J. E. Weir Papers

Collection Summary

Title: J. E. Weir Papers
Call Number: MS 98-15
Size: 0.25 linear feet
Acquisition: Purchased from Gerald Norwood
Processed by: DG, 5-13-1998; SMC, 11-18-1998; MN, 1999; MN, 12-6-2011

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Content Note

This collection of J. E. Weir's papers contains a scrapbook, newspaper clippings, and a few partial manuscripts. The scrapbook also contains clippings, other printed materials, broadside and letters to the editor written by Weir. Some partial manuscript sermons, speeches and other documents relating to his political and religious life in Oklahoma are included. Posed scenes of African Americans comprise a small portion of the collection. Many of the documents in the collection are not dated; however, some date between 1888 and 1902.


J. E. Weir, an African American, was instrumental in founding several African Methodist Episcopal (A. M. E.) churches in Kansas and Oklahoma. He also served as mayor of Langston, Oklahoma, a town near Oklahoma City founded by and for African Americans.

Series Listing 

Series 1

Box 1 FF 1-2

Scrapbook and Loose Clippings. Scrapbook and loose materials from scrapbook. Contains newspaper articles, letters to the editor, and other materials related to Weir, the A. M. E. church, and political issues of interest to African Americans. Approximate dates of items are 1888-1896. Most articles are undated and give no publication facts.

Series 2

Box 1 FF 3-6

Sermons, Financial Records, and Correspondence of J. E. Weir. Items relating to Reverend Weir's life, including partial sermons, items relating to his life in Oklahoma, financial records, and correspondences.

Series 3

Box 1 FF 7

Images. Posed scenes of African Americans.

Box and Folder Listing

Series 1 -- Scrapbook and Loose Clippings


Box 1

FF 1

Scrapbook. Contains newspaper articles, letter to the editor written by J. E. Weir, and broadsides relating to Weir, the A.M.E. Church, or political issues of interest to African Americans during the last decades of the 19th century. Approximate dates for items are 1888-1896; however, most items are undated and give no publication facts.

Box 1

FF 2

Loose materials from scrapbook. Included articles, letters to the editor and political broadsides loose in scrapbook in FF 1.


Series 2 -- Sermons, Financial Records, and Correspondence


Box 1

FF 3

Handwritten manuscripts. Includes partial sermons and speeches, also contains a report to Weir from a church disciplinary committee.

Box 1

FF 4

Materials relating to J. E. Weir's life in Oklahoma. Includes Republican Ticket for unidentified election, and letter to churches announcing a mass meeting on railroad matter in Langston, Oklahoma, dated February 2, 1902, and signed by J. E. Weir as mayor of Langston.

Box 1

FF 5

Correspondence and financial records of J. E. Weir. Includes Release of J. E. Weir from a chattel mortgage, dated October 31, 1898; receipt from an undertaker dated October 9, 1891; and letter from C. H. Harvard of the American Missionary Association, dated August 31, 1875.

Box 1

FF 6

Blank three part financial instrument.


Series 3 -- Images


Box 1

FF 7

Images. These images were part of an unknown book and show posed scenes of African Americans with vernacular captions, dating near the beginning of the 20th century.