Donald M. Quick Papers

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Title: Donald M. Quick Papers
Call Number: MS 95-29
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Acquisition: Purchased from Charles Apfelbaum Rare Books and Collections
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Content Note

The Donald M. Quick collection contains photographic postcards, insurance records, naval identification cards, notebooks and manuals regarding Quick's service in the United States Navy. The materials included in this collection provide insight to Quick's political career in addition providing an example of a World War I Naval airman of this period.


Donald Matt Quick was born December 11, 1899, and lived in Yonkers, New York. He entered military service on April 26, 1918, and was discharged February 1919. During this period Quick was stationed at the Naval Air Station in Charleston, South Carolina, and was an instructor in Aviation School at the Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Florida. He was later stationed at the Naval Operations Base at Norfolk, Virginia, prior to his discharge. He had attained the rank of QM1C during his military career.

Detailed Description: Box and Folder Listing

Box 1

FF 1 Photographs and Photographic Postcards. This file contains the following: A booklet of 13 photographic postcards entitled. "U.S. Naval Air Station, Naval Operating Base Hampton Roads, Virginia." Included are postcards showing the base, activities on the base, and various sea planes, balloons, and boats entering had departing the Naval Base. Included also is a photograph from June 1913 labeled "Miss Miller's Class," a photographic postcard of Donald M. Quick, 1917-1918, in his naval uniform. The following photographs are also included in this file of the Hampton Roads naval base; photograph of a dirigible flying above barracks, long view shot of lined up naval personal between barracks, a shot of Chilean submarine tender and six adjacent submarines, uniformed naval personal walking past hanging laundry, the last two photographs are of a British seaplane in a hangar.
Box 1

FF 2

Notebook. This file contains D. M. Quick's notebook and manual from the 50th Co-Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Florida. The notebook is comprised of two sections; a bound volume and a section comprised of loose pages. The bound volume contains blueprints of the Curtiss No. 9 seaplane, the Curtiss R3, Curtiss R6, and the Curtiss H12. Included are wing diagrams, airplane instruments, fittings, and dimensions of aircraft. The second manual is concerned with the construction of airplanes, the materials used, safety factor of machines, and propellers.
Box 1

FF 3

Identification Cards. This file contains three identification cards for Donald M. Quick and a theatre pass card. The identification cards are as follows: two issued by the U.S. Naval Recruiting station at New York City, New York; and another by the State of New York for the miliary census and inventory of 1917. The theatre pass was issued to Quick by the directors of the Terrace City Amusement Corporation for the year 1925.
Box 1

FF 4

Certificates of Discharge and Insurance Documents. This file contains the following certificates of Donald M. Quick. An "Honor Roll, City of Yonkers, New York, War with Germany, 1917-1918"; an "Application for Certificate in Lieu of Discharge"; Certificate #4045324 regarding War Risk Insurance effective August 12, 1918, a copy of Quick's application for insurance; a signed form, "Advice concerning Insurance Premium Upon Discharge," January 15, 1919, for Quick; a copy of the Daily Bulletin: Orders and Notices with a listing for Quick; and a listing of "Lehigh Men Who Served in the U.S. or Allied Forces During the World War" that includes Quick. Also included in this file is a letter to Quick from the War Department (Adjutant General's Office), January 23, 1918, discouraging enlistment in foreign armies.
Box 1

FF 5

Booklet. "Notes and Rules for Pilots and Crews," 1918. This file contains the booklet published by the Washington Government Printing Office. The booklet includes lessons and basic rules for flying.