Governor Fred Hall Film Collection

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Title: Governor Fred Hall Film Collection
Call Number: MS 95-10
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Content Note

The Governor Fred Hall Film Collection contains five film reels containing speeches and addresses made by Hall in 1956. The films represent his political ideals, goals, and agenda in regard to issues affecting the state of Kansas.


Frederick Lee Hall was born July 24, 1916, in Dodge City, Kansas, and died March 18, 1970 in Shawnee, Kansas. A Republican lawyer from Dodge City, Hall entered politics in 1950 when he sought the Party’s nomination for Lieutenant Governor. Once in office, Hall gained a reputation as a trouble maker, even within his own party, and was constantly at odds with Gov. Edward Arn. In spite of his reputation, Hall was re-elected to the office of Lt. Governor (president of the senate) in 1952. In 1954, Hall ran for the office of Governor, and won, defeating the Democratic candidate, George Docking. Once in office, Hall turned out to be one of Kansas’ most controversial governors. When he failed to win his bid for re-election in 1956, a rare thing for a republican governor in Kansas, Hall took advantage of the retirement of one of Kansas’ Supreme Court justices by resigning from the governor’s office, so that Lt. Gov. John McCuish could become governor, and appoint Hall to the Supreme Court, in place of the retiring justice. This entire exchange took only a few minutes. Though this action was within legal limits, many thought it was unethical. In the spring of 1958, Hall resigned the bench to make another bid for governor. He was defeated in the primary by Clyde M. Reed. (Source: Kansas Historical Society)

Detailed Description: Box and Folder Listing

Box 1

Reel 1 “Talking About Kansas,” 1-3-1956. Film of series of talks or “presentations” given by Governor Fred Hall regarding a variety of issues related to the state of Kansas, including taxation and agriculture.
Box 1

Reel 2

“Our Prisons,” 2-28-1956. Film of address by Governor Fred Hall regarding the prison system in Kansas and possible solutions to possible crowding problems and rehabilitation.
Box 1

Reel 3

Copy of “Our Prisons”film.
Box 1

Reel 4

“Our Schools.” Film of Governor Fred Hall’s 1956 speech on the school system in Kansas including improvements of the existing system to meet new population rise in 1950s, means of funding the education system and administration.
Box 1

Reel 5

Copy of “Our Schools” film.