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Babcock, C. W.

Badger Family

Bailey, Janice Collins

Bakkum, Glenn -- Urban Sociology Papers

Baldwin, Stanley, Earl

Bancroft, E. P.

Bandstra, Bert A.

Banking and bankers -- Kansas

Barr, James

Barrere, Camille

Bartling, H.

Basset, Gene

Bassett, Mark

Batchelor, C. D.

Bates, Frank Andrew

Batten, Mark

Beat poets

Beck, Aaron

Beech Aircraft Corporation

Beech, Olive Ann

Beech, Walter H.

Belcher, Jonathan

Belgium -- Ypres, 3rd battle

Bell, Annabel Montgomery

Bell, Donald

Bell, Dr. Perry Marshall

Bellaire (Sedgwick County, Kan.)

Bender, Jack

Benitez, Carolyn Rosales

Bergen, Richard

Berryman, Clifford K.

Bible, The

Bibliophiles, Wichita

Bidwell, Louise

Billings, Dorothy K.

Bimetallism and national currency system pamphlets

Bird, Richard E.

Bison, American

Bland, Jacob

Bloomfield, Samuel

Blues Project, Wichita

Boeing Airplane Company

Bonaparte family papers

Bonaparte, Joseph

Bonaparte, Napoleon

Book Collecting

Boone, Nathan

Borgstedt, Douglas

Bowdion, James

Bowen, George S.

Boylston, Zabdiel

Bradley, Kenneth

Brandt, E. N.

"Brave Words for a Startling Occasion" -- speech manuscript by Ralph Ellison

Breeding, J. Floyd

Brennan, S. Carnot

British Prime Ministers and Statesmen

British Seizure of American Ships, Papers Relating to -- 1793-1801

Britton, Clark

Brockport, New York -- History

Brooks, Louise

Broom Corn -- Denning, John L.

Brown, John -- Luther Humphrey Lithograph Facsimile Letters

Brown, Watson E.

Bruce, Denice

Bryant, Alys McKey

Bryant, John Milton

Buchanan, William P.

Buck, Alfred H.

Buddhism -- Burma

Buffalo robes

Buford Family

Buildings  -- Wichita

Buildings -- Wichita State University

Bull Run, 2nd battle -- 1862

Burbank, John A.

Burnham, Walter E.

Bus lines

Bus lines -- Kansas

Bus lines -- Wichita

Business enterprises -- Kansas

Busing for school integration -- Kansas -- Wichita

Byington, E. H.

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