration of the estate, 1985-1995. Letters to Brooks' associates precede those regarding the estate; the former set is arranged alphabetically by the associate's last name while the latter is chronological.
Subseries 2.2 Box 6 FF 10-15 Barry Paris. This subseries contains research material Paris donated to the Estate while composing his biography on Brooks. Included is correspondence from Paris and transcriptions of his interviews with Louise's relatives, acquaintances, and associates from her days as a dancer and actress. Also present is material regarding the Estate's arbitration claim against Paris. Items are largely arranged by date of donation.
Series 3 Box 6 FF 16-Box 19 Personal Library. This series consists of books and publications owned by Brooks. Included are literary works; histories on film, dance, and art; foreign language dictionaries and grammars; works of philosophy and religion; art catalogs; and general reference books. Material is arranged alphabetically by title with English translations following foreign titles; authors and translators are also noted when known. Some items contain Brooks' annotations and commentary regarding what she read.

Detailed Description: Box and Folder Listing

Series 1 ‒ Papers of Louise Brooks

Subseries 1.1 ‒ Diaries and Address Books

Box 1FF 1Diaries, 1921 and 1923
Box 1FF 2Diaries, 1923-1926
Box 1FF 3Diaries, 1927-1929
Box 1FF 4Diaries, 1931-1935
Box 1FF 5Diaries, 1936-1941
Box 1FF 6Diaries, 1942-1953
Box 1FF 7Diaries, 1954-1958
Box 1FF 8Diaries, 1959-1962
Box 1FF 9Diaries, 1963-1966
Box 1FF 10Diaries, 1967-1969
Box 1FF 11 Diaries, 1970-1973
Box 1FF 12Diaries, 1974-1975
Box 1FF 13 Diaries, 1976-1978, 1980
Box 1FF 14Diaries, 1981-1982
Box 1FF 15 Diaries, 1983-1984
Box 1FF 16Diaries, 1984-1985
Box 1FF 17 Notes by Brooks regarding her diaries, c. late 1970s
Box 1FF 18Address books, 1924-1927, 1926
Box 1FF 19 Address books, 1934, 1943, 1954, c. 1950s
Box 1FF 20Address books, 1964, 1970, 1978, 1980s

Subseries 1.2 ‒ Correspondence

From Brooks

Box 2FF 1Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., 1979-1983
Box 2FF 2Brooks family, 1961-1962, 1976, 1983
Box 2FF 3John Bradshaw, 1980
Box 2FF 4Eva Calvert, 1967-1968
Box 2FF 5Henry Clune, 1979
Box 2FF 6Guido Crepax, 1976
Box 2FF 7Fitzroy Davis, 1966, 1968
Box 2FF 8Eastman House, 1979
Box 2FF 9Lotte Eisner, 1959-1982, n.d.
Box 2FF 10William Everson, 1968, 1985
Box 2FF 11Pauline Kael, 1962, 1968
Box 2FF 12John Kobal, 1977-1978
Box 2FF 13Robert Lantz, 1982-1983
Box 2FF 14Richard Leacock, 1973-1983
Box 2FF 15Fraser Macdonald, 1963-1983
Box 2FF 16George Pratt, 1959-1974
Box 2FF 17William Shawn, 1979, 1984
Box 2FF 18Sight & Sound, 1958-1973
Box 2FF 19Marc Sorkin, 1966, 1979
Box 2FF 20Marcella "Tot" Stricker, 1952
Box 2FF 21Fritzi Streibel, 1972
Box 2FF 22Tom Tarnowsky, 1980
Box 2FF 23Kathleen Tynan, 1978-1983
Box 2FF 24Kenneth Tynan, 1978-1980
Box 2FF 25Jan Wahl, 1961, 1964
Box 2FF 26Herman Weinberg, 1966-1978
Box 2FF 27Douglas Wilson, 1968
Box 2FF 28Lothar "Woofie" Wolff, 1977

