Hugo Sundstedt Papers

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Title: Hugo Sundstedt Papers
Call Number: MS 95-30
Size: 1.0 linear feet
Acquisition: Purchased from Charles Apfelbaum
Processed by: JEO, 6-23-1995; JEF, 12-23-1998; JLY, 8-2007
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Content Note

Dating between 1919 and 1951, this collection of Hugo Sundstedt’s papers includes correspondence, newspaper clippings and aircraft designs which demonstrate the growth of aviation. Also included is biographical information about Sundstedt.


Swedish-born Hugo Sundstedt began his career in aviation in 1909 at age 23. By age 30, he held many flight records in Scandinavia, designed and built hydroplanes, and served both Sweden and France in World War I by supervising construction of and instruction for military aircraft. He immigrated to the United States in 1916 and contributed to the advance of the aviation industry with his designs for hydroplanes, pontoons, transport planes and wing construction. At one time he was part of an effort to be the first to cross the Atlantic Ocean non-stop, a feat performed by Charles Lindbergh. During the 1920s Sundstedt worked for several aircraft manufacturers including the Aero-Marine Company, and in 1924, he organized the Speed Boat Company. In 1934 the Sundstedt Aircraft Corporation was established to serve as consultant engineers and designers. In this capacity Captain Sundstedt designed several seaplanes.

Detailed Description: Series Listing

Series 1 Box 1 FF 1 Biographical Materials
Series 2 Box 1 FF 2-15 Correspondence
Series 3 Box 1 FF 16-21 Aviation Materials
Series 4 Oversized Storage Oversized Materials

Detailed Description: Box and Folder Listing

Series 1 ‒ Biographical Materials

Box 1 FF 1 Biography and Resume -- Captain Hugo Sundstedt. This file contains two copies of a rresume recording the professional career of Hugo Sundstedt. His efforts in airplane design are noted, especially in designing seaplanes. Also included in this file is a resume that includes Sundstedt's "Suncraft" hydroplane craft.

Series 2 ‒ Correspondence

Box 1 FF 2 Letters, 1914. This file contains copies of five letters requesting and granting permission from European governments for Sundstedt's flight from Paris to Hendor. Two letters are from the British Secretary of State's office, two are French and the last is in Swedish. Also included is a map of Sweden with possible air routes drawn on it.
Box 1 FF 3 Letters, 1916. This file contains four letters, two of which are in French, the first letter written in French is for:"Aeroplanes Henri and Maurice Forman," the second is from the "Legation de France a Stockholm." October 24, 1916 from A. A. Jassuem to Sundstedt offers Jassuem's service towards testing airplane designs. The last letter from Dr. William Perrin Nicolson, Jr. is an attempt to contact Sundstedt concerning photographs. Also included is an invitation from the Union League Club extending the privileges of the club for a period of two weeks of request of A. O. Linstrom and an introduction letter from the English Trust Limited regarding Hugo Sundstedt.
Box 1 FF 4 Letters, 1919. This file contains a letter of endorsement for Sundstedt, President of the Aeronautical Society of America regarding Sundstedt.
Box 1 FF 5 Letters, 1920-1929. This file includes the following: letters written to Sundstedt regarding aviation matters, including his attempted transcontinental flight, letters of recommendation for Sundstedt, a patent regarding the modification of wind or air resistance, letters of introduction by Sundstedt, descriptions of Sundstedt's seaplane plans.
Box 1 FF 6 Letters, 1929. This file contains three letters addressed to Sundstedt Aircraft, Inc. regarding offers to purchase airplanes.
Box 1 FF 7 Letters, 1929. This file contains six letters addressed to Sundstedt requesting information on the progress of a seaplane model and indicating the enclosure of checks to help fund the project.
Box 1 FF 8 Letters, 1930. This file contains letters to Sundstedt regarding endorsements for aircraft designs by Sundstedt, aircraft design and sale proposals, dispute over Sundstedt's patents vs. Goodyear-Zepplin Corporation.
Box 1 FF 9 Letters, 1931. This file contains eight letters regarding Sundstedt's aircraft efforts to locate a manufacturer for a seaplane design.
Box 1 FF 10 Letters, 1931. This file contains two letters, both supporting references for Sundstedt.
Box 1 FF 11 Letters, 1933. This file contains personal and business letters written to Sundstedt, including tests on airplane designs.
Box 1 FF 12 Letters, 1934-1935. This file contains letters to Sundstedt concerning his aircraft designs, including viability of steam power for aviation use and a description of the Sundstedt 100-Passenger Trans-Atlantic Airplane.
Box 1 FF 13 Letters, 1936. This file contains letters and correspondence written to Sundstedt regarding the feasibility of his airplane design.
Box 1 FF 14 Letters, 1937-1951. This file includes letters and correspondence to Sundstedt regarding aeronautical designs, projects and assignment of patent to Elliott Roosevelt, son of the former President.
Box 1 FF 15 Letters, Miscellaneous. This file contains a map of the Florida to Havana, a "Passenger Planes" proposal and several letters in Spanish, a 1949 release of contract form and a photograph of the "Townie" leash.

Series 3 ‒ Aviation Materials

Box 1 FF 16 "Early Birds" material. This file contains applications for membership, membership bulletins, and correspondence regarding the organization.
Box 1 FF 17 Wiley Post and Harold Gatty Dinner. This file contains an invitation to the honorarium dinner for the Record World Flight and a seating list for the July 7, 1931.
Box 1 FF 18 Newspaper and Magazine Articles. This file contains newspaper and magazine articles regarding Captain Sundstedt's efforts in aviation including an effort at the first Transcontinental Flight.
Box 1 FF 19 Diagrams--Airplanes and Aviation. This file contains Sundstedt's designs and diagrams for airplanes, engines, and other aviation related inventions. These materials include early models to his seaplane models.
Box 1 FF 20 Aviation Test Results. This file contains test reports on Sundstedt's airplane designs. Also included is a state of New York Operator's License for Sundstedt and an unidentified photograph of uniformed and civilian men, possibly taken in 1920s.
Box 1 FF 21 Blueprints. This file contains two blueprints by the Sundstedt Aircraft Corporation. One is for a 14 Passenger Air Transport, and the other for a four engine Transatlantic Air Transport.

Series 4 ‒ Oversized Materials

Oversized Storage   Large sheet from Associated News Service, Vol. 6, No. 24, February 24, 1919. Photo of Sundstedt seated in the cabin of his seaplane.