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Hale, Edward Everett

Hall, Arthur W.

Hall, Fred

Hall, James

Hall, Norma Bassett

Hammond, Ben F.

Hampton, Wade II

Harmon, Ralph

Harpers Ferry

Hart, Charles "Steve"

Hart, George

Harte, Bret

Hawaii -- Officials and employees

Hawaii -- Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA)

Hays, Kansas

Heads of state


Hebrew marriage certificate

Hebrew scroll of Esther

Helm, John F., Jr.

Heskett. H. "Dene"

Hess, Robert

Hesse, Hermann

Hickman, John M.

Hill, F. Leroy

Hill, M. Meredith (Millie)

Hill, Michael D.

Hill, William S.

Hinman, Strong

History, Department of -- Wichita State University

Hite, Kathleen

Hitler, Adolf

Hoch, Homer

Hoffman, S. E.

Hollywood (Los Angeles, Calif.)

Holman, Harry W.

Holocaust -- World War II

Holy Savior Catholic Church (Wichita, Kan.)


Homestead Law -- Kansas

Hoover, Herbert

Horne, Thomas

Horton, Omah Scott

Hospitals -- Wichita

Hotvedt, Clarence

Housing -- Developing countries

Houston, John M.

Howse, A. E.

Huerfano Valley Ditch and Reservoir Company

Hume, Annette Ross

Humphrey, Luther

Humphries, Kelly

Hungary -- History

Hutchinson, Kansas

Hutchinson, Thomas

Hyde, A. A.


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