To Brooks

Box 2FF 29Alfred A. Knopf, 1978-1982
Box 2FF 30American Federation of Radio Artists, 1944
Box 2FF 31William Boggess, 1982
Box 2FF 32Brooks family, 1913-1985
Box 2FF 33Jon Bradshaw, 1980
Box 2FF 34Eva Calvert, 1952-1953, 1968, n.d.
Box 2FF 35Pryor Campbell, 1952
Box 2FF 36Gloria Vanderbilt Cooper, 1982
Box 2FF 37Guido Crepax, 1975-1977
Box 2FF 38Eastman House, 1963, 1979-1984
Box 2FF 39Lotte Eisner, 1967, 1972. 1981, 1984
Box 2FF 40William Everson, 1982
Box 2FF 41Jack Garner, 1984
Box 2FF 42Mike Hall, 1969
Box 2FF 43Don Harman, 1984
Box 2FF 44Sebby Wilson Jacobson, 1984-1985
Box 2FF 45René Kalfon, 1981
Box 2FF 46John Kobal, 1977-1984, n.d.
Box 2FF 47Richard Koszarski, 1979, 1982
Box 2FF 48Richard Lamparski, 1982
Box 2FF 49The Lantz Office, 1979-1985
Box 2FF 50Richard Leacock, 1973-1974. A transcript of his 1974 interview with Brooks is also included.
Box 2FF 51Little Balkans Press, 1982
Box 2FF 52London Film Festival, 1980
Box 2FF 53Anita Loos, 1965
Box 2FF 54Fraser Macdonald, 1963-1982
Box 2FF 55Denis Marion, 1967
Box 2FF 56Jean-Yves Mock, 1982
Box 2FF 57Motion Picture House and Lodge, 1982
Box 2FF 58Museum of Modern Art, 1976, 1981
Box 2FF 59Katherine Pancol, 1983-1984
Box 2FF 60Benjamin Phelosof, 1980, 1982
Box 2FF 61George Pratt, 1974, 1984
Box 2FF 62Reid Rosefelt Publicity, 1983-1984
Box 2FF 63John Rogers, 1952
Box 2FF 64Saks Fifth Avenue, 1948
Box 2FF 65William Shawn, 1979
Box 2FF 66Jane Sherman, 1979
Box 2FF 67Jean-Pierre Sicre, 1979
Box 2FF 68Sight & Sound, 1964
Box 2FF 69Liz Smith, 1982
Box 2FF 70John Springer, 1982, 1984
Box 2FF 71Edward Steichen, 1966
Box 2FF 72Fritzi Streibel, 1966, 1972, 1984
Box 2FF 73Marcella "Tot" Stricker, 1952
Box 2FF 74Kenneth and Kathleen Tynan, 1978-1983
Box 2FF 75Jim Watters, 1984-1985, n.d.
Box 2FF 76Herman Weinberg, 1978, 1983
Box 2FF 77Jay Winston, 1932
Box 2FF 78Lothar "Woofie" Wolff, 1982
Box 2FF 79Other letters to Brooks, 1930s-1950s
Box 2FF 80Correspondence about Brooks, 1979-1985
Box 2FF 81Correspondence concerning copyrighted articles by Brooks, 1977-1979

Subseries 1.3 ‒ Personal

Box 2FF 82Apartment information, 1962-1984
Box 2FF 83Bank statements, 1981-1985
Box 2FF 84Checking account, 1978-1985
Box 3FF 1Divorce records, 1928-1929, 1938, 1953-1954, 1967
Box 3FF 2Expenses, 1981-1983
Box 3FF 3Medical, 1955, 1971, 1980-1985
Box 3FF 4Savings accounts, 1962-1985
Box 3FF 5Taxes, 1981-1985
Box 3FF 6Vital records, ID/membership cards, and wallet, 1925-1985
Box 3FF 7Will of Louise Brooks, 1983, 1985
Box 3FF 8Biographical and family history, 1958, 1979, 1983, n.d.

