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Title: American Studies Department Student Papers
Call Number: MS 85-01
Size: 16.0 linear feet
Acquisition: Donated by the American Studies Department, Wichita State University
Processed by: LM, 6-1-1986; JEF, 8-18-1998
Restrictions: None

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Literary rights were not granted to Wichita State University. When permission is granted to examine the manuscripts, it is not an authorization to publish them. Manuscripts cannot be used for publication without regard for common law literary rights, copyright laws and the laws of libel. It is the responsibility of the researcher and his/her publisher to obtain permission to publish. Scholars and students who eventually plan to have their work published are urged to make inquiry regarding overall restrictions on publication before initial research.

Content Note

Written for American Studies classes at Wichita State University, these student research papers cover a diverse range of topics concerning the United States, and particularly Kansas. Among the numerous subjects are agriculture, art, aviation, county and town histories, conservation, early explorers of Kansas, economics, education, ethnic groups, folklore, forts, government, industry, journalism, landmarks, medicine, Native Americans, petroleum, politics, religion, trails, transportation, water resources, wildlife, and women.

Detailed Description: Box and Folder Listing

Box 1 FF 1 "Irrigation in Arizona" by Jerry Mallot
Box 1 FF 2 "Mexican-American Migrant Workers of Ulysses, Kansas" by Kenneth Schweitzer
Box 1 FF 3 "The Plight of the Kansas Migrant Workers" by George and Jane Hoffman
Box 1 FF 4 "Farming Problems During the 30s" by Marc L. Kessinger
Box 1 FF 5 "From Wheat to Bread" by Margaretta W. Smith
Box 1 FF 6 "Hunger and Malnutrition in America" by Ted Jobst
Box 1 FF 7 "Farming in Western Kansas--Then and Now" by John T. Burdge
Box 1 FF 8 "The History and Development of Threshing Methods in the Great Plains" by Tommy B. Gagle
Box 1 FF 9 "A Study In the Growth and Development of Blood Orchards Past and Present" by Roger Keith Wycoff
Box 1 FF 10 "Kansas Grain; Transportation and Storage" by Alan Lanham
Box 1 FF 11 "American Architecture: Civil War to the Present" by Gerald Sheffer
Box 1 FF 12 "The Rise of the Ranch Style Home" by Terry L. Hobbs
Box 1 FF 13 "Colonial Church Architecture" by Tommy Newman
Box 1 FF 14 "Architectural Aspects of Colonial America" by Larry E. Myers
Box 1 FF 15 "Hispanic Architecture of the Southwest" Joe D. Leach
Box 1 FF 16 "A Century of Art 1830-1930" by Neona T. Boersma
Box 1 FF 17 "A Look at Norman Rockwell" by Patricia I. Halsig
Box 1 FF 18 "Native Crafts in a Modern World" by Peggy Friedman
Box 1 FF 19 "The Changing Literary Movement" by Larry Wacker
Box 1 FF 20 "Romantic Art in America, 1800-1850" by Kim Farrin
Box 1 FF 21 "Short Story"
Box 1 FF 22 "The Development of Classical Jazz in New Orleans from 1895-1929" by William C. Clulo
Box 1 FF 23 "The American Minstrel" by Thomas C. White
Box 1 FF 24 "Negro Folk Music" by Charles Scofield
Box 1 FF 25 "A History of Church Music in the United States (1865-1963)" by Becky Loflin
Box 1 FF 26 "Early Colonial Blacksmithing" by David L. Mock
Box 1 FF 27 "Aboriginal Artistry: A Study of Kansas Petroglyphs" by John Baize
Box 1 FF 28 "Water Mills of Sumner County" by Fern Meeker
Box 2 FF 1 "Art Navajo" by Sandy Laurence
Box 2 FF 2 "Artists of the Old West" by Marshall K. McKee
Box 2 FF 3 "Mark Vincent McMahon: A Contemporary Study" by Rex A. Coad
Box 2 FF 4 "Stephen Dorsey" (2 vols.) by G. Roushkalb
Box 2 FF 5 "Senator Stephen W. Dorsey" by Gary Roushkalb (vol. I)
Box 2 FF 6 "Brady, Matthew" by Ron Watson
Box 2 FF 7 "D. H. Lawrence in Taos" by Sally Armstrong
Box 2 FF 8 "J. M. Davis Gun Collection" by Etta Allender
Box 2 FF 9 "Chauncey Dewey" by Kevin Shull
Box 2 FF 10 "Isaac C. Parker" by Ted Milligan
Box 2 FF 11 "Wm. Coe & the Robbers Roost Gang" by Gary Roushkalb
Box 2 FF 12 "My Grandmother - Mrs. C. H. Armstrong" by Sally Armstrong
Box 2 FF 13 "John Adams (1735-1826)" by Larry Stewart
Box 2 FF 14 Dalton Bros. in a collection entitled "Biographys"
Box 2 FF 15 William Quantrill in a collection entitled "Biographys" by Carl R. Frank
Box 2 FF 16 "Fritz Otto Meyn: Kansas Entrepreneur" by Paul L. Smart, Jr.
