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Book: Facts about Kansas : a book for home-seekers and home-builders, [including] statistics from state and national reports, farm lands, grazing lands, fruit lands. By Missouri Pacific Railway Company ... (1899)

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Title Page

Publication information

Introduction. Kansas by Hon. John J. Ingalls

Kansas. Its Location in the American Union.

Kansas' Place in History. Climate. Soil. Rainfall.

Churches. Denominational Schools.

The Public School System. City Schools. Graded Country Schools. Teachers' Assocations. Teachers' Certificates. County Certificates. Temporary Certificates.

High Schools.

Higher Education. The University of Kansas. State Normal School at Emporia.

Higher Education. (continued) State Normal School at Emporia. The State Normal Directory. State Agricultural College at Manhattan.


Population and Wealth. The Claim Holder. Canceling Mortgages.



Sorghums Popular with Kansas Stockmen.

Some of the Latest Kansas Figures. Population. Cattle. Other Live-stock. Dairy Statistics. Meats and Eggs. Some of the Other Products. Last Year's Grains Still on Hand. Some of the Principal Crops. Ten Years of Kansas Farming.

A Decade of Kansas Agriculture.

Live Stock.

Trees and Shrubs. Wildflowers. Tame Grasses. Orchards and Vineyards.

The Sugar Industry.

The Dairy Industry in Kansas.

Kansas Salt.

Lead and Zinc.

Stone, Brick and Lime. Coal. Oil and Gas.

Stone, Brick and Lime. (continued) Oil and Gas. Gypsum. Hydraulic Cement.

Kafir Corn.

Hunting and Fishing.

The Grasshoppers That Hop in Kansas.

The Value of Corn as Fuel.

In Conclusion. Western Kansas. Lasting Prosperity. Our Mining Output.

Cities. Topeka. Wichita. Leavenworth.

Cities (continued). Atchison. Fort Scott. Hutchinson. Lawrence. Salina.

Cities (continued). Arkansas City. Newton. Osawatomie. Ottawa. Winfield. Garnett. Anthony.

Cities (continued). Independence. McPherson. Coffeyville. Pittsburg. Neodesha. Iola.

Cities (continued). Waconda Spring.

Cities (continued). Chetopa. Kiowa. Cherokee. Hiawatha. Quenemo. Great Bend.


Irrigation. (continued)

Irrigation. Flow Tables.

Prosperity in Kansas.

Population of Kansas Towns and Cities.

Kansas' Meat and Eggs.

Crop Reports.

Kansas Live Stock.

Advertisement: Missouri Pacific Railway
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