Subseries 1.4 ‒ Writings


Box 3FF 9"Actors and the Pabst Spirit," 1971
Box 3FF 10"Autobiography," 1979.
Box 3FF 11"Buster Keaton," 1966
Box 3FF 12"Charlie Chaplin Remembered," 1966
Box 3FF 13"Duke by Divine Right," 1972
Box 3FF 14"Family History," 1976
Box 3FF 15"Filmography ‒ Positive and Negative," 1963
Box 3FF 16"Gish and Garbo ‒ The Executive War on Stars," 1958-1959
Box 3FF 17"Gloria Swanson," 1957
Box 3FF 18"Humphrey and Bogey," 1966
Box 3FF 19"Kansas to New York," 1979
Box 3FF 20"Louise Brooks to Patrice Horvald," 1969
Box 3FF 21"Marion Davies' Niece," 1973-1974 (folder 1 of 2)
Box 3FF 22"Marion Davies' Niece," 1973-1974 (folder 2 of 2)
Box 3FF 23"Marlene," 1977
Box 3FF 24"My Work with Mr. Pabst," 1963
Box 3FF 25"Notes on the White Hell of Piz Palu," 1968
Box 3FF 26"On Location with Billy Wellman," 1967 (folder 1 of 3)
Box 3FF 27"On Location with Billy Wellman," 1967 (folder 2 of 3)
Box 3FF 28"On Location with Billy Wellman," 1967 (folder 3 of 3)
Box 3FF 29"The Other Face of W. C. Fields," 1970 (folder 1 of 2)
Box 3FF 30"The Other Face of W. C. Fields," 1970 (folder 2 of 2)
Box 3FF 31"Pabst and Lulu," 1965
Box 3FF 32"Stardom and Evelyn Brent," 1974
Box 3FF 33"Why I Will Never Write My Memoirs," 1977
Box 3FF 34"Zasu Pitts Diffused," 1963


Box 3FF 35Notebooks A-D, 1956-1957
Box 3FF 36Notebooks E-H, 1958-1959
Box 3FF 37Notebooks J-M, 1959-1961
Box 3FF 38Notebooks N-Q, 1960-1962
Box 3FF 39Notebooks R-T, 1963-1964
Box 3FF 40Notebook U, 1965-1966
Box 3FF 41Notebooks V-W, 1966-1969
Box 3FF 42Notebooks X-Y, 1969-1971
Box 3FF 43Notebook Z, 1972-1973
Box 3FF 44Notebook AA, 1974-1977
Box 3FF 45Notebook AB, 1977-1979
Box 3FF 46Brooks' notes on her notebooks, 1979
Box 3FF 47Notebook, n.d.

Research Packets

Box 4FF 1Humphrey Bogart, 1960s, n.d.
Box 4FF 2Clara Bow, 1950s-1970s
Box 4FF 3Louise Brooks, 1950s-1980s, n.d.
Box 4FF 4Charlie Chaplin, 1972
Box 4FF 5Grant Clarke, 1970s
Box 4FF 6W. C. Fields, 1960s-1970s
Box 4FF 7Greta Garbo, 1970s
Box 4FF 8Augusto Genina, 1970s
Box 4FF 9Edmund and Marjorie Goulding, 1959-1970s
Box 4FF 10Pepi Lederer, 1970s
Box 4FF 11George Marshall, 1960s-1970s
Box 4FF 12G. W. Pabst (folder 1 of 2), 1950s-1970s
Box 4FF 13G. W. Pabst (folder 2 of 2), 1950s-1970s
Box 4FF 14Malcolm St. Clair, 1950s-1970s
Box 4FF 15William Wellman, 1950s-1970s
Box 4FF 16Other, 1950s-1970s, n.d.

Published Works

Box 4FF 17"Actors and the Pabst Spirit," Focus on Film, 1971
Box 4FF 18"Bogey ‒ 'My Gun is Bigger Than Yours,'" New York Post, June 15, 1982. This photocopied extract is from the chapter on Bogart in Lulu in Hollywood.
Box 4FF 19"Buster Keaton," Double Exposure by Roddy McDowell, 1966.
Box 4FF 20"Charlie Chaplin Remembered," Film Culture, 1966
Box 4FF 21The Fundamentals of Good Ballroom Dancing, 1940
Box 4FF 22"Gish and Garbo: The Executive War on the Stars," Sight & Sound, Winter 1958-59
Box 4FF 23"Humphrey and Bogey," Sight & Sound, Winter 1966-67
Box 4FF 24Lulu in Hollywood (hardback), 1982
Box 4FF 25Lulu in Hollywood (paperback), 1982
Box 4FF 26Lulu en Hollywood (two copies of Spanish edition), 1984
Box 4FF 27"Marion Davies' Niece," Film Culture, 1974
Box 4FF 28"Mr. Pabst," Image, 1956
Box 4FF 29"On Location with Billy Wellman," London Magazine, 1968
Box 4FF 30"The Other Side of W. C. Fields," Sight & Sound, Spring 1971
Box 4FF 31"Pabst and Lulu," Sight & Sound, Summer 1965
Box 4FF 32"The Transformation of Bogey," New York Post, June 14, 1982. This photocopied extract is from the chapter on Bogart in Lulu in Hollywood.
Box 4FF 33"Why I Will Never Write My Memoirs," Focus on Film, 1978
Box 4FF 34Notebook containing photocopies of articles by and about Brooks, n.d.

