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Technical information

The digital images were created by scanning the original maps on a large-format flatbed scanner. The maps were scanned by KBP Reprographics of Wichita.
Each image was produced by scanning the item at a resolution of 300 dots-per-inch and saved in TIFF format. These TIFF files, which average approximately 180Mb, are stored on CD-Roms.

Following scanning, the TIFF files were not enhanced.  In most cases, the images were cropped to the outer border of the map.

The TIFF files were compressed, using a wavelet-based image compressing software called Multi-Resolution Seamless Image Database, or MrSID. This software integrates multiple resolutions of an image in a single file which enables Internet users to zoom in, getting more and more detail.  The images were compressed at a ratio of 22:1 without experiencing any loss of information.

The final step was the creation of a small JPEG file for use as the initial thumbnail display of the item.

The site is best viewed at 1024 x 768 monitor resolution.