Box 2 FF 17 "Wild Bill Hicock" by Larry Hicock
Box 2 FF 18 "William Quantrill"
Box 2 FF 19 "The Dalton Bros."
Box 2 FF 20 "80th Birthday Celebration" by Jimmy Skaggs
Box 2 FF 21 "Cattle Country Corrections" by Paul Norbert Womack
Box 2 FF 22 "The Southwest Cattle Range" by Leo Whipple
Box 2 FF 23 "Cattle Grazing/Flint Hills" by Randy Stevens
Box 2 FF 24 "Commercial Ranching" by Pagen Kopf
Box 2 FF 25 "The Murder Farm" by Gary C. Newton
Box 2 FF 26 "Branding" by Mary Kay Wellemeyer
Box 2 FF 27 "Cattle Drives of the Old West" by N. June Bennett
Box 2 FF 28 "The Moffitt Brothers Massacre or Which Way Did the Truth Go" by Steven J. Bishop
Box 2 FF 29 "The Cattle Industry on the Plains" by Margaret Langston
Box 2 FF 30 "From Cattle Drive to 4-Wheel Drive: The Cowboy Heritage in America" by Leslie R. Chaffin
Box 2 FF 31 "Kansas Fish and Game Commission" by R. Gutschenritter
Box 2 FF 32 "S.E.K.O.R.A." by Max Bolene
Box 2 FF 33 "El Dorado Reservoir" by E. Schwemmer
Box 2 FF 34 "Public Hunting in South-Central Kansas" by Joseph K. Stafford
Box 2 FF 35 "Milford Reservoir" by Cris Ward
Box 2 FF 36 "Early Conservation in Kansas" by Janet Stover
Box 2 FF 37 "Kansas Reservoirs" by James B. Galloway
Box 2 FF 38 "Channel Catfish in Kansas" by Karen Ward
Box 2 FF 39 "Little Walnut - Hickory Watershed Joint District No. 18" by James E. Moore
Box 2 FF 40 "The National Forest Service and the National Park Service in Colorado" by Carl F. Stout
Box 3 FF 1 "The History of Rice County" by Bruce Schreck
Box 3 FF 2 "An Early History of Marshall County, Kansas" by Emily J. Miller
Box 3 FF 3 "The Effects of the Dust Bowl on the Population level of Harper County, Oklahoma" by Harold W. Jordan
Box 3 FF 4 "Chase County/Clovercliff Ranch" by Larry Prather
Box 3 FF 5 "Jewell County" by John Kornelson
Box 3 FF 6 "Pickanay County" by Naomi Goenner
Box 3 FF 7 "Stevens County" by E. J. Guerrant
Box 3 FF 8 "Caldwell: Border Queen" by Joyce Egan
Box 3 FF 9 "History of Comanche, Kansas" (vol. I & II) by R. S. Leland
Box 3 FF 10 "The History of the Oil Boom in Butler County" by Brad Rine
Box 3 FF 11 "A Struggle for a County Seat Early Rice County, Kansas" by Anne Adkins
Box 3 FF 12 "Wichita County" by Kathy Thomas
Box 3 FF 13 "Wildlife Resources of Kansas" by Judy L. Spears
Box 3 FF 14 "Wildlife of the High Plains" by Rex McPeak
Box 3 FF 15 "The Ecological Effects of the Alaskan Oil Pipeline on the Arctic Tundra" by Jim Donnell
Box 3 FF 16 "Pollution in Kansas" by Vaughn W. Harchfield
Box 3 FF 17 "Arizona Landforms, Topography and Related Vegetation" by Eric Hilding
Box 3 FF 18 "An Archaeological Evaluation of South-Central Kansas" by Rain Vehik
Box 3 FF 19 "Experimental Archaeology: Shell Tools of the Central Plains" by S. L. Bupp
Box 3 FF 20 "Fish in the State of Kansas" by James Rose
Box 3 FF 21 "Cheney Reservoir: Flora and Fauna" by Frank Mills
Box 3 FF 22 "Rainmaking: Superstition and Science" by Robert Pecchioni
Box 3 FF 23 "The Life and Times of the American Sunflower" by John Stark
Box 3 FF 24 "Banking, Colonial" by George Fahnestock
Box 3 FF 25 "Economy, Gyp Hills" by Steven L. White
Box 3 FF 26 "Economy, Transport History" by Robert Garvey