Subseries 1.5 ‒ Images and Artwork

Box 20FF 1Artwork and reproductions, 1954, 1970, n.d.
Map caseOS 1Dixie Dugan comic strips, c. 1930s, n.d.
Box 5FF 1Negatives, 1930, 1967, 1975, n.d.
Box 5FF 2Photos given to Brooks by Ruth Huddleson, 1910s, 1952
Box 5FF 3Photos of Brooks and associates, late 1920s-early 1930s, late 1950s-1970s
Box 5FF 4Photos of Brooks and family, 1910s-1970s
Box 5FF 5Postcards of Brooks from Lamparski's "Hello from Hollywood" series, 1980
Box 5FF 6Postcards and prints of Brooks and others, 1980-1981, n.d.
Box 5FF 7Publicity and movie stills, 1920s, 1930s, 1970, n.d.
Box 20FF 2Publicity and movie stills (oversized), 1982
Box 5FF 8Scrapbook of family and personal photos, 1910s-1970s

Subseries 1.6 ‒ Press Material and Ephemera

Box 5FF 9News items on Brooks, 1920s-1960s
Box 5FF 10News items on Brooks, 1970s
Box 20FF 3News items on Brooks, 1970s-1980s
Map caseOS 2News items on Brooks, 1970s-1980s
Box 5FF 11New Yorker (contains Tynan's profile on Brooks), June 11, 1979
Box 5FF 12Typescript of Tynan's "The Girl with the Black Helmet," 1979
Box 5FF 13Audiotapes 1-3 and CD # 1 of the Tynan/Brooks interview, 1978, 2017
Box 5FF 14Audiotapes 4-6 and CD # 2 of the Tynan/Brooks interview, 1978, 2017
Box 5FF 15News items on Brooks (folder 1 of 2), 1980s
Box 5FF 16News items on Brooks (folder 2 of 2), 1980s
Box 5FF 17News items on Brooks, n.d.
Box 5FF 18News items on Lulu in Hollywood, 1982
Box 5FF 19Film festival notices, programs, and brochures, 1960s-1982, n.d.
Map caseOS 3Film festival programs and posters, 1970s, n.d.
Box 5FF 20News items on Anita Loos and Brooks, 1972-1984
Box 20FF 4News items on Kenneth Tynan, 1979-1980
Box 5FF 21Reviews of Kenneth Tynan's Show People, 1979-1980
Box 21FF 1Scrapbook of clippings on dance, 1919-1921
Box 5FF 22Other, 1942-1983

Series 2 ‒ Estate of Louise Brooks

Subseries 2.1 ‒ Correspondence

Requests for Brooks' letters

Box 5FF 23John F. Beck, 1986
Box 5FF 24Robert Benayoun, 1986
Box 5FF 25Freddy Buache, 1986
Box 5FF 26Rev. Paul Burkort, 1986
Box 5FF 27Cinémathèque Française, 1986
Box 5FF 28Henry Clune, 1986
Box 5FF 29Gary Conklin, 1986
Box 5FF 30Estate of Lotte Eisner, 1986
Box 5FF 31William Everson, 1986
Box 5FF 32Allen Eyles, 1986
Box 5FF 33Lillian Gish, 1986
Box 5FF 34Robert Gottlieb, 1986
Box 5FF 35Adolph Green, 1986
Box 5FF 36Estate of Christopher Isherwood, 1986
Box 5FF 37Roland Jaccard, 1986
Box 5FF 38Pauline Kael, 1986
Box 5FF 39Richard Leacock, 1986
Box 5FF 40Jonas Mekas, 1986
Box 5FF 41George Pratt, 1986
Box 5FF 42Richard Roud, 1986
Box 5FF 43Sight & Sound, 1986
Box 5FF 44Estate of Marc Sorkin, 1986-1992
Box 5FF 45Kathleen Tynan, 1987-1989
Box 5FF 46Estate of Herman Weinberg, 1986, 1988

Estate of Louise Brooks

Box 5FF 47Correspondence, 1985
Box 6FF 1Correspondence, 1986
Box 6FF 2Correspondence, 1987
Box 6FF 3Correspondence, 1988
Box 6FF 4Correspondence, 1989
Box 6FF 5Correspondence, 1990
Box 6FF 6Correspondence, 1991
Box 6FF 7Correspondence, 1992
Box 6FF 8Correspondence, 1993
Box 6FF 9Correspondence, 1994-1995

