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Caesar, Doris

Calcagno, Lawrence

California -- Gold discoveries

California -- Officials and employees

Calkins, Bernard E.


Callis, David M.

Camien, Laiten

Camp stoves


Camping trailers


Capps, Charles

Carnahan, Albert Sidney Johnson

Carney, Dan

Carpenter, Randolph

Carpenter, William H.


Cartoon collections

Catholic Church

Cattle marketing

Cattle trade -- United States -- History

Cedar Mountain, Battle of, 1862

Century II (Wichita civic building)

Cessna, Clyde Vernon, 1879-1954

Cessna, Eldon Wane, 1907-1992

Cessna Aeroplane Company

Cessna Aircraft Company

Cessna Exhibition Company

Chamber of Commerce, Wichita

Chamberlain, Joseph


Charles I, King of England, 1600-1649

Charm school

Cheat Mountain, Battle of, 1861

Chemical warfare

Cheney Reservoir, Kansas

Cherches, Chris

Chicago and Pacific Railroad

Chicago, St. Paul, Nebraska and Kansas Railway Company

Christian ethics

Christopher, E. B.

Chouteau family

Churches -- Wichita

Churchill, Winston

Citizenship, United States

City and town life -- Kansas -- History

City of London Imperial Volunteers

City planning -- Wichita

Civil rights demonstrations -- Kansas -- Wichita

Civil rights movements -- Kansas -- Wichita

Civil rights workers

Civil War, U.S. -- Battles -- Antietam, 1862

Civil War, U.S. -- Battles -- Bull Run, 2nd, 1862

Civil War, U.S. -- Battles -- Cedar Mountain, 1862

Civil War, U.S. -- Battles -- Cheat Mountain, 1861

Civil War, U.S. -- Battles -- Gettysburg, 1863

Civil War, U.S. -- Battles -- Perryville, Kentucky, 1862

Civil War, U.S. -- Battles -- South Mountain, 1862

Civil War, U.S. -- Confederate States of America, Army

Civil War, U.S. -- Diaries

Civil War, U.S. -- Documents

Civil War, U.S. -- Kansas Cavalry

Civil War, U.S. -- Letters

Civil War, U.S. -- Naval operations

Civil War, U.S. -- Papers, personal

Civil War, U.S. -- Prisons and prisoners

Civil War, U.S. -- Sanitary Commission

Civil War, U.S. -- Union Army

Clipperton Island

Clousen, Christopher

Clubs -- Kansas -- Wichita

Coal gasification

Coffin, Charles G.

Coleman, Sheldon, Jr.

Coleman, Sheldon, Sr.

Coleman, W. C. (William Coffin)

Coleman Company

Colin, Will C.

College admission officers

Collins, Edwana Denning

Colonial New England Personal Legal Papers

Colorado -- Officials and employees

Communism -- Hungary -- History


Contemporary issues pamphlets

Congregational churches

Congregational and Presbyterian religious literature, 1812-1890

Congress, United States -- House of Representatives

Congress, United States -- Senate

Congress, Members of -- Papers

Conrad, Paul

Constitution -- Kansas

Continental drift

Cook, Neil

Cooke, Captain Philip St. George

Cookery -- Kansas

Coolidge, Calvin

Cope, Otho Edmund

Coppard, Alfred

Coptic Bibles

Corbin, Byron

Corbin, Harry Finch

Corbin, Myron

Corell Publishing Company

Corrections -- Kansas -- Sedgwick County

Coronado, Francisco Vasquez de

Courage is the Price

Court claims and the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa

Covacevich, Sue Jean

Cowboys -- Oklahoma

Cox, Gladys

Crawford, George A.


Crimean War, 1853-1856

Criminal investigation -- Kansas -- Wichita

Criminal investigation -- Methodology

Crooke, Sir George

Crowdy, Dame Rachel

Crum, William

Cunningham, Nora B.

Curtiss-Wright Aircraft

Cutler, Bruce

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