Mel Witrogen Papers

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Title: Mel Witrogen Papers
Call Number: MS 95-16
Size: 8.0 linear feet
Acquisition: Donated by Beth Witrogen McLeod
Processed by: JEO, 3-16-1995; JEF, 12-10-1998
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Content Note

Mel Witrogen's correspondence, notes, speeches, and other documents make up this collection. A longtime public relations man in Wichita, Witrogen was instrumental in helping the University of Wichita overcome political obstacles in the early 1960s to become Wichita State University. In addition, he penned An Act of Faith, the story of WSU's incorporation into the state's higher education system. His behind-the-scenes contributions to the Wichita community include directing the Wichita Community Chest, the predecessor to United Way of the Plains; his involvement with the University of Wichita and the political campaigns of Bob Knight, Sam Hardage, Garner Shriver and Jack Shanahan.


Melvin H. Witrogen (1922-1992) was involved in the field of public relations since 1952 and was the head of his own firm, Mel Witrogen and Company since 1956. He began his work in public relations with the Wichita Community Chest, and maintained an interest in non-profit organizations and institutions. Witrogen completed a two-year term as National Chairman of the Public Relations Institute of United Community Fund and Councils of America, and was a member of the Committee of Public Relations Advisory Council of United Fund and Councils of America. He was District Director of the Council of Public Relations Directors of the American Hospital Association, and he was the Kansas delegate to the National Assembly of the Public Relations Society of America and a member of its nominating committee. He served as first president of the Kansas Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America, first Kansas member of its judicial panel on ethics, and Midwest representative of its Counselors Section. He was one of a few Kansas public relations practitioners accredited by the Society. He was a newspaperman for nine years before entering the fired of public relations, serving as a reporter and then as a copyreader for the Wichita Eagle and the Kansas City Star and then as assignments editor and assistant city editor of the Eagle from 1948 until 1952. Witrogen attended the University of Oklahoma and is a graduate of Bard College, then an undergraduate college of Columbia University (1942). In 1956, he was among the founders of an independent school for gifted children in Wichita. Witrogen was a member of the Board of Trustees of St. Mary of the Plains College. Witrogen died on Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 1992, at the age of 70.

Detailed Description: Series Listing

Series 1 Box 1-Box 2 Wichita State University. This series includes files concerning the University's effort to join the state system, and events and happenings on the campus involving or drawing Witrogen's interest.
Series 2 Box 3-Box 5 FF 28 Wichita. This series contains files involving business matters, fund raising, events, and public relations matters in which Witrogen was involved.
Series 3 Box 5 FF 29-44 Local Politics. This series contains files regarding Bob Knight's political career and Witrogen's public relations efforts on Knight's behalf. Also included is a file on Dan Glickman.
Series 4 Box 6 FF 1-6 Public Relations. This series contains files concerning written proposals by Witrogen regarding public relations in Wichita.
Series 5 Box 6 FF 7-20 Witrogen ‒ Personal. This series contains files containing speeches by Witrogen and information concerning Witrogen's life and career.
Series 6 Box 7-Box 8 FF 1 Videotapes. This series includes (master) videotapes of programs, forums, and projects in which Witrogen was interested or involved.
Series 7 Box 8 FF 2 Witrogen ‒ Biographical. This series consists of newspaper articles by Beth Witrogen McLeod about her parents. Intended to demonstrate hospice care, this article also provides insight into the last years of Mel Witrogen's life.

