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Book: The new Rocky mountain tourist, Arkansas valley and San Juan guide. The tour through the grain districts of the Arkansas valley. By J. G. Pangborn ... (1878)

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Title page



Southwest Kansas and the Arkansas Valley. What the Government Reports Show. Government Land Office Statistics.

Southwest Kansas and the Arkansas Valley (continued). In the Arkansas Valley. The Old and the New. Pawnee Rock and its Inscriptions. In and About Kinsley.

Wheat Raising.

Wool Growing.

Cattle Raising.

In the Mountains. Cañon City and Vicinity. Oak and Oil Creek Cañons.


In the Mountains (continued). The Grand Cañon of the Arkansas. The Hayden Survey.

In the Mountains (continued). Ouray to South Arkansas. Twin Lakes and Mount of the Holy Cross. Manitou and Colorado Springs.

In the Mountains (continued). Idaho and Chicago Lakes. Long's Peak and Estes Park. The Climate of Colorado.

Mineral Springs.

The San Juan Mining Districts. From Del Norte to Lake City. The Summit Gold District.


The San Juan Mining Districts (continued). San Miguel to Mount Sneffles. Expense of the San Juan Trip. Cost of Miners' Outfit.

The Elk Mountain District

The Sangre de Cristo District

The Chalk Creek District

The California Gulch District

Hunting and Fishing. Prairie and Water Fowl. Trout and Grayling.
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