Box 3 FF 27 "Types of Money or Exchange" by Sharon Moddelmog
Box 3 FF 28 "Early Money in American History" by John Cluster
Box 3 FF 29 "The Silkworm Industry in Kansas" by Margaret J. Kelly
Box 3 FF 30 "The Coleman Compan 1900-107" by James E. Moore
Box 3 FF 31 "The Great Depression of 1929" by Gregory Rataj
Box 3 FF 32 "Strip Mining and Reclamation in Southwestern Kansas" by Laura M. Klock
Box 3 FF 33 "The Economics of the Horse Industry" by Lawrence Bryant
Box 3 FF 34 "Influence of the Social, Physical and Technological Environments on the Development of Kansas" by Edna Stangle
Box 3 FF 35 "Oil and Kansas" by Pauletta Carlson
Box 3 FF 36 "Strip Mining of Coal in Southwestern Kansas" by Mrs. Mercedes Pickering
Box 4 FF 1 "Texas Develops as a World Exporter" by John E. Angelo
Box 4 FF 2 "The Genesis of the Depression 1929" by Terry L. Wieman
Box 4 FF 3 "Fur Trade Competition" by Rick E. Bauman
Box 4 FF 4 "Schools, One Room" by Virginia Ratzlaff
Box 4 FF 5 "Early Kansas Schools" by Rebecca Ann Consolver
Box 4 FF 6 "Cosmetology" by Beth Ray
Box 4 FF 7 "Kansas Geography Unit" by Jerry Nelson
Box 4 FF 8 "Student Development: Principles and Programs" by Walter S. Friesen
Box 4 FF 9 "Vocational-Technical Schools" by James L. Bizzell
Box 4 FF 10 "Thai Buddhism" by Vannee Varojananuluck
Box 4 FF 11 "The History and Restoration of Ft. Larned" by Willis D. Nigh
Box 4 FF 12 "History and Development of Fort Collins, Colorado" by Dennis Michael Gleason
Box 4 FF 13 "Fort Hays" by L. E. Sperry
Box 4 FF 14 "Fort Gibson" by Harrison & Henkel
Box 4 FF 15 "Military Forts of the Southwest" by Arthur E. Mahoney
Box 4 FF 16 "The History of Fort Hays and Hays City" by Biijan Chafiian
Box 4 FF 17 "Fort Wallace, Kansas" by Susan Jackson
Box 4 FF 18 "The History of Fort Riley" by Ronald G. Greiving
Box 4 FF 19 "Bent's Fort" by Emolyne Hall
Box 4 FF 20 "Fort Dodge, Kansas" by Phil Huttig
Box 4 FF 21 "Fort Wallace, Kansas" by Richard Johnson
Box 4 FF 22 "Fort Zarach, Kansas" by Jerry LeRoy Joans
Box 4 FF 23 "Fort Bridger" by Richard Davis
Box 4 FF 24 "Fort Griffin, Texas" by Hal J. Daugherty
Box 4 FF 25 "Fort Gibson, Oklahoma" by Joan Danneberg
Box 4 FF 26 "Fort Laramie, Wyoming" by Charles F. DeGraw
Box 4 FF 27 "Garrison Life of the Soldier During the Indian Wars" by C. E. Penrose
Box 4 FF 28 "General Stand White C.S.A.: The Fort Gibson Campaign, 1862-1865" by Al. J. Thimmesch
Box 4 FF 29 "Fort Hays, Kansas" by Dennis R. Kaba
Box 4 FF 30 "Fort Scott, Kansas" by Emolyne Anderson Hall
Box 4 FF 31 "An Early History of Fort Riley" by Kent Chasey
Box 4 FF 32 "Old Fort Zarach: Barton County, Kansas" by Jack Garlach
Box 4 FF 33 "The Fort Wolters - Mineral Wells Story" by Dave Burgard
Box 4 FF 34 "Ft. Larned: A Study of its Relevance in Western Kansas" by Mike Ojile
Box 4 FF 35 "Fort Bent's" by Philip T. Kyle
Box 4 FF 36 "U.S. Army History" by C. E. Penrose
Box 4 FF 37 "Fort Texas" by Dale Woods
Box 5 FF 1 "Fort Gibson" by Susan Horton
Box 5 FF 2 "Fort Larned" by David Hugh Kerr
Box 5 FF 3 "Forts Midland: High Plains" by Gary A. Zinter
Box 5 FF 4 "Guardians of the Trail" by Michael G. Gordons, Jr.