Detailed Description: Box and Folder Listing

Series 1 ‒ Wichita State University

Box 1 FF 1 WSU Into State University System, 1960-1962. This file contains reports, correspondence, memos from Wichita groups to members urging a "yes" for incorporating the University of Wichita into the state system. The file also includes press releases regarding incorporating WSU into the state system.
Box 1 FF 2 WSU Letters, 1960s. This file contains letters, editorials, and articles regarding a variety of issues pertaining to WSU in the 1960s. For the most part, the articles deal with the assimilation of WSU into the state system.
Box 1 FF 3 WSU Incorporation ‒ Articles. This file includes articles and letters regarding WSU's incorporation into state system.
Box 1 FF 4 WSU Incorporation ‒ News Release. This file includes news releases from the University of Wichita regarding incorporation of WSU into the state system. Included are letters by Witrogen about the state system.
Box 1 FF 5 Wichita U. ‒ Legislative. This file includes correspondence, news releases, committee notes, and other materials regarding the incorporation of the University of Wichita to the state system.
Box 1 FF 6 University of Wichita ‒ Articles, 1963-63. This file contains newspaper articles regarding the University of Wichita's activities in 1963, primarily dealing with the effort to add University of Wichita to state system.
Box 1 FF 7 University of Wichita ‒ Articles 1962-63. This file includes articles regarding University of Wichita incorporation into state system, and also includes articles regarding state legislation.
Box 1 FF 8 Articles 1962-1963. This file contains articles concerning Kansas' politics, and the University of Wichita.
Box 1 FF 9 University of Wichita Bill ‒ Articles 1963. This file contains copies of newspaper clippings regarding the effort to add the University of Wichita to the state system.
Box 1 FF 10 University of Wichita Bill ‒ Articles, 1963. This file contains copies of articles regarding the effort to add the University of Wichita to the state system.
Box 1 FF 11 University of Wichita Bill ‒ Articles, 1963. This file contains copies of newspaper articles that appeared in various Kansas newspapers concerning the effort to add University of Wichita to the state system.
Box 1 FF 12 Wichita University Bill ‒ Articles, 1963. This file contains copies of newspaper clippings regarding the effort to add the University of Wichita to the state system.
Box 2 FF 1 WSU ‒ original "An Act of Faith" ‒ The Incorporation of the University of Wichita Into the State University System. This file includes several drafts of Witrogen's book.
Box 2 FF 2 Wichita State ‒ "An Act of Faith." This file includes a typed draft of An Act of Faith and a bound, final copy, and correspondence between Witrogen and Dick Reidenbaugh and Jimmy Skaggs regarding the final copy of An Act of Faith.
Box 2 FF 3 WSU ‒ "An Act of Faith" ‒ edits. This file includes edited copies of An Act of Faith and a final draft copy.
Box 2 FF 4 Wichita State University, 1960-1985. This file includes a prospectus for Library Revenue Bonds of 1960 and correspondence, memos, and articles regarding construction of student housing and the Ablah Library.
Box 2 FF 5 WSU ‒ Maps. This file includes several maps of the WSU campus.
Box 2 FF 6 WSU ‒ General. This file includes two items: a program from the Reidenbaugh House dedication ceremonies (May 2, 1985), and a copy of a newspaper article regarding WSU's name, no date.
Box 2 FF 7 Wichita State University ‒ A Universities (sic) in Transition, 1976. This file includes a copy of the self-study report of Wichita State University.
Box 2 FF 8 A History for Wichita State University ‒ Board of Trustees. This file includes lists of interviewees for study, notes regarding history project, and a copy of the report, "Wichita State University ‒ Toward the Future."
Box 2 FF 9 WSU ‒ Media Resources Center, 1980. This file contains a letter concerning a copy of a bill sent to Witrogen regarding the costs of a workshop given by Witrogen.
Box 2 FF 10 CAC ‒ WSU. This file includes bills and receipts regarding services rendered by Berkeley Forums Corp.