Subseries 2.2 ‒ Barry Paris

Box 6FF 10Donated material, August 15, 1987
Box 6FF 11Donated material, March 30, 1988
Box 6FF 12Donated material, August 4, 1988
Box 6FF 13Donated material, May 25, 1989
Box 6FF 14Donated material, June 5, 1989
Box 6FF 15Arbitration records, 1994-1995

Series 3 ‒ Personal Library

Box 6FF 166 Plays by Henrik Ibsen, trans. Eva Le Gallienne, 1957
Box 6FF 17150 ans de peinture au Japon [150 years of painting in Japan], 1962
Box 6FF 181957 Yearbook of Motion Pictures, 1957
Box 6FF 19American College Dictionary, 1948
Box 6FF 20Apologia Pro Sua Vita [A Defense of One's Own Life] by John Henry Cardinal Newman, 1950
Box 7FF 1Art Chinois I and Art Chinois III by Jean A. Keim, 1961
Box 7FF 2Ascent of Mount Carmel by St. John of the Cross, trans. E. Allison Peers, 1958
Box 7FF 3The Autobiography of St. Teresa of Avila, trans. E. Allison Peers, 1960
Box 7FF 4Autobiography of St. Thérèse of Lisieux, trans. Ronald Knox, 1958
Box 7FF 5Balanchine by Bernard Taper, 1963
Box 7FF 6Barcelona by Jaime Miravell, trans. John Forrester, 1956
Box 7FF 7Berlitz Basic French Dictionary, 1957
Box 7FF 8Berlitz Basic Spanish Dictionary, 1957
Box 7FF 9The Best and the Brightest by David Halberstam, 1972
Box 7FF 10Betty Crocker New Picture Cookbook, 1961
Box 7FF 11Bloomsbury: A House of Lions by Leon Edel, 1979
Box 7FF 12Bulletin of the New York Public Library, February 1962
Box 7FF 13The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer, trans. Nevil Coghill, 1952
Box 8FF 1The Castle by Franz Kafka, trans. Willa and Edwin Muir, 1954
Box 8FF 2A Catholic Dictionary, ed. Donald Attwater, 1952
Box 8FF 3Chronicles of the American Dance, ed. Paul Magriel, 1948
Box 8FF 4Colette by Michèle Sarde, trans. Richard Miller, 1978
Box 8FF 5The Collected Works of Bernard Shaw, Volume XXIX: Pen Portraits and Reviews by George Bernard Shaw, 1932
Box 8FF 6The Complete Original Illustrated Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle, 1976
Box 8FF 7The Complete Works of Shakespeare, ed. W. J. Craig, 1930
Box 8FF 8The Consumer's Guide to Nursing Homes in Monroe County, c. late 1970s
Box 8FF 9The Cossacks and The Raid by Leo Tolstoy, trans. Andrew R. MacAndrew, 1961
Box 8FF 10Creative Evolution by Henri Bergson, trans. Arthur Mitchell, 1944
Box 9FF 1Curtains by Kenneth Tynan, 1961
Box 9FF 2Death in Venice and Seven Other Stories by Thomas Mann, trans. H. T. Lowe-Porter, 1936
Box 9FF 3The Death of Ivan Ilych and Other Stories by Leo Tolstoy, trans. J. D. Duff and Aylmer Maude, 1960
Box 9FF 4Degas, ed. Fernand Nathan, 1961
Box 9FF 5Doors by Val Clery, 1978
Box 9FF 6The Dorothy Parker Murder Case by George Baxt, 1984
Box 9FF 7Duveen by S. N. Behrman, 1972
Box 9FF 8Earthly Paradise: An Autobiography of Colette by Robert Phelps, 1966
Box 9FF 9The Educational Irish-English Pronouncing Dictionary by Seamus O' Duirinne and Padraig O' Dalaigh, c. 1900
Box 9FF 10Elements of Style by William Strunk, Jr. and E. B. White, 1959
Box 9FF 11Elizabeth the Great by Elizabeth Jenkins, 1958
Box 9FF 12An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, Volume 1 by John Locke, 1812
Box 9FF 13An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, Volume 2 by John Locke, 1812
Box 10FF 1Essayes of Montaigne, trans. John Florio, n.d.
Box 10FF 2Everybody's Political What's What? by George Bernard Shaw, 1944
Box 10FF 3Fables and Fairy Tales by Leo Tolstoy, trans. Ann Dunnigan, 1962
Box 10FF 4A First Greek Reader with Vocabulary and Notes by Charles M. Moss, 1890