Box 5 FF 5 "Fort Vancouver" by Barbara Ashcroft
Box 5 FF 6 "Fort Laramie" by Lois Johnson
Box 5 FF 7 "Fort Leavenworth" by Leo Scott Johnson
Box 5 FF 8 "Fort Wallace" by Mary Lynn Jackson
Box 5 FF 9 "Fort Zarah" by Charles Nolan Gorham
Box 5 FF 10 "Forts Nebraska: Dakotas" by Doris Beaty Stigers
Box 5 FF 11 "French Exploration and Influence in Kansas and Oklahoma" by Mary Beckelhimer
Box 5 FF 12 "Women In the Army" by Denise Halstead
Box 5 FF 13 "The Work A Day World of the Plains Indian Women" by Helen Pryor
Box 5 FF 14 "Equal Rights Amendment Nov. 1976" by Rebecca Rickey
Box 5 FF 15 "Lucretia Mott & Elizabeth Stanton: The Study of Women's Suffrage" by Wayne L. Jackson
Box 5 FF 16 "The Life of the Pioneer Woman" by Joyce Bussey
Box 5 FF 17 "Red Cloud and the Powder River Country" by Peggie Brammer
Box 5 FF 18 "The Mythology of the Navajo Indians" by Jeff Malkiewicz
Box 5 FF 19 "Acculturation of the Navajo Indians" by Don Brown
Box 5 FF 20 "Navajo Weaving" by Suzanne Owings
Box 5 FF 21 "The Vanishing Culture of the South Winds" by Kent Rowe
Box 5 FF 22 "Zuni" by Greg Muselman
Box 5 FF 23 "Geronimo: The Human Tiger" by Connie Bigelow
Box 5 FF 24 "Hopi Kachina Dolls" by Barbara Bish
Box 5 FF 25 "The American Fighting Indian" by William Rolley
Box 5 FF 26 "The Osage Indians: A Study in Federal Indian Policy" by Dwight Keen
Box 5 FF 27 "Dances of the Cheyenne Indians" by Kathy Concklin
Box 5 FF 28 "Cheyenne Interactions with U.S. Government" by Don Brown
Box 5 FF 29 "Archaeology of Mesa Verde" by Charles Bole
Box 5 FF 30 "Indians of the Mesa Verde" by Mark Herring
Box 5 FF 31 "The Hopi Way" by Charles Hillman
Box 5 FF 32 "The Choctaw Removal to the West" by Suzanne J. Erickson
Box 5 FF 33 "Geronimo" by Dorothy Converse
Box 5 FF 34 "The Chiricahua Apache" by M. Zaluski
Box 5 FF 35 "Sand Creek Massacre: Nov. 29, 1864" by Peggie Brammer
Box 5 FF 36 "The Navajo Peyote" by Gay Alford
Box 5 FF 37 "Religion and Mythology of the Shawnees" by John Erickson
Box 6 FF 1 "Pontiac and the Indian Conspiracy" by Bruce Carmichael
Box 6 FF 2 "The Economic Growth of the Hopi Indians" by Charles Hillman
Box 6 FF 3 "Pueblo Pottery" by Clint Bulkley
Box 6 FF 4 "The Comanches" by Sondra Patton
Box 6 FF 5 "The Navajo Indians" by Denny Senseney
Box 6 FF 6 "Mesa Verde Civilization" by James Hesse
Box 6 FF 7 "Comanche Rituals" by Ross D. Alexander
Box 6 FF 8 "Land of Silver & Turquoise" by Judy Young
Box 6 FF 9 "The Ancient Ones" by Ned and Sue Stoll
Box 6 FF 10 "Origins and Practices of the Kachina Among the Zuni" by Frank Botteri
Box 6 FF 11 "The Potawatomi of Hillsdale County, and the Great Sauk Trail" by R. John Brott
Box 6 FF 12 "The History of the Delaware Indians" by Charles L. Bole
Box 6 FF 13 "Indians: Their Weapons and Tactics" by Stephen F. Hurst
Box 6 FF 14 "Apache History: From Creation to Civilization" by Jolynn Foster
Box 6 FF 15 "Law Among the Zuni" by Al Wittermann
Box 6 FF 16 "The Origin and Artifacts of the Plains Indians" by Beverly Goodwin