Box 2 FF 11 Wichita State ‒ Hugo Wall Center. This file includes a draft of the text regarding Dr. Hugo Wall's career, that was published in the program for the rededication of the Hugo Wall Center for Urban Studies, May 3, 1983. Several copies of the program are included.
Box 2 FF 12 Kansas Independent College Fund (KICF) ‒ General. This file contains correspondence from KICF President Oliver Hughes to Witrogen and other correspondence regarding the creation of funding for independent colleges concerning finances. Also includes a file containing the publication, The American Freshmen: National Norms for Fall 1983.
Box 2 FF 13 KICE ‒ Tucker Report. This file contains A Public Relations and Marking Plan for the Independent Colleges of Kansas by Mel Witrogen and Co., several articles regarding independent colleges, and a 1984 report and honor roll for KICF.
Box 2 FF 14 KICF ‒ Survey of President. This file includes copies of questionnaires from Mel Witrogen and Co. sent to College Presidents regarding the KICF.
Box 2 FF 15 KICF ‒ PR and Marketing Plan Draft. This file includes address lists of Presidents for Kansas Independent Colleges, and "general recommendations" for the public relations and marketing plan for KICF.
Box 2 FF 16 KICF ‒ Brochures, etc. This file contains brochures, pamphlets, and newsletters of independent colleges regarding operations, funding, and other concerns.
Box 2 FF 17 KICF ‒ Association PR and Development Program. This file includes note cards, a Guide for Volunteers: the Program of the Kansas Independent College Fund and Witrogen's report, A Public Relations and Marketing Plan for the Independent Colleges of Kansas.
Box 2 FF 18 WSU ‒ Music Theater of Wichita ‒ Music Promotion Plan and Schedule of Activities. This file includes a copy of report, "Music Theatre of Wichita: Ticket Promotion Plan and Schedule of Events."
Box 2 FF 19 WSU ‒ Panel of American Women, 1975. This file includes a newspaper clipping regarding Panel of American Women.
Box 2 FF 20 Wichita State ‒ Bernstein "Mass," 1972. This file contains correspondence, a copy of the Kansas Music Review, agreements with Mel Witrogen and Company and WSU for managerial consultant for the presentation for Bernstein "Mass."
Box 2 FF 21 Wichita State ‒ Bernstein "Mass." Includes tentative calendar for promotion, personnel list, copy of Public Service Announcement, and pamphlets for the theatre piece at Century II Concert Hall.
Box 2 FF 22 Wichita State ‒ Bernstein "Mass," 1973. This file includes a program for "Mass," advertisements and newspaper article regarding the presentation, and includes clippings regarding presentation. The file also includes copies of letters regarding the public's reaction to the play.
Box 2 FF 23 Bernstein "Mass" Promotional. This file includes radio "spot" announcements, a copy of an announcement card for "Mass," several programs for the Metropolitan Opera House, 1972 announcing a presentation of "Mass," and clippings of "Mass" at different centers.
Box 2 FF 24 Music Theater of Wichita and Contract, 1974-1976. This file includes reports, programs, newspaper clippings regarding Music Theatre. The file also includes correspondence regarding review questions by Mel Witrogen and Company.
Box 2 FF 25 WSU ‒ Observatory. This file includes a 1978 article regarding public debate over Lake Afton Observatory.
Box 2 FF 26 WSU Memorial Gift Opportunities. This file contains a report regarding gifts to WSU and various buildings and operations.
Box 2 FF 27 Wichita State ‒ Business/Media Seminar, 1980. This file includes correspondence from Professor F. D. Jabara to Mel Witrogen concerning seminar and a copy of the introductory remarks to the business and news media symposium.
Box 2 FF 28 Wichita State ‒ NCAA Investigation. This file includes newspaper articles, official reports regarding the 1979 NCAA investigation into Wichita State's athletics.
Box 2 FF 29 Wichita State "Art Flap," 1982. This file includes a copy of a newspaper article regarding the Edwin A. Ulrich Museum of Art and controversy concerning the sale of art work.
Box 2 FF 30 Wichita State ‒ 25th Anniversary. This file includes remarks by Witrogen to Faculty and Alumni Club, correspondence from President Armstrong to Witrogen, and an 1984 copy of the Chronicle concerning entrance of WSU into the state system in 1964.

