Robert L. Tonsing Collection of 19th Century Music

Collection Summary

Title: Robert L. Tonsing Collection of 19th Century Music
Call Number: MS 92-02
Size: 1.5 linear feet
Acquisition: Donated by Robert L. Tonsing, Sr.
Processed By: MKW, 10-7-1991; JEF, 4-20-1998; MN, 12-6-2013
Restrictions: None

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Content Note

The collection contains materials originally collected by Kansas Governor John A. Martin and donated to the University by Robert L. Tonsing. The collection includes popular music, scores, musical monthlies, and a history of the 137th infantry.

Detailed Description: Series Listing

Series 1 Box 1-Box 2 FF 1 Sheet Music. This series contains bound volumes of sheet music and music monthlies for voice and piano collected by Kansas Governor John A. Martin.
Series 2 Box 2 FF 2-3 Other. This series is comprised of booklets and articles concerning John A. Martin and Kansas' Civil War regiments.

Detailed Description: Box and Folder Listing

Series 1 ‒ Sheet Music

Box 1 Vol. 1: Angels Met Him At The Gate (1877); Come Holy Spirit (1873); Saviour, Thou Art Ever Near (1873); There's Nothing True But Heaven! (1868); We Are Trav'ling To Mount Zion (1874); The Beautiful Hills (1870); The Child Of The Regiment or Ask Me Not Why (1855); "Erin Is My Home" (1866); 'Twas Within A Mile Of Edinboro'town (1868); Ellen Boideachd or Row Weel, My Boatie Row Weel (1855); I'm Over Young To Marry Yet (n.d.); Ilka Blade O' Grass (1855); There Grew In Bonnie Scotland (1855); Dinna Forget Yer Mither, Sandie (1873); The Dream Is Past (n.d.); Bonnie Bessie Lee (1855); Hame Cam Our Gudeman At E'en (1855); The Spider And The Fly (1866); Ben Bolt or "Oh Don't You Remember!" (1848); Bonnie Scotland I Adore Thee (1867); Bonnie Aileen (1861); The Dream Is Past (n.d.); Comin' Through The Rye (n.d.); Buy A Broom (n.d.); The Echo Duet (n.d.); O, Come To The Forest (1857); Ben Bolt (1854); Les Cloches Du Soir (The Evening Bells); (1864); Drift My Bark (n.d.); That Banner A Hundred Years Old (1876); We'll Blow Our Horn For Hayes (1876); 1776 Centennial Ode 1876 (1875); The Star Spangled Banner (1861); "Alice," Medley (1872); The Absurdity Of It (1872); The Apology or You Know (n.d.); "Mother's Gone Crusading" (1874); Nobby Samuel (1868); Only In Fun (1875); Now Or Never (1874); Better Be Out Of The World Than Out Of Fashion (1871); My Linda Love (1874); Sly Cupid (1874); Pretty Little Jakey (1875); As Pretty As A Little Butterfly (1875); All Tied Back (1876); A Free Lance Am I or The Soldier Of Fortune (n.d.); Gold, Gold, Gold (n.d.); You Never Miss The Water Till The Well Runs Dry (1872); Ecstasy (1869); The Heart Bow'd Down (n.d.); O Tell Me, Tell Me Birdies Wild (1866); Margaret At The Spinning-Wheel (n.d.); The Flower Girl (1875); They Bid Me Call It All A Dream (1870); It Is Better To Laugh Than Be Sighing (1854); The Quareling Duet (1875); Christine Of Sweden (1875)
Box 1 Vol. 2: Our Little Pet (1872); My Love Has Gone A Sailing (n.d.); De Old Church-Yard In De Lane (1875); Then You'll Remember Me (n.d.); Fare Well! (1874); I Am Dying, Egypt, Dying (1865); "Would Ye Leave Your Home, Robin?" (1874); Susan's Story (n.d.); Come Sit By My Side, Little Darling (1869); O'er The Billow Our Light Bark Is Dancing (1857); "In The Days When We Went Gipsying" (1866); Goodbye, Eva Darling (1872); The Last Good-Night (1874); Tenderly Bury The Fair Young Dead (1866); "Ten O'Clock" or Remember Love, Remember (1866); Three Little Words (1871); "Softly Shone The Stars Of Heaven" (1878); "No Little One To Meet Me" (1873); On The Beautiful Blue Danube (1874); I Have No Home (1873); "Papa Is Calling Me Home" (1873); "Tenderly Think Of The Dead!" (1873); Julia! 