Box 6 FF 17 "Navajo Indians" by Ethel Laxton
Box 6 FF 18 "Lo, the Poor Indian -- May He Rest In Peace" by Sherry Prichard
Box 6 FF 19 "Schools of the Five Civilized Tribes and Technological Advances the Schools Made" by Beth Skow
Box 6 FF 20 "The Pawnee Indians: A Brief Background and History" by Jenny M. Abla
Box 6 FF 21 "Plains Indian Hide Painting" by Linda Fund
Box 6 FF 22 "The Cliff Dwellers of Mesa Verde National Park" by Jewellean Alford
Box 6 FF 23 "Cowley County Indians" by Joan Umbarger
Box 6 FF 24 "Medicine Lodge Peace Treaty" by Willis D. Nigh
Box 6 FF 25 "Ancient Indian Culture of the Southwest -- the Anasazi" by Jeff Dullea
Box 6 FF 26 "Southwestern Indian Medicine" by Thomas A. Kuhlman
Box 6 FF 27 "Missionary Methods and the Indians" by Charled Hilding
Box 6 FF 28 "The Shawnee Methodist Mission" by Susan Wilson
Box 6 FF 29 "The Search for the Land of Quivira: Past and Present" by Robert D. McCalla
Box 6 FF 30 "The Plains Indian: His Tradition and His Ceremonies" by Vivian Roberts
Box 6 FF 31 "Osage Indians" by Henry Donaldson
Box 6 FF 32 "Trade in the Prehistoric American Southwest" by Kathy Lynn Fiskin
Box 6 FF 33 "Shawnee Methodist Mission: A Culture Bridge" by Kathy L. Fiskin
Box 6 FF 34 "Taos - the Town and It's People, Past and Present" by Gary Hickel
Box 6 FF 35 "The Taos Pueblo Indians Religion and Ceremonialism and Its Relationship to Nature" by Eric Lynn Hilding
Box 6 FF 36 "The Medicine Lodge Indian Treaty" by John Michael Phelps
Box 6 FF 37 "The Pajarito Plateau and Frijoles Canyon Ruins" by James Winans
Box 6 FF 38 "George Catlin and His Relationship with the Mandan" by Gary D. Carson
Box 6 FF 39 "A Survey of Ancient Remains of Man In America" by Edward H. Salm
Box 6 FF 40 "Huron Indian Cemetery" by Donna Lee
Box 6 FF 41 "Hard to Kill" by Donna M. Ahadi
Box 6 FF 42 "American Indian Medicine" by Robin C. Calamaio
Box 7 FF 1 "The Navajo and His Religion" by Karen Holland
Box 7 FF 2 "The Social and Political Attributes of the Cherokees" by Michael C. McMahon
Box 7 FF 3 "Chief Little Bear and the Little Osage" by Bradley D. Olds
Box 7 FF 4 "A Woodland League of Nations" by David W. Hartmans
Box 7 FF 5 "The Comanche Nation: Terror of the Southern Plains" by Peter G. Howse
Box 7 FF 6 "The Cherokees" by Earl Hooper
Box 7 FF 7 "The Arapahoe Indians" by Carole Huston
Box 7 FF 8 "The Culture and History of the Pawnee Indians" by Sue Hunt
Box 7 FF 9 "The Sioux Indians" by Richard Holdaway
Box 7 FF 10 "The Cheyene Way" by Susan Horton
Box 7 FF 11 "The Blackfeet Indians" by Wally Horn
Box 7 FF 12 "The Flathead Indians" by Robert Hurd
Box 7 FF 13 "History and Acculturation of the Oglala Sioux - Since 1866" by James Hesse
Box 7 FF 14 "Hunting by the Indians of the High Plains" by Charles D. Holmes
Box 7 FF 15 "The Culture of the Crow Indians" by Gary Hunt
Box 7 FF 16 "A Study of the Osage Indian Youth" by Walter H. Hunt
