Reverend Orange Scott Papers

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Title: Reverend Orange Scott Papers
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Content Note

This collection contains manuscript letters and documents for the years 1832-1847 pertaining to the Methodist reformer and abolitionist Orange Scott (1800-1847). It covers Scott's activities as a publisher, book distributor and public speaker. Documents include contracts, proposals and invoices for printing services for The True Wesleyan, an organ of the Wesleyan Methodist Connection of America which Scott helped found. These documents provide much specific information on the costs and number of copies of Wesleyan Methodist Connection publications. Considerable material relating to Scott's anti-slavery activity and to the founding of the Wesleyan Methodist Connection are found in the collection.

Detailed Description: Series Listing

Series 1 Box 1 FF 1-35 Correspondence
Series 2 Box 1 FF 36-41 Agreements and Contracts
Series 3 Box 1 FF 42-56 Financial Records
Series 4 Box 1 FF 57-61 Publications and Miscellaneous Items

Detailed Description: Box and Folder Listing

Series 1 ‒ Correspondence

Box 1FF 1February 6, 1832 - Waydon Hall, Middlesex. Adam Clarke writes to George Lachley (?) and others concerning a visit to the United States. Compliments the church as being imitators of the original Methodist.
Box 1FF 2August 26, 1832 - News clipping, obituary of Adam Clarke.
Box 1FF 3No date - Thomas A. Brewster (?) writes Reverend Scott about sacred music.
Box 1FF 4August 30, 1834 - News clipping, obituary, Bedell, Gregory Townsend, D.D., American clergyman, Protestant Episcopal.
Box 1FF 5April 23, 1836 - Burlington. A note discussing the price of room and board. Names are unclear.
Box 1FF 6February 12, 1840 - Mr. Kimball writes Reverend Scott about books and his ability to sell. May have to sell below wholesale price. Mention fact that he is an anti-slavery man. Thinks Reverend Clarke is an abolitionist at heart.
Box 1FF 7October 1, 1844 - Reverend G. Beckley writes Brother Scott, enclosing fifteen dollars to be applied to his credit. Discusses condition of hymn books.
Box 1FF 8April 15, 1845 - Samuel Hurlbutt (?) explains to Brother Scott why he has been unable to pay for The True Wesleyan.
Box 1FF 9July 12, 1845 - Adam Jewett writes Orange Scott about the anti-slavery cause, inviting him to come and give a series of discourses on American Slavery.
Box 1FF 10February 18, 1845 - F. Roberts, agent, sends list of names to be sent books.
Box 1FF 11 November 8, 1845 - W. S. Stockton informs Reverend Scott about copies of Whitehead's Wesley.
Box 1FF 12November 22, 1845 - Reverend L. Lee approves of enlarging the paper.
Box 1FF 13December 25, 1845 - W. Blackmore writes Reverend Scott about the Canada mission.
Box 1FF 14January 8, 1846 - L. J. McJudoe (?) writes to Reverend O. Scott asking for the money Scott said he would send.
Box 1FF 15February 20, 1846 - Geo Mery (?) informs Reverend Scott that the committee on the Drucutt (?) school have decided to give Dr. Bennett the tuition of the school.
Box 1FF 16May 6, 1846 - L. Floes (?) writes concerning books that were sent to a firm of Hamilton and White of Chicago.
Box 1FF 17June 19, 1846 - Samuel Chordis writes Reverend Scott about his visit overseas to the convention. Disapproves of a loan of two thousand dollars to the Book Concern as a condition for his willing to go abroad.
Box 1FF 18July 9, 1846 - Reverend G. Beckly sends list of names and donations to the Book Concern. Also informs Brother Scott that Brother Davey will pay him twenty dollars which should be credited to my account.
Box 1FF 19August 7, 1846 - H. Whitlock (?) makes a list of books to be sent to him.
Box 1FF 20 August 8, 1846 - Joseph F. Holman writes about a medicine "Restorative." Also a note from P. Hoes (?).
Box 1FF 21August 13, 1846 - Reverend C. Prindle (?) informs Brother Scott of his visit to Canada and how he could supply his pupils while absent.
Box 1FF 22August 24, 1846 - Brother Countis informs Brother Scott about Edwin Maxfield’s owing dues for The True Wesleyan.
Box 1FF 23September 4, 1846 - L. J. (?) writes Brother Scott concerning the papers and their weight. Also would like money for them.
Box 1FF 24September 28, 1846 - John M. Barber writes Reverend Scott about Brother Holmes’ school. Gives price per term and what he teaches. The school is conducted on Christian principles. Color is not to be a barrier.
Box 1FF 25September 28, 1846 - G. Mears (?) writes Reverend Scott concerning The True Wesleyan. Asks for anything that would be proof that slavery exists in the M. E. church North and to what extent.
Box 1FF 26November 10, 1846 - H. Whicloth (?) writes to Brother Scott about sending money to be applied to his credit for books.
Box 1FF 27December 16, 1846 - John Hackett writes Reverend Scott about land to deed to Ninman.
Box 1FF 28January 2, 1847 - F. Keyes informs Reverend Scott about his insurance policy. Also informs him on the progress of the railroad.
Box 1FF 29January 12, 1847 - C. T. Skinner (?) writes concerning a deed for 90 acres of land. Asks for his papers to be sent to their reading room.
Box 1FF 30January 14, 1847 - Reverend Daniel Wilson writes to inform Scott of the state of things here in regard to the church. Fifty or more have seceded from the Methodist church on account of its connection with slavery. Anti-slavery principle is gaining ground.
Box 1FF 31March 19, 1847 - Letter from the Post Master concerning the paper, Wesleyan, Berkshire, New York. Agent informs us that the son has been receiving the paper and not paid for it.
Box 1FF 32March 21, 1854 - Jonathan Hill writes his brother after many years separation.
Box 1FF 33October 21, 1859 - House of Bishops, Richmond, Virginia. Announcement of a visit to the parish of Gambier, by G. T. Bedell.
Box 1FF 34October 22, 1859 - G. T. Bedell asks that the enclosed notice reach the proper hands.
Box 1FF 35November 12, 1859 - G. T. Bedell will visit earlier than planned.