Series 2 ‒ Wichita

Box 3 FF 1 Afternoon Newspaper Serving Metropolitan Wichita. This file includes proposals to publish another Wichita paper by Witrogen and Company.
Box 3 FF 2 Facts About the Wichita Eagle and Wichita Eagle and Beacon. This file includes reports concerning the Wichita Eagle-Beacon, and its distribution in other counties.
Box 3 FF 3 Airport ‒ Jabara. This file contains correspondence and photos regarding a sculpture of Col. James Jabara and articles concerning Donald DeLue, the sculptor.
Box 3 FF 4 Aviation Museum, Wichita. This file includes a Feasibility Study for the Wichita Aviation Museum (Kansas Aviation Museum.)
Box 3 FF 5 Arts Management, 1981-1984. This file includes copies of the newsletter Arts Management.
Box 3 FF 6 Mid-America Conference St. Paul, Minnesota, 1969. This file contains correspondence, schedules, and copies of speeches from the conference.
Box 3 FF 7 Brazill, Tim ‒ Publications. This file contains correspondence and reports by Timothy Brazill regarding the publication of another newspaper in Kansas.
Box 3 FF 8 Birch. This file contains copies of information from the files of the Committee on un-American activities (1961) concerning John Ciardi and Frederick L. Schuman and the activities of the John Birch Society.
Box 3 FF 9 The Businessman in 1984. This file includes a copy of a speech given to Elmer Fox and Company, CPAS.
Box 3 FF 10 Cards ‒ Paul Revere Foundation, April 15, 1981. This file contains a pack of press cards for Mel Witrogen and Company. The cards are presumably for admittance to a speech given to the foundation by Gerald R. Ford. Also included is correspondence and information regarding the Paul Revere Foundation.
Box 3 FF 11 Civic Leadership and Media. This file contains a speech by Witrogen entitled "Civic Leadership and the News Media in Wichita" along with several draft copies.
Box 3 FF 12 Civic and Cultural Center. This file includes Witrogen's copy of the preliminary analysis of site characteristics and recommendations for the City of Wichita's civic and cultural center.
Box 3 FF 13 Coulter Enterprises ‒ Clippings Service: Kress and Transit Center. This file includes newspaper clippings concerning the move of bus transfer station in Wichita and restoration of the Kress building.
Box 3 FF 14 Employee Communications. This file includes a management memo regarding communicating through company supervisors.
Box 3 FF 15 Fund Raising Evaluations (Glen Gardner Formula), 1968. This file contains a memo regarding the fund raising efforts for a symphony campaign.
Box 3 FF 16 Foundations. This file includes a list of top 25 Wichita Non-Profit Foundations, from the Wichita Business Journal, July 17, 1989.
Box 3 FF 17 Gardner, Glen. This file includes clippings, correspondence, a "Biography Form" and various invitations to Wichita foundations. These materials concern the death of Glen Gardner, a member of the WSU Board of Trustees, who was heavily involved in fund raising in Wichita.
Box 3 FF 18 Garvey ‒ Epic Center, 1983. This file includes correspondence from Willard Garvey to Mel Witrogen regarding the building of Garvey's Epic Center in downtown Wichita.
Box 3 FF 19 Garvey, R. H. This file includes a biographical sketch of R. H. Garvey and correspondence to Garvey.
Box 3 FF 20 Halstead Hospital. This file contains correspondence and brochures regarding Halstead Hospital's effort to raise money for a linear accelerator and cardiac cath lab.
Box 3 FF 21 Hardage, 1985. This file contains correspondence, newspaper clippings regarding industrial competitiveness and the Lessley v. Hardage case.
Box 3 FF 22 Hardage. This file contains correspondence and notes regarding Hardage's campaign to be the governor of Kansas.
Box 3 FF 23 Hardage News Coverage. This file contains newspaper articles and other journal articles regarding Congressman Hardage's campaign for governor.
Box 3 FF 24 Hardage ‒ Polls. This file includes copies of 40 question phone polls sheets concerning Hardage's campaign.
Box 3 FF 25 MIT Seminars ‒ "Editorials." This file contains several copies of "KILL-TV" station editorials regarding medical and aviation issues.
Box 3 FF 26 United Way Data, 1976. This file contains listings of per capita amounts raised by population by size of campaign for the United Way.
Box 3 FF 27 United Fund: As Economic Indicator. This file contains the report, entitled "The United Way As An Economic Indicator," 1974.
Box 3 FF 28 United Fund, By-Laws. This file contains correspondence and by-law changes regarding United Way of Wichita and Sedgwick County.
Box 3 FF 29 United Way Board. This file contains copies of articles regarding the United Way's board.
Box 3 FF 30 Twin Lakes ‒ Objectives, 1981. This file contains correspondence from Witrogen and Company to Vickie Patterson, and a description of Twin Lakes project.
Box 3 FF 31 Twin Lakes ‒ Clippings. This file includes newspaper clippings regarding the Twin Lakes Shopping Center.
Box 3 FF 32 Torrance, Lance. This file contains a report by V. Lance Torrance and Associates concerning voter attitudes in the state of Kansas.
Box 4 FF 1 Pair Fund ‒ Selection Committee. This file contains correspondence, pamphlets, flyers, and lists regarding donations to and services made by the Pair Fund.