Box 7 FF 17 "The Cherokee Indians -- With Concentration in Oklahoma" by Jennifer Baker Etter
Box 7 FF 18 "Indian Medicine" by Kathryn E. Holliday
Box 7 FF 19 "The Lifestyle of the Great Basin Shoshoni Indians and How It Has Changed" by David M. Murray
Box 7 FF 20 "A Sketch of the Cheyenne Religion" by Roger H. Hoogendoorn
Box 7 FF 21 "The Zuni: In Harmony With Nature" by James Winans
Box 7 FF 22 "The Early Years of Custer and the Seventh Cavlary on the Plains" by Steve Tasheff
Box 7 FF 23 "Lincoln County War" by James H. King
Box 7 FF 24 "The Last Wars" by Walt Pringle
Box 7 FF 25 "John Brown and the Underground Movement" by Sam Catanese & Mike Welch
Box 7 FF 26 "Imported Game Animals, Birds and Fish of Kansas" by Craig Lawrence
Box 7 FF 27 "Anne Hutchinson" by James D. Moore
Box 7 FF 28 "The Dakotas" by Alan Davis
Box 7 FF 29 "It's Theirs But," by Marc Ostertag
Box 7 FF 30 "Justice Prevails for the Cherokee Nation" by Robert Morris
Box 7 FF 31 "The Future Takes a Lesson From the Past" by Alan F. Davis
Box 7 FF 32 "Influences of Jesuit Priests Upon the Osage Indians, 1820-1870" by Kenneth A. Williams
Box 7 FF 33 "The Deer Dance at Santa Clara Pueblo" by Jim Brammer
Box 7 FF 34 "A Sketching History of the Mescalero Apache, With Maps and Pictures" by Ann Maloney
Box 7 FF 35 "The Indian Reorganizaton Act of 1934" by James G. Woodall
Box 7 FF 36 "A Study of American Indian Criminality" by William T. Dotts, Jr.
Box 7 FF 37 "Cheyennes Yesterday and Today" by Mark Herring
Box 7 FF 38 "A History of the Jicarilla Apache and Moache Ute" by Ann Ohlfest and Vicki Spark
Box 7 FF 39 "Exploring Pueblo Bonito and Mesa Verde -- Remains of the Prehistoric Southwest" by Marilyn Kay Johnson
Box 8 FF 1 "The Shawnee Methodist Mission and Indian Manual Labor School" by Richard W. Roberts
Box 8 FF 2 "Early American Indian Plains Painters" by Sandra Murray Nolan
Box 8 FF 3 "The Plains Indian and The Trade Muslcet" by Loring B. Smith
Box 8 FF 4 "An Analysis of Methods Used and Applications of Journalist Research" by R. Garvey
Box 8 FF 5 "The Evolution of the Kansas Newspaper: 1834-1900" by Robert Garvey
Box 8 FF 6 "History of the Cherokee Outlet" by Waynes A. Unrun
Box 8 FF 7 "Norse Runic Carvings in Oklahoma" by W. L. Followell
Box 8 FF 8 "The Warkentin House" by Margaret B. Furnan
Box 8 FF 9 "Lakes Scott State Park" by Thomas W. McCollum
Box 8 FF 10 "Cathedral of the Plains" by Edward C. Hill
Box 8 FF 11 "America's Wonderlands" by John W. Nook
Box 8 FF 12 "Application" by Cletus Joseph Pottebaum
Box 8 FF 13 "The Hangin' Judge & American S.W." by Gary L. Waddell
Box 8 FF 14 "The Frontier Lawyer" by K. L. Thompson
Box 8 FF 15 "The Evolution of the Kansas Sheriff's Department" by Edwin D. Steffy
Box 8 FF 16 "The Kansas Industrial Reformatory" by Neil Utz
Box 8 FF 17 "Capital Punishment in Kansas" by Wm. Hamrick
Box 8 FF 18 The Colonial Lawyer" by Lonnie Whiteley
Box 8 FF 19 "The Texas Rangers: Founding and Evolution 1835-1935" by David C. Gurtner
