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Processing Notes

  • The record for each map ideally contains these elements: title, content date, copyright date, author, other author(s), corporate author, publisher, size, description, and call number. These elements were not found on every map. The blank fields will not show in the map records.
  • The description highlights unique and first appearances of map features; routes of explorers, railroads, roads and trails; county boundaries and names; topographic features; ethnic inhabitation; decorative borders and cartouches, illustrations and inset maps; content of verso; and source of map if known. It normally does not include individual county or town names unless they are the primary features of the map.
  • Date of map reflects the content.  In some cases it differs from the copyright date.
  • Size of map reflects actual map dimensions (height by width) including border.
  • Versos of maps were not scanned.
  • Any accompanying text is noted in the descriptions but is not found on image in most cases.
  • Title reflects exact spelling and capitalization found on original map.
  • When inset maps and illustrations occur on maps, they are indicated in two ways: (1) If the title or caption is included, the description will read "inset map: Map of Kansas" or "illustration: Deer," (2) If titles or captions are not given, the description will read "inset map of Kansas" or "illustration of deer."
  • Current county boundaries and names in Kansas were established in 1893. Regarding Kansas' county borders and names, the term "archaic" refers to the pre-1893 organization.
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