Box 4 FF 2 Pair Fund ‒ Music Theatre. This file contains financial balance sheets, a music theatre pamphlet and a legal report concerning the Music Theatre for Young People, Inc.
Box 4 FF 3 Pair Fund ‒ Selection Committee. This file contains correspondence, documents, and other material regarding the selection committee of the Pair Fund and Witrogen's letters to people requesting loans to purchase musical instruments.
Box 4 FF 4 Pair Fund ‒ Application. This file includes correspondence, blank applications, and replies to people who applied for interest-free loans to the Pair Fund to purchase musical instruments.
Box 4 FF 5 Pair Fund ‒ Letters to Donors. This file contains correspondence, donor lists regarding individuals and organizations which have donated to the Pair Fund.
Box 4 FF 6 Pair Fund ‒ Recruitment Brochure. This file contains brochures advertising "The Pair Fund Music Spectacular," Saturday, November 22, 1980.
Box 4 FF 7 QWIXM. This file contains the QWIXM presentation (1985) to the City of Wichita, statements, and correspondence regarding the proposal to construct a waste recycling plant. QWIXM was a joint venture of Resource Conservation and Recovery Corporation and Wyatt Research and Consulting, Inc. with the purpose of developing a major industrial waste treatment and recycle facility in Wichita.
Box 4 FF 8 QWIXM ‒ Presentations and Brochures. This file contains correspondence, reports, and brochures concerning the proposed waste recycling plant in Wichita.
Box 4 FF 9 QWIXM ‒ Data and Letter of Intent. This file contains correspondence from QWIXM to the City of Wichita and a letter of intent outlining funding, operation, and information regarding the proposed plant in Wichita.
Box 4 FF 10 QWIXM ‒ Press Conference, Contacts, News Wires. This file includes news clippings regarding the waste disposal proposal.
Box 4 FF 11 QWIXM ‒ Business and Financial Plan (Wichita Prototype). This file includes a bound report concerning the waste disposal facility.
Box 4 FF 12 QWIXM ‒ Business and Financial Plan (Wichita Prototype). This file contains a bound copy of the October 1984 draft of the report outlining the proposed waste disposal facility.
Box 4 FF 13 QWIXM ‒ "Official Stuff." This file contains reports, copies of articles, and correspondence by Mel Witrogen regarding funding, loans, and financial concerns about the proposed waste disposal plant.
Box 4 FF 14 Vulcan Chemicals ‒ Hazardous Waste ‒ Articles, 1988. This file contains correspondence, copies of articles, pamphlets, and reports regarding the growing problem of waste disposal.
Box 4 FF 15 This file includes several documents which offer brief accounts of Vulcan Chemicals' history from 1946 to 1972. News releases, a photograph, and a newspaper clippings dating from 1979 all describe Vulcan's efforts in a cleanup project at its Wichita plant.
Box 4 FF 16 Vulcan ‒ Chemical Hazardous Wastes, 1987. This file includes reports, meeting notes, brochures, and informational materials regarding Vulcan Chemicals' proposed hazardous waste incinerator.
Box 4 FF 17 Vulcan Seminar, October 4, 1979-1985. This file includes interview questions for George Vlacos, a plant manager for Vulcan Chemicals, regarding safety and other questions on a forum.
Box 4 FF 18 Vulcan Chemicals ‒ Kent Smith, October 30, 1987. This file contains copies of memos, schedules, and questions to Kent Smith, a Vulcan representative, regarding the company's safety record and proposal to construct a hazardous waste disposal plant in Wichita.
Box 4 FF 19 St. Francis Regional Medical Center ‒ Health Care Trends. This file contains reports, impact statements, and future goals for the Medical Center.
Box 4 FF 20 St. Francis ‒ Corporate Restructuring Plan. This file contains a report assessing a corporate reconstructing plan for St. Francis Medical Center.
Box 4 FF 21 St. Francis ‒ P. R. Committee, 1984-1985. This file contains minutes of the Public Relations Committee and promotional brochures and booklets for a running event, "The St. Francis Mile," which the Medical Center sponsored.
Box 4 FF 22 St. Francis ‒ "P" Building Project, 1988. This file contains a report by HNTB Architects, Engineers, Planners concerning an expansion of the Medical Center.
Box 4 FF 23 St. Francis ‒ Four Year Financial Summary, 1985-1988. This file contains a financial report.
Box 4 FF 24 St. Francis ‒ Centennial Campaign, 1987. This file contains a bound report concerning the $6,000,000 Centennial Campaign to improve the Medical Facilities and Services. Includes a personal invite to Mel Witrogen to contribute his efforts to the cause.
Box 4 FF 25 St. Francis ‒ Plan 2000, 1987. This file contains a report concerning the philosophy, statement of beliefs, mission statement, corporate goals, "Plan 2000," and report of progress of St. Francis Medical Center.
Box 4 FF 26 St. Francis ‒ Budget Summaries. This file contains budget summaries for 1987-1988, 1988-1989.
Box 4 FF 27 St. Francis ‒ Corporate By-Laws. This file contains the Corporate By-Laws for 1982 and 1984 for St. Francis Regional Medical Center.
Box 4 FF 28 St. Francis ‒ Medical Staff Rules, 1987. This file contains the medical staff by-laws for 1984, and medical staff by-laws and staff rules for 1986 and 1987.
Box 4 FF 29 St. Francis ‒ Board Members. This file contains lists of members of the Board of Directors, 1985-1986, 1986-1987; and a list for Board Committee, 1988-1989.