Box 8 FF 20 "The Juvenile Court: Its Development and Some Major Problems" by Lawrence T. Egan
Box 8 FF 21 "The Traffic Investigator" by Darrel L. Schneider
Box 8 FF 22 "Police - Community" by Billy Scogin
Box 8 FF 23 "Ten Book Reviews on Law and Authority in Colonial America" by Harry J. Taubhan
Box 8 FF 24 "The Historical Development of the Kansas State Industrial Reformatory" by Jerry Lee Holler
Box 8 FF 25 "University Security" by Arthur J. Stone
Box 8 FF 26 "Reservation Police in American History" by Linda M. Foster
Box 8 FF 27 "Law in the Southwest in the 1880s" by Jerry Clugston
Box 8 FF 28 "John L. Monaham and the Kansas Highway Patrol" by John F. Monaham
Box 8 FF 29 "Convict Lease System: Southern States" by Warren L. Shaull and John Liebl
Box 8 FF 30 "Health Spas in Kansas" by Pat Caples
Box 8 FF 31 "Halstead Hospital" by Charles Welliver
Box 8 FF 32 "The American Drugstore" by Glenn Meltzer
Box 8 FF 33 "The Impact of an Oil Boom" by J. Zaudke
Box 8 FF 34 "Augusta Refinery" by Louise Melander
Box 8 FF 35 "The Influence of the Mormons in the Settlement of the Southwest" by Kathy Harris
Box 8 FF 36 "Origin and Development of Clinton Oil Company" by Harold Dupont
Box 8 FF 37 "Oil Hill" by Hossein Jabbari
Box 9 FF 1 "The Practice of Early Medicine" by Judy Bulger
Box 9 FF 2 "The Coal Mines" by Ann Fortino
Box 9 FF 3 "The Kansas Oil Industry" by Randy Kuntz
Box 9 FF 4 "God's Gift -- Man's Discovery Oils Fields in Neucus County" by James L. O'Connor
Box 9 FF 5 "Some Aspects of the Southwestern Rural Church" by Dianna Ogden
Box 9 FF 6 "Amish Rights" by Judith Smyth
Box 9 FF 7 "Leeds Church: History and Sociological Implications" by Marion Maggiolo
Box 9 FF 8 "Mormon, Manifest Destiny" by Feryl D. Lowe
Box 9 FF 9 "The California's Missions" by Lawrence Schoenfeld
Box 9 FF 10 "The Saga of Father Kino" by Mike Welch
Box 9 FF 11 "Mission San Jose" by N. R. Timpanelli
Box 9 FF 12 "The Mormons Yesterday and Today" by Anne Phalen and Clark Nelson
Box 9 FF 13 "Mennonites" by James E. Parker
Box 9 FF 14 "Persecution of the Mormons in Missouri" by Brad Winsor
Box 9 FF 15 "The Amish and Their Rights" by Carol Schmidt
Box 9 FF 16 "Seven Villages in Iowa: The Amana Colonies" by Al Asplund
Box 9 FF 17 "Mennonites Cultural Traits" by James Hesse
Box 9 FF 18 "Mennonite Theology" by Rolyn Hiebert
Box 9 FF 19 "Educational Development of Mennonites" by Larry Elliott Hiebert
Box 9 FF 20 "Organization of the General Conference Mennonite Church" by Clifford H. Hoagland
Box 9 FF 21 "Similarities and Dissimilarities of the Mennonites in Kansas" by Ronnie Helten
Box 9 FF 22 "Mennonite Influence...Past and Present on Newton and Harvey County" by Michael A. Sheets
Box 9 FF 23 "The Mennonite Migration into Kansas"
Box 9 FF 24 "Mennonite Disaster Service" by Rene Stucky
Box 9 FF 25 "Chautauquas in Winfield, Kansas" by Al Holdeman
Box 9 FF 26 "History of Catholicism and Sacred Heart in Colwich, Kansas" by Daniel J. Marino, Jr.
