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Book: Kansas and the country beyond, on the line of the Union Pacific Railway, Eastern division, from the Missouri to the Pacific Ocean. Partly from personal observation, and partly from information drawn from authentic sources. Written in a series of letters to the Pittsburgh Gazette, by Josiah Copley ... (1867)

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Section Heading Description
  Map of the Routes of the Union Pacific Railroads with their Eastern Connections. By W. J. Keeler. November, 1867.

Title Page


INTRODUCTORY ARTICLE. The Territory beyond the Mississippi -- The two Great Railroads -- The Excursion

LETTER I. Arrival at Clear Creek, the end of the finished Road -- Meeting of the Excursionists at Clear Creek -- Ellsworth -- Arrival at Fort Harker -- Curious Rocks -- Prairie Grass -- Country last passed over -- Fort Harker -- Another Meeting -- Leave-taking -- Expedition to Pond Creek

LETTER II. Tornadoes and Rain -- Party to Pond Creek -- A Ranch -- Solidity of the Earth -- Wells -- Length of the Smoky Hill

LETTER III. Continuance of the Flood -- Change in the Soil -- Buffalo Grass dying out -- Wild Plums and other Fruit

LETTER IV. The Flood -- The Question of Routes

LETTER V. Prairie Dogs -- Rambling Observations -- Enterprise of Chicago -- Connection of Chicago with this State and Road

LETTER VI. Water falling -- A New Hotel -- Return of two of the Pond Creek Party -- Observations upon the Country above

LETTER VII. Arrival at Lawrence -- Flood in the Smoky Hill and Kansas

LETTER VIII. Trees in Kansas

LETTER IX. Mineral Resources of Kansas -- Magnesian Limestone, its abundance and excellence as a Building Material -- Other Varieties of Stone -- Marble -- General Remarks

LETTER X. Mineral Resources of Kansas, continued -- Coal -- Salt -- Gypsum -- Alum -- Iron

LETTER XI. Towns in Kansas -- Leavenworth -- Rivalry with Kansas City -- Lawrence -- Its Location, Beauty and History -- Swift Retribution -- Brief Mention of an old Friend

LETTER XII. Towns in Kansas, continued [Atchison, Kansas City, Wyandotte, Topeka, Waumega (Wamego), Lecompton, Manhattan]

LETTER XIII. Towns in Kansas, concluded [Junction City, Solomon City, Salina] -- The Neosho Valley -- Seasons in Kansas -- A word to such as may think of Emigrating

LETTER XIV. Education in Kansas -- The Free School System -- State Normal School -- Peculiar Mode of Teaching -- State Agricultural College -- University of Kansas -- Equality and Commingling of the Sexes in the Higher Schools

LETTER XV. Return of the Pond Creek Party -- The Line to Denver -- Pine Timber -- Coal -- The Mountain Snows must be avoided -- The Route and Distance to New Mexico -- Superiority of the more Southern Route -- Surveying Party


General Subject of Routes discussed -- Description of the Valley of the Platte -- The Region between the Heads of the Platte and the Sierra Nevada -- Great Utility of both Roads

The Route beyond Kansas -- Fertility of the Country on the Arkansas and Purgatoire Rivers -- Immense Deposits of Coal -- Pine Timber -- New Mexico, its Minerals and other Resources

LETTER XVII. Arizona -- California

LETTER XVIII. Length of the respective Routes -- Latitude and Longitude of the Principal Points

LETTER XIX. Eastern Connections -- Table of Distances

LETTER XX. Branch Roads -- To Galveston from three points in Kansas -- To Denver -- Down the Rio Grande into Mexico -- To Guaymas -- To San Diego -- Effect upon Mexico -- General Remarks

LETTER XXI. Will it Pay?

LETTER XXII. The March of Empire
Later Facts and Development
Advertisements: York Car Works -- Union Pacific Railway, Eastern Division -- Northern Missouri Railway

Advertisements: St. Louis and Pacific Railroad -- Great Central Route -- United States Express Company
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