Box 4 FF 30 St. Francis ‒ Corporate Objectives and Strategies 1986-1987, 1987-1990. This file contains two reports concerning objectives and strategies for the St. Francis Regional Medical Center.
Box 5 FF 1 Proposals ‒ Racial Tensions, 1964. This file contains a memo by Mel Witrogen regarding community action between Black people and White people and a report by Mel Witrogen and Company regarding a public relation and mass communication program for an alcohol safety action project.
Box 5 FF 2 Wichita Symphony ‒ Ford Foundation Calendars and Organization. This file includes a tentative promotional calendar, January-March.
Box 5 FF 3 United Way ‒ United Fund. This file contains a "Facility Study ‒ Phase I" for the United Way, a copy of an 1956 Wichita Eagle article concerning United Way Funding Drive, and minutes and correspondence of the United Fund Public Relations Committee's meetings.
Box 5 FF 4 Urban Renewal, 1971. This file contains two copies of a public relations program for the Urban Renewal Agency of Wichita: 1967 and 1970 by Mel Witrogen and Company.
Box 5 FF 5 Wichita Symphony ‒ Ford Foundation News Releases. This file includes copies of news releases regarding the Wichita Symphony.
Box 5 FF 6 Wichita Symphony ‒ Ford Foundation Printed Materials. This file includes Wichita Symphony brochures and copies of newspaper articles concerning the Wichita Symphony/Ford Foundation.
Box 5 FF 7 Wichita Symphony ‒ Ford Foundation Background. This file includes pamphlets, brochures, and a report regarding the history of the Wichita Symphony.
Box 5 FF 8 Wichita Symphony ‒ Ford Foundation Kick-off. This file contains programs for the kick-off rally.
Box 5 FF 9 Wichita Symphony ‒ Ford Foundation Miscellaneous, 1966. This file contains a tentative Public Relations Budget, correspondence, time logs and other materials concerning the Wichita Symphony.
Box 5 FF 10 Wichita ‒ Koch. This file contains correspondence with Mr. Fred Koch regarding funding for an expansion of St. Joseph Medical Center.
Box 5 FF 11 Wichita ‒ Kansas Masonic Home. This file contains correspondence to Mel Witrogen, reports concerning the expansion of the Masonic Home and "Certificate of Recognition" presented to Witrogen.
Box 5 FF 12 Kansas Masonic Home. This file contains reports, lists of board of directors, appeals for funds, campaign reports, by-laws, for the Kansas Masonic Home.
Box 5 FF 13 Wichita ‒ Home Owners Trust. This file contains several copies of articles regarding taxation.
Box 5 FF 14 Wichita Wings. This file contains a public relations and marketing plan for the "Wings," a professional soccer team, by Mel Witrogen and Company.
Box 5 FF 15 Wichita Community Task Force. This file contains a membership list for the task force, minutes of the task force, and an agenda.
Box 5 FF 16 One Wichita. This file contains agendas, pamphlets, promotional brochures, campaign plans, statements of purpose for "One Wichita" program.
Box 5 FF 17 Wichita ‒ Third Century Project ‒ Eagle. This file contains a corrected draft copy of on interview with Dr. Otto Lerbinger and a letter from Mel Witrogen to Ken Brasted regarding the "Third Century Project."
Box 5 FF 18 Wesley Foundation, 1988. This file contains draft copies of the statement for Wesley Center for Molecular Medicine including promotional brochures.
Box 5 FF 19 Wesley ‒ Public Relations Brief. This file includes the brief by Witrogen and a Wesley Foundation Final Report.
Box 5 FF 20 Wichita, City of ‒ Cultural Center Naming Committee. This file contains 1968 correspondence between Bill Anderson, Mayor of Wichita and Mel Witrogen regarding the naming of the Century II Center.
Box 5 FF 21 Wichita Independent Day School, 1961. This file includes memos, reports, blank applications to school and brochure about the school. Also included is correspondence to Witrogen regarding the school board of trustees and a photograph of the ground-breaking ceremonies.
Box 5 FF 22 Wichita Centennial Parade. This file contains memos, correspondence, pamphlets, newspaper clippings regarding the 1969-1970 Wichita Centennial Celebration for which Mel Witrogen was a committee member.
Box 5 FF 23 Metropolitan Wichita Council. This council contains articles regarding a proposed mayor of both Wichita and Sedgwick County, a copy of the "Fantas Report" and a placard declaring "I say yes to one Wichita," and a copy of Charter, By-Laws of Metropolitan Wichita Council, 1966.
Box 5 FF 24 M17 Seminar ‒ WSU November 14-15, 1980 Materials. This file includes a schedule, impact statement for the Media Interview Techniques Seminar.
Box 5 FF 25 Businessman and the Media, 1979. This file includes a data sheet on the Media/Businessman Conflict.
Box 5 FF 26 Columbia Communications. This file includes articles and correspondence from Witrogen concerning the opening of UFH Channel Station 24, KSAS-TV to Wichita in which Witrogen was a managing partner.
Box 5 FF 27 City of Wichita Sales Tax. This file contains lists, statements, and notes concerning the City of Wichita's referendum regarding the sales tax to provide for a pay raise for policemen and fire fighters. Witrogen and Company was the public relations firm for this effort.
Box 5 FF 28 City of Wichita Sales Tax ‒ New Stories. This file contains newspaper articles regarding the proposed raise in the city sales tax.