'Tis Of Thee I Sing (1873); 'Neath The Waves Her Spirit Wanders (1873); Pretty Evaline Adair (1873); When The Light Waves Rippling Play (1872); I'll Remember You In My Prayers (1869); Teach Oh! Teach Me To Forget (1866); There Are Lonely Hearts To Cherish (1867); The Beautiful Days That Are Past (1871); Send For Mother, Birdie's Dying (1874); Cover Them Over With Beautiful Flowers (1874); Sleep, Dearest, Sleep (1874); "A Maiden Sat Complaining!" (1872); Dream Of Love (1873); Far Away Where Angels Dwell (1873); Little Blue Eyes (1873); When The Tide Comes In (n.d.); Father, Bring Home Your Money To-Night! (1875); Heaven Bless Mamma! (1875); A Brave Boy's Plea (1875); One Happy Year Ago (1874); The Last Good-Night (1874); "The Lover's Parting" (1872); The Kiss She Gave Me At The Gate (1871); Stay With Me (n.d.); Thou Art So Near And Yet So Far (1868); Remember Deeds Of Kindness (1875); "Sadie Darling" (1875); Kiss, And Forget All The Past (1875); "Darling Aroon!" (1875); The "Why" Of A Blush (1875); Oh! Little Silver Shining Thread (1875); The Ring My Mother Wore (1860); There's But One Sweet Song (1874); Lullaby (1876); Return to Me My Darling! (1876); A Song For The Hearth And Home (n.d.)
Box 1 Vol. 3: Maggie Malone (1868); Little Maud (1865); John (1866); The Brook (n.d.); The Little Church Around The Corner (1871); The Little Blue Shoes (1871); Robin Adair (1866); Mary Of The Wild Moor (1845); Come Over The Ferry (n.d.); Making Love While On The Ice (1869); Kathleen Manvourneen (1866); Tin-Ni-Min-Ni-Win-Kum-Ka (1867); Reconcilliation (1871); Louie Lee (1870); My Heart Is Thine (1869); Mother's Waiting For Her Children (1867); Home! Sweet Home! (n.d.); Do You Love Me? Tell (1870); I'm Waiting My Darling For Thee (1869); Give My Button-String To Sister (1870); Hear The Cry That Comes Across The Sea (1871); "Under The Snow" (1869); Unfinished Prayer (1869); That Little Church Around The Corner (1871); Her Image Lives Withing My Heart (1869); The Kingdom Of Home (1869); Cling To The Bible (1869); The Victory In Christ (1869); Juanita (n.d.); List, To The Convent Bells (n.d.); Brave Boys Are They! (1861); The Murmuring Sea (n.d.); From Our Merry Swiss Home (n.d.); We'll Have To Mortgage The Farm (1869); The Lovers Question (1871); She's So Sweet (1870); Happy Little Violets (1871); The Gay Masque Ball (1870); Lovely Wilhelmina (n.d.); Vegetable Joe (n.d.); Here Stands A Young Man Who Wants A Sweetheart (n.d.); The Mixed Up Family (n.d.); La Reine Des Roses (1868); Affection Waltz (1866); Balm Of A Thousand Flowers Waltzes (1869); Les Bords Du Missouri (1869); Morning Glory Waltz (1870); Rhein Waltz (1871); Duke Of Reichstadt Waltz (1860); Fig Polka (1870); Tremolo Polka (1870); Mountain Spring (1867); Octave (1870); Acorn Polka-Mazurka (1868); Silver Stream (1867); Dora Rail-Road Polonaise (1868); Sans Souci (n.d.); Little Maud's (1868); Home Sweet Home (1866); Ben Bolt (1866); Annie Laurie (1866); Hours There Were (1866); Charity (1866); Blue Bells of Scotland (1866); Les Cloches Du Monastere (n.d.); Le Crépuseule (n.d.); Maryland My Maryland (1866); Fading Still Fading or The Last Beam Is Shining (1867); Pensées Fugitives (Fleeting Thoughts); (1868); The Broken Heart (n.d.); Blissful Kisses (1868); Robin And I (n.d.)
Box 1 Vol. 4: Janette (1867); Aileen Aroon (1853); The Golden Ring (1867); Thro' Beautiful Groves We'll Wander (1868); Sing Birdie Sing (n.d.); Bird Of The Angel Wing (1868); Midnight Serenade (1868); Silvia Lee (1868); My Own Sweet Woodland Rose (1868); Happy May You Ever Be (1866); I Saw Her With A Rosy Wreath (1869); Meet Me Josie, At The Gate (1868); Vesper Song (1863); Maryland My Maryland (1852); Tread Lightly Ye Comrades (1863); The Three Calls (n.d.); Don't You Go, Tommy (1867); I'm Not A Widow (1868); "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" (1866); "Come Home, Father!" (1864); "Voices