Series 2 ‒ Agreements and Contracts

Box 1FF 36November 5, 1842 - Articles of agreement between Edwin W. Goodwin of Albany, New York, and Orange Scott of Newbury, Vermont, concerning the right, title and interest to the subscription list of the New York Watchman, together with all the books and paper belonging to the same.
Box 1FF 37December 13, 1842 - John B. Hall agrees to print for Scott a newspaper of the size of The True Wesleyan for one year.
Box 1FF 38October 1844 - John B. Hall proposes to contract with the Wesleyan Connection to do their work for the next four years at prices specified below.
Box 1FF 39November 25, 1844 - An agreement is hereby entered into by Orange Scott and John B. Hall to the effect that said Hall is to print for said Scott for the space of twelve months (or 24 number of the paper) the publication known as the Juvenile Wesleyan.
Box 1FF 40 April 24, 1845 - Agreement, Orange Scott of Newbury, Vermont, agrees to let John A. Meader to occupy the kitchen, buttery, and bedroom in the southwest corner of a tenement building near Chadwick store. Also a privilege in common with Austin A. Avery in the parlor adjoining.
Box 1FF 41No date - Request for type and printing material. A list of the material in detail.

Series 3 ‒ Financial Records

Box 1FF 42November 1835-1836 - List of stamp purchases, received payment for S. G. Busnap.
Box 1FF 43February 20, 1837 - Bill from Reverend O. Scott to Hubbard.
Box 1FF 44March 18, 1841 - List of purchases at auction by Reverend Scott.
Box 1FF 45February 20, 1840 - Received of Reverend Scott payment for paper from Grant Daniel and Company.
Box 1FF 46No date - List of articles needed to print the three publications.
Box 1FF 47January 1854 - Check for payment of The Western Episcopalian.
Box 1FF 48 No date - Statement of O. Scott's affairs.
Box 1FF 49June 6, 1836 - Bill for book binding.
Box 1FF 50 January 21, 1836 - One set Dr. Rees' Encyclopedia.
Box 1FF 51 October 1844 - Hall's bill for printing.
Box 1FF 52 November 1844 - Hall's bill for printing.
Box 1FF 53May 30, 1845 - Wesleyan Methodist Book Concern, Reverend Edward Smith, Clerk’s figurings.
Box 1FF 54 March 10, 1845 - Hall's bill for printing.
Box 1FF 55August 2, 18?? - Note of payment from Thomas C. Leland.
Box 1FF 56No date - Bill to L. J. McJudoe (?) for printing.

Series 4 ‒ Publications and Miscellaneous Items

Box 1FF 57List of names and dates of people who were in the assembly or other branches of the government, etc.
Box 1FF 58March 1, 1871 - Report of the New York City church Extension and Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal church, for the year ending March 1, 1871.
Box 1FF 59Obituary of Orange Scott. Includes appointments, publications and biographical information.
Box 1FF 60Obituary of Luther Lee, American clergyman who collaborated with Orange Scott on the publication, The True Wesleyan. Includes list of publications and biographical information.
Box 1FF 61 Engraving from unidentified book. The name, place and date "John H. Farnsworth, Philadelphia 1817" is written on border of image.