Box 9 FF 27 "Amish Culture -- The Educational Crisis" by A. W. Asplund
Box 9 FF 28 "The Origin and the Founding of the California Missions" by James Hesse
Box 9 FF 29 "The Wayward Women of the Southwest" Emogene Lewis
Box 9 FF 30 "Fiesta Days in New Mexico" by Marcia McKee
Box 9 FF 31 "early Swiss Settlement in Wisconsin" by Marilyn Johnson
Box 9 FF 32 "An Amish Study" by Shirley West
Box 9 FF 33 "Mexican People and Their Origins"
Box 9 FF 34 "The Ohio River Basin" by Larry D. Moore
Box 9 FF 35 "Recreation Facilities and Usage at Kansas Reservoirs and Lakes" by Richard Bloomer
Box 9 FF 36 "Elk City Dam and Reservoir"
Box 9 FF 37 "Because We Didn't Learn the First Time" by Tom Duncan
Box 9 FF 38 "History of the Sangamon River" by Terry Van Auken
Box 9 FF 39 "The Spanish and French Influence on Early Kansas History" by Maynerd Wood
Box 9 FF 40 "The Mexican-American in Wichita...Where It Stands" by Dan P. Buchan
Box 10 FF 1 "The Pueblo Revolt of 1680" by Jon G. Wagner
Box 10 FF 2 "Spanish Colonial Santa Fe" by James Hesse
Box 10 FF 3 "Old Spanish Mission and Their Effects on the Settlement of the Southwest to 1680" by Larry Hodson
Box 10 FF 4 "Medicine Lodge" by Vonda Simpson
Box 10 FF 5 "Sorry Closed" by charles Wellaver & Gary Parker
Box 10 FF 6 "Abilene Kansas 1866-1872" by Kent Schaaf
Box 10 FF 7 "The Early History of Kingman, Kansas" by William Steve Mandle
Box 10 FF 8 "From Sagebrush to Sidewalk, The Founding of Wichita, Kansas, 1859-1900" by Frank Slusser
Box 10 FF 9 "Medicine Lodge, Kansas" by Suzy Brown
Box 10 FF 10 "Dexter, Kansas" by Dorothy Lane
Box 10 FF 11 "Hesston Harvest of Many Seasons" by Richard Voth
Box 10 FF 12 "Hunnewell, Kansas" by Greg Wright
Box 10 FF 13 "Early History of Medicine Lodge" by Rita Gulick
Box 10 FF 14 "Okarche -- Thriving Community In Oklahoma" by Sister Marietta Grellnre
Box 10 FF 15 "Elgin, Kansas" by Roger Liles
Box 10 FF 16 "The Uncouth Maiden of Yesterday (Early History of Wichita)" by Larry Ackerman
Box 10 FF 17 "Impact: The Story of a Community and Its Economic Crisis" by Danny J. Cassidy
Box 10 FF 18 "Madill, Oklahoma: A Link in a Chain" by D. Ross
Box 10 FF 19 "Birth of a City" by Robert M. Martin
Box 10 FF 20 "Council Grove, Kansas" by Lovina Hilfinger
Box 10 FF 21 "The History and Economy of Sun City, Kansas" by James E. Harris, Jr.
Box 10 FF 22 "The 'Miracle City' - Planeview, Kansas" by E. Earl Payne, Jr.
Box 10 FF 23 "The History of Iola, Kansas" by Ronald J. Burris
Box 10 FF 24 "Girard, Kansas" by Roger K. Zettl
Box 10 FF 25 "Marmaton, Kansas" by Roger Harber
Box 10 FF 26 "Wellowdale: A Common Kansas Community" by Don Goetz
Box 10 FF 27 "Victoria: A Gentleman's Experiment" by Janice K. Briggs
Box 10 FF 28 "Claflin, Kansas: An Impressionistic View of a Small Community" by Diane S. Robl
Box 10 FF 29 "Lone Tree to Central City, Nebraska" by John Price
Box 10 FF 30 "New Albany - A Dying Town? Maybe!" by John E. Fortner
Box 10 FF 31 "Sunnydale: Jewel of the Prairies" by Kathleen Crow
Box 10 FF 32 "Indian City U.S.A.: Anadarko, Oklahoma" by Kathern Wheeler
Box 10 FF 33 "Into the Past to St. Elmo" by Shirley A. Houser
Box 10 FF 34 "Savonburg" by N. J. Bennett
Box 10 FF 35 "Leadville" by Steve Shryrock
Box 10 FF 36 "Baxter Springs, First Cow Town in Kansas" by Eugene Epperson
Box 10 FF 37 "Historical Augusta" by Charlotte Markley
Box 10 FF 38 "Historic Waconda Springs" by Dorothy Price
Box 11 FF 1 "Legends of a Kansas Cowtown" by Madonna E. Saunders
Box 11 FF 2 "Lyons -- Past and Present" by Dorothy Adams
Box 11 FF 3 "Cowboy Capitol: Newton, Kansas, 1871-1874" by Donald J. Harold
Box 11 FF 4 "Newton, Kansas: Cow Town in Transition" by Lynn Davis
Box 11 FF 5 "The Beginning of Walton, Kansas" by Sondra Patton
Box 11 FF 6 "Kinsley, Kansas 1872-1900" by Dennis G. Howard
Box 11 FF 7 "History of Pratt, Kansas" by Howard Varley
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Box 13 FF 31 "Transportation 1850 to 1860"
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Box 16 FF 4 "The Impact of the Computer Upon Society" by Jerry L. Webster
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Box 16 FF 32 "Tools of the Trailblazer" by Robert E. Garrett