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Special Collections and University Archives, Wichita State University Libraries collects, preserves and makes available nearly 1000 maps that depict Kansas and the territory that would become Kansas spanning nearly 500 years, from the 16th century to the late 20th century.  The nucleus of our map collection is the Robert W. Baughman collection of early Kansas maps, a collection of 19th-century maps.

In 1961 Baughman showcased many of his maps in the book, Kansas in Maps, published by the Kansas State Historical Society, and considered to be the best published work on Kansas maps.

Special Collections and University Archives, Wichita State University Libraries acquired the Baughman collection of early Kansas maps in 1972.   Since then, the Department has focused on acquiring important maps to strengthen the collection.  Additionally, Edward N. Tihen, M.D., donated his collection of Kansas maps which focuses especially on Wichita, Sedgwick County and transportation systems.

In 2000, with the assistance of grants from the Kansas Library Network Board and James C. Mershon, M.D., the Department of Special Collections embarked on selecting over 325 Kansas maps, dating from 1556 to 1900, for interactive zoom viewing via the Internet.  The maps were examined in detail to prepare the metadata that accompanies each maps.  Reference works were consulted, providing scholarly depth to the descriptions.

Please consult Processing notes for project methodology and specifications.

Please consult Technical information for scanning methodology and specifications.