That Are Gone" (1864); Home They Brought Her Warrior Dead (1866); Beautiful Spring (1865); Walking In The Rain (1868); Mister Carney, None Of Your Blarney (1865); My Mary Ann (1865); Rally, Boys, Rally! or "Reconstruction" (1868); U.S. Grant Is The Man (1868); The Great Coming Contest (1868); Grant The Darling Lion Hearted Shall Be Our Watchword (1868); Music On The Waves (n.d.); Greatest Plague On The Earth Is Love (n.d.); Aileen (1868); Fairy-Land March (1868); Potpourri Sur Fleur De Thè (1868); Little Maggie May (1868); Sweet Thoughts (1868); Un Ballo In Maschera (1864); The Baton Galop (1868); Grecian Bend Galop (1869); Musical Bouquet From "La Perichole" (1863); Le Premier Jour De Bonheur Waltz (1869); Ida's Morning Song (1868); Atchinson Waltz (1868); Dream-Land Mazurka (1868)
Box 1 Vol. 5: Softly Now The Light Of Day (1878); He Holds The Fort Of Heaven (1877); "Silver-Grey" (1877); Grandfathers Chair (n.d.); Touch Me Gently, Father Time (1877); The Poor Old Tramp (1877); Dear Old Homestead (1877); Old Uncle Dan (1877); Our Old Brown Homestead (1877); The Old Water Mill or I've Built Me A Neat Little Cot (1878); Home Of My Childhood, Farewell (1877); The Cabin On The Hill (1878); Homeless And Alone To-Night (1878); The Old Homestead (1877); I'm Called Little Buttercup (n.d.); ); Will His Letter Bring Me Sadness? (1877); Dream Eyes That Haunt Me Still (1878); Birdie's Return (1878); A Scentless Rose (1879); Rosebud (1879); Trust Me Darling - I'll Be True (1877); When The Blossoms Cover Us, Darling (1877); Loving Eyes That Answer Thine (1878); Vocal Waltzes As Sung In The Opera Of Love And War (1877); Drifting Along (1877); Thou Bonnie Bird (1879); If I Only Had A Beau (1879); "Down Where The Lilacs Bloom" (1879); I'll Sing Thee Songs Of Araby (1879); Sad Is The Heart (1877); Christmas Eve Waltz (1878); The Turkish Patrol (n.d.); Dahlia Polka (n.d.); Kansas Publishing House Galop (1877); Sweet By And By (1870); Galop (1878); Waltz (1878); The Flying Deer (n.d.); In The Solitude (1879); Helen's Babies, In Their Little Bud (1877); Must I Then Go Away From The Town (1868); The Little Cadet (1880); Mint Sauce (1879); "Baby Mine" (1875); Grandfather's Clock (1876); Pretty Little Blue-Eyed Stranger (1877); In The Starlight (1878); There's A Letter In The Candle (1878); Within A Mile Of Edinburg Town (1878); The Murmuring Sea (1878); The Gipsy Countess (1878); Dear Little Shamrock (1878); When The Night Comes O'er The Plain (1878); Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still (1878); There's A Sigh In The Heart (1878); My Pretty Jane (1878); Mary's Promise; "Pledge Me, Love, In Sparkling Water" (1877); Redeemed! (1877); To-Night You've Been Drinking Again or I Thought That To-Night You'd Come Sober (1878); Angels Met Him At The Gate (1877); Lord, Forever At Thy Side (1880); Peter's Musical Monthly, Vol. III (1869); Peter's Musical Monthly, Vol. V-VI (1870); Peter's Musical Monthly, Vol. XI-XII (1873)
Box 2 Bound volumes of The Popular Song Collection, World of Song, Album of Music, and Gems of the Dance
Box 2 FF 1 Photographs of sheet music cover title page, "Dora Railroad Polonaise," composed by George H. Briggs and of sheet music cover title page, "We'll Have to Mortgage the Farm," words by C. Ernst Fahnestock, music by C. T. Lockwood.

Series 2 ‒ Other

Box 2 FF 2 Booklet, "A History of the 137th Infantry, An All-Kansas National Guard Regiment," by Col. Charles H. Browne. At time of publication in 1940, this regiment had been in service since 1861.
Box 2 FF 3 Article, "From Stunning Loss to Amazing Victory," Wichita Sunday Eagle and Beacon Feature, by Bob Tonsing, Sr. This article documents the role of the 8th Kansas Regiment in a Civil War battle near Chattanooga, Tennessee, as commanded by John A. Martin in 1863.