Box 10FF 5Galerie Michael Pabst Katalog No. 9 and No. 10, n.d.
Box 10FF 6A German and English Dictionary, ed. Karl Bruel, 1909
Box 10FF 7A Girl Like I by Anita Loos, 1966
Box 10FF 8Goethe on Art, ed. and trans. John Gage, 1981
Box 10FF 9Harper's English Grammar by John P. Opdycke, 1941
Box 10FF 10Here at the New Yorker by Brendan Gill, 1975
Box 10FF 11H. L. Mencken: A Portrait from Memory by Charles Angoff, 1956
Box 11FF 1Holy Bible (King James Version), n.d.
Box 11FF 2Holy Bible (New American Catholic Edition), 1952
Box 11FF 3Hugging the Shore by John Updike, 1983
Box 11FF 4In Defense of Women by H. L. Mencken, 1922
Box 11FF 5Isadora Duncan: Pioneer in the Art of Dance by Irma Duncan, 1959
Box 11FF 6Janet Flanner's World: Uncollected Writings 1932-1975, ed. Irving Drutman, 1979
Box 11FF 7Japanese Art IV: Colour Prints by Alain Lemière, 1958
Box 11FF 8Japanese Netsuke by Werner Forman, trans. Iris Urwin, 1960
Box 11FF 9Johnsonian Miscellanies, Volume I, ed. George Birkbeck Hill, 1887
Box 11FF 10Johnsonian Miscellanies, Volume 2, ed. George Birkbeck Hill, 1887
Box 12FF 1La Gravure Sur Bois Japonaise [Japanese woodcuts] by Lubor Hajek and Werner Forman, 1958
Box 12FF 2L'Au-Dela Dans L'Art Japonais [The Afterlife in Japanese Art], 1963
Box 12FF 3Letters and Memorials of Jane Welsh Carlyle, Volume 1, ed. James Anthony Froude, 1898
Box 12FF 4Letters and Memorials of Jane Welsh Carlyle, Volume 2, ed. James Anthony Froude, 1898
Box 12FF 5The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit, Volume 1 by Charles Dickens, 1897
Box 12FF 6The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit, Volume 2 by Charles Dickens, 1897
Box 12FF 7Lincoln Library of Essential Information, n.d.
Box 12FF 8Little English-French Dictionary by J. McLaughlin, n.d.
Box 12FF 9Lives of the English Poets, Volume 1 by Samuel Johnson, 1925
Box 13FF 1Lives of the English Poets, Volume 2 by Samuel Johnson, 1925
Box 13FF 2Living With Your Bronchitis and Emphysema by Theodore Berland and Gordon L. Snider, 1972
Box 13FF 3Louise Brooks: Portrait d'une Anti-Star, ed. Roland Jaccard, 1977
Box 13FF 4Marcel Proust, ed. Peter Quennell, 1971
Box 13FF 5Martha Graham, ed. Karl Leabo, 1961
Box 13FF 6Museo del Prado: Catálogo de Los Cuadros [The Prado Museum: Catalog of Paintings], 1952
Box 13FF 7The Music Lovers' Almanac, eds. William Hendelson and Paul Zucker, 1943
Box 13FF 8The Mystery Chef's Own Cook Book by John Macpherson, 1934
Box 13FF 9The New Hostess of To-Day by Linda Hull Larned, 1914
Box 13FF 10The New Practical French and English Dictionary, n.d.
Box 18FF 1Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens, c. 1850s
Box 14FF 1On Liberty, Representative Government, The Subjection of Women: Three Essays by John Stuart Mill, 1912
Box 14FF 2On the Laws of Japanese Painting by Henry P. Bowie, 1951
Box 14FF 3People in a Diary: A Memoir by S. N. Behrman, 1972
Box 14FF 4The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan, 1894
Box 14FF 5Pills That Don't Work by Sidney M. Wolfe et al., 1981
Box 14FF 6The Poetical Works of Alfred Lord Tennyson, c. 1896
Box 14FF 7Poetry and Truth from My Own Life, Volume 1 by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, trans. Minna Steele Smith, 1908
Box 14FF 8Poetry and Truth from My Own Life, Volume 2 by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, trans. Minna Steele Smith, 1908
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