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The four rare immigrant guides presented digitally below span the years 1859 to 1899, the formative years of Kansas' settlement. Information contained in each book includes description of geographic features, soil fertility, weather, roads, trails and settlements. The books also provide the would-be immigrant lists of items to bring when venturing West.

Book: Kansas and the country beyond, on the line of the Union Pacific Railway, Eastern division, from the Missouri to the Pacific Ocean. Partly from personal observation, and partly from information drawn from authentic sources. Written in a series of letters to the Pittsburgh Gazette, by Josiah Copley. (1867)

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Book: The new Rocky mountain tourist, Arkansas valley and San Juan guide. The tour through the grain districts of the Arkansas valley. By J. G. Pangborn. (1878)

Book: Hand-book to Kansas territory and the Rocky mountains' gold region; accompanied by reliable maps and a preliminary treatise on the pre-emption laws of the United States. By James Redpath and Richard J. Hinton. (1859)

Book: Facts about Kansas : a book for home-seekers and home-builders, [including] statistics from state and national reports, farm lands, grazing lands, fruit lands. By Missouri Pacific Railway Company. (1899)

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