Series 3 ‒ Local Politics

Box 5 FF 29 Mayors of Wichita. This file contains a lists of Wichita mayors, 1870-1986.
Box 5 FF 30 Bob Knight. This file contains articles, memos, and correspondence concerning Bob Knight's political career.
Box 5 FF 31 Knight ‒ Issues. This file includes memos and correspondence.
Box 5 FF 32 Knight ‒ Letters. This file contains notes and letters written to Wichita Eagle-Beacon concerning Knight.
Box 5 FF 33 Knight ‒ Political Broadcasts. This file includes a copy of FCC rules regarding political broadcasts.
Box 5 FF 34 Knight ‒ Campaign Techniques, 1978-1981. This file contains agendas and reports regarding Campaign techniques suggested for Knight's campaigns.
Box 5 FF 35 Knight ‒ National League of Cities. This file contains a Wichita Journal article concerning Bob Knight's appointment to task leader in National League of Cities.
Box 5 FF 36 Knight ‒ Torrance and Associates Survey and Proposal, 1981. This file contains the "Proposal to Perform Research services for the Bob Knight for Congress Committee."
Box 5 FF 37 Knight ‒ Surveys. This file contains surveys concerning Wichita's political environment.
Box 5 FF 38 Knight 1981 Research. This file contains research, surveys, and opinion sheets concerning political environment in preparation for 1981 Campaign.
Box 5 FF 39 Knight ‒ Congress Campaign. This file includes a rough draft of the Primary Election Budget on a "Bob Knight for Congress" promotional brochure sent to Mel Witrogen.
Box 5 FF 40 Knight ‒ 1984 Campaign. This file contains newspaper clippings, and contribution schedules for campaign.
Box 5 FF 41 Knight 1986 ‒ General. This file includes biographical sketches, newspaper articles, correspondence, and news releases.
Box 5 FF 42 Knight Campaign ‒ 1989. This file includes newspaper articles, memos, promotional pamphlets regarding Bob Knight's mayoral campaign.
Box 5 FF 43 Knight ‒ Campaign Contributions. This file includes correspondence and a campaign guide regarding campaign contributions.
Box 5 FF 44 Glickman. This file contains reports, correspondence, newspaper articles, and position statements regarding Dan Glickman, and his involvement in Kansas politics.

Series 4 ‒ Public Relations

Box 6 FF 1 Public Relations ‒ A Coordinated Public Relations Program for Wichita ‒ Newspaper Clippings. This file includes articles regarding public relations for Wichita.
Box 6 FF 2 Public Relations ‒ For Defeat of the Proposed Kansas Severance Tax on Oil Production. This file includes the proposal.
Box 6 FF 3 Public Relations ‒ Proposal for St. Joseph Hospital, 1961. This file includes the proposal.
Box 6 FF 4 Public Relations ‒ Proposal Fourth National Bank "Carnival of Music." This file includes the proposal.
Box 6 FF 5 Public Relations ‒ Proposal for the Wichita City Teachers Association. This file contains the proposal.
Box 6 FF 6 Public Relations ‒ Beech Aircraft Andover Fueling Facility. This file contains date sheets, public relations plans by Witrogen and Company, and correspondence concerning a missile refueling installation in Andover, Kansas.

