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Safford, Edward S.

Salmon Brothers

Salome, William

Sandzén, Birger

Sanitary fairs -- United States

Santos, Bienvenido (Ben)

Sassoon, Siegfried

Sac Indians


Scherr, David and Betty

Schmid/Schmidt family

Schmitz, John G.

School bonds -- Kansas -- Wichita

School integration -- Kansas -- Wichita

Schoolcraft, William C.

Schoolcraft, William C.

Schweiter, Henry, 1844-1295

Schweiter, Leo Henry, 1917-1972

Schweiter family

Scott, Reverend Orange


Scottish Distillery Papers

Sculptures and sculptors

Seaboard Aircraft Corporation

Sedition -- United States

Sedgwick County (Kan.) -- Government

Sedgwick County (Kan.) -- Surveyors

Sedgwick County (Kan.) Sheriff's Department

Sekeles, Leopold

Seven Miles of Wire  -- and a Swizzle Stick

Seward, C. A. (Coy Avon)

Shadoan, Robert "Red"

Shan prayer book manuscript

Shah of Iran

Sheahon, Ted

Sheppard, Helen

Sheridan, Kansas -- History

Sheriff -- Kansas -- Sedgwick County

Sherow, Jim

Ships, Papers Relating to British Seizure of American -- 1793-1801

Siamese language

Shriver, Garner E.

Skaggs, Jimmy

Skylab Program


Slavery -- Documents concerning slavery, legal

Slavery -- Documents on ante-bellum slavery and the abolitionist movement

Slavery -- Garrison, William Lloyd

Slavery -- Kansas Territory

Slavery -- Missouri territory and state personal and legal papers

Smith, Gerrit

Smith, H. D.

Smith, James M.

Smithville, Kansas -- History

Snyder Ice Cream Company

Social group work

Social satire


Sod Houses

Sommes, France

Soroptimist club -- Kansas -- Wichita

Soule, William S.

South Africa

South Mountain -- Battle of, 1862

Southwest, New -- Description and travel

Southwest, New -- Discovery and exploration, Spanish

Southwest, New -- History, Sources

Southwestern College

Sovereignty -- Native American Tribes -- History

Soviet Union -- Description and travel

Soviet Union -- Revolution, 1917-1921

Spalding, Graydon E.

Spanish-American War, 1898

Speech disorders

Spencer, Stanley F.

Spender, Stephen

Sperry, Roger W.

Spong, Lester

St. Charles, Missouri

St. Joseph, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri

Stalin, Joseph

Standard Automobile Company -- Wichita

Standard Nuclear Unit Power Plant System (SNUPPS) Preliminary Safety Analysis Report

Staples, Clayton Henri

Stearman Aircraft Company

Stevenson, Robert

Stimson, Henry L.

Stokely, Rose

Stone carving

Streeter, Floyd B.

Strip mining

Stunt flying, United States

Suares, Andre

Sullivan, Richard H.

Sulzer, William

Sunstedt, Hugo


Surveyors -- Kansas

Swallow Airplane Company

Swann, James

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