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Macniff, Charles

Mahfouz, Issam -- The Dictator

Major, Clif

Malone, Henry

Management Jets Worldwide

Manby, George William

Manhattan Project

Mann, Thomas

Manned space flight

Manning, Reg

Marcus, Sam and Millie

Maritime law, United States

Markham, Edwin

Marriage, Jewish law

Marvin, Langdon P., Jr.

Martin, John

Mason, Joseph H.

Matthews, Ami S.

Maynard, D. G.

McCammon, William W.

McCarron, George C.

McClure, Russell E.

McCormick, Daniel

McCormick-Armstrong Company

McHenry, Myra

McKenney, Thomas L.

McKnight, J. Hudson

McMillen, William L.

Mead, James R.

Meadowcroft, William Henry

Medici, House of

Medicine Lodge, Kansas

Medina, Ernest -- My Lai Incident

Mentholatum Company

Merton, Thomas


Methodist Missionary Society

Metropolitan government -- Kansas

Mexican American families

Mexican Revolution

Mexico -- Description and travel

Mid-Arkansas Valley Development Association, Inc.

Miller, Vern

Millett, Eugene


Mining, strip

Mink, Patsy T.

Minnesota -- Politics and Government

Minority women activists

Miskimon, T. B.

Missouri -- Jefferson Barracks

Missouri -- Officials and employees

Missouri Territory and State Legal Papers

Mitchell, J. R.

Model Houses

Models (Persons)

Modern Dance

Mohammed, Faquir

Mohawk Pinto (Airplane)

The Moment of Truth

Monastic and religious life

Money, United States -- History

Montana -- Politics and Government

Mooney Aviation Company

Moore, Bruce

Morgan, Van Ray

Morgan, Walton

Morris, Harriett

Morris, Walter

Morrisey, Muriel Earhart

Morrison, Rev. A. A.

Moseley, John C.

Motion picture producers and directors

Motion picture theaters -- Kansas

Motion pictures

Mound City, Kansas

Munson, Walt

Murdock, Marcellus M.

Murphey, Dwight D.

Music -- Africa

Music -- Indians, American

Music -- Kansas -- History

Music, 19th-century

Music, Department of -- Wichita State University

Myers, Milton H.

My Lai Incident

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