Series 5 ‒ Witrogen ‒ Personal

Box 6 FF 7 Witrogen ‒ News Stories. This file includes newspaper clippings regarding Mel Witrogen.
Box 6 FF 8 Mel Witrogen ‒ Manuscript. This file contains a draft copy of "Rules of Communications" by Mel Witrogen. Also included are two company letterheads of Mel Witrogen and Company.
Box 6 FF 9 Witrogen ‒ Scripts. This file includes several drafts of short movie scripts for the United Fund of Wichita and Sedgwick County.
Box 6 FF 10 Witrogen Speeches ‒ Old Testament. This file includes several drafts of speech regarding the Old Testament.
Box 6 FF 11 Witrogen Speeches ‒ Creative Impulse, 1968. This file includes several copies of a speech regarding "The Creative Impulse" presented to the Creativity Seminar for UOAJC Women.
Box 6 FF 12 Witrogen Speeches ‒ The Power Structure, 1977. This file includes a copy of the speech, "The Power Structure: A Key to Development."
Box 6 FF 13 Witrogen Speeches ‒ Communications (Employee), 1963. This file includes a speech to Department Heads of the Lassen Terrace Motor Hotel.
Box 6 FF 14 Witrogen Speeches ‒ Conflicts between Progress and Confidentiality, 1968. This file includes a speech presented to the Public Relations Society of America.
Box 6 FF 15 Witrogen Speeches ‒ "Mencken as Sophomore," 1978. This file includes speech given to the Sir John Falstaff Literary Society.
Box 6 FF 16 Witrogen Speeches ‒ Various. This file contains various speeches by Witrogen with notes.
Box 6 FF 17 Witrogen ‒ Talks. This file includes a "Public Relations Talk Outline."
Box 6 FF 18 Witrogen ‒ Early Writing (1939 East High Impersonation day). This file includes a copy of the "Senior Impersonation Day" by Witrogen and a speech entitled, "What's So Funny?" given by Witrogen in the 10th grade.
Box 6 FF 19 Witrogen ‒ Witco Beta Company. This file consists of news releases, newspaper clippings, and photographs regarding Witrogen's weight loss program. All this material was intended as a promotional package.

Series 6 ‒ Videotapes

Box 7 Tape 1 KILL-TV: Mel Witrogen Vulcan Chemicals. This tape contains an editorial comment by Witrogen.
Box 7 Tape 2 Berkeley Forums, January 20, 1983. This tape contains a videotaped recording of Jack Funsen and Mel Witrogen.
Box 7 Tape 3 Berkeley Forums, 1984. This tape is entitled Beech interviews.
Box 7 Tape 4 Berkeley Forums, Master ‒ Jim Walsh Impact I (Winters) and II (Gamer), October 26, 1984.
Box 7 Tape 5 Berkeley Forums. This tape includes a videotape concerning ILL power.
Box 7 Tape 6 Berkeley Forums. This tape includes Burns Impact I and II.
Box 7 Tape 7 Berkeley Forums. This tape includes Burns Impact I.
Box 7 Tape 8 KSNW Perspective, October 5, 1984. This tape includes a tape of Steve Harris.
Box 7 Tape 9 Selected Interviews. This file includes "Defenders" and "Shah of Iran."
Box 7 Tape 10 This file is not labeled.
Box 8 Tape 1 Beech/Witrogen Impact I, February 22, 1982. This tape incudes a master copy cassette.
Box 8 Tape 2 Beech Impact I ‒ Elaine Witrogen. This tape contains a master tape copy.
Box 8 Tape 3 Impact I, August 17 ‒ first tape.
Box 8 Tape 4 Impact I and II ‒ Berkeley Forums, January 20, 1983 ‒ John Funson.
Box 8 Tape 5 Impact I and Editorial Response, August 6, 1985.
Box 8 Tape 6 Impact I, August 17 ‒ Second Tape.
Box 8 Tape 7 World Impact Dub Master ‒ "Guidelines for dating and marriage" and "Staff Families."
Box 8 Tape 8 Student Financial Aid. This tape contains information regarding financial aid.
Box 8 Tape 9 KILL-TV Editorial ‒ "Polluters." This tape contains copy of editorial, October 16, 198?.
Box 8 Tape 10 KILL-TV Editorial Comment ‒ Beech #2. This tape includes copy of editorial.
Box 8 Tape 11 Mel Witrogen ‒ Animation of B-B-Facility at Vulcan.
Box 8 Tape 12 Harrington News Conference, February 14, 1983.
Box 8 FF 1 KILL-TV Editorial "Save" Beech. This file includes a tape of editorial and a written draft of editorial.

Series 7 ‒ Witrogen ‒ Biographical

Box 8 FF 2 "The Caregivers," San Francisco Examiner, April 9, 1995. This file contains two reports of the paper supplement containing an article by Beth Witrogen McLeod concerning the declining health and eventual death of Mr. and Mrs. Mel Witrogen. Intended to demonstrate hospice care, this article also provides insight into the last